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3 Manifesting Habits You Must Master To Create Money On Command

There’s nothing like the rush of manifesting your first big income breakthrough.

Manifesting cash windfalls of $10K, $30K, $50K or more when YOU choose is an experience like no other!

AND once the dust settles… you’re going to desire more.

Is it wrong or selfish to want this?

No way!!

Money is a physical manifestation of expansion.  It E-X-P-A-N-D-S the options available to you and empowers you to move through life exactly as you Desire.

And speaking of Desire… we are all born with the Desire for more.

So… you Desire more. You claim it as yours. You decide you’re going to go for it…

You’re GOING to manifest a new, bolder money goal…

And sometimes that’s where you find yourself stuck because the way you manifested that first or second or even third money goal, doesn’t always work when you decide to double or triple the amount you’re after.

You see, manifesting your next cash lump sum isn’t likely going to happen the exact same way as it did last time, especially when you set your sights on bigger (more triggering!) numbers.

The good news is, while the “how” might be different each time, there are 3 manifesting habits that pretty well guarantee your ability to create money on command if you take the time to master them:

Habit #1: Strengthen your decision-making muscle

Rapid manifestation – especially when it comes to money – requires decision-making.

You’ve got to be willing to make decisions and move forward.

I’m not talking about deciding what you want. That’s a given.

You’ve actually got to master the art of decision making and to be willing to make decisions based solely on your intuitive guidance. Working from the ether instead of logic and asking to be shown the right next step.

Call this person.  Create this program.  Charge X amount.

Easier said than done right?

I get it.

Most people are so used to researching every single knob-twiddle, hoping to know ahead of time how it’s all going to play out.

But overthinking just gets in the way of making decisions.  Wanting to know “how” just keeps you in the gap of not having it (i.e. anxiety and resistance).

Instead, get comfortable being in the mystery (that space between where you are and where you want to be) and receiving information from outside your rational mind.

The beautiful thing about making decisions is that you really can’t get it wrong!

Even amidst what feels like a “bad” decision you’re sure to receive new information that will allow you to course correct along the way.

Remember… everything you want is already here.  So every decision you makewith the pure intention of receiving your goal has no choice but to be a potential pathway leading you closer to said goal.

Bottom line?  Get comfortable making decisions quickly.

Habit #2: Let go with lightening speed

But what happens if you’ve been making decisions at a pretty rapid pace and the money still isn’t showing up? What then?

The ONLY cause of non-miracles is… (drumroll)… resistance.

In other words, you’re holding on to something that needs letting go of.

If the money (or anything you’re manifesting) hasn’t shown up yet, there is SOMETHING you’re still attached to and that attachment is blocking you from receiving it.

Letting go is pretty black and white.

You’re either resisting or you’re allowing. To allow you’ve got to let go (of whatever needs letting go of) and step in to the BE-ing (thoughts, feelings, energy, emotions and actions) of the one who has it.

So what do you need to let go of?

With money in particular, it’s two things:

  • Old habits and beliefs, some of which are unconscious
  • Resistance to the aligned actions you need to take to call in the money

This is where some of the well meaning, “feel good” manifestation teachings out there can really lead you astray.

They falsely leave you believing that resistance is a red flag and that your best bet is to choose what “feels better” and that isn’t always so.

Or, they have you focus on the “negative beliefs” holding you back.  What does that do?  Keep you stuck in the belief!

Want to know a better way to shift your programming?  Create a new experience.  (In other words, create the result.)

When you see the resistance to aligned action for what it is, space is created for you to let go.  The more you do it, the easier it gets.  Which brings me to habit number 3…

Habit 3: Take action, even if it doesn’t feel good

One of biggest reasons people struggle with manifesting bigger and bigger money goals, even when they’ve done it successfully before, is that they’re not willing to take the NEW action they’re being guided to.

One of the simplest and most common examples for business owners is *drum roll please*… picking up the phone.

If you’ve been in my world for any time at all you’ve probably heard me say: “Money comes from the Divine, through other people.”

