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Spirit or Ego? How To Know Which Is Speaking To You

Imagine this…

You’ve set a clear intention.  Now the perfect [program / training / retreat / trip / house / school for your kids / what-have-you] shows up, seemingly out of the blue.

Instant yes!  Except…

…the finances and time commitment are just outside of your comfort zone.

You were SO sure, and now…

Or how about something like this?

When your [VA / admin / tech guy] showed up, they were perfect for your business.  Now?  Not so much.  But their sudden departure will cause aftershocks, messiness, and possibly lost revenue.

You were SO SURE about letting them go… until you really looked at the numbers.  And now… you’re anything but.


You make a decision and command that it be so – woot!  Your next step immediately shows up.

Call this person.  Buy this program.  Call that person and offer them that program.

The idea makes you feel heavy in your body.  You were SO clear before, and now…

Now, maybe it’s not what you really want, anyway.

Call it intuition or call it Spirit (they are one and the same)… we are all being guided in the direction of our highest expression.

Your Essence longs for expansion, and being a manifestation of Spirit, it works with Spirit to guide you in the direction of your Desire.

And we all know that feeling, right?  When our intuition, Essence or soul speaks… it’s ON.

Problem is… we are also being guided in the other direction.  You have an ego and a subconscious, both of which have a well-meaning yet truly vested interest in keeping you right where you are.

With literally hundreds of decisions to be made every day, understanding which voice is which is a crucial skill for anyone who Desires to go the distance with their growth and creative power.

Is it the voice of Spirit, or is it Ego?  How can you know which is speaking to you?

Let’s start with the first and most important “strategy,” which is…

Image Credit: Papaya! Art

We have this thing called intuitive ability.  It exists.

Somewhere in your energy field, either consciously or unconsciously, you know.  100% of the time.

If you always know… then NOT knowing, or blocking the awareness, is actually a choice.

Un-blocking the awareness is also a choice.

If you always know, then you don’t have to put yourself in a position of doubting, second guessing, NOT knowing….  all of which are just another form of lack of energy.

If you always know… and you know without question that you know… 100%, all the time… the answer is there and it is there for you… then all you have to “do” is choose to hear your inner knowing… and act on it.

And how do you do that?

  1. Slow down the “monkey mind.”

There’s a BIG reason why meditation is far and away the most universal of spiritual practices.  Meditation slows down the “monkey mind,” allowing you access to other voices and other states.

The benefits of meditation are well-known, and backed up by research.  Everyone and their mom loves meditation, and rightly so.

But what’s that, you say?  You HATE meditating?

Luckily, there are LOTS of ways that you can practice slowing down the monkey mind.   Breath work.  Music.  Exercise.  Moving meditation. Adult coloring books.  Even washing dishes.

What’s that?  You don’t have time?

A single minute, while you’re waiting in line, is all it takes.  Take 3 deep breaths.  Start there.

Still don’t think you can meditate even for one minute?  Deepak has you covered.

  1. Empty Out.

There’s slowing down the mind, and there’s emptying out the mind.

To empty out the mind is to release all thoughts, worries, concerns, tension, fear and anything else that is not Truth, and become the empty vessel.  The channel.  (In shamanism, the hollow bone.)

In feminine practices like priestessing and Feminine Magic®, we make ourselves the empty vessel, cup, or cauldron because everything is born (created) out of the void, the womb of the Great Mother.  In the quiet, we can receive what is here… and what is to be.

Becoming empty is a core practice, one that must be experienced. So here’s a short exercise from The School of Manifesting.  My gift to you, no opt-in required.

Click here for the handout

Click here to download the mp3

  1. Ask Questions.

Want to know what your intuitive guidance sounds like?  Ask it questions.

What would it take to add $100,000 to my business this year?

What would it take to close on the perfect house for us in the next 30 days?

What would it take to attract the perfect life partner for me?

What would it take for [XYZ] to show up in my life?

What would it take for this project to be easy?

Ask for guidance and you’ll receive guidance.  Pay attention to how it shows up: the channel it came through, the feeling.

You can change your whole life by asking questions.  Jack Canfield and Marc Victor Hansen discovered the title for their mega-blockbuster book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, simply by asking for “a mega-bestselling title.”

Ask and it is given.  Every time.

  1. Grow your vocabulary.

Many years ago, early in my spiritual development, I was drawn to Tarot.  After overcoming some initial resistance – “78 cards?  Upright and reversed?  That’ll take me a lifetime!!” –  I threw myself into learning this elegant, intuitive system for spiritual growth & guidance.

I was right.  Mastering Tarot can take a lifetime.  The cards are dense, rich with symbolism and entire cannons of magic.  If you love “brain food,” this is it.

