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A 5-Minute Ritual To Instantly Shift Your Energy

I am so happy and grateful and joyous to have been able to serve so many women in 2016!

That has been my home frequency this week, as we head into the holiday weekend, especially amid so many BIG changes, both in our community and beyond.

Let’s face it – 2016 has been a bit of a butt-kicker.

And while Christmas can be such a special time of gratitude and celebration, I know that it can also bring up a lot of stuff.

The holiday season can illuminate “the gap” – that void between where you are, and where you truly Desire to be.

(It doesn’t HAVE to, but it often does for many.)

If that’s you, you’re not alone.   2016 has been filled with some pretty challenging energy… individually and collectively.

We all want to feel good. We want to experience the magic that every day – not just the holiday – has the potential to provide.

And that can be tough in the midst of stress, upheaval, upleveling, or… you’re at your in-laws and your partner’s two older siblings have kicked off one of their screaming matches – again. 😉

So how do we keep our vibe high and energy clean, even in the midst of chaos – holiday, or otherwise?

Today I’ve got an energy practice for you, to help you do just that…

The best part – you can do it anywhere, anytime, in just about any situation, and the shift will stay with you throughout the day.

1. Get comfortable. You can do this while sitting in your meditation space, in front of your altar or anywhere you can sneak off for a few minutes to be undisturbed. (I do NOT recommend doing it in public spaces or anywhere you need to be awake and alert.)

2. Get grounded. Bring your awareness to your body; feel your feet planted beneath you, your seat on the chair, etc. Allow yourself to sink into whatever support you’re standing or sitting on; grounding in your body and breath.

3. Notice your energy source. We are surrounded by Creative, Universal Life Force Energy – all day, every day. But we often don’t notice it, as our ego mind or “thinking mind” is busy with the task of getting us through our day.

But that doesn’t mean the energy isn’t there. Your energy source is always there!

Your Essence is always there.

Allow yourself to notice or become aware of a brilliant globe of light above you, located just slightly out above your forehead. This is the light of your Essence, or what some refer to as your Highest Self.

Though you are visualizing, feeling or sensing this globe of light, it represents the pure, energetic part of you beneath the ego mind; the You that is a part of, and connected to, Divine Life Force Energy.   Notice the qualities and intensity of this light.

(When I do this exercise, the light is gold. It may be a different color for you, or if you like to work with color, you can intentionally choose the color.)

4. Allow this golden light to flow in through the top of your head and flow down throughout your body: in through your head, then down your neck and shoulders, arms, chest, back, etc… from the top of your head to your fingertips and toes.

As you allow the light in, you may wish to notice how it is clearing away any psychic debris it may encounter along its path – clearing, removing, releasing any stuck energy. Notice the sensation of this energy along its path.

5. Once the light has filled your body, allow it to expand and become stronger and brighter, allowing your being to fully inhabit this light, breathing deeply and slowly. Feel this light loving you, nourishing you, filling you with Divine healing and wisdom.

6. From this place, ask, “What is the gift in my current situation or challenge?” Allow the answer to come to you.

7. From this place, set a powerful intention for how you choose to BE in relation to the current situation.

Do you wish to feel love? Intend to be love.

Do you wish to feel peace? Intend to be peace.

Do you wish to be in a space of relaxed wisdom when, say, your mother-in-law is asking if you and your hubby ever plan to have kids… again, for the zillionth time?

Yeah. Set the intention to BE that.

Energy always follows intent, so you don’t need to “do” anything more than choose a clear path as to how you BE in this moment.

8. Give thanks to the Divine, to yourself, and to all the teachers in your life who are helping you to recognize and claim this gift. Let the light radiate your gratitude.

9. When you’re ready, open your eyes and carry this light with you as you move back into your day.


Remember that you are always surrounded by Divine life force energy – even in the midst of apparent chaos, including the holidays!

This energy is always available to you when you choose to tune into it, and this practice will help you do that every time.