Meaning, the money you’re trying to call in isn’t going to fall into your lap while you’re hanging out in meditation.

Money moves by ONE thing only, and that’s SALES.

This is why I often challenge my business coaching clients especially to pull on their big girl panties and start picking up the phone when they want to call in a lot of money fast.

This prescribed course of aligned action is almost always met with mega resistance.

“Holy crap, Elizabeth! Can’t I just send an email instead?”

“Who would I call anyway?”

“But this isn’t how I do things in my business.”

“OMG what will people think of me?”

I totally get it.

Reaching out is triggering for most people.  It was for me at one point too.

BUT receiving large amounts of money almost always involves taking action on the things you don’t want to do.  It’s about BECOMING the version of yourself who is willing to take bold, often uncomfortable, action as you’re guided in order to create space for the Universe to deliver exactly what you want.

Think of it like visiting the gym regularly in pursuit of a more toned body…

Until it becomes a habit, most people don’t want to go to the gym.

It feels like hell when you’re requiring your body to go past the limits of what you *think* you can do.  It would be so much easier to cozy up in your jammies for an extra hour. Eventually, though, the endorphin rush becomes addictive and in a fairly short time you see results that make the discomfort totally worthwhile.

But nothing happens until you get off your couch and head to your spinning class or yoga class or whatever it is.

Whether manifesting a strong body or your boldest money goals, aligned action is what actually brings the result in.

Speaking of action, let me sneak in one more bonus habit for you.  Because I love you like that 😉

Bonus habit: Set your business up so you never have to create money on command 

Mastering the habits I’ve shared here will make manifesting money an easy to repeat process for you.  AND…

.. despite the glamor of it, really isn’t a great long term strategy.

Manifesting money works… but wouldn’t you rather know with certainty that your bold money goal will be flowing to you, month in and month out?

If that’s true (and if you’re reading this I’m pretty dang certain it is), you want to master the habits of creating money on command WHILE setting up your business as a proper money channel. One that generates the money you desire on autopilot without constantly having to focus on your time, energy and resources on manifesting big windfalls.

What does it take to do this?

First, a willingness to stop looking at your business as it is today as the ONLY way for you to create money.

Then you’ve got to learn the structures you need in place so that simple, low effort actions (like sending out an email) will generate a steady flow of money in return.

And you have to do these things while staying committed to strengthening those habits of decision-making, letting go and taking action.


There you have it,  3 habits to help you manifest money on command and one juicy bonus to get you started on the path towards having abundant, consistent income as an effortless new normal.

You might be surprised at how “simple” these habits seem but making money (and a lot of it) is not rocket science.

Let me know in the comments… Are you willing to let it be easy?


The Key Energetic Secret To Becoming A Money Magnet

Would you like to know the true secret to manifesting money in abundance?

To know what it really takes to become… a money magnet?

Then let me pull back the curtain on one of our industry’s dirtiest little secrets…

Knowing HOW manifest an income breakthrough in your business (your first – or next – 10k, 20k, 50k month) does NOT make you a money magnet, and it never solves your money problems for good.

And those “$30K in 30 days” success stories?

Nobody talks about what happens next because it’s not nearly as inspiring.

To be clear: I LOVE income breakthroughs!

It’s been my specialty for almost a decade. I’ve shown hundreds of women how to manifest money, well before it was the hot thing to teach.

And I’ve shared my own income breakthrough story since day one. When I used the Feminine Magic® Core Manifesting Process to create that first $20k month in my business, it changed everything.


I’ve also shared that after the high of that breakthrough, I still found myself in a place of not enough. That cash injection shifted me out of famine, but I still wasn’t living in time or money abundance.

Few business coaches will admit that these income breakthroughs have a downside.

YES, the energetic expansion that calls in large sums of money is life changing. YES, the experience of creating that big juicy outcome is miraculous.

AND… it’s not sustainable.

Indeed, after an income breakthrough feast often comes the famine.

Not because you can’t recreate the experience. I believe and teach that once you create a new experience, it’s yours and you can do it again.

