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Why “Divine Timing” Is A Myth

Recently, one of our clients was frustrated because her manifesting goals weren’t showing up fast enough.

After some processing, she concluded that she and the Divine must not be on the same timeline.

“I’m just going to let go and allow Divine timing to unfold,” she said.

Then she looked a little stunned as I shared that “Divine timing” as most people think of it isn’t accurate.

Indeed, 99.99% of what you may believe about “Divine timing” is wrong.

I know that might cause a bit of a record scratch in your brain.

After all, letting go is required for manifesting… right? (Right.)

If we want to become Spiritual Jedi we must accept that we don’t ever really have control over anything… right?

Let me explain…

I think we can all agree that some things take longer to manifest than we’d like.

You might set a goal for 6 months… only to have it take 2 years. Other times, something that is “supposed to” take a long time manifests in record speed.

And yet other times, the thing we Desire doesn’t seem to be manifesting at all, so we conclude that it’s not meant to be right now.

It’s not Divine timing, we may say.

Except there’s a big problem with that, vis-à-vis the Laws of the Universe.

When we have a sincere Desire, the way for it to be made manifest in our lives already exists. It’s in our world, right now.

The demand (your Desire) is not felt until the supply (the Way for you to have it) is ready to appear.

I didn’t make that up. This is the Law of Polarity. You can count on it as sure as the sun rises.

Then there’s another spiritual truth, in the process of being backed up by Science-With-A-Capital-S, which states that all spaces, dimensions and times exist in the NOW.

There is no time but right now. Therefore…

The timing is perfect.

The Divine, Source, Spirit… wants you to have it. Indeed, the Divine wants you to have it more than you do!

When? Right now.

By spiritual law, Divine timing is always now.

So what gives? If Divine timing is always now, and all time exists in the now… why isn’t it here now?

Quite simply, because we do not allow ourselves to receive it.

I’m a great example of this.

Back in early 2009, my life was kind of a mess. I’d left my last J-O-B two years earlier, and I still hadn’t really figured out how to get my business going. We were deep in debt and I was stressed out beyond belief.

Being the classic feminine high achiever, who had done all the “right” things, I felt like a failure. I couldn’t figure it out.

That was when I got the marching orders from Spirit, who I call Goddess.

“You’re going to teach magic, write books, and put the magic in the books,” She said.

I said, “You have me confused with someone else.”

And I made that classic move that we all make at some point or another when the Divine is asking us to step up…

I said no.

I didn’t accept the assignment.

I said, “I need more training, and I need to actually DO something to PROVE that I can manifest my way out of a paper bag, which by the way, I can’t right now; so there.”

So I went through coach training. I invested in mentors. I learned how to make money. I coached clients to make money. Seven years later, here I am, teaching magic exclusively.

Divine timing?


People were asking for this stuff back in 2009. My clients were fascinated. They wanted more.

I was the one who was terrified.

Do I regret becoming a business coach? Was it all a big detour?

No way. It’s one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done and has absolutely prepared me for everything in front of me now.

AND what’s also true is that the demand for my magical work was present all the way back then.  I could have stepped into it, and received it.

No “coulda, woulda, shouldas” here. It’s not bad or wrong…

…but it’s not “Divine timing.”

So if the timing really is perfect, what accounts for the huge crazy gap a lot of people experience between what they want and when it shows up?

Our level of growth.

Are we willing to be visible, claim it, let go of resistance, allow ourselves to be shown, follow the guidance, take the aligned actions and allow it in?

Most of the time, we resist. Big time. We tell ourselves stories, act out old programming, come up with a zillion excuses and all the other cute things we humans do when we begin to have a clue about what we truly Desire.

And therein lies the growth path.

I’m reminded of this when I talk to Hot Husband, who is an artist, about the creative process.

For artists, there’s the vision in our minds of what we want the finished piece to look like, he’ll say. And then there’s our skill set.

When those don’t line up, it can be really painful to lean into that gap. So instead we say: it’s not the right time, things aren’t lining up, yadda yadda.

But that’s not accurate. You would not have the Desire unless the way was already here!

