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Years ago, a mentor taught me a game-changing empowerment secret: use comparison to pull yourself forward (instead of tearing yourself down) by comparing where you are now to where you once were.

And that’s why a practice of end-of-year reflection is so powerful, especially for conscious women. Even in a “boring” year, we accomplish more than most people do in a decade. We can benefit from the learning for years to come, if we take the time to gather said learning in the first place.

It is in that spirit that I share this list with you – the 7 key insights (or Goddess Winks, as we call them here at 7FG) that truly created magic in our world in 2015.

As always, full transparency: 2015 was one of the most challenging years of my life. Most of what I’m about to share was born of that struggle.

Of course, that’s what makes these insights so game-changing. When all was said and done, 2015 was truly an epic year, both personally and professionally, with some of the biggest wins and both our highest revenue and profits to date.

These 7 keys are the wisdom behind our results. May they empower you to make magic in your life in 2016.

1. Decisions made from fear are never good ones. Early in the year I found myself in “throwback to 2007” mode when I made a hefty investment that turned out to be a costly mistake.It was a decision made from fear, desperation, and yes, maybe even the energy of “save me” (!!!)… which means it was made in lack. Lack leads to more lack. Which is a big ‘ol illusion because truly, there is no lack.

Don’t even go there. Instead, remember that a zillion other possibilities exist at the same time. Always. So choose one of those.

(Bonus lesson: never enroll someone in your service or program for your agenda over their agenda, for that is also a decision based in lack and fear. And your client will likely fire you. Which I did with the person in question.)

2. Every creation is really a co-creation. In my Wiccan tradition we give thanks for “all hands, seen and unseen, that brought [these cakes / this wine / XYZ] to us.” A beautiful blessing that reminds us that we never, ever create in a vacuum.You are a part of and are connected to the Universal Life Force Energy, the “thinking stuff from which all things are made.” (Thank you, Wattles.) Your good comes from Source, and [S]He works through other people.

You are not alone. Ever. Nor can you create alone. Which means that you don’t have to do it all alone. This is some good frickin’ news.

But wait, there’s more…

3. Relationships are everything. On top of the fact that we do not create anything alone, ever, and never have to do it all ourselves… we are here to create, and that means connecting with other beings, human and otherwise, on a deep level.How you choose to show up with the people around you may be the #1 indicator of your quality of life. This goes from your closest friends to the peeps on your list who send you those crazy emails that trigger you.

So choose love. It feels good, turns you into an attraction magnet and is actually pretty easy when you strip away all the bullshit. So, do.

4. You are either resisting or allowing. No other options. Allowance is our natural state.  It’s how we’re born when we enter the world – receptive, deserving, and open. Resistance is a conditioned response; a pattern of thinking, believing and behaving that is learned and then becomes habitual.  It’s lack-based thinking, plain and simple.

Your supply is truly unlimited and everything you want is already here. You can only receive as much of that as we are willing to allow. The kicker? You will know you are in allowance when you are actually taking the actions required to create what you want.

That’s right – allowance equals action of some kind.   Let that blow your mind. 🙂

What are you resisting? When you look at your list of New Year’s intentions, where might the resistance show up? Best to figure it out now, because only cause of non-miracles is resistance.

5. Light always follows darkness, and you have some say over how long the darkness lasts. At the end of 2014, we released or lost a total of 7 team members, including our lead sales coach. Enrollment dwindled to near-zero, our revenue tanked and my confidence took its biggest hit since the start of my business. On top of all that, Leland and I were dealing with the results of 18 months of sleep deprivation on our marriage.In short: it sucked. But what made it different than all the other dark times was a clear understanding of this principle. I returned to my studies of Universal Law, magic and manifestation, then took aligned action. Result? $150k in sales in about a week. And some freakin’ sleep.

You get to decide how you will respond to the challenges – and you will move through them much quicker when you drop the resistance and allow them to teach you.

6. Things are as easy or as hard as you make them. As an online business coach to conscious women, I hear a lot about the quest for “ease and grace.” Women struggle with the conflict between their Desire for growth and expansion, and their fear that it’s going to a ton of work.For most women, massive growth and expansion IS a ton of work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What creates the resistance is not “the work” itself, but our clinging to the myth of “hard,” refusal to believe we can really have what we want and resistance to allowing ourselves to truly be supported.

For example, when I made the clear decision to stop buying into the myth that online launches are hard, we had the easiest launch we’d ever had and brought in $500k in sales in 5 days, followed by another $600k a couple of months later. The only hard part was the result of my own time mismanagement – something easily shifted next time.

Whatever “it” is … does not have to be hard.   Yes, there are external circumstances that are outside of your control. But we all play a role in whether something is hard or not. A good portion of “hard” is self-created, and exists only in your own mind.

7. The only way to “sabotage” is to not follow through. Because I’m a magician and like to play with what I can create, I designed that $500k launch to blow the lid off my money setpoint.   So, magician that I am, I invested some time setting up structures to keep my subconscious from pulling me off the rails. One of these was hiring the income acceleration master himself, David Neagle. “How do I NOT sabotage my launch?” I asked.

His answer: Follow through.

And there we have what may be the ultimate secret to manifesting anything. Have faith, use the Law, and above all follow through.

May all your Desires come to fruition in 2016!