The problem is that the new experience you’ve created teaches your squishy mind a new rule: ‘in order for me to generate money in my life or business, I have to manifest a large inflow of cash’.

Manifesting the big lump sum isn’t hard, but having to do it over and over again creates tension instead of ease, and that’s not true financial empowerment.

What is true financial empowerment?

True financial empowerment is moving beyond the “sprint” of manifesting massive inflows of income on command, and winning the “marathon” by knowing how to consistently magnetize any amount of money you desire to flow into
your life through multiple channels, including but also independent of your business.

It’s about knowing how to magnetize money in SURPLUS so that you always have more than enough money available to live life as you choose it.

So HOW do you do this?

How do you move beyond the experience of feast and famine… for good?

How do you move from “shaking the money stick” every few months to generate large sums of money… to becoming a true money magnet?

It begins with your energy and BE-ing the one who embodies the energy of surplus and truly lives in the overflow. Here’s how to do just that.

Step 1: Understand the metaphysics of money.

If you want to transform your money story permanently, and become magnetic to money instead of it controlling you…

… knowing the mechanics of business – getting clients, sales funnels, all the marketing fiddly bits that are sucking up HOURS of your time – is not enough.

Get too caught up in “the fiddly bits” and you wind up where 99.9999% of business owners live: acting out the programming that they have to work hard and trade their life force for money!

It’s not that those things are important. But it comes AFTER what money magicians and metaphysicians have always known…

90% of your money magnetism is about ENERGY; just 10% is execution.

The metaphysical laws at effect in your universe govern money too. Problem is… we live in an environment that programs us to use them in ways that are unconscious and counter-productive.

To live in the overflow, you have to go beyond the mechanics, and yes, beyond working on your “mindset”… to truly understand, energetically, how money WORKS. To bring ALL of the pieces together: the metaphysics, the mechanics AND who you BE – i.e., how you show up with money.

Step 2: Know how to sprint.

It’s not the be-all, end-all of creating wealth, but… knowing how to create massive income breakthroughs for yourself is non-negotiable.

And let’s get real … it’s also a TON of fun! 🙂

Manifesting a big juicy money goal creates the first taste of living in the overflow. Having a consistent, repeatable process for manifesting money on command in this way acclimatizes you to receiving more (and more!) money as your “new normal.”

So far, so good. But here’s the thing…

Many business owners can create a windfall or two, and then they end up right back where they started. OR they can create money only when the right “scarcity buttons” are pushed… and often not even then. (Meh – who wants that?)

Like any skill, the sprint takes practice. And like anything that’s going to completely change your life, it involves moving past the natural resistance that comes up when you move outside your comfort zone.

For “the sprint” to work consistently, you must USE it – consistently and correctly.

Step 3: Then, master the marathon.

Sprinting is great…but the stress of trying to break the world record for the 100 meter dash every month is truly exhausting.

More importantly, it does not create true surplus. The money is there and then it’s gone and YOU have to focus your time and energy to manifest it when what you desire instead is to have it consistently flow in with ease.

How do you work money magic for the LONG haul – to go the distance with flow and ease?

You need to learn how to magnetize money consistently through multiple money channels instead of relying on manifesting large sums of cash. You also need to stop viewing your business or career as the ONLY way for money to flow to you.

I KNOW for entrepreneurs this will be triggering. The problem is, thinking of your business as your ONLY money channel makes you dependent on it – just like a J.O.B.

Finally, if you have a business, you need to set it up so that it produces money consistently, NOT just when it’s time for the windfall. This means seeing your business as independent of YOU.

Of course your business is going to require your time and energy. But most coaches, practitioners and healers are in an unconscious, co-dependent relationship with their business. They are servants to their business, instead of other way around!

Living in the overflow is about magnetizing money independent of your direct actions or your business. It’s about living a life of true freedom fuelled by (mostly) passive income streams that have money working FOR you.

Step 4: Elevate how you show up with money.

“Money management” doesn’t exactly sound sexy. I know! I know! Some would rather watch paint dry than hang out with their numbers.

Thing is, magnetizing larger and larger amounts of money requires impeccable stewardship.