Our resistance is not bad or wrong. It’s usually not even conscious!

Our resistance is the growth path.

There’s another aspect of this that requires mention, and that’s our expectation of what it “has to” look like.

I’ll use myself as an example again…

Even as a child, I knew that I was meant to live a creative life.   Creativity has always been my driver. I wanted to be surrounded by creative people doing creative things.

But growing up in a small town in Maine in the 80’s, a creative city like New York or London or Hollywood felt sooooooo far off that truthfully… I couldn’t even imagine it.

The creative path was for the hot guys in the imported British New Wave magazines I devoured at the time. (Oh man, am I ever dating myself.)

Not for me.

My 18-year-old self could have never imagined what I’d be doing creatively today! Back then the Internet as we know it did not exist. The coaching industry did not exist.

So was it Divine timing that I became a witch, a priestess, an engineer, then a coach, then finally a manifesting teacher?

Absolutely not.

Of course there was a way for me to be creative back then. I was surrounded by creative people doing creative things. Stephen King, the highest paid commercial fiction writer at that time, lived 10 minutes away. And he wasn’t exactly hiding out in his house.

It would have been a very different path… but the path was there. And I didn’t take it because I was not at a point in my growth where I could even see it.

Looking back now, my path has been just about perfect. But it was only ONE path of many, many, many. And the path was there all along.

So can we hold the perspective that everything unfolds in perfect order and timing?

I say YES. But we have to be careful not to be in the energy of bypass and giving up our power.

Instead, I invite you to be really honest with yourself – and notice the gap between what’s being asked of you and what you’re willing to allow.

It’s okay to be in that gap! It’s not about being wrong or judging or pushing yourself.

Indeed, being honest about where you are, and to love yourself in that gap, is a power secret to speeding up manifestation.

Above all, take ownership of your path. Blaming it all on “Divine timing” is still blame.

The coolest part is, as soon as you choose to bridge that gap, the outcome you want is going to be right there.

So the next time you’re tempted to blame Divine timing, PAUSE.

Instead, ask, “What is the choice that is being asked of me right now? Do I really want this? If so, what can I do to support myself in making that choice?”

Whatever your answer… it’s all good.

Whatever your answer, you’ll know where you are on your path. And you’re one step closer to receiving all your dreams in perfect order.

After all… they’re right there with you. You wouldn’t have them unless they were ready to appear.

And the power has always been in you, all along.

How To Cultivate Unstoppable Confidence

Once upon a time.  I knew this girl.  Let’s call her Ellen.

Ellen was one of those girls who everybody loved.  As was the case with girls that everybody loved, I spent many moments trying to unpack what made her so special.  Because that’s what you do when you’re an awkward 12 year old.

I just didn’t see it… until one day in gym class.

We were doing something basketball-related.  Ellen was a basketball player, but on this day she wasn’t exactly rocking it.  Standing behind the free-throw line, she tossed shot after shot.  And missed.  Over and over again.

At a certain point it was getting embarrassing.  For me, I mean.  But she remained unfazed.

Finally, she made ONE shot.  Then another.  Then another.

Later, I went up to her.  “You were missing shots left and right.  But I never saw you get upset.  Why?”

She shrugged and said… “I’ve taken these shots so many times, I knew it was only a matter of time before I made one.”

Cue penny drop.

I had two realizations:

Confidence. That was Ellen’s je ne sais quoi.  (Bet you didn’t know that I used to be near-fluent in French. 😉 )


Confidence is not something you’re born with.  Confidence is something you can learn.

Turns out I was partly off base on that one.  Confidence IS something you’re born with.  Watch some babies for a while and you’ll see what I mean.

The problem is, we un-learn it.   Circumstances and people become patterns and conditioned responses.  Until we choose something different.

Confidence is something you can learn.  To do so is a choice.

And it’s one of THE most important decisions we will ever make.

As a business coach I’m always being asked (in one form or another): What makes one person successful… and another, not so much?

It’s not just ONE thing…. but a big piece of it is confidence.

Without confidence… you won’t trust yourself, won’t make decisions, and won’t move forward.