At first I was overwhelmed.  Wands, swords, cups, pentaces, stars, trees, the color black, the planet Mercury, crowns, pearls on a necklace… in the Rider-Waite deck, everything means something.  And meaning is endless.

But then something interesting started to happen…

Both in and out of readings, my “monkey mind” started to shut off, and my intuition started to turn ON.  The symbols spoke to me in ways words never could.  The “meanings” disappeared and my Essence began to speak through me in ways it never had, using those symbols as language, stringing whole sentences together that seemed to come from… somewhere else.

The more I learned the language, the more my intuition was able to speak.  The more it spoke, the easier it was to discern.  And so it is to this day, even though I haven’t really read Tarot in a while.

Your intuition can tell you a lot.  It can tell you even more when it has language with which to communicate.  How can you grow your vocabulary?

  1. Be suspicious of the “no”s.

Have you ever had the experience of inherently knowing your next step, but… it doesn’t really “feel good” in your body?

It’s tempting to take this as a “no.”  But is it really?

Our bodies are wired to throw up resistance when we step outside the status quo.  Change isn’t always going to “feel good.”

Sometimes, your body is going to be freaking the heck out at going in the new direction, the direction of your choice rather than the direction of your patterns.

Your intuition does not speak to you in the language of fear.  Fear, worry, doubt, and resistance are never truth.

Constriction, tightness, and discomfort are an invitation to lean in deeper.  What is on the other side of that feeling?

Your intuition always says YES.  The question is, what is it saying yes to?

You always know.  Don’t let the uncomfortable feeling block your knowing.

  1. Practice.

Practice remains the best way to learn a new skill, or polish one that has gotten rusty.

So what are you practicing?

Listening for that first response. The twinge.  That inner knowing that gets covered up in a flash by all the mental hoo-ha.  Then saying yes.  Then TRUSTING.  Then acting on it, without hesitation.

Start with situations that don’t carry a lot of charge.  Ask yourself, “Which will I enjoy more?” “Is this in my highest good right now?”

You always know.  Most of the time, you know right away.

What will it take for you to say YES to your intuitive guidance?

You always know.  🙂

My New Direction (And Your Free Gift)

Have you noticed something different in my world over the past couple of months?

A rather big change took place in January, but I never really announced it.  🙂

I launched  a brand new website… and with it, a bold new direction.

After 8 years as a master business coach, I’m coming forward with my true calling…

…to teach you the art of magic and manifestation, for personal and financial empowerment.

Truthfully, this direction is nothing new.  I got the “cosmic 2×4” from the Goddess years ago to make teaching magic the focus of my life.  And for years I’ve been working the teachings into my business coaching, behind the scenes.

At the end of last year, it became clear that now is the time to lead with this powerful work, not hide it in the background.

And that’s what I’m doing.   Woo hoo!!

I’m SO excited to finally share with you some of the magical and energetic tools that have been behind my success.

To that end, I want to be sure you download this…

The Only 4 Manifesting Tools You’ll Ever Need To Call In Your Every Desire

Over the years I’ve noticed that people get REALLY confused about what they need to amp up their manifesting abilities.

“Your thoughts create your reality” is accurate… but incomplete.

Candles, crystals, vision boards and the like can be powerful tools… but they can also be worthless to you.

You already have everything you need inside you to create ANYTHING you truly Desire in the world.

(I’m talking about soul-level Desires… those things that are truly in alignment with your path.  And yes, things like a new house or new car can be among them.)

BUT… you have to understand the RIGHT tools… and you have to understand how to use them.

That’s why I created this PDF download and the video that goes with it.  So you can get clear on how you’re creating all the time, right now… and how to use these tools to create what you want.

You can download them here:

The Only 4 Manifesting Tools You’ll Ever Need To Call In Your Every Desire

I am so excited to continue our journey together in this new way.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of the Feminine Magic® community.

Love & magic,

PS: When you download the 4 Manifesting Tools cheat sheet, you’ll receive an invitation for my workshop on how to manifest your juiciest goals in 30 days or less.  Don’t miss it!

A Fire Bowl Releasing Ritual To Make Way For Your Highest Good


2017 is almost here!

Have you been setting your intentions for the new year? (I have.)

Before you go too far down the path, there’s an important “pre-game” step that’s easy to overlook.

You may have heard the saying, “The Universe abhors a vacuum.”

When an energetic space is created, the Universe rushes in to fill it with something else. Hopefully, that something else is… what you Desire!

But the Divine can’t bring you anything if your energetic space is already dense or full.

To usher in new intentions, experiences or Desires, we must first create space. You need to release something of a lower nature to make room for something of a higher nature.