Many coaches, practitioners and healers want the consistent money windfalls but they’re not wiling to be the leader with their money. This is completely incongruent.

Luckily, being a loyal steward of your finances does NOT need to be time-consuming or complicated. It DOES require willingness to BE with and work through whatever stories, tapes and beliefs have been running the show of money avoidance until now.

A few of my non-negotiable money management practices include:

  • Consistent saving, no matter what
  • Having separate bank accounts for personal and business
  • Tracking all money that comes in and goes out (hint: have someone do this for you and give you the numbers)
  • Looking at my numbers, every day, week, month, year
  • Using a money planner to CHOOSE exactly where my money goes (rather than a soul-sucking budget)

As you begin to magnetize money in surplus these get easier, more comfortable, and a lot more exciting.

Step 5: Ground your BE-ing with behavior that magnetizes money

I know we’re talking about the energetics of becoming a money magnet here, but it’s not enough to know the metaphysical principles and what you’re “supposed” to do.

Knowledge and understanding are two different things.

To become a money magnet, to BE the one who lives in surplus, you have to rewire the deeply ingrained neural pathways that dictate your behavior when it comes to money and dramatically shift how you’re showing up on the physical plane.

So how do you do this?

Truthfully, this is a longer conversation than this blog post can take on. It’s one of the reasons I created my newest program, Be A Money Magnet. So that I could teach you “the how” of magnetizing money in a whole new way.

That said, I will dive into this topic more over the next few weeks.

The short answer is you ground your BE-ing by working intentionally and consistently with specific transformational and magical practices that support you adopting new behavior that magnetizes money.


So now it’s your turn to decide.

Are YOU going to learn to master the art of living in the overflow ….or not?

I’m not here to convince you, BUT I will say that if true freedom is what you came here for, consciously creating SURPLUS is where you want to focus your energy.

If you’re with me, stay tuned!

You’re going to LOVE what I’ll be sharing over the next bit, both here on the blog and my Facebook page.

In the meantime, drop me a comment so I know if you’re coming along for the ride.



How To (Effectively) Manifest From Your Feminine


One of the biggest frustrations I hear from the women in our community is around how to break out of masculine mode and manifest in a more feminine way.

It’s awesome to be a high-achieving woman, but we’re all far too familiar with the go-go-go, do-do-do driving that eventually drains our energy and burns us out (and usually leaves us without the results we want). This doesn’t work well for most women, never has.

The good news is there IS a better way to approach manifesting – one that deeply honors your feminine gifts and energy.

But first we need to understand what causes that driving (aka masculine) energy, so we can work with it in a new way. True achievement in our achievement-driven society doesn’t have to equal hard, hard work and exhaustion.

So what causes it to be so hard?

1. Our conditioning: Let’s face it, we live a society that’s built on pushing and striving. Even if you grew up in a bubble, I’m sure you’re aware of this prevailing consciousness that “hard work equals results.” So for many women our default patterning is to shift into this mode.
2. Our mind: We all have an ego mind that’s primary job is to keep us in the land of the safe and familiar. Therefore, when we are attempting to create a new experience for ourselves, the ego mind will create resistance. And this resistance makes it much more likely that our conditioning will take over and shift us into pushing and driving.

So the very first thing we need is a way of manifesting that addresses the resistance that will inevitably arise. (Most trainings on manifestation fail to address this!)


Here are my top 3 ways to shift into the Feminine way of manifesting and melt away resistance:

1. We have to employ Feminine tools of surrender and trust.
What are we trusting? We are trusting in a higher Truth than what we see in front of us with our senses. We’re trusting in the fact that the Universe is set up to support us, and surrendering to that process with faith.

And no, that does not mean abdicating responsibility or not doing your part. The Universe works within co-creation, which requires us to act on the opportunities that show up.

It’s also important to realize that manifesting from the Feminine is not simply about receiving. Many women make the mistake of thinking that to manifest in a Feminine way they just need to sit back and engage in self-care and wait to receive. They reject action because it feels “masculine”, but then get frustrated that they aren’t ever getting what they want.