Wishing you SO much love and magic this holiday season, and all the blessings your heart can hold!

How To Make An Epic Gratitude List


I love this time of year, especially being in the coaching and personal development world.

Over the next two days and beyond, we’ll receive a veritable smorgasbord (ha! I kill me!) of posts on gratitude, love, appreciation and giving thanks.

I say, bring it on!

It’s time to double down on the gratitude – especially this year.

And it’s the perfect time of the year to start, or renew, a gratitude practice.

Now, I’d bet a milkshake that you already have a bunch of gratitude tools in your toolkit.  (Indeed, I realized today that this is our second article on gratitude in less than two months.)

I’d like to add to that by giving you one of my all-time favorites.  (And it’s something I’ve never shared before.)

I call it – The Epic Gratitude List.

Its origins are in a practice an old friend taught me many years ago, called The List of 100.  (You can steal this too.)

The List of 100 is a list of one hundred things you’d like to be / do / have / experience in the coming year.

Some are big.  Some are small.  Some are really 3-year and 10-year goals.  The point is not to do all of them (though you will many of them, especially if you print your list off and tape it to the wall, like I do), but to list them all and put down what you really want.

So we’ll get back to that a little later (though if you want to start your List of 100, by all means go for it)… for now, you can see where this is going.

The Epic Gratitude List is a list of 100 people, situations, experiences and things you’re grateful for right now.

Some are big.  Some are small.  It really doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is that you get them down, because the goal of this is to create a tangible, physical representation of the abundance you already have.

So what makes The Epic Gratitude List really special?

The length, for one. Sure you may be checking in with gratitude every day… or making a list of 5 or 10 things…

… but how often do you make a list of ONE HUNDRED THINGS you’re grateful for?

Answer: probably not very often.

The point here is to dig deep – go past the usual stuff you give thanks for every day, and really notice the good things all around you. And how many good things you have.

Another point of The Epic Gratitude List is evidence.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling like sh*t, it’s really hard to make the gratitude list?

I mean, here it is supposed to be this high-vibe tool and all… and it is. But when you’re in the thick of it, you may have noticed that gratitude can be really hard to access.

That’s when you pull out The Epic Gratitude List and look at the facts.

The “squishymind” – as my husband puts it – has a really hard time arguing with the facts on the ground. Which means it’s really, really handy to have the right kinds of lists (those with evidence of awesomeness) at your disposal.

So over the next couple of days, when we’re all swimming in the sea of gratitude… I invite you to make an Epic Gratitude List. Not just for now, but for the days where you’re not. (Not swimming in the sea of gratitude, that is.)

And if you really want to go the distance – I invite you to blow past 100 and go all the way to 1000!

One more thing about this practice – and it’s really the only “rule,” per se…

Make your Epic Gratitude List fast.

This is not the time for overthinking. This is the time for gratitude momentum. Plus, it’s always fascinating to see the order in which it comes out. And what we forget. (No judgment, just fascinating and you can always add more later.)

To inspire you, I’ve included my own Epic Gratitude List for this year. I made it in about 40 minutes.

To your health, wealth, joy and LOVE this Thanksgiving. I am grateful for you!

