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My Top 10 Essential Oils For Magical Travel

Do you find yourself drawn to travel?  Do you have a case of wanderlust? 

The Gold Coast, Peru, Bali, Italy, Hawaii… Australia…. the women of our Feminine Magic® community are of the world, and are called to see the world! 

So here’s a shocker… (not!) … I’m no different.

I’ve been traveling to attend retreats, conferences and ceremonies for years. I’ve hosted retreats up and down the beautiful West Coast.  And just this year we traveled as a family to Maine, I’ve ventured solo to Belfast, Ireland twice, to California 3 times and I’m off to my longtime former home, New York City, in just a couple of weeks. 

(I was also due to go to Necker Island to hang with Richard Branson, but due to the

hurricanes, our trip got postponed. Please hold the people of the British Virgin Islands in your heart; they’re in pretty bad shape down there. xoxoxoxox) 

Travel is a powerful catalyst for transformation for successful, ambitious women.  It gets you out of your home frequency, and stretches your mind. 

It creates an environment like no other to shift who you’re BE-ing and uplevel your desired energetic state in a visceral way.   

And whether you’re traveling for pleasure, a retreat, spiritual growth, a mastermind or training, travel is a natural way to raise your frequency…and essential oils are the perfect magical travel companion.  


Because they offer a similar effect— an instant and dramatic change in state that heightens and grounds your travel experiences.   

They also have a whole host of wellness benefits that can’t be beat while traveling.  Fatigue, headaches, dealing with germ-central environments like airports, jet lag, exposure to foreign (to you) bacteria. 


Of course you can use them in your manifesting rituals along the way! 

If you’re looking for a few simple rituals to take on the road, I offered up 3 manifesting with essential oil rituals last week.  

Check out: My Manifesting Secret Weapon

There are a few more essential oil based rituals for receiving over here.

Finally (and most exciting to share!!), I’ll be offering up even more travel-friendly manifesting  practices and rituals over in my new private Facebook group, Essential Oil Magic. So join us! 🙂 


Here are the 10 essential oils that I always take with me for magical travel and why… 

1. Frankincense is the POWERHOUSE of magical oils. It known as “God in a bottle” and  is regarded as a strong spiritual conduit to God (and Goddess) with an overall masculine energy. It really can be used for anything but it’s my quick go-to for deepening my connection to Essence and embodying the energy of peace and relaxation. I also reach for ‘Frank’ for purification and to enhance the overall energy of my magical work. You can also apply this to the bottom of your feet to balance moods and maintain overall wellness while on the road.

TIP: If you’re looking for a strong feminine counterpart, grab Myrrh! 😉  

2. Lemon is great for detoxing and can be used for both literal and spiritual cleansing. One of the simplest essential oil practices is using lemon in your water like I do daily. When I’m traveling I’m able to skip the sugary, flavored drinks in most restaurants by jazzing up my water with a few drops of lemon instead. It’s like a mini flush for your entire system that also opens and uplifts the spirit.  

 3. Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for good reason. It possesses calming and intuitive properties and imbues the energy of happiness, peace, comfort, and companionship. Use a few drops of lavender to help you relax and get some shut eye on those long flights and before morning meditation.  

4. OnGuard (a doTERRA® blend) always makes the packing list because its proprietary blend strengthens the immune system (perfect for airports and germ-y airplanes), and it’s also ideal for protection and establishing boundaries which is often needed when venturing to new environments with unfamiliar people. OnGuard contains clove, a strong cleansing oil for your physical body and spirit. I take this one internally while on the road and at home and often add a few drops to  fractionated coconut oil or my hotel hand soap to make an easy hand sanitizer.  

5. Peppermint essential oil creates lightness of spirit – something we all need while on the road.  It also cuts brain fog and stimulates alertness, making it perfect for jet lag. Peppermint can also be used to freshen breath, soothe an upset tummy, and support the respiratory system. I love to pop a drop in my mouth and inhale deeply, letting my heart and mind lift gently before I head out for the adventures of the day. 

6. Breathe (a doTERRA® blend) clears the air. I keep it on hand to keep the sniffles at bay if I do feel a runny nose or environmental threats. This blend contains Ravensara leaf, another oil that is known for its  protecting, cleansing, and mending properties. (If you’re noticing a trend here it’s because transformation requires a whole lot of letting go and releasing).  

