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Staying The Course When Manifesting Gets Tough

Elizabeth Purvis

Soooo much of manifesting what you Desire and creating the life you choose is about being IN it and staying the course even when (especially when) you want to quit, run away, give up, etc. 

I know very, very well what it’s like to want to give up. 

I have been an avoider my entire life.  

My magician’s journey over the past couple of years has been very much about coming to grips with this, and doing some very difficult, not talked about, intense work around it.  

What I’ve learned along the way is that sooooo many people suffer with either being avoidant or anxious.  

These are patterns that, conservatively speaking, at LEAST 40% of the population have. 

Experts will tell you it’s more like 70% or 80%, especially among people my age… and yet most people have no clue what these patterns are! 

An avoidant pattern makes the resistance 10x worse, the desire to flee 10x as strong, and loneliness 10x as prevalent and 10x as intense.  

Which means, YEP. Sometimes (many times) I wanna let resistance win. 

Of course, I don’t… 

Because my Desire is stronger—WAY stronger. 

And so is yours. 

If you listen to it, your Desire will easily trump any distortion, any illusion, any inner slave driver, and yes… even trauma.  

Easily, easily. Desire trumps all—IF you listen to it. 

What it does NOT trump is… discomfort.  

And therein lies the blessing. 

To have what you truly Desire —not “stuff,” but soul purpose Desire, what we’re here to be, do, have and heal —you must look square in the eye what hurts the most.  

(Note: those with the avoidant pattern are not the only avoiders. 😉 )

Not only that, you must run at it, full steam ahead, arms flailing, barbaric YAWP-ing over the rooftops and then back to the ground, because when you’re in this body you can’t be hanging out in the spiritual rafters all day, barbaric YAWPs notwithstanding.

You are asked, even, to smile. 

And to be okay with it. 

And to STAY IN IT even if it FEELS like it threatens to burn you up. 

And even have FUN while you’re at it… 

…Because good golly, you’re not here just to shift patterns all day; you’re here to live and love and take in MORE. And you get to do that, in the burn. 

It’ll burn you up, all right. But that’s the point. The whole point. 

That’s the alchemy, you see. This is transmutation, dear Goddess.  

It’s what the alchemists were up to. And the modern magicians still are.

Because what’s on the other side is pure gold. 

Sooooo… if you’re in this process and you’re in that twisty-bendy-shapeshifting-brain-on-fire part… I got you.  

If you’re just staring at it, afraid to go there… but know that the only way out is through, you’re right. And… I got you.  

I can tell you… you’re not alone. 

I can tell you… it’s all worth it. 

I can tell you… it’s the only way. 

Your Desire is way stronger than anything you fear right now.  

YOU are stronger, more powerful, than you can imagine. 

Which means you’re gonna be more-than-OK. 

Miraculous, more like. Miraculous. 

And I got you. 

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature



PS: There are 4 magical tools you can use to help you navigate the burn and stay in the room with grace… even when shizz gets really tough.  

The best part? 

You’ve already got them inside of you! 

Find out what they are and how to get them working for you right now—it’s my gift to you. 

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The First Time I Raised My Fees (Don’t Do This)…

Several years ago, I offered my very first year-long high-end program.  

After weeks of marketing and hours of enrollment conversations, I enrolled three clients at $15,000 each for a total of $45,000.  

Now let’s fast forward to late last year (Dec 2017)… 

I sat down with a longtime member of the Feminine Magic® community who was interested in working with me privately. 

30 minutes later, she had said yes to a 10-month engagement for $70,000. 

$45,000 for three clients, vs. $70,000 for one client.    

What made the difference? 

Well, first let’s look at some of the big differences in the two scenarios… 

That first program contained six days of my time.  Six days!!   

No joke – I STOPPED enrolling after three clients because I literally did not have any more time in my schedule.  

Meanwhile, that 70k engagement contains two VIP intensives that I can’t wait to deliver. 

For that first program, I had to answer dozens of their questions.  One client got her husband on the phone.  There was a lot of talk about how it was SUCH a big investment.  And I was waiting on the edge of my seat, nervous as hell, wondering if they were going to sign up. 

For the 70k engagement, I was certain that she would say yes the moment I sat down
with her.  

In that first program, I was the marketing strategist.  I spent hours and hours and hours channeling marketing content off the top of my head.  It was exhausting.  Yet I positioned myself in that way because I thought I “had to” in order for it to sell. 