Elizabeth’s Epic Gratitude List, 2016

  1. Leland, the love of my life.
  2. Brigit, our bright arrow and the other love of my life.
  3. The ridiculously epic amount of relationship work that both Leland and I have done this year, and all that has transpired as a result. (This is something I’ve been quiet about but will share more later.)
  4. My immediate family – J, H, A, M, L, M, J, and…
  5. Leland’s immediate family – H, M, J, G, B, and…
  6. Michele, Michelle, Nancy, Shannon, Jolanta, Kris, Melissa – the core 7-Figure Goddess team of this past year.
  7. Sarah, Tim, AJ and Maya – team for what’s coming next!
  8. Jim and Cyndi Padilla, for enrollment support and deep friendship. Jim, I love you.
  9. All of the strategists on our enrollment team, past and present.  Denise, Cindi, Debbie, Nachhi, etc etc etc
  10. Joni, John L, Greg and Francine – our legal and finance team
  11. The women of the Desire Mastermind, past and present
  12. The women (and cool guys!) of Goddess Business School and Platinum Program Secrets, past and present
  13. The women – and yes cool guys too! – of the Feminine Magic® trainings that have allowed me to develop this work
  14. The women and men of our 7-Figure Goddess circle
  15. The women and men of our extraordinary 7-Figure Goddess doTERRA team
  16. Bernadette Doyle, for helping me see what’s possible
  17. Justin Livingston, for his marketing genius, love and who he BE
  18. American Express! Good golly, I frickin’ love Amex and how easy they make everything
  19. Chase Bank. They have been incredibly helpful to me and their client care, even when you call the call center, feels local. An impressive feat.
  20. All the other financial institutions I use, including Direct Pay and our local credit union
  21. Kiyla Fenell, my mommy she-ro and the classiest essential oils leader ever
  22. Rachael Jayne Groover, for such grace, class and amazing work in the world
  23. Susan Peirce Thompson, for Bright Line Eating
  24. Jeff Walker and what he created
  25. Jennifer Longmore, for who she BE and all she has taught me
  26. Women & men of the LEAP and the Rockstar 100 – Vanessa, Pamela, Amy, Darla, Shelley, Kristin ST, and everyone I’m forgetting in this list-making whirlwind
  27. Elayne Kalila Doughty, Ariel Spillsbury and the women of the 13 Moon Mystery School
  28. Mitch Horowitz, for all he does to raise the standards and image of esoteric work (a true friend on the path)
  29. David Neagle, for who he BE and all that he has taught me
  30. Tony Pennells and Makaylah Rogers, for all they are doing to change money consciousness on the planet
  31. doTERRA Essential Oils, for being such a commitment to the health of the planet
  32. Athena Perrakis and Sage Goddess, for leading the way raising the standards and caliber of magical supplies – and of course all the cool stuff 🙂
  33. Being so present in Brigit’s life – being able to spend so much time with her at this stage
  34. Jesse & Sharla, and all in the Leaders for Conscious Entrepreneurship
  35. Gary Salyer, for his mad phat ninja NLP skills
  36. Linda, Scott, Julia, Christy and all the PDX crüe
  37. Scott and SARK for all of their support & FB love this year!
  38. For all our partners, for spreading the word about our work this year
  39. Denise DT – for all of the partner support, friendship and late-nite messaging!
  40. The Akashic Records and to the Recordkeepers for all of their guidance
  41. Doreen, Delores, Dion, Maud, Moina, Annie, Florence, Pixie, Mary K and all the women magicians and priestesses of the Western Esoteric tradition who came before me (yeah, ok, so this is a big one)
  42. Neuro-Linguistic programming and all of its influence on my life and Feminine Magic®
  43. Amy Brucker, Carolin Hauser and past GBS clients (they may or may not know who they are) who inspire me to be the best Feminine Leader possible
  44. That I get to do what I do. Hello, amazingness-still-need-to-pinch-myself.
  45. Carey Peters, for being a friend through it all
  46. Wald & Ruth Ann, my early Tarot teachers. To Wald for a middle-of-the-night emergency phone call last year that changed everything.
  47. The Entelechy Girls and my old school spiritual family