7. Melaleuca, also known as “tea tree” oil comes with me for clearing, cosmetics and cuts. It’s perfect to dab on blemishes (who else has skin that freaks out when traveling?) or minor cuts and hang nails to keep them clean until I can apply a bandaid. I also use to clear any negative energies in new or unfamiliar spaces. A few drops in a spray bottle with water works… or you can travel with your diffuser like I do sometimes. Melaleuca is also a decongestant, clearing energy blocks or body toxins you want to release. 

8. Wild Orange is the oil of abundance. That pretty much says it all. We travel to expand and to open our eyes to the abundant nature of our world. This is one of my all time favorites at home too. I drink it daily (in water, like lemon) and to use it aromatically to literally breathe in abundance.  I put Wild Orange in everything!  Rub a drop or 2 of wild orange with equal parts peppermint and frankincense in your palms and then inhale deeply for energizing boost of creativity and inspiration. 🙂  

9. Forgive (a doTERRA® blend) helps release the weight of guilt, doubt, anger…basically any low frequency energy that keeps you from moving forward. I have this one in a rollerball for fast application and will anoint my wrists or heart chakra when a something presents to be forgiven. Like the “mom guilt” that sometimes creeps in when you’re on the road missing your loves at home, but know it’s for a greater good.  

10. Purify (a doTERRA® blend) is also a powerful oil for clearing and cleansing. Again, use this oil in a spray bottle or diffuser to clear yourself of any negative energies, old thought patterns or emotions that no longer serve. And to combat odors (stuffy hotel rooms) and germs. Just add a few drops to a cotton ball and stick it in the air vents of cars or small rooms.  

And because I couldn’t actually stop at 10, here are two bonus oils for you. 

11. Motivate (a doTERRA® blend) will cleanse negative emotions like guilt or pessimism and replace them with feelings of confidence, courage, and belief. When traveling, I bring this one, usually in a rollerball, to help me embrace new experiences. Perfect for moving through fears to cross items off your bucket list. You can also anoint your temples for focus and the back of the neck for confidence before speaking.  

12. Passion (a doTERRA® blend) helps you consciously create the highly magnetic energy of passion. I love it for business retreats to help you rekindle feelings of excitement about your work and to reconnect to your vision. Place few drops in your bath water or on hand towel placed (carefully) on the shower floor will set you up powerfully for a day of creative brainstorming or strategy.  

So those are my personal favorites to take on the road.   

But remember, you won’t get the benefits if you just toss them into your luggage or overnight bag and call it a day! 

To use oils effectively for magical travel, you’ll have to be a little more intentional.  

Instead, pack some easy manifesting rituals and a simple protocol that’s hand-selected for your journey.  You don’t have to do a ton research to set yourself up because I’ve got you covered.  

Check out the articles linked earlier in this article, and if you’re ready to up your manifesting game – even while on the road! – check out my latest 14-day manifesting journey, Manifesting With Essential Oils. 

You’ll learn all about how to use essential oils to stabilize your emotions, and a LIVE 14-day guided journeyto become a vibrational match to the success you want, with the help of essential oils. 

If you have transformative travel on the horizon and want to amplify the impact of your trip working with essential oils… join us! 

Get the full scoop, and register right here  

PS: The doors close on Monday!! If you’re in, drop me a comment below 🙂  

My Manifesting Secret Weapon

As a practicing Wiccan priestess for the last twenty years, my manifesting toolkit runs deep. 

I love me some magical tools, I do.  (Crystals, candles, tarot decks, etc.) 

But there is one tool, in particular, that I’ve found to truly dial up the results of my magical workings.  I lovingly refer to it as my manifesting secret weapon. 

Can you guess?  🙂 

This is something I LOVE to share so I won’t keep you in suspense.  

My manifesting secret weapon is high quality essential oils.  

Certified therapeutic grade in fact. The best out there in my opinion.

It might surprise you to know this, but essential oils are one of THE most powerful tools available to you for empowerment and conscious co-creation. What’s even cooler is that they work in seconds with only a few drops.  

Yes, really. 

They’re being talked about more and more these days, but they’re not a fad by any means.  

Magicians, priestesses, healers and wise women from different cultures around the world have used essential oils for healing, ceremonies, magical workings and in ritual for centuries. 

One of the reasons I love oils so much that they offer benefits in so many facets of well-being— from physical health, to relaxation, to beauty, to spiritual practice and emotional support.   