For the 70k engagement, our focus is my Highest Level Transformation, which is teaching ambitious, generative women how to awaken and activate their Creative Power, so they can create real results, usually in the form of money.  (Total time: 30 minutes per week on average.)  

In that first program, I was doing what I thought I had to do so that people will pay for it.  

For the 70k engagement, I do what I was BORN to do.  I’m not worried whether my client will get results because I expect her to get results.  (And she has – more on that later.) 

If you read between the lines here, you’re going to notice something.  

The biggest difference between those two scenarios is ENERGETIC.  

90% of enrolling ultra-premium clients is your ENERGY, and only 10% is the “how-to” execution.  

You may have heard that before.  (From me, even!) 

The above scenario is an example of what it looks like in “the real world – i.e. here on the physical plane.  

The truth is, the WAY I offer our high-end stuff hasn’t really changed that much… EXCEPT… 

… it’s a LOT freaking simpler. 

The old way was great.  Solid.  Literally hundreds of our clients got amazing results and made their first big money leaps. 

But here’s the thing… until you DECIDE that you NO LONGER have to “prove” your worth… 

You are going to overcomplicate things.  Over-stuff your programs.  Over-deliver.  And end up right back on the treadmill, because a part of you secretly believes that you “have to” be there. 

Now here’s the GREAT news… 

At any point, you can CHOOSE.   

You can DECIDE that you’re done with over-delivering, done with over-giving, done with the constant worry about whether or not you get sign ups… done with the constant nagging feeling of “not enough.” 

When you do, the veil is lifted.  

And that’s when you’re free to charge in alignment with what is actually, really TRUE for you.  

In other words…. that’s when your fees will go straight up.  

Best part? Your clients get even better results than before.  

(Like my client above.  She made almost double her investment back, in about one
moon cycle.) 

Soooo… if charging more is as easy as making up your mind, why aren’t more people doing it?  

Well, they do.  (Make up their mind, that is.) 

They “decide” all the time. 

Let’s be honest – those “decisions” usually involve a lot of “doing.” 

They also come with HUGE fears that you’re going to offend someone, hurt someone’s feelings, outshine them… whatever tribal loyalty agreement is in place. 

And so you contract your energy, because you don’t want to break that unwritten agreement.   

Or you get lost in the “do more” in an effort to keep those agreements. 

And you definitely don’t want to “do more.” 

Here’s more great news… 

You can’t “do” your way to your Highest Level.  

Embodying your Highest Level Frequency is a process of remembering rather than “doing.” 

It’s easy to “decide.”  It’s easy to make promises to yourself. 

But without a FRAMEWORK and STRUCTURE and an energetic container… your brain will literally pull you back to the old ways.  Which is devastating to your self-esteem. 

All of this is WHY I created Highest Level Transformation, my latest money
magic immersion. 

In Highest Level Transformation, you’re going to raise your fees ultra premium levels: $20k, $50k and up. 

You’re going to attract your Highest Level clients – the ones who are able to meet you on a heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul level.  

You’re going to attract the clients that want the Highest Level Transformation that only YOU deliver. 

(That’s what you’re going to offer, by the way.)  

So what are the big BENEFTS? 

More money, obviously.  (4 ultra-premium clients at $50k == $200k) 

More time.  When you are truly coming from Highest Level leadership, your delivery commitments WILL take a lot less of your time. 

The real game changer is remembering.  Remembering who you truly are… and coming from THAT place.  All of the time. 

Highest Level Transformation starts next week.  

This is for you if you are ready to get off the low vibration hamster wheel and get paid ultra premium fees ($20k – $50k – $100k)for the Highest Level expression of the work you are BORN to do. 

If you’re ready to remember who you really are and BE in your business from THAT place… 

HIT REPLY to request your invite. 

If you have an invite, either from this time around, or the last time around… NOW is the time to get your application in.  

We start right away.  Send an email to to get your invite now. 

Love and magic ,

Elizabeth signature



PS: On the “time spent working” front, here’s something interesting… 

Most of our clients in Highest Level Transformation Desire to work less and DO less. 

AND… they all have a commitment to serving hundreds, if not thousands of people.   

They want to shift consciousness in a big way – which requires reaching many,
many souls.  