  48. Always having an abundance of money in the bank account
  49. The knowledge of how to create an abundance of money or anything else, regardless of what is going on
  50. The amazingness of how the community around me has shown up during the post-election craziness
  51. All those fighting for what’s right, everywhere
  52. Cutting all ties with those who are not as I thought they were; who I am as a result
  53. The iPhone, Macbook Air and all of the other technology that makes life easy
  54. Uber!! Love me the Uber.
  55. For all the basics: our homes, running water, lights, electricity, etc. May I never take any of that for granted
  56. Really good manicures 🙂
  57. The immense amount of personal freedom I enjoy
  58. Lee Milteer – another sister on the magical path and a true role model
  59. Baeth Davis, for not letting me cop out on myself
  60. For 3 altars and everything on them and the ease of access to such high-quality magical tools. (The me of 20 years ago wouldn’t know what to do with herself)
  61. The Portland Airport. The Port of Portland is truly the BEST.
  62. The outdoors, nature, the sun on my face and yes the rain as well
  63. Long walks in Macleay Park
  64. The Oregon Coast, especially Cannon Beach and the Surfsand Inn
  65. Laguna Beach – Rich German I’m coming to hang out with you!!
  66. The Science of Getting Rich – this book has changed my life so many times
  67. The myriad of slow cookers in my kitchen (a guilty pleasure, guys – you have no idea how obsessed I am with my slow cooker)
  68. The remarkable nannies, teachers and caretakers who have enriched Brigit’s life this year
  69. Roasted Brussels sprouts, which may be entirely responsible for my 25-lb weight loss
  70. Morning walks with my two loves
  71. Date nights
  72. Half-million dollar launches – and the knowledge to reach $1m and beyond in a single launch next year
  73. Pink Sakura Gelly Roll pens, Levenger paper
  74. The Celtic Holidays channel on Pandora
  75. Lee’s Vision Quest – what an incredible experience!
  76. The ability to work from home and all of the amazing freedoms it provides
  77. Sedona, AZ – here’s to spending even more time there
  78. The Core Manifesting Process (the manifesting process at the heart of our Feminine Magic® trainings), and all that it has empowered me to create
  79. Snuggle time with my man
  80. Snuggle time with the Girl
  81. Leland / Elizabeth / Brigit / all-three-together
  82. Coloring time with the Girl; the adult coloring craze
  83. Saturday morning Mommy / Brigit breakfasts
  84. Watching Brigit develop language
  85. Helping Brigit create her first altar
  86. A morning ritual that really works
  87. All of the parenting joys, lessons and experiences of the year
  88. The way that magic has worked its way into public consciousness – again, unimaginable to my 24-year old self (DR. STRANGE the movie, anyone?)
  89. Benedict Cumberbatch (hey, while I’m at it 🙂 )
  90. The essential oils in the diffuser right now (Wild Orange and Frankincense); plus the vast collection scattered all over the house
  91. Really, really high quality food in ample supply
  92. Oregon farmers markets (see above)
  93. Custom-made clothing on Etsy
  94. Clients and friends who have been with me since the start of my business or even before, who have watched me evolve and grow
  95. Bee, Kat, and old friends from way, way back
  96. New York City, and all the years I spent there
  97. The New York City magical community and all it taught me (and still teaches me)
  98. Mark Waid, for who he BE and all he taught me
  99. Hillary Clinton, for all that she is
  100. Donald Trump, for so clearly illuminating what needs to be healed
  101. Universal Law – all the ways it empowers us and all that it demands of us
  102. All of those out there working on behalf of others who do not have the conscious awareness (yet) of how powerful they really are
  103. For the ability to ask and then have it be given
  104. Yes, for the lavender Michael Kors handbag that ended the search for the perfect handbag 🙂
  105. My trusty Plantronics telephone and headset
  106. $5 million in revenue in 7 years (!!!)