They truly are a gift from Mother Earth.  

And when it comes to manifesting your big dreams, goals and visions… I call them a “secret weapon” because they are sooooo effective at shifting the ONE thing (more than anything) that determines your success: 

Your STATE.   Your energetic imprint.  Your vibrational signature. 

In other words, “who you BE” on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and beyond. 

You can pop over to last week’s article, “Stop Working On Your Mindset And Do This” to understand on why your BE-ing is so important, but in a nutshell, managing your state and BE-ing is the way to call in what you want.  

You have to become a vibrational match to that which you Desire…to BE an energetic match to want. Because that’s how you can you can access the version of yourself who can see the opportunities and take the aligned actions required to call things into your life with ease. 

Can essential oils help you BE that person? 

You better believe they can… and really quickly too.  

When I started using high quality essential oils really consistently, I saw transformation blossom in areas of my life where growth and progress had plateaued.  

What’s important to understand though, is that I wasn’t using any old brand off the shelf at Whole Foods, or using them here and there like many people do.  


I only experienced massive (and lasting) changes when I was introduced to what I consider to be the purest oils out there and began using them in a daily protocol. One designed specifically to help me step into the energetic state I needed to embody. 

By implementing my  daily essential oil protocol, I’ve used oils to help manifest results like … 

  • Losing over 25 lbs of excess weight (yes, I have more to go… but that is an amazing start) 
  • Transforming my moods (before my daily oil protocol, every day was another “downward spiral” – not exactly a good time for an entrepreneurial Goddess on a mission) 
  • Banishing “brain fog” and cultivating mental clarity 
  • Shifting longtime habits and patterns. (Essential oils are the perfect compliment to my favorite transformational modalities, including energy healing, neuro-linguistic programming, change work, and coaching.) 
  • Dialing up my natural feminine radiance 
  • Staying centered, grounded and in a high vibration while running a 7-figure company with a pre-schooler in tow 
  • Seeing bigger and faster results with with my rituals and magical workings – obviously 😉  

My oils protocol also helped me create change in other really important areas of my life too including mastering turning off my “busy brain” for more rejuvenating sleep each night and building a deeper bond with my daughter (she loves oils, and our nightly routine). 

They’ve taken what I know about creating empowered states and skyrocketed my results.  

I could go on and on, truly. 

Essential oils have fast become the most powerful manifesting tool I work with, alongside The Core Manifesting Process and the 30 Day Manifesting Game Plan, I teach in Feminine Magic®, of course.  

But WHY are oils so effective in raising your vibration and creating empowered states? 

That’s a little lengthy for this article so here’s the short story:  

Every essential oil is vibrationally aligned to a particular emotional state.  

To cultivate joy, forgiveness, peace, assertiveness, clarity, etc. There’s an oil (or 3) for that. Which means… you can literally select an oil to align to the energy of any embodied state you wish to create.  

For example… 

  • Lavender oil is a vibrational match to the energy of relaxation and calm. It’s the perfect oil to work with when you Desire to move through a challenging day with grace and ease. 


  • If you want to access the positivity in any situation or to hold your boundaries in a chaotic environment, Cedarwood is one of my favorites.  It’s also the oil of the Great Mother archetyple. 


  • If you wish to embody compassion and radiate love,  Rose oil is an amazing choice. 


  • To amplify abundance,  work with my go-to, Wild Orange. (Seriously – I put this in everything.  Almost every diffuser blend, and I drink it all day long in my water, too.) 


  • If you wish to to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom, Frankincense is lovingly known as God(dess) in a bottle.  


So how do you use them? 

It’s really (really) simple. You just need to have them in your environment.  

Even without opening the bottle their vibrational frequency raises that of anyone around them. 

Of course, you’ll have even more magical results when you do pop the top and you can use them in ritual, or not, aromatically, topically and, in some cases, internally.  

I share many of my favorite oil uses in my Essential Oil Magic Facebook group.