So how do you cultivate unstoppable confidence?   I’m so glad you asked.  🙂

  1. Decide.

A few years back I was on stage for 5 minutes at a speaker training with my dear friends Jesse & Sharla of Thrive Academy.

I was doing my thing at the front of the room, and I could feel that I was owning that stage.

Afterward, a woman came up to me and commented on how I rocked it.   She was specifically referring to my confidence.

I thanked her for seeing that in me, pointing out that confidence had never come easy to me.

She said, “I actually don’t believe that.  You’ve always been as confident as you were up on that stage.  You just forgot.”

I immediately knew it was true.  Not just of me, but of everyone.  Confidence is a part of the Divine package that you already are.

So you have to decide.    Are you going to choose the reality of confidence, or the non-reality of doubt, fear, hesitation, timidity, not-enough-ness, too-much-ness, unworthiness?

It really is as simple as that.

  1. Sacred Commitments to Self

In magic, we say, your word is your wand.  You’ve probably also heard stage magicians using the word “abracadabra,” which means… “I create as I speak.”

When I say something, it is so.

Except for most people, it’s not.  Why?

Because most people don’t follow through on their commitments, especially to themselves.  And every time you break a promise to yourself, your confidence takes a BIG hit – usually without you even realizing it.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true.  Your confidence increases every time you keep a promise to yourself, whether it’s getting to bed by 10pm, having 5 Transformational Selling Conversations, spending an hour a day on a key project, or whatever it may be.

So if you want more confidence… make sacred commitments (aka goals) and follow through.

The key to making this work is to choose commitments that you can actually keep.    Set yourself up for success by choosing a goal that’s a stretch, but doable.   As you follow through and your confidence increases you can keep raising the bar.

What’s great about this from a magical perspective is you’re using all of your 4 Magical Tools… perception, choice, energy and faith.

Bonus tip:  When you set a goal, take aligned action quickly.  Waiting to act only creates “maybe” energy, which drains your confidence.  When you act decisively and quickly, even if you need to course correct or take a new action, it strengthens your confidence in your ability to respond to any situation.

  1. Commitments to Others

Think of all the people in your life to whom you’ve made implicit or explicit commitments:

Your partner…
Your kids…
Your clients…
Your JV partners…
Your friends and family….

Are you keeping those commitments?

Just like the promises we make to ourselves, our ability to keep our promises to others impacts our confidence.

For example, if you tell a client you’ll deliver a piece of content by a certain date and don’t do it, how do you feel?

It feels awful.  And there’s a part of you that starts to learn that the things you say are not to be believed, trusted, and counted on.

On the flip side, every time we honor a commitment – whether it’s picking up the dry cleaning for a friend or showing up on time to an appointment, or a lifelong vow to your spouse – the more you increase your faith in your ability to follow through and the more your confidence expands.

Which leads us to the next confidence-building key…

  1. Maintain Strong Boundaries

Keeping your commitments to others does NOT mean you have to do everything for everyone!

Weak boundaries are definitely a confidence-killer.

For example, saying yes when you want to say no (and vice versa).  Otherwise known as being afraid that someone isn’t going to like you if you say/act as you really feel.

Boundaries are your personal power.  Personal power (your ability to create as you think, speak, Desire) equals confidence.

When you’re clear on where you end and others begin and can communicate that authentically and with grounded presence, your inner confidence and sense of self is strengthened.

I challenge you to give it a try this week – find a place you’ve been saying yes that you really want to say no, make a new choice, set a boundary, and notice what happens to your confidence.

  1. Protect It.

It’s SO easy for our confidence to take a hit.  Why?

I believe that one of the reasons is because our brains are set up to make our primary feeling be… feeling crappy.   Low confidence equals staying in the same place – i.e., “safe” to our brains.  (Yes, I am oversimplifying here.)

So we need to protect our confidence.  Which means making it a priority.

Make commitments.  Keep them.  Guard your mind from negativity.  Guard your mind and energy field from well-meaning but people who would trample your dreams.

When you have a new idea, project or intention, protect the energy by staying silent for a while.  Reveal only what you need to those you trust.  This isn’t defensiveness, it’s honoring your creative process.