As with anything in magic, there are as many ways to release, clear and let go as there are magicians.

My favorite way?

Fire. Hands down. 🙂

So as we bring 2016 to a close and make way for a brand new year of possibility and magic, it’s my honor to gift you with my favorite fire bowl ritual.

IMPORTANT Safety Note: Use common sense and take the proper precautions when burning, either indoors or outdoors. If burning indoors, make sure your area is well ventilated and have water handy in case you need it. Never leave fire burning unattended, never interfere with another’s choice and remember that you are 100% responsible for your words, intentions, deeds and karma. Be smart & safe. ‘Nuff said!

A Fire Bowl Releasing Ritual
To Release What No Longer Serves And Make Way For Your Highest Good

The Supplies You’ll Need:

  • 5-10 (or more) 3”squares of paper or post-it notes
  • 1-2 sheets of tissue paper, also cut into 3-4” squares
  • Pen for writing
  • Fireplace safe to burn paper or a well ventilated area for burning in a fire bowl
  • If using a firebowl, you’ll also need:
    • Large glass/pyrex bowl
    • Thick oven mit or hot pad
    • 3/4 cup of Epsom salt
    • Rubbing alcohol, just enough to soak but not submerge the Espom salt
  • Long matches or lighter stick
  • Optional sage for smudging

The Ceremony

1.  Prepare your space, smudge with sage if desired. Bring all parts of yourself present. Ground and center, and set your intention for the ceremony.

2.  On each piece of paper, write one or two things that you’re ready to release. This could include people, situations, thought patterns, habits, or anything you wish to release.

Phrase your releasing statements intentionally. Here are two possibilities:

I release the [situation / pattern / habit] of X. I thank this [situation / pattern / habit] for serving its purpose; I choose to move on now.”

OR –

“Spirit of [situation / pattern / habit], our time together is at an end. I release thee and bid you begone.”

OR, simply –

“Begone, [situation / pattern / habit]!” 

3.  Take each square and fold it up three to five times. (Make it small, but not too small. Paper folded too tightly will not burn easily.)

4.  Wrap a square of tissue around the note, twisting the ends to make a small bundle or package, almost like a piece of candy

5.  Repeat until you’ve wrapped all of your releasing statements

6.  Prepare your fire or firebowl

  1. Place the bowl in a well ventilated area, on top of the oven mitt or hot pad
  2. Pour the Epsom salt into the bowl
  3. Cover with just enough rubbing alcohol to soak the salt, but not totally submerge it
  4. Light a long match or lighter stick and carefully touch it to the salt/alcohol mixture to ignite the flame

7.  One by one, drop your bundles into the bowl, saying 3 times aloud: “I release thee, I release thee, I release thee.”

8.  Watch the bundles burn and as they do picture these things being totally and completely lifted from you

9.  When the bundles have all burned out, say a final blessing, holding in mind that these things have now been released.

What is possible for you now that you wish to express gratitude for or bestow blessing upon?

This might sound something like:

“I now give myself permission to…

10.  Take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of freedom, release and space. I like to finish with the following declaration:

“It is done, it is done, it is done!”

After your releasing ceremony, remember to ground your work in the physical plane by taking any actions you need in order to release and complete the situation. Throw out what needs to be thrown out, have clearing conversations with parties involved (if needed), etc.

Now you’re ready to set your intentions!

Wishing you a magical 2017,


Can you help me with this? (personal story inside)

Ever have one of those moments with the Divine (or Spirit, Source, Goddess, God) … where you receive a “download” that changes the course of your entire life?

Seven years ago, I had a moment like that.

It was early 2009. I had just started to get some momentum in my business after two years of struggle.

I was on my morning walk in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. (I lived in New York City for years.)

And all of a sudden, Her voice came into my consciousness… quiet, compassionate and yet unmistakably firm.

“You are to bring magic to the mainstream.”

That was just the start of the marching orders that continued for several minutes.

It was overwhelming. I remember “pulling over,” finding a tree and crying.

I can’t do that. I can’t manifest my way out of a paper bag. You have me confused with someone else.

But it was pretty clear that She wasn’t kidding.

Since then I have been studying continuously, doing the work, and – of course! – putting what I learn into practice. And I’ve created the kinds of results that the “me” of 2009 would scarcely believe, like a million-dollar business, two premiere business trainings with hundreds of clients and the most beautiful Goddess-Girl on the planet. (Okay, so I’m biased. 😉 )

In 2016, I will be teaching magic in a BIG way. But first, I want to hear from YOU.

Everything we do at 7-Figure Goddess is about YOU, first and foremost. So I care very much about what’s going on with you and how we can help.

Are you looking to infuse your life with more magic, miracles and yes – rock-solid results in 2016?