And here are 3 easy essential oils rituals to add to your manifesting practices to get you started…

Mini Ritual #1: Amplify Your Intentions  

To amplify and stay connected to your intentions each day… 

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Upon waking, set a clear intention for your day.  
  2. While enjoying your morning tea / water / beverage of choice (mine is water with lemon essential oil)”, do a quick Google search for “essential oils for [your chosen intention]”.
    YES, really! Just Google it! This info is readily available and there are a many great reference books you can add to your library you don’t want to hop online. I have several from AromaWeb.com Visit https://www.aromaweb.com/books/default.asp 
  3. Place a few drops of the appropriate oil(s) for your intention into your diffuser. There may be more than one oil that resonates. For example, both peppermint and basil are oils you can work with if your intention is to embrace change and new habits.  
  4. Before fully launching into your day take a few moments to close your eyes and connect with the version of yourself who is fully embodying and moving about her day as you have set an intention to.  
  5. Open your eyes an declare, “It is done!’   

(And it is!)  

 Ritual #2: Embody Your Expectations 

To embody and step into the experience of already having your desires fulfilled… 

Here’s what to do:  

  1. Close your eyes, take several deep breaths and connect to your higher self or Essence.  
  2. Next, bring the outcome you Desire to mind.  
  3. Now consciously create the energy of expectation, the experience of already having that outcome manifested right here in the physical.  
  4. Play in that energy for as long as you wish, really dialing it up and feeling the feels — the joy, excitement and gratitude of having your Desire right now.  
  5. Finally open your eyes and anoint your wrists and heart chakra with any of these oils of celebration to carry the energy of expectant gratitude throughout the day: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Ginger. (I love using blends for this practice. Either “Cheer” or “Citrus Bliss” by dōTERRA).

Ritual #3: Confidently Take Aligned Action  

To bust up anxiety and confidently take action to call in what you want… 

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Connect with your Essence and ask her to show you your next aligned actions and how you can take them with confidence.  
  2. In your journal or on a fresh sheet of paper, write out every that action step comes through.   
  3. When you feel complete, choose the first action you feel called to take and on a fresh page, write as much as you wish in your journal about taking that action with ease, confidence and joy, as if you’ve already taken it.
  4. Upon finishing your journal entry, anoint your solar plexus and your journal page with any of these confidence imbuing oils— Cypress, Fennel, Ginger, Grapefruit, Jasmine.  
  5. With your confidence revved up, immediately take aligned action.  
  6. Celebrate and repeat!  



These 3 rituals are just the teeny tiny tip of the iceberg when it comes to manifesting with essential oils. Or rather, beautiful hilltop where many oils are harvested. 

Soooo…naturally I’m called to show more and more women in our community how to use them along side my well-tested process for manifesting consistently.  

I know they work in tandem as a catalyst to create even bigger results.

Which is why I’ve created a unique 14-day manifesting journey for you…  

Manifesting With Essential Oils 

I created this special program to teach you how to use The Core Manifesting Process we use in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting along with an essential oils protocol designed to amp up your manifesting abilities.  

You’ll learn the most effective process I know for consistently calling in your Desire and how to put that process into action, powerfully, working with essential oils.  

When you join us, you’ll get these juicy resources:   

▪The Core Manifesting Process – my well-demonstrated method for manifesting on command 

▪Essential oils protocol for all things manifesting success: clearing blocks, releasing toxic emotions, shifting patterns, fuelling your subconscious, taking aligned action and more 

▪Two in depth manifesting audio classes (you’ll get these as soon as you join the FB group) 

▪14-day guided journey to become a vibrational match to the success you want, with the help of essential oils. Including rituals, recipes, practices, etc.  (We start this LIVE in October.) 

▪Access to Private Facebook group just for members of the program – a high-vibe environment where you can connect with other success-minded women 

Yep… all kinds of awesome, right?… And how much does it cost? 

That’s actually the best part. 

If you’re new to essential oil brand I personally use and love, dōTERRA, Manifesting With Essential Oils is yours FREE, as my gift to you with a qualifying essential oils purchase.  

 When you purchase my absolute favorite oil kit for manifesting, The Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused enrollment kit, you’ll receive 6 perfectly selected essential oil blends that are ideal for managing emotions and your energetic state, a diffuser  

AND access to Manifesting With Essential Oils for free.  

The kit is $195 wholesale or about $260 retail.  

Don’t worry… my peeps pay wholesale!! 

Go here for all of the details and to purchase your kit wholesale 

And if you’re already in our dōTERRA family, you can enroll in Manifesting With Essential Oils just $197 right here.  

We start our LIVE guided journey very soon, so you’re going to want to order NOW so that you have your oils and can get all settled in.  You’ll get the two audio classes immediately on registering so you can dive in right away. 