There is action involved, always. But when you know the right kind of action it’s so much easier than trying to strong-arm your way to results, AND you receive far more, with far more ease.

2. We must understand the difference between “DO-ing” and aligned action.
Where most women go wrong is they allow that conditioned mind to shift them into doing a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t take them closer to their goal. (For example, fiddling with your website for weeks instead of picking up the phone and asking someone to work with you.) Aligned actions are those actions that actually bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and are aligned with the outcome you desire. And they are often the actions that are uncomfortable to take!

The interesting thing is, we spend far more energy and time resisting the aligned actions than it would actually take us to perform them – and this is where most of the exhaustion comes from.

A power question to ask when you find yourself stuck in ‘doing/pushing’ mode… “What is the aligned action I’m resisting?”

3. Learn to be with uncomfortable feelings.
There are times when we do slip into doing, striving and resistance – we are human, remember? At these times, my go-to Feminine power strategy is to simply check in with myself, and even take a break if I need to. You can’t create much of anything when you’re triggered.

Realize what’s going on and see that it’s simply your subconscious drama at play. You can choose to step out of it. Take a break to be with your feelings, honor them, do something nourishing for yourself, then return your attention to the outcome you Desire and the higher Truth that’s supporting you in creating it.

Honoring our feelings, without indulging in them, is one of our Divine Feminine gifts. And when you activate this gift you become a much more powerful creatrix!

I invite you to practice this new approach to manifesting starting right away, and be ready for more ease – and more receiving of what you truly Desire!

P.S. Please join us in our 7-Figure Goddess Facebook page and be a part of the conversation happening there!

P.PS. If you are excited about mastering the art of manifestation then you are going to LOVE what I have coming for you next week.

Keep an eye out for some all-new manifestation resources I’ve created to help you create all you wish to do, be or have, on demand, every time.

You’re about to discover your Feminine Magic® in a whole new way!

My Top 10 Money Rituals

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared several of my best practices and teachings for upleveling your money mindset and increasing your income. We covered some powerful coaching questions to help you create a money leap, and then I shared my top money beliefs to reach your goals.

So far, so good. But want to know the real secret to manifestation?

Aligned action.

How you show up with money has everything to do with how much you make and keep. Your habits create your reality. So this week I’m happy to share ten of my favorite money rituals.

Why “money rituals”?

As a priestess, of course I’m big on rituals. I love the intentional action, the connection to Divine and, of course, the magic that results. There is no more powerful way to shift one’s consciousness than through intentional ritual.

I say “intentional” very, well, intentionally, because while we all have rituals (habits is another word for them), most of them are unconscious.   Especially around money.

The bills paid late – or never opened. The purchases made on autopilot.   The unawareness around current balances. For women especially, unconsciousness around money masks feelings of unworthiness, deep shame and more.

And how does all that money neglect show up in the outer world?   As with any relationship, your relationship with money needs attention in order to thrive.   Money not attended to will NOT stick around!

When the money drama starts, most women think that the solution is to just make more money. But until you start giving money loving, conscious attention, any money you make will right out the door again.

The solution? Money Rituals: simple, intentional, habitual actions to bring you out of unconsciousness and into a loving, supportive relationship with your money.

Here are my top Money Rituals that can powerfully impact the flow of money in your life, through consistent, deliberate and loving attention.

These are simple enough for anyone to start right away; however, if you want more advanced money rituals that place you into the realm of thinking and acting like a profitable business owner, I highly recommend the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz – it’s a game-changer!