Make your energetic state a priority.  Which is what this confidence thing is really about.

*  *  *  *  *

You are Divine being having a human experience.  And as a Divine being you are instilled with all the confidence in the Universe.   You are also a beautiful BE-ing living in a physical body.

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a class with a good friend who also happens to be one of my favorite spiritual teachers.

Someone was asking her about confidence.  She said:

“Confidence is felt, not cultivated.”

Frankly, I don’t agree with that as stated.  Confidence IS cultivated.  Because while we can choose to feel confident (which is what she was getting at)… our brains are not necessarily going to be down with that if we’ve been programmed otherwise.

So choose first… then practice, practice, practice.    Past all the conditioning, experiences, the fear and resistance, and all those worldly illusions… to return to you to who you really are, a powerful – confident – Creatrix.

Let me know how this goes for you in our Facebook group!

How To Break Free Of Money Scarcity, Once And For All


Pop quiz, Goddess… how many thoughts do you have per day… about money?

I can’t remember the statistic I heard years ago… but we can all agree that it’s a LOT.   In the thousands.

Pop quiz, part 2…. 🙂

Out of those daily thoughts about money… how many of them are negative?

Right. The overwhelming majority of them!

How many times have you said I can’t afford it, we don’t have the money for that, I’d love to BUT…

We all do. Our natural wiring as humans, coupled with our environment, programs us for scarcity from a young age.   And most people aren’t even aware of how much scarcity they’re carrying around.

The problem is that thoughts of scarcity, even if they’re unconscious, keep us locked in a program of scarcity. They keep us from the truth, which is that there’s more than enough .

And the OTHER truth, which is that you have the ability to create any amount of money you want, whenever you want.

So how do you break free of scarcity thinking, once and for all?

First, focus on Truth-with-a-capital-T.

Our lives are created by our perceptions and the meaning we make out of what we perceive.

Most people are making their circumstances into truth. They look at the bank account and conclude, “I don’t have any money.”

But circumstances are not Truth. Truth is truth. And Universal Law contains two BIG truths that are pivotal for breaking free from the scarcity illusion:

  • Supply is infinite, and comes to us from Source through other people
  • You cannot have a Desire without it already being present in your life

The first step, then, is to put more focus and more energy into TRUTH over being swayed by your circumstances.

An empty bank account may be your circumstances. But circumstances are not Truth. Truth is truth.   Focus on Truth, and bless the circumstances.

Next, train yourself to see the abundance that is all around you.

Our brains are wired to continually look for evidence to validate our beliefs. It’s called the Reticular Activating System, and your mind will literally filter what it sees and take in only the evidence that confirms your beliefs, while the rest goes unnoticed.

The problem is, most people are filtering their awareness for scarcity – because their core belief is in “not enough.”

So you have to begin to train your mind to look for evidence of MORE. Which is why I love to play a little game I call “Spot the Abundance!”

There’s an abundance of leaves on the trees…

There’s an abundance of food at the grocery store…

There’s an abundance of cars on the road…

There’s even an abundance of people who are making a ton of money doing what they love.

(This is one of the reasons we always tell our prospective clients to read our success stories – they’re training themselves to see the abundance!)

Best part is, the more you do the easier it becomes, and your reality begins to shift in support of the Truth.

Finally – and this is the biggie – create a new experience.

Short of using brain-shifting modalities like NLP, and magical techniques that are too big for the scope for this article… there are two ways to re-wire yourself in favor of a new belief. (And even if you do use modalities like NLP, you still need to do these two things.)

The first is repetition. Bringing yourself back to the “new way,” over and over again. To a certain extent you can’t get around this practice. But it’s the slower road, requiring your awareness and conscious choice.

The second is by speed. Create a experience so quickly that your subconscious mind doesn’t have a chance to stop you.

This is my all-time FAVORITE way to re-wire yourself for abundance!

When you give yourself a new experience, your squishy mind can’t argue with that kind of hard evidence, so it has to accept the new experience as fact, and this forms a new belief.

That’s why for the past 6 years, one of my specialties has been teaching people how to create, market and fill high-end programs. It’s a great strategy for an experience of creating more money.