So join us!! 

If you’re new to dōTERRA, click here for details on how to purchase your oils and join us in Manifesting with Essential Oils for free 

And if you’re already a dōTERRA customer or WellnessAdvocate…enroll here for  $197

Have questions or need some extra guidance? Simply email our team at essentialoils@goddessbusinessschool.com. 

How do YOU use essential oils to manifest your dreams?  Drop me a comment below… 

And let me know if you’re going to be joining us for Manifesting with Essential Oils!   

Stop Working On Your Mindset

In the world of manifestation and personal growth, mindset work is really popular. 

You’ve got to work on your mindset because your thoughts create your reality. 


Which means you’re just one [rainbows / puppies / gummy bears] thought away from what you truly Desire. 


Except… you’ve been working on your mindset and nothing is really changing…  

Ever wonder WHY that is? 

Early in my magical studies, I noticed that some people would get desired results from their spells and workings… and others didn’t.   Later on, I noticed the same thing happening in the personal development world.   

Sometimes the transformational modality (coaching, energy healing, etc) quote-unquote “worked,” and sometimes not. 

By the time I was downloading Feminine Magic®, 5, 6, 7 years ago…  “mindset” work was EVERYWHERE. 

And I started to pay attention… in that witchy engineer sort of way. 

In myself, I noticed a couple of things.  A big one was that controlling my thoughts was next to impossible.  Meditating helped, but only so much. 

Then I started noticing what was going on with other people; namely, my clients. 

When they focused on mindset, and shifting their thoughts… they only went farther down the rabbit hole.  They would spend a LOT of time rooting around in their “mindset,” and not enough time in activities that would bring them closer to their dreams and goals. 

Meanwhile, this idea that “your thoughts create your reality” prevailed in the collective consciousness. 

And it’s accurate, of course.  My reality DID reflect my thoughts, pretty much, by and large.  The same is probably true for you. 

The problem is, “our thoughts create our reality” is incomplete. 

We are NOT our thoughts. 

We are NOT our emotional states. 

And come to think of it… 

We are NOT our bodies. 

We are NOT our behaviors. 

We are NOT even… our spirits or souls. 

We are ALL Of them.  And so much more. 

All of these – thoughts / emotions / body / energy systems / spirit / environment / actions –  contribute to the BE-ing that is… YOU.   

Your energetic imprint.  Your vibration. 

I found another word for this via an old Tony Robbins video.  There I was, up late perusing YouTube, simultaneously vegging out AND looking for inspiration.  (Come on – I know you do it too.  😉 )  

“What’s the #1 thing that affects people’s results?” an interviewer asked Tony, who must’ve been 5 years old at the time.  (If you’ve seen the old videos you know what I’m talking about.) 

Without missing a beat, he said… “Their STATE.” 

In other words… 

Your thoughts. 

Your emotions. 

Your physical body. 

The energy systems running through your body. 

Your higher self, aka Spirit, Soul, Essence. 

Your environment. 

Your actions. 

Okay, so WHY is this so important?  Because it gives you soooo many more ways to shift. 

Instead of focusing on your thoughts, you can change your emotions.  Want to drift toward what you want automatically, in spite of yourself, in a way that you can’t turn off?  Change your environment to be in alignment with that you want. 

Soooo much easier than focusing on thoughts!! 

Deepening the picture of what’s REALLY going on always gives us more options.  “More options” == “good” when it comes to manifesting. 

Yes, your thoughts and thinking have a massive effect on the others.  Because your BRAIN has a massive affect on all the others. 

But make no mistake – the others ALL affect your brain, too.

Tweak one, the others will change.  Your vibration will change.  Your energetic imprint will change. 

Now here’s another thing about reality-makin’… 

What happens when you focus your attention on something? 

It grows.  Expands.  Manifests. 

The same thing happened in my earliest magical workings.  What we gave our energy to, and what we would DIRECT our energy toward, both in AND out of the “spell”… would manifest. 

It’s pretty easy to raise power and direct power at any one time.  It’s pretty easy to generate energy over a few minutes.  A little harder to sustain it longer, but of course it can be done.  

What maintains that energy after the working is over? 

I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count… 😀  

Your STATE.  Your thoughts / emotions / physical body / energy systems / spiritual connection / environment and actions.  