And the list goes on and on….

For more ways to express your gratitude, see Gratitude Practices of A 7-Figure Businesswoman.

A Simple But Powerful Healing Practice For Challenging Times


A few years back, word got out about a psychologist in Hawaii who created some big-time miracles with a ward of criminally insane patients. All without ever seeing any of them personally.

Before he came along, patients attacked staff in the hallways. Said staff was terrified to come to work.

Within a few months, patients were getting well. Staff satisfaction soared.

Eventually, the ward was closed entirely because virtually all the patients had been released.

So how did this psychologist do it?

By working on himself.

Every day he went to work and rather than seeing patients, he sat in his office and directed his attention toward healing whatever unhealed place in himself had created their illness.

He utilized an ancient Hawaiian healing prayer you may have heard of. It’s called ho’oponopono, and it goes like this:

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

Remarkable, yes?

The story of Dr. Hew Len brought ho’oponopono into mainstream awareness, and it’s now shared in a ton of personal development and healing programs.

And I will tell you from first-hand experience, it’s powerful.

So why am I sharing this story?

It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks to say the least, with our country’s polarization blown up in all its glory on everyone’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Many of us are feeling like perhaps the world has gone completely insane.

Many, many of us are feeling woken up from our slumber, and are called to step up and show up in a way we never have before.

On both sides there’s been a lot of less-than-enlightened behavior… even in the transformation space.

It’s not surprising, because we’ve got nothing if not massive FEAR about how this is going to play out. When we’re fearful, it’s all too easy to slip into an overwhelming desire to be right – fear masquerading as righteous and judgment.

But let’s be clear about what this really is… it’s an aspect of the shadow that lives in all of us.

Fact its, we all have a dark side.

We all have the capacity to exclude, judge, cheat, lie, destroy. Even kill.

And shadow requires judgment, because if things were not judged they would not be in the shadow.

What you resist, persists – and even become stronger. Resist your dark side, it holds on tight.

The shadow is a force, it’s energy. It has a motion, a movement. Above all, it wants to be expressed.

And it WILL be expressed, one way or another. The question, of course, is how it will show up.

For many, a vote for Trump was a call against the shadow of the Washington status quo.

Many others feel that we just put a glaring symbol of our collective shadow in the White House.

Regardless of how you voted or who you support, one thing is clear – we are all being asked to come to terms with the shadow, within and without.

So what can we do to make peace with this shadow, to heal from our individual and collective pain, and to begin to truly effect change?

In the story of Dr. Len, people asked why the ho’oponopono prayer worked.

The reason is simple, but not easy. The reason the prayer works is personal responsibility.

The whole premise behind ho’oponopono (and what makes it so powerful) is that we are all creating our own experience, both internal and external. Therefore, we all have the power to heal and transform that experience.

In an excerpt from Zero Limits, a book written about Dr. Len by Joe Vitale, he explains what personal responsibility means:

This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy–anything you experience and don’t like–is up for you to heal. They don’t exist, in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn’t with them, it’s with you, and to change them, you have to change you. 

Holy shizz, right?

It can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when we really, really don’t like what we’re seeing.

Especially when we’re not comfortable with our own shadow.

But personal responsibility is not about blame. It’s about personal power.

There is no downside to taking 100% responsibility for your experience.

Sometimes it’s about asking…

What’s my role in this?
How have I contributed to this?
How have we all contributed to this collective experience of division, separation, attack and fear?

No judgment here. Just truthful inquiry, compassion, and most of all, love.

What unhealed place in myself can I direct my energy toward to transform this?

Anger, outrage, fear, despair…these are all real emotions, real energies, but we get to choose where we direct that energy.

Can we be compassionate at this time? Especially with ourselves, first and foremost?

Regardless of who you voted for or where you stand… as a collective, we remain in pain.

My invitation to you is to lean into the healing – starting with your own.

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

If Dr. Len could single-handedly cure one ward of criminally insane patients, imagine what powerful healing we could collectively create in our world by joining together in this approach.

Let’s lean into the healing, and the next step will be revealed.

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

Love and magic to you, now and always.

If You Could See What I See… (a Thanksgiving Gift)

As we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, we pause to reflect on what we are most grateful for.

As always, what emerges is my deep gratitude for YOU.

Yes, I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to be a part of the 7-Figure Goddess circle.   But even more, I’m grateful to you for the work that YOU are doing in the world.

As a conscious entrepreneur,  you are part of the healing on this planet that is desperately needed.   We need no more evidence of this than the recent events in Paris.

The change we seek simply would not be possible without courageous women and men like you, and I deeply honor you for what you have chosen to say yes to yes to over and over again by being on this path.

We all know that the entrepreneurial journey is not an easy road.