Once you’ve created, say, your first $10k in a month… your mind starts to get on board with the idea. “Hey, this is actually possible.”   Do it again… and again… and at a certain point, it becomes the New Normal.

If you’re really ready to break free from money scarcity, do this:

  • Focus on the higher truths: it IS possible for you, and the money is already there.
  • Get very clear on what the first breakthrough is. $5000? $10,000?
  • Create or obtain a plan for making the money. This is where a coach or mentor can help.
  • Use manifesting principles coupled with that strategic plan, to create that experience.
  • Do it again. And again. And again!

This is how I was able to go from $10,000 per year in my business to 7-figures.

How To Stop Apologizing For What You Truly Want And Go For Your Biggest, Boldest Desires

Have you noticed the pushback against our go-go-go-achieve-achieve-achieve culture?

Women everywhere – myself included – are leading the conversation about the return of the Feminine, and a shift away from “overly masculine” goal-oriented energy.

I’ve heard some women talking about achievement like it’s a bad thing. (My sense is that they don’t really believe that, but they ARE tired, frustrated and fed up.)

Some even confess that while they’re frustrated as hell with our go-go-go insanity, they’re conflicted because, well, they’re achievers. They strive a lot. They have dreams, desires and aspirations that are important to them.

What if that “strive” to achieve is really pointing you in the direction of your purpose?

We all have a deep, primal urge to grow, expand, BEcome. Joseph Campbell calls it your “bliss.” Wallace Wattles, “more life.” I call it Desire.

Just because the impulse has become distorted by the environment we’re living in doesn’t make it BAD.

Try to bury it and you’re just going to end up frustrated, depressed, and even ashamed (“Who am I to have these Desires?”).

And our Desires DO have tangible results…. it’s much more than just chasing a feeling.

Those tangible results — those achievements – matter, because they create literal, visible change in the world.

That’s why it’s so important that we stop apologizing for our Desires, stop apologizing for the drive to achieve, and give ourselves permission to pursue our ambitions full-out.

It’s a decision that we make.

Now you might be thinking, “Easier said than done, Elizabeth,” especially if you wrestle with doubts, fears and feeling like you’re not good enough. (I’ve been there, done all of that.)

There is a part of us that longs for approval and begs for permission. As you’ve probably discovered, you can give time to that part ‘til your dying day… and still it’ll never be satisfied.

At some point you have to just say, “This is who I am. This is what I’m going to do. Starting… now.”

Once I made the decision to go for what I really wanted in business, without apology… everything became easier. I discovered that there’s actually a method to giving yourself permission, and it’s this method that allowed me to build a 7-figure business serving women around the world. I share that with you here:

Step 1: Recognize that all the “yeahbuts” aren’t really your own.

As human beings, we can’t help but “pick up stuff” from the people in our environment, especially as children. Then the beliefs that are handed to us when we’re young end up running the show for years – rearing their heads as doubts, fears, and feelings of inadequacy every time we try to take a step forward.

Most people will never realize this is happening, let alone shift it. But as Feminine Leaders and entrepreneurs, moving through fear is not an option – it’s a requirement.

Here’s a simple way to get started. The next time you feel doubt, fear or an inkling of “I can’t,” stop and examine the idea from a place of curiosity. Is it truly yours? Probably not. You can safely release it or give it back to whoever it came from.

Step 2: Surround yourself with support

One of the most vulnerable stories I share with my circle is that of my husband Leland calling me forward. At a time when I was completely on my knees, he was the one person who said, “I will not stand for you holding yourself as anything less than the powerful woman you truly are.” He could see my brilliance when I couldn’t see it for myself.

Without that reflection, I can honestly say that I’d probably still be in the same place. And that’s why it’s SO important that you surround yourself with people who will SEE you.

Most women don’t have people in their day-to-day lives who truly see them and hold them accountable to their greatness. But I promise you, there are people out there who WILL. It’s your responsibility to find them, even when it means investing in yourself to do it.

Step 3: Create impeccable boundaries.