What creates transformation or calls in your Desires isn’t the thoughts you think.  It’s the energy you impress on creative substance that determines what comes back to you on the physical plane.  

In other words, our power to create comes from a place that’s deeper than thought.  

Thoughts are merely another form of energy.  What you energize (give your energy to), manifests. 

And by the way, your beliefs don’t matter quite as much as you think either.  

In fact, beliefs are merely a symptom of what’s going on underneath our whole neurological wiring as humans.  

A “belief” is merely a generalization about a relationship between experiences. 

In other words, our mindsets are generally just a description of how we perceive the experiences we’ve been living. 

Because the strongest instinct we have is to replicate what came before, and because your brain WILL do it unconsciously… you look around at what’s in front of you and go, “Oh, I must have a belief that I’m not good enough.”  Or “there’s not enough” or whatever the heck it is. 

The belief is the meaning your mind has made for a state that your critter brain has figured (a long time ago) that you can “survive.” 

Your critter brain is more interested in maintaining a survivable state than anything else.   And that’s why working on your mindset isn’t, well…working.   

Because it’s not really the beliefs, it’s the STATE that your mind has a vested interest in keeping around.  And until you change your state, in one way or another… it’s going to stick around.

So what do you do instead? 

The answer to that is… what would you like? 

What do you WANT, Goddess?  What do you Desire?  What do you wish for?  What do you want instead? 

You create what you want by focusing on the OUTCOME, love.  Over and over again. 

Reach for what you Desire more. 

Focusing on the outcome means bringing your attention BACK to the outcome.  Back to your Desire.  No matter what.  Because your thoughts, feelings and perceptions are not Truth.  It’s what you ENERGIZE that’s gonna manifest. 

The outcome, in this context, also relates to who you BE. It requires focusing on who you have to become to have whatever it is you’re trying to create or experience, including the aligned actions that She who already has it would be taking to make it so. 

Interestingly enough, it’s from this place of embodiment that it’s actually very useful to consider your mindset and look at your thoughts.  

Because when you begin to practice the new vibration you need to hold within yourself and begin to take aligned action from that place to call things in, that’s when your critter brain will start to freak out.

At that point you can shift into, what I call witness consciousness or observer mode and examine the narratives and stories that are coming up to keep you from taking aligned action (because they will).  

If you come at mindset from that place, understanding what’s at play and what’s required to create change, it’s much easier to affect. Not because you’ll be able to shut off your thoughts, but because you’ll be conscious of them and empowered to make choices in spite of them 

Soooo… should you really stop working on your mindset? Throw all the books off the shelf?  

Not at all!!   

Our brain is powerful.  Our beliefs are powerful, in part because we create as we speak, and think.  Your mind energizes those beliefs on autopilot. 

But it is time for us to evolve beyond seeing mindset work as the be all, end all and the place that needs work.  

Your reality is a direct reflection of who you BE.  What you direct your energy towards (including your thoughts) is what will manifest. 

So direct your energy toward what you WANT.  Not the rabbit hole of mindset. 

When you do that, and shift your BE-ing to be as in alignment with that outcome as possible… you can’t help but call it (or something better) into your life, faster than you can say… it is done, it is done, it is done. 

Because when you BE as you will BE when you have what you want… guess what?  There it is. 

It is done, it is done, it is done. 


How To Ditch Scarcity And Get Back In The Flow Of Abundance (new training)

I hopped onto Facebook Live yesterday to address an energy that I’ve seen all over the place these days.   

I’m talking about the energy of scarcity.  

As you know, life is INTENSE out there right now.  The devastation of two hurricanes (Harvey and Irma) is the latest.  

Fear, frustration, anger… one way these are being channeled is into massive scarcity energy.  

Maybe you’ve felt it?  

It’s showing up in groups, programs, spiritual communities and I’m even seeing it with my successful colleagues.   (Outwardly, everything looks great… but behind the scenes, there is massive scrambling going on.)  

As we closed the doors to The School of Manifesting last week (after welcoming 90+ women woot woot!), soooo many women told us that they are on the edge, personally and financially.    

So I decided to speak to this very directly in a special Facebook Live teaching, which I gave yesterday on my Facebook Business page.  

I laid out a very simple series of steps to unhook from scarcity immediately.   

You can watch the replay here.