It requires that their personal 3D time and their energy – their only two non-renewable resources – be reserved for their Highest Level, and nothing else. 

So as a bonus in Highest Level Transformation… in addition to the energetic and practical steps to filling your $50k programs…  I’m also going to give you a very simple strategy to serve those clients who aren’t (yet!) ready for that kind of container. 

(Of course, you can choose to work with just a handful of $50k clients per year – totally up to you.) 

PPS:  You’ll see in the invite that one of the requirements is that you are already offering high end programs for $5k-$10k.  

That requirement is there because you DO have to be an energetic match for this, and those fees are an indicator. 

But after talking to a lot of women this week, it’s clear that so many of them are READY to skip the “stair step” approach and go straight for their quantum leap. 

Their quantum leap is RIGHT THERE behind a few key energetic shifts. 

So if that’s you… and this resonates… request the invite, fill out the application… and we’ll see what is possible.   

Are you ready for YOUR quantum leap – in money, time, and energetic freedom? 

Send an email to right now and request your invite.  Then get your application in, pronto. 


How to Bust Through Your Current Ceiling (Weight Loss Update)


First things first: let me just speak to the fact that it’s very difficult to do “business as usual” when thousands of children are getting separated from their parents at
the border.   

It’s on my mind constantly.  I have soooo much to say about it. 

AND, as a leader to you, I must continue leading and continue serving you. 

We all need to stand strong; transformational leaders need to rise to their Highest Level. 

And so, I’ll continue to teach, to show up, to model for you what magic in action
looks like. 

But know, right here and right now, that I feel it.  Deeply.   “Outraged” doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

Now then… 

What I have for you today is … some FIERCE wisdom on busting through plateaus, stalls, stalemates, stuck spots, what-have-you. 

Yes, we all have them.  That money shizzle that never goes away.  That relationship issue that you keep repeating on autopilot, unconsciously.  The stuff that you keep attracting no matter what you do. 

A couple of weeks ago I did a FB Live on the manifesting lessons from losing 40 of the 100 pounds I’m in the process of losing.  

Fact is, I was at that “40 pound lost plateau” for almost FOUR WEEKS. 

No weight lost for 4 weeks.  Ghah!  F**k!! 

For me and my ambition and my creation superpowers and just how I’m WIRED… that is a crazymaking amount of time for “nothing” to be happening. 

And it was crazymaking.  I was keeping my calories down.  I was doing
everything “right.” 



I wasn’t doing everything right.   

I was letting things slip.  

I was doing things MOSTLY right.   1200 calories a day instead of the 1000 required to continue dropping the weight via ketosis.  A leee-tle SNIDGE of processed food.   

Staying up too late.  120oz of water instead of the required 150oz.   

So! Close! 

So it was really flippin’ easy for my brain to say “Hey, you’re doing it right.” 

Plus: drama.  I’ve had a lot of “circumstance” pop up in those past 4 weeks.  Things tugging on my time and DEMANDING my attention. 

And meanwhile I’m going, “F**k off!  I’m trying to manifest over here!” 

(Yeah, so… have I ever told you all that I swear like a sailor in my personal life? 
I do.)  

Some of this, I just had to ride out. 

Circumstances come up.  They occupied time and space.  They need to
be handled.  

So it LOOKS like you’re not moving. 

But here’s the thing… 

It’s in THESE moments that you’re MOVING the MOST… if you handle it in a certain way. 

It’s no accident that all this hoo-ha showed up at the 40 pound mark. 

We are now FIRMLY in “lose any more weight and you’ll be the lowest you’ve been since your early 30’s” territory. 

(And when I lose more weight after that, I’ll be in “lowest I’ve been since my
early 20’s”) 
(Then “lowest I’ve been since college”) 
(Then “lowest I’ve been since the eighth grade.”)

This is the point where, in the past, it has gone off the rails. 

Where, in the past, “circumstance” has taken over…. some of them very dramatic, such as the transformation of my marriage.  

AND, hey – 40 pounds down on a ketosis-based diet… you’re gonna stall, unless you know what you’re doing. 

So WHAT do you do? 

You STAY in the room.  You shift into your Higher Self – what I call “magician brain” – so you can SEE these excuses and ego mind machinations clearly. 

You SEE that shizzle for what it is… and then you use your magician’s power of CHOICE to do what your HEART wants.  To choose your DESIRE, over the same state that your physical body has been keeping you in, in a loving attempt to keep you alive on
the planet. 