The flipside of receiving support is boundaries. Surrounding yourself with amazing people also means limiting your exposure to negative, dream-stealing people and ideas.

No, this doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your friends – in fact, your growth can be a true gift to those you care about. You can have compassion for those who are hurting, as negative people truly are. But you must take back your power by setting clear boundaries with the people who drag you down. (This also goes for what media you allow into your field. Turning off the television is a great first step!)

Step 4: Put yourself in the game.

When the clutter of doubt, fear, and negativity is gone, what do you get to say YES to?

Hire the mentor. Go to the event. Reach out to that potential partner. Throw the “rules” out the window and be yourself. Say what you really mean without worrying what others will think. When you’re feeling shaky, reach out to your support system.

Saying YES to your dream consistently is a practice, one that creates incredible momentum. Small “yeses” count – celebrate them all!

When you start applying this method you’ll discover your energy shifting from a place of uncertainty, confusion or fear to a place of personal power – the best energy state from which to create and grow your business.

Whatever you want to create this year – whether it’s to double or triple your business, cut the time you work in half, treat yourself to a 2-week vacation, share the stage with big players, land your book deal – it is totally possible for you….  when you give yourself permission.

I celebrate your courage to do just that!

We’d love to hear you stake your claim for your BOLD Desires! Enter your comments below. And join us in the conversation taking place here.

15 Questions To Create A Money Leap In 2016

It’s hard to believe we are about to complete 2015. What an incredible year of learning, growth and expansion for our community!

Like me, you may be carving out some time this week to plan & set your intentions for 2016. That might include personal goals, business goals, and very likely some money goals.

Would you like to set yourself up to joyfully meet and then EXCEED your money goals this year? (I hope the answer is yes. 😉 )

Here’s how…

Rather than lump your money goals into a lengthy list of other intentions, break them out and give them some very focused attention. Because what you focus on expands.

Hands down one of the biggest factors for women who aren’t where they want to be financially is money avoidance. We become afraid to really look at the truth because of guilt and shame, and this actually blocks the flow of money into our lives.

Instead, if there’s a new experience you want to create with money you need to start with taking an honest and judgment-free look at where you are. When you are clear on where you are, and clear on where you want to be… you can create (or receive, because you don’t have to be the one “figuring it out” 😉 ) a clear plan to make it so.

Follow through on your plan, and your money leap is practically inevitable.

At 7-Figure Goddess, that’s exactly what we want for you. So here’s a powerful set of coaching questions to help you get crystal clear on where you are now with your money and set a powerful money goal for 2016.

  1. What was my intended income for 2015 – i.e., my money goal?
  1. What was my actual income for 2015?
  1. What were the sources or streams of that income? (Where did it come from, and how much from each source/stream.)
  1. What was my theme with money in 2015 – intended, and actual?
  1. What went well in my money life in 2015?
  1. What did not go well in my money life in 2015?
  1. If I met my money goal, what was the biggest contributing factor?
    If I didn’t meet my money goal, what stood in the way?
  1. What lessons was I asked to learn through money in 2015, and how did I receive those lessons?
  1. Where are the money leaks in my life and business (discounting, bartering, not paying myself, no savings, clients who owe me, vendors I owe, etc) and what steps to I need to take to clean them up?
  1. What is my Money Goal for 2016, and WHY? What will having that income do for me?
  1. Who do I need to BE in order to create this money experience in 2016?
  1. What beliefs do I need to energize to reach my goals?
    What beliefs do I need to release?
  1. What tangible money-making opportunities are available to me? Which do I know I need to take action on?
  1. What support do I need to allow in?
  1. What’s one powerful action I can take right now to begin calling in my 2016 money goals right now?

Want to take it up a notch? Create a powerful money mantra for the New Year, or borrow one of our favorites here at 7-Figure Goddess:

Making money is easy.
Clients are everywhere and abundant.
Money flows to me from known and unknown sources.
I joyfully receive money without judgment of the source.
I expand in abundance and prosperity every day.

Just a little time invested in these questions will create a huge breakthrough for you. I will be right there with you, answering them myself.

Here’s to extraordinary growth & expansion in all areas of your life in 2016!