  1. Track all of the money that comes in.  (Daily) – The guideline here is that it all counts. Whether it’s your spouse’s income, a gift, a surprise savings on something, it’s ALL money coming into your life and needs to be included.
  2. Track all of your expenses. (Daily) – You need to know what’s going out, and this can also help you spot patterns that you may decide you want to shift.
  3. File your bills (Daily) – Don’t leave them lying around! This creates money clutter, which blocks the flow and space through which money can come in.
  4. Pay yourself first (Weekly) – This is mission critical, even if it’s just a small amount to start. Decide on an amount and frequency, whether it’s weekly or biweekly, that you can meet consistently and just do it!
  5. Review your bills (Weekly) Before you pay, make sure they’re correct.
  6. Review bank balances and credit card balances (Weekly)
  7. Pay your bills (Twice a Month) – Many women feel dread around this.  Instead, I invite you to make a ritual out of it. Bless the money, bless the service/experience/value/items that you received in exchange for your money, and most of all, allow yourself to feel gratitude that it’s in your life.
  8. Balance your checking accounts (Monthly)
  9. Check in with taxes (Monthly) – Keep a current estimate of your income to determine if you need to set money aside.
  10. Check in on your Lifestyle Money Goal, or set a new goal (Monthly) – How much money do you need to be bringing in to support your essential needs and allow you to enjoy the life you desire? Set money goals and hold yourself accountable to them through aligned action.

These actions can feel extremely uncomfortable at first – usually because there is some shame underneath. Be courageous and stick with these practices. They will get easier over time, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference these simple actions make in the amount of money you’ll make, keep and enjoy in your life.

At the end of the day, your relationship with money is really a reflection of your relationship with yourself. And that always deserves loving attention.



15 Questions To Create A Money Leap In 2016

It’s hard to believe we are about to complete 2015. What an incredible year of learning, growth and expansion for our community!

Like me, you may be carving out some time this week to plan & set your intentions for 2016. That might include personal goals, business goals, and very likely some money goals.

Would you like to set yourself up to joyfully meet and then EXCEED your money goals this year? (I hope the answer is yes. 😉 )

Here’s how…

Rather than lump your money goals into a lengthy list of other intentions, break them out and give them some very focused attention. Because what you focus on expands.

Hands down one of the biggest factors for women who aren’t where they want to be financially is money avoidance. We become afraid to really look at the truth because of guilt and shame, and this actually blocks the flow of money into our lives.

Instead, if there’s a new experience you want to create with money you need to start with taking an honest and judgment-free look at where you are. When you are clear on where you are, and clear on where you want to be… you can create (or receive, because you don’t have to be the one “figuring it out” 😉 ) a clear plan to make it so.

Follow through on your plan, and your money leap is practically inevitable.

At 7-Figure Goddess, that’s exactly what we want for you. So here’s a powerful set of coaching questions to help you get crystal clear on where you are now with your money and set a powerful money goal for 2016.

  1. What was my intended income for 2015 – i.e., my money goal?
  1. What was my actual income for 2015?
  1. What were the sources or streams of that income? (Where did it come from, and how much from each source/stream.)
  1. What was my theme with money in 2015 – intended, and actual?
  1. What went well in my money life in 2015?
  1. What did not go well in my money life in 2015?
  1. If I met my money goal, what was the biggest contributing factor?
    If I didn’t meet my money goal, what stood in the way?
  1. What lessons was I asked to learn through money in 2015, and how did I receive those lessons?
  1. Where are the money leaks in my life and business (discounting, bartering, not paying myself, no savings, clients who owe me, vendors I owe, etc) and what steps to I need to take to clean them up?
  1. What is my Money Goal for 2016, and WHY? What will having that income do for me?
  1. Who do I need to BE in order to create this money experience in 2016?
  1. What beliefs do I need to energize to reach my goals?
    What beliefs do I need to release?
  1. What tangible money-making opportunities are available to me? Which do I know I need to take action on?
  1. What support do I need to allow in?
  1. What’s one powerful action I can take right now to begin calling in my 2016 money goals right now?

Want to take it up a notch? Create a powerful money mantra for the New Year, or borrow one of our favorites here at 7-Figure Goddess:

Making money is easy.
Clients are everywhere and abundant.
Money flows to me from known and unknown sources.
I joyfully receive money without judgment of the source.
I expand in abundance and prosperity every day.

Just a little time invested in these questions will create a huge breakthrough for you. I will be right there with you, answering them myself.

Here’s to extraordinary growth & expansion in all areas of your life in 2016!