Believe me, I felt the tug and the pull of the old way. 

I teach on the art of transforming resistance so much because I LIVE
it, intimately. 

But I said, no, no thank you. 

I said, no… instead of listening to lies, I choose to keep my food log with the truth.  And meet my calorie counts as best as I possibly can for where I am right now in my growth. 

And then I challenged myself FURTHER… because at this point, that’s an
excuse too. 

I CHOOSE the macros. 
I CHOOSE the best food. 
I CHOOSE the water. 
I CHOOSE the sleep.  (Ghah!  This one is the HARDEST.) 

About 3 weeks in to all this, this dance… I noticed that my body composition had changed.  But the scale was showing the same number. 

“This is just the remnants of your body, Heart and brain duking it out.  That weight is already gone.” 

Sure enough – got on the scale this morning and… a DRAMATIC 4 pound drop. 

Elizabeth Purvis

Now, if you’re sitting there all up in your weight-loss-expert mode going, “Well, it could have been this-this-this and you need to do this and OH your body needed the rest, and and and …” 


Don’t let your ego get in the way of what you need to HEAR. 

And we ALL need to hear this, over and over again. 

Everything you want is already here. 

You will hit resistance.  Your BRAIN will attempt to pull you off track. 

Your MASTERY point in that moment is to make YOUR Highest Level choice and follow through.  No. Matter. What. 

Yes, it might take you a little while to figure out what’s going on and acclimate. 
That’s OKAY. 

That will subside the more and more you practice the principles and use
the tools. 

You’re doing something hard.  Manifesting is easy – AND these moments are hard.  Any manifesting teacher or coach or mentor who tells you otherwise
is lying. 

There’s no way around this bit. 

THIS RIGHT HERE makes the difference between allowing in what you want…
and not. 

I want you to get what you want.  It’s why Feminine Magic® exists. 

So let me ask you… what do you want? 

Not the little stuff.  The BIG stuff.  The stuff that really MATTERS. 

Those sacred commitments you’ve made to yourself are getting tested,
aren’t they? 

Yeah, me too.  I feel you. 

Stay in the room, Goddess.  Stay in the room. 

You got this.   

Love & magic, 

Elizabeth signature



PS: When my relationship was tested, and I was staring down THE hardest transformation I have ever made in my life… I still stayed in the room. 

Yeah, I gained back the weight I’d lost at that time.  And a LOT more. 

But I knew it was happening.  I knew why.  I gave myself a lot of leeway, compassion
and love. 

My physical energy and attention needed to go somewhere else, OTHER than what it really takes sometimes to use your power of choice. 

SO I allowed that. 

“No problem, Goddess,” I told myself.  “When more space opens up WITHIN YOU, and your ability to choose gets even stronger, you will get right back on it.” 

And here we are. 

PPS: Staying in the room is a KEY PIECE of attracting and enrolling ultra-premium clients – the clients who hire you for $25k, $50k and up. 


Because your rockstars that are investing at that level don’t want more “strategy” from you.  (Except when they do.) 

What they REALLY want is your leadership.  Your modeling.  Your energy.   

They want you to hold yourself to certain standards – and those standards are NOT what you think.  

They want YOU walking the world at your Highest Level. 

To me, THAT is the real Highest Level Transformation of stepping into ultra-
premium fees. 

The money is awesome.  But the real gold is the Highest Level Transformation
of YOU. 

Are you ready to truly set yourself apart in your industry, by EMBODYING your Highest Level, and then commanding the ultra-premium fees you really crave? 

I will tell you – this is NOT just about throwing a program together and selling it. 

Anyone can do that. 

You are a transformational leader.  You Desire more.   

Which means you must become more. 

And that means no longer allowing yourself to shrink, contract, make excuses, or otherwise head for the hills when the shizzle-storms show up. 

If you’re ready to go to your next level of manifesting MASTERY, and achieve that through the very practical application of enrolling $50k clients… 

Then HIT REPLY and request your invite for Highest Level Transformation. 

And if you’ve already got the invite, now is the time to get that application in. 

Here’s to your next breakthrough!! 

Feminine Magic® June New Moon Ritual (save the date)

New Moon Ritual

Save the date! 

Our Feminine Magic® Community New Moon Ritual is happening later THIS WEEK on Saturday, June 16 at 12:30 PM PT / 3:30 PM ET.  