Scarcity is nothing new, of course.  But there is an intensity here that wasn’t there before.    

That’s when I knew I had to teach on it.  And I couldn’t teach on it without giving you the opportunity to be held in a powerful container to help you shift it (youll hear more about that when you watch).  

It’s important to know you’re not bad or wrong if you find yourself in circumstances of lack. We’re wired to wig out when there is a chance, real or imagined, that we won’t have enough.  

That fear is NOT the truth.   

You are abundant beyond measure. That’s the Truth.   

Your magical tools of choice and faith mean that you always have the power to energize abundance over lack. That’s what is required if you Desire to shift things.  

Energizing abundance opens you up to infinite possibilities to manifest all you could ever want or dream of…  

…And it takes practice and a deep understanding of what’s really going on with your human wiring to choose abundance when your eyes and nervous system tell a very different story.  

This practice is part of what we do in Feminine Magic®.   

Straight up: Feminine Magic®  is not a quick fix.  This isn’t “the miracle store.”  If you join us in The School of Manifesting I’m not going to hand you a miracle when you sign up.  

Miracle manifestation doesn’t work that way.  

Because it’s not the miracle you THINK you need… but the SKILL of being able to hold steady in the face of scarcity, and to finally call in your Desires like you’re meant to. Not because you “need your miracle,” but it was always yours for the having.   

Straight up: this is NOT a quick fix process.  But it will change your life if you choose it.  

If you’re ready to shift this energy for good… 

Watch this video training to help you ditch scarcity and get back into the flow of abundance right here


VIP Days For Social Justice (Special Opportunity)

Are you a coach, practitioner or healer who’s ready to CLAIM the worth of the work you bring to the world… claim your place as the leader you are… and be compensated accordingly?

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your income, while benefitting social justice? 

You’re going to LOVE this! 

If you read my blog post after Charlottesville, and have been following my posts on social media… you know I take a strong stand against hate, discrimination and acts of violence of any kind.

So when my good friend Emily Levy reached out, with a REALLY cool idea to raise money for social justice… my heart was an immediate YES. 

Here’s what’s going down… 

For one week only, I’m opening up TWO spots in a special VIP Day offering, for women who are ready to raise their fees, bust through their money blocks and turn their business into a revenue stream that brings them a LOT more money. 

The exciting part is that I’ve pledged to donate a full 50% of the investment directly to The Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that has been fighting the fight against hate for almost 50 years.

If you’ve been called to work with me privately in a really focused container, this is a powerful way to do it. 

VIP days are 100% personalized to the outcome you wish to create, but my specialty is mapping out your income breakthrough. 

It’s my superpower. The “thing” clients have come to me for years… 

We create a custom plan for your goals and design the way to make it happen – including your offers, marketing, enrollment strategy, and – of course! – the energies you need to EMBODY in the process. 

I’ve also got some pretty cool magical tools up my sleeve – 😉 – to bust through your money and visibility blocks for good. 

Here’s exactly what you get… 

  • 4 hour PRIVATE virtual intensive (by Skype or Zoom from anywhere in the world) 
  • Implementation plan that you can take action on immediately
  • Resources handpicked for you and your goals from my entire library of business-building tools  (we’ll decide these in our time together) 
  • 45-minute follow-up call  

I haven’t offered VIP Days in a while.  Coaching with me privately is $45k for 6 months.  

If you’re called, here are the rules of play… 

There are exactly 2 spots available and you’ll have until the end of the 2017 to schedule yours. 

The investment is $8000 and must be paid in full.  50% of your investment will be donated immediately to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Want one of the spots?  Here’s what to do next:  

Send us an email at teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com with “Virtual VIP day” in the subject line and share WHY you’re called to the opportunity I’ve just described.  

Our support team will be in touch to set up a quick 15 minute call to make sure this is the right fit.   

If one of these VIP day spots has your name on it, the last day to claim it is Friday, September 8th.  

This isn’t a forever offer. If this is calling to you, don’t wait.  

Good luck and remember, there are many, MANY ways to contribute to positive change and take a stand for love, freedom and inclusiveness.  

Take a minute right now and come up with 5 other ways you can affect change.  

The compound effect is real. Small actions contribute to massive impact.  

Know one of these virtual VIP Days is for you? 

Email the team at teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com now. 


PS: I’m one of several industry leaders offering VIP Days for justice.  You can check out the other offerings here.