If so, please take a few minutes to get real with me in this brand-new survey.

This is your opportunity to connect with me directly and tell me exactly what you wish to say.

Go here to complete the 2016 magic & manifestation survey

Thank you so much  – I can’t wait to read your answers!

Love & magic,


How to Create a Sacred Winter Retreat

Got this little love note / Goddess Wink the other day from the late Wayne Dyer…

‘Tis the season when we really need a moment of silence. It’s also the season when we really have to work to make sure we get one. At a time we traditionally devote to loving, giving, and gratitude, the quiet and peace we need to appreciate our gifts seems all too elusive.

Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Your words come out of this void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness. Your sense of inner peace depends on spending some of your life energy in silence to recharge your battery, remove tension and anxiety, reacquaint you with the joy of knowing God, and feel closer to all of humanity. – Wayne Dyer

On Monday we observed the Winter Solstice, marking the longest night of the year and the return of the light.

It’s a potent time to release what no longer serves, and to plant the seeds of what we Desire to create in the next cycle.

And yet – in the hustling of the holidays… how often do we actually create the time and space for ourselves, despite our best intentions?

That’s why I was so inspired to create what I have for you today.

As Wayne so eloquently reminds us, quiet time and reflection are not luxuries. For the Creatrix especially, they’re requirements.

It’s imperative that we periodically break from our individual and collective routines and turn inward, because…

It’s in the silence and stillness that we are able to hear the true voice of our Desire.

It’s in the silence that we receive the guidance that we need to enter our next phase of creation.

It is out of silence that ALL that we create emerges.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy a sacred pause during the holidays is to create a mini-retreat.

So in honor of the sacred energy of the solstice and our next phase of collective creation, here’s my simple guide to create a winter retreat that recharges your body, mind and soul.

This structure can be used for a number of things… reflection, planning, rejuvenation or all of the above.

  1. Decide upon the time. Carve out a couple of hours, or a day, or even a long weekend if that serves you. And most importantly, let people know that you will be unavailable and don’t want to be disturbed. (This is a great opportunity to practice asking for what you want if you’re not used to doing that. 😉 )
  1. Prepare for your retreat. Gather the supplies that you need and prepare your space. A few of my favorite retreat supplies include:
  • A journal or notebook
  • A calendar or planner if you will be planning
  • Candles
  • Fresh flowers
  • Nourishing foods & snacks
  • Your favorite beverages, especially water if you plan to include movement
  • Any ritual supplies you like such as crystals or things to raise your vibration – essential oils are great for this
  1. Purify and cleanse. The simplest way to do this it to take a luxurious shower or bath, and visualize the water washing away all that no longer serves you. Or you may prefer to smudge yourself and your space with incense or sage.It’s also important to empty and cleanse your mind at this point. Use your favorite sacred practice to release stray thoughts, nigglies, worries, to-do lists, or concerns.My favorite way to empty is to close my eyes, breathe deeply and imagine all of those things simply draining away, safely knowing that I can pick up anything I release for the time being, when I so choose. And don’t forget to turn off your cell phone!
  1. Formally open your retreat. Once in your retreat space, allow yourself to fully arrive. Call back any parts of yourself that might still be hanging out elsewhere. Continue your emptying practice so you begin with an empty cup.When you are ready to begin, light a candle as you make a simple statement of your intention for this sacred retreat time.My intention always includes making contact and connection with my Essence and being open to receiving the guidance that it has for me. Or it might simply be a sense of rest and rejuvenation. Just be sure to be clear and specific as you make this powerful claim.
  1. Engage in the activities that nourish you. Perhaps you’ve decided to do some planning, or journaling reflection on the prior year. Or perhaps your retreat time includes movement or time in nature. A long, reflective walk can be extremely replenishing. I get some of my best insights and guidance in nature! Be sure to include nurturing, healing foods if you’ll be in retreat for longer than a few hours.
  1. Formally close your retreat. Once you’re complete, you’ll again want to delineate the transition. Express gratitude to yourself for the gift of this sacred time, and gratitude for the guidance and wisdom you’ve gleaned.
  1. Allow some integration time. This is a super-important step! Your being needs time to fully download your retreat experience, and rushing right back into the hustle and bustle and navigating everybody else’s priorities interferes with this process.

I recommend staying off the technology or simply keeping your schedule clear for another 24 hours or so. Whatever you do, just be sure to put some attention on honoring the integration process and allowing yourself to return to the present with grace.

So there’s a simple structure for your winter (or anytime) retreat. I hope you’ll carve out some time in the coming week to honor yourself and nurture the powerful Creatrix you are. I’ll be doing it right alongside you!

Love & holiday blessings,