Mark the time in your calendar now and plan to join us live over on my FB Business Page THIS Saturday.  

This month we usher in the introspective Gemini New Moon.

Appearing just before Solstice—mid-point in the Wheel of the Year— our June New Moon is ripe for looking within, taking stock of what’s blossomed, and celebrating ALL that has shifted in our lives so far this year.  

Gemini also presents a powerful opportunity to step up and claim exactly what we choose to welcome in NEXT as a result of these shifts.  

Sooooo if you’re ready to welcome in something BIG and juicy in this next half of
the year… 

If there’s something you wish to BE, DO or HAVE by the end of 2018… 

NOW is the time to write that new story and create the new energy patterns that allow you to have all that you Desire.  

But first, you’ve gotta get clear on what you really want.  

Saturday’s New Moon Ritual provides a juicy practice for you to do that AND some magical prep work beforehand will bring forth even deeper awareness.  

Here’s how you can get started: 

  1. Download a copy of my New Moon Ritual Template. It’s a simple guide that outlines how to create your own ritual. 
  2. Craft a ritual to clarify your Desires for this New Moon. The ideal time to do this would be on the actual New Moon itself (June 13th) or sometime  prior to our ritual on Saturday. 
  3. Then, plan to join us LIVE on Saturday, June 16th at 12:30 PM PT / 3:30 PM ET over on my Facebook Fan Page to further clarify and amplify your intentions with the entire Feminine Magic® community. 

In the meantime, if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration or want to ask questions crafting about your ritual, post them over in our New Moon Manifesting For Miracles & Money Facebook Group for community support. 

See you soon!  

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature

The Only Thing You Need To Manifest Clients

Years ago, when I was just starting out, I thought I needed all this stuff in order to get my business off the ground and attract clients. 

Website, business name, tag line, clear niche, fancy photo shoot… 

Those things are all great and useful over time— 

Trouble was, fast forward 2 years later and I was still trying to figure that shizz out— only by that time, I’d burned through all of our savings and had been racking up debt on our credit cards for over a year.  

I could hardly speak to a potential client—I felt like a total fraud!   

And the crazy thing was that I was no closer to having ANY of the answers I was desperately trying to find.  What’s my niche?  What’s my message?  Can I really help people?  What the hell am I doing? 

That’s when I hit a wall… 

I was washing dishes in our little sink in our apartment in Brooklyn.  With soapy water up to my elbows, I vowed to get clients.  Period. 

This meant letting go of perfection, transforming my fear and channeling all that “figuring out” energy into ONE thing: creating income.  

The decision completely changed my life.   Because within 30 days, I enrolled 9 new clients and created almost $20,000 in new and booked income. 

Along the way, I discovered some surprising truths: 

  • You DON’T need to be perfect, have it all figured out or be the “uber-expert” to attract awesome clients and help them get amazing results 
  • You ALREADY have everything you need to get your first – or next – clients (there are hidden opportunities in your business) 
  • Attracting clients means using the feminine strengths you naturally have as a woman – like relationship, connection, intuition, the ability to create transformation and LOVE (i.e., the yummy stuff!) 
  • Having money solves a lot of problems that NOT having money creates.  🙂 


Truth is if you’re newer in business, the ONLY thing you actually need to attract client is… *drumroll*… a system to attract and enroll clients that works.  

Nope. No website.  

Everything else can wait! 

I used to share these truths ALL the time when we offered business coaching— these days not so much given our wider audience and mission. 

Still… it hurts my heart big time when someone shows up in our world, ready to manifest a BIG goal in her business, and her list of aligned actions totally misses the mark.  

I get it. 

remember being in that same place of information overload and massive overwhelm trying to figure out all the things I needed to do to get clients.  

The good news is… there is a much simpler way…   

Whether you’re newer in business, or been in business for a while… if you’re ready for an income breakthrough AND you want it to be easy… Get Clients in 30 Days is a solid plan to get you there.  

This training is step-by-step “how” I was able to create consistent, high 5-figure months really quickly (after being stuck for 2 long years) and it’s the system I’ve taught hundreds of women to do the same.  

You’ll have instant access to ALL the content as soon as you sign up which means if you’re ready to welcome in new clients…TODAY— 

Grab your copy of Get Clients in 30 Days at 50% OFF right now. 

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