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Amp Up Your Manifesting At Our New Moon Ritual

I love, love, LOVE how much is out there now about the Goddess, manifesting, priestessing, … all the things in the realm of feminine and magic. 

It’s especially meaningful to me, because there was a time – a LONG time – when I was waaaaaay in the closet with my beliefs and spiritual work. 

It kinda blows my mind now, but truth is… I hid my Wiccan practice from my family for TEN long years.   

I was deeply afraid that sharing my true self would cost me the people I held most dear.  So, when I first stepped on the path, I was clear that “group work” was not for me. 

Solo practice is the way to go, I thought.  It was easier for keeping things on the down-low.   

Plus, it was crucial then, as it is now, to be discerning about who you align yourself with, especially in the realm of magic.   

Even back then, I wanted to be around high achievers.  “Who are the serious practitioners?” I asked.  Constantly. 

There’s a great, amazing, positive side to that kind of discernment… and a shadow side, too.  Like… being REALLY lonely. 

I was really lonely.  And second-guessing myself every step of the way.   

Then… I met a woman who worked in a magic shop in Greenwich Village.  She supported me… cheered me on… you might say she was my first magical mentor. 

Eventually, she beckoned me out of my self-imposed silo, and I gave myself permission to BE with a magical community.  

And finally came to understand WHY magic is practiced in circles.  

Where many are gathered to direct energy around a specific intention, it amplifies your collective Creative Power.  And along with it, your ability to manifest much, much faster.  

This is one of our big WHYs behind the New Moon rituals I began offering more than a year ago.  First to our Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting members, and now, for our community-at-large.

Personal rituals are powerful.  They can set your manifesting on autopilot.  AND… 

Working in circle is a whole other deal. 

And so, with our New Moon in Capricorn coming in just a few days, you’re invited to gather once again to join us LIVE on Facebook… 

Feminine Magic® New Moon Manifesting Ritual 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth  

Tuesday, January 16th, 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET 



Put the date in your calendar now, and I’ll see you there! 

PS: Have you heard??  

Our new membership community, The Circle: A Feminine Magic® Sisterhood for Manifesting Success is opening its doors very soon. We’re creating your sacred space online as we speak. Squeeee! 

The 3 Things You Need To Manifest With Ease and Grace

Last week, over in our School of Manifesting client community we posed the quintessential New Year question…  

What’s your theme word for 2018? 

Not surprisingly, ‘ease and grace’ made their way to the list.  

In our community of high achievers, hustling is the default most peeps are trying to ditch.  

Burnout is the ex-lover hiding in the bushes. 😛 

With a new year ahead, it’s PRIME time to set intentions around manifesting in a new, spacious way – the RECEIVING without all the DO-ing. 

Soooooo what if you could manifest your  BIGGEST DESIRES without a whole lot of effort?   

No pushing, drama… Receive more by doing less…  Calling in what you want when you want it… almost automatically? 

Here’s the thing… 

THAT’S the way things are meant to flow. 

To create that, though, you need to be aware of 3 things: 

First, that YOU have so much more power to create than you are consciously aware of. 

Second, that manifesting  is NOT random.  There is a predictable order to manifesting everything (big or small).   

Ease doesn’t mean sit back and wait for what happens to show up. 

And third, the thing that impacts your manifesting, more than anything,  is your STATE.  

Your energetic frequency or vibrational signature.  

Who you’re BE-ing at all levels. 

Have those 3 things down at a really deep level and you’re off to the races.  

Almost instantly you unlock your innate ability to create anything you choose. And… you begin calling in everything you Desire, big or small, with certainty and so much ease.  

If that sounds like your cuppa tea, you need to check out what I’ve been up to over on Facebook this week. 

Did you notice? 

I was on Facebook Live, not once, but TWICE  to share how you can begin to manifest with greater ease as the Feminine Magician.  

Go watch the replays and get caught up here. 

In these videos (they’re about 30 mins a piece) you’re going to learn the keys to awakening your Inner Magician and really living as Her to create as you wish on command— that was Monday’s jam.

Then in Thursday’s video,  you’ll learn the simple magical tools I use maintain this energetic state on autopilot, even when old patterns and triggers try to derail me so that I can manifest the big things I Desire (7 figure biz included).  

The feedback on these lives has been really great so far.  

Take some time over the weekend to watch!   

PS:  Took me awhile but I’m really digging Facebook Live these days and plan to be Live, consistently all year.  We haven’t quite worked out the on-going schedule but for now save Tuesday and Thursday at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET in your calendar next week. I’ll be back on Tuesday for our New Moon Ritual and have another special Live planned for Thursday. Yay! 


Manifesting The Big Stuff On Autopilot (new FB live)

In Monday’s Facebook Live I shared the story of how I came to know, on a deep level, 2 things: 

One, that we all have so much more power to create than we are consciously aware of… 

And two, that manifesting is NOT random. 

Indeed, there’s a predictable order to manifesting, and that this order exists, whether you are manifesting BIG stuff or the small stuff.  (“Big” and “small” all being relative, of course.) 

And the ONE THING that most impacts your manifesting is… your STATE.  What I sometimes call your vibrational signature. 

Who you BE.  All the time. 

Now, the problem is, of course… that even the most “enlightened” (ha!) of us are also HUMAN. 

And humans have a really hard time maintaining a NEW state.  Our brains are designed to keep us experiencing the same thing, over and over.  And the programming gets installed EARLY.

So… once I downloaded The Core Manifesting Process® (our framework for the secret structure of manifesting that already exists)… the next challenge was figuring out… how to maintain your STATE – and the process itself! – on autopilot. 

So that you can call in what you want with ease, rather than succumbing to the yeah-buts, freak-outs, busywork, overthinking or whatever your “thing” is, that can derail you despite the best of intentions (and no matter how many affirmations you recite). 