The challenges… the setbacks… most people don’t get you or what you’re doing…. it can be all too easy to go into self-doubt, to call into question your own power or influence or whether or not you’re good enough.

Yet the truth is that you ARE a Powerful Creatrix.   You ARE worthy of all the love, success and abundance your heart Desires.

And the biggest, most impactful difference you make?  It’s the one you make just by BE-ing you.

Showing up every day in your full power, delivering a transmission that is just as transformative to those you’re meant to help as anything you could say or do.

There is an energy you deliver that is unique to you.  It’s what your clients want from you, more than anything.  Keeping that light dialed up is among the most important work you can do.

So as my Thanksgiving gift to you, I’ve created a special meditation to help you remember who you really are, and the depth of the power and impact you possess now and always.

Download Listen

This is how I see you… And it’s my wish for you that you see yourself clearly today too.

Love & magic & soooo much gratitude…



PS: A special shout-out to Michelle Leath and my dear friend Dr. Scott Mills for their assistance with this powerful exercise (Download Listen )

PPS: I would love to hear what the meditation sparks for you.  Join us in the 7-Figure Goddess Facebook Group to send me a personal message.

Dear 2014…

Dear 2014,

Wow, what a year you were.  You lit me up, and you kicked my ass in a major way.  Here are my favorite things that I’m celebrating about you, and the two BIG learnings of the year.

1. On the personal side, hands down the biggest celebration is the Goddess Girl Child known as Brigit Aurelia.  She is happy.  She is healthy.  She is snuggly.  She is freaking smart and beautiful.  We spent an extraordinary amount of time with her, that I would not trade for anything.  Ultimately she is secure in knowing our love for her.

2. Also on the personal side, Leland and I grew in major ways through our care for Brigit and our second year of navigating this crazy thing called parenthood.  Leland, I love you so much and I am so proud of us.

3. On the business side, hands down the biggest celebration is our Essentials Training program.  We rebooted, relaunched and served the hell out of nearly 100 women, many of whom tell us it’s the best training they’ve ever been in and it’s where they FINALLY started making the money they deserve.  We also relaunched Get Clients In 30 Days and served nearly 400 women in that program.

4. The community in Essentials is the most connected and rock solid of any I’ve ever facilitated.  I’ve hit my stride in bringing women together and it only goes up from here.

5. My coaching is also at an all-time high level of mastery.  I think back to even 1 year ago (let alone 3 years ago) and it’s like night and day.

6. Speaking of coaching, I mentored a frickin’ coaching team.  It’s the most challenging thing I’ve done in business so far.  I made huge mistakes and on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say my mastery level here is about a 5.  But I’m celebrating the sh*t out of it, because the lessons were priceless and I know that ultimately, our team is what makes Goddess Business School® great.  Also, all of our coaches this year ROCKED and our clients are getting served like few are delivering in this industry.

7. Last year I set a clear intention to call in more community and it’s happening.  Deepening relationships with my Portland posse, entrepreneurial community, kick-ass team and mentors.

8. I’ve taken my priestess practice and Feminine Magic® practices to the next level.  This has been happening in private and I have not yet brought forward all that has been unfolding, but it is potent and is changing me in some amazing ways, not the least of which is an acceptance of a new lineage and a new level of integrity and accountability.

9. The biggest lesson of the year: everything you Desire is on the other side of letting go.  Surrendering.  Releasing. Holding on to what’s not working keeps you in a holding pattern and blocks your miracle.  As a teacher I know this, but this was the year to imprint it on a visceral, cellular level.

10. The other biggest lesson of the year: everything you Desire is on the other side of a decision.  Delaying your decisions keeps you in a holding pattern and blocks your miracle.  As a teacher I know this, but this was the year to imprint it on a visceral, cellular level.  Never again.

2014, ultimately, you were a year of growth and I love you for that most of all.   It is with the deepest gratitude that I celebrate, complete and release you.  And so it is.

Love and magic,