Yes, living and manifesting as the Feminine Magician you are isn’t something you set and forget. 

Indeed, real growth as a conscious co-creator, or Feminine Magician, is something that comes from embodying a new way of BE-ing. 

And that’s the real gift of consistent manifesting practice with The Core Manifesting Process®. 

Catch the replay here:


Join me this Thursday for another Facebook Live…  

How To Put The Core Manifesting Process® On Autopilot 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 

Thursday, Jan 11 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET 


If you struggle with the same old patterns that derail your manifesting… or “sabotaging” your manifestations at the last second, you do NOT want to miss this. 

I’ll share EXACTLY how I overcame some of my deepest conditioning to bust through my “$750k plateau” and have my first million dollar year in 2015. 

And – of course! – how you can use one of my best magical tools to bust through your manifesting blocks, too. 

Mark your calendar now and I’ll see you there on my Facebook Fan Page.


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Awaken Your Inner Magician…

I remember the first time I really GOT the fact that I could create anything I wanted. 

It came (as these big moments often do) at a very dark time in my life. 

I was devoted to the Goddess.  I was an initiate of the Craft.   

I thought I understood what magic was. 

But Spirit / Source / Goddess / God has a way of kicking your bum-bum when you’re not realllly showing up fully, know what I mean? 

And so it was that I found myself in a dark night of the soul.  Lost, unsure of my purpose, a financial wreck… a basket case. 

I’ve told that story many times – it was nearly 10 years ago now. 

But what I haven’t really shared much about was the moment of AWAKENING. 

Full awareness of my powers as a Creative BE-ing.   

Holy shizzle, I can make things happen. 

The BIG stuff.  The important stuff.  On command, whenever I choose. 

Okay, so WHY am I telling you this? 

Because – let’s face it – it’s SO easy to forget who you really are. 

And I believe that women have forgotten a HUGE part of who they are. 

I have felt, for a LONG time now… that there is ONE feminine archetype that has gone underrepresented, under-taught…. still flying under the radar. 

In fact, She flies SO much under the radar, she barely has a name. 

“Creatrix” comes close… but that’s not quite it. 

I call her the Feminine Magician.    

Women are magic makers.  Creativity is stitched into every part of our BE-ing. 

That power within you is much, MUCH bigger than you know. 

The Feminine Magician is NOT the free spirit, the witch, the warrior goddess, the lover, the priestess… or any single archetype. 

She is ALL of them. 

She knows that at her core, behind it all, she is Creative Life Force Energy.  And she knows how to use that energy, consciously, to any end she chooses that is in alignment with her Essence.  

There is something electrifying and amazing about being FULLY AWARE of your creative powers, and using them without apology. 

1000% sure of yourself, turned on by Desire (your innate urge for expansion)… 

Full self-expression, full stop. 

Imagine what you can, and will, manifest when this part of you is fully activated. 

Well, I’m here to tell you…. 

THIS is the year, and NOW is the time. 

(2018 is an 11 Universal year, carrying the vibration of the Master Number 11, one of the most potent vibrations for manifestation.) 

Join me on MONDAY, January 8th at 12pm PT, for a very special Facebook Live… 

Awakening  Your Inner Magician:  

Unlocking Your Creative Power To Manifest With Certainty 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 

Monday, January 8th, 2018 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET 

Though the Feminine Magician is a lesser known part of you, you’ve likely experienced glimpses of Her Divine Power. 

Glimpses are one thing.  LIVING as Her is quite another. 

Manifesting as a Feminine Magician truly is a paradigm shift. I can’t wait to illuminate the path. 

Go add Monday at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET to your calendar right now and plan to be there LIVE. 

PS: If you haven’t done so already, be sure to LIKE my Facebook Fan Page  and click ‘FOLLOW’ right below the cover photo. That way you’ll get a Facebook notification as soon as we get started on Monday. 


What Are You Doing On New Year’s Eve?


I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! 

You may not know this, but 5  years ago I held my very first ritual online.  It was a Winter Solstice ritual. 

At the time this was a BIG edge for me.  And I wasn’t really sure how it landed. 

Well, fast forward to now, and… 

… at least FIVE women from our community have reached out to me personally, asking me about that ritual, and whether I’d ever do it again. 

What did we do in that ritual?   

It really was quite simple…  

We collectively tapped into the energy of the shadow season to the close out the year, and set intentions for the year to come. And we energized those intentions as a community. 

It was power-FULL in the way that simple rituals performed in circle can be.  Of course, I loved doing it.  And I had NO idea what an effect it had on the participants. 

The fact that people are still talking about it, like, five years later is truly humbling.  

A couple of months ago, we started with the New Moon rituals.  Because that was already scheduled, I opted not to do the Winter Solstice this year. 

But peeps are STILL talking about it!! 

So here’s what we’re going to do… 

The Solstice has passed.  The light has JUST begun to return.  (Whew – I know I need it.  🙂 ) 

So we’re going to gather THIS Sunday, on New Year’s Eve, and set some intentions together. 

Join me on Facebook Live this Sunday, December 31st at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET for a very special community event… 

The Feminine Magic® New Year’s Eve Intention Setting Ritual
LIVE with Elizabeth
9 AM PT / 12 PM on Facebook 

Joining us is simple.  

Put the date and time on your calendar right now and then head over to Facebook to LIKE and FOLLOW my Facebook Fan Page to be notified when I go live. 


Make sure you click “follow” and turn on the notifications so you can get that reminder from Facebook. 

We’ll also send a quick reminder via email on Sunday morning. 

This is going to be such a special way to close the year and prepare for 2018! 

See you there. 

Love & magic,