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Got Peeps Who Aren’t Committing With Their Cash? (this could be why)

brigits playset

Yesterday I made a post about mistaking excitement for commitment in your potential clients. 

As you’ve probably experienced… 

“OMG [your program] sounds soooo amazing!” is NOT the same as “Here’s my credit card.” 

Getting EXCITED about the possibility of transformation is NOT the same as committing to change. 

Until they see that the PAIN of staying where they are is going to be greater than the PAIN of your solution – including the investment to work with you – they will get excited at the possibility (“OMG OMG OMG”) but not COMMIT to the transformation (“I’m in.”) 

So what creates commitment, instead of excitement? 

It’s not just ONE thing, but… 

There’s a little bit of magic that can close that gap in a heartbeat… automagically… WITHOUT more articles or podcasts or FB posts of Insta stories or any of that…  

… right now. 

Imagine for a second that you’re putting together your kid’s brand new play kitchen set. 

Leland put one of these together for Brigit once.  He stayed up ALL NIGHT to do it.  (By the way, that night was Christmas Eve. 😉 ) 

The thing took 3 hours to put together.  (Okay, so maybe he wasn’t up all night… but close!) 

And you know what?  It would have taken EVEN LONGER, had he not already had an entirely tricked out woodworking shop (aka our garage) including an entire array of flathead screwdrivers, Philips head screwdrivers, 10 kinds of nails and Goddess knows WHAT all else. 

He had the right tool for the job. 

Now, imagine that someone who looooves to be helpful happened by.  (Maybe they heard the head-banging-against-the-wall from down the street or something.)   

So Mrs. Helpful knocks on the door, says “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re banging your head against the wall.” 

Leland: “I’m putting this playset together.” 

Helpful Person: “I have JUST the solution!!” 

Leland: ***EXCITED*** 

And then out comes… some object he could barely recognize, let alone use to solve his problem. 

Leland: Thanks, but no. 

This is kinda like what many, many coaches and healers are up to when trying to enroll their clients. 

They SEE the headbanging.  They know a possible cause, but can’t really describe the cause. 

And then, they whip out a tool that makes their clients go “HUH?” 

OR… the tool LOOKS GREAT!!!  And the prospect of the solution is

But when it’s time to actually BUY the tool… they say no. 

Now imagine that Mr. or Mrs. Helpful knocked on the door… 

Leland answers.  Helpful person says, “I have just the solution!!” 

And Helpful offers to call in a team of elves to BUILD THE ENTIRE THING FOR HIM.  Silently, so as not to wake the Girl up. 

Leland whips out his wallet and happily pays twice the price of the playset itself.  🙂 

Have you guessed what the “magic” is? 

The TOOL that Ms. Helpful hands him.  IN other words… 

… her OFFER. 

As a rockstar coach or healer, you already have awesome tools.  You can get people out of their pain. 

Exactly HOW you “package your tools” can determine whether people move forward with you, or not. 

An offer that people instantly recognize as the fastest and simplest way out – even if it is a little painful (because let’s face it, it always is)… will always be an easy yes. 

When people can instantly recognize that YOUR solution (offer) trumps the pain of staying the same… 

… they will buy.  Instantly. 

A compelling, perfectly-matched OFFER (your solution) that is less “expensive” than the pain can move even the most resistant-to-
change clients. 

It’s a simple equation: Pain of same > Perceived Pain of Solution.   

Create a solution (offer) that is strategically designed to make the pain practically non-existent… and you get some effortless sales. 

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Are You Mistaking EXCITEMENT for Commitment?

Elizabeth Purvis
As we head into 2019 – woo hoo! – change is on everyone’s minds.
Fresh starts. “This is the year I’ll… [X].”
Are you EXCITED? I know I am. And your clients are too.
But before you pop the bubbly (and count the cash from all those new ultra-premium clients 😉 )…
… be sure you’re not mistaking EXCITEMENT for COMMITMENT.
The work we do is EXCITING. Transformation is EXCITING.
It feels SO GOOD to vision into the possibility of 50 pounds gone, six-figure offers, dozens of marry-able men blowing up your phone, a “second honeymoon phase” with your spouse after decades of marriage or whatever it is.
But VISIONING is not the same as HAVING, on the physical plane.
And your clients’ EXCITEMENT is a far cry from COMMITMENT.
Have you noticed that your overly-excited potential clients… do NOT buy?
That’s because EVERY single program you offer involves actual, REAL transformation. Every single one.
Your clients can do all the mindset work, inner healing, and brain re-wiring that we want, but at the end of the day…
… if they want the change, they have to actually DO something different.
So… your clients will WANT the outcome.
They will get really excited by your program.
But until they see that the PAIN of staying the same is actually going to be greater than the pain (yes, pain) it will take to make the change…
… they will NOT buy.
Everybody gets excited at the prospect of finally being free of their trauma, being free of the urge to eat a whole bag of Oreos in front of the television on Saturday night, being FREE of the feast-or-famine roller coaster…
But excitement won’t buy a cup of coffee… (or kombucha, or whatever your bevvie of choice is).
Find out what the present pain is, what it’s costing them, and get into reality about whether THEY feel their pain is greater than the solution you propose – including the investment to work with you.
SHOW them how working with you is going to be the solution to their pain.
Stand FIRM in your ability to facilitate results, like the transformational rockstar you are – rather than discounting and diminishing.
When you take the lead from your Highest Level Frequency, and lovingly show them how the present pain is much greater than your solution…
… they’ll happily whip out their credit card… and pay you MORE.

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Waiting On More Clients Before You Invest In Yourself??

Elizabeth Purvis

There’s no need to rush… 

Working together to dial in an “easy YES” offer for your Highest Level Transformation and signing up clients at $5k-$15k++ can
always wait… 

Goddess knows peeps have more plates in the air than ever. 

When you want those $10k++ clients… and yet you’re waiting for a client payment, or to enroll a new client, just to make SURE you can cover the program deposit…  

Well, I know how stressful that can be. 

You want the $5k-$15k clients now, but you’re feeling the stress of taking
a risk… 

And yet, you’re holding back because you want to be sure you do NOT stress yourself out. 

It’s a bind for sure… 

One of our Highest Level Transformation clients, Michelle, was feeling a lot of stress when she joined HLT a few months back. 

First, she wasn’t sure if she met the requirements for success in the program. (Good thing she asked – turns out she did.) 

She was also thinking twice about co-creating with me to dial in her $10k and $25k offers, when the money for her investment was “in limbo.” 

Potential clients who said “yes” but hadn’t paid yet… recurring income that hadn’t gone through yet… that sort of thing. 

Funny how our deepest fears around BE-ing the coach or healer who commands fees of $10k++ can affect our money reality! 

She decided, though, that it was waaay easier (and less stressful 😉 ) to be able to enroll ultra-premium clients whenever she chooses. 

Now, she does it when the time is right. 

What coach or healer couldn’t use that? 

Made a huge difference to Michelle. 

She’s a changed woman.  She’ll tell you herself.


She doubled her monthly income, and now she has time to really drop in and download her dream $50k++ offer. 

“I’m 100% sure I couldn’t have gotten this far without HLT,” she told me over Messenger.  


We know our Highest Level Transformation is NOT about the money. 

It’s about sooo much more than money. 

And money will never make you happy. 

But aren’t there a lot of problems that can be solved, or at least supported, if you can write a check for them? 

(Not all, I know.  But a LOT.) 

Money buys TIME, too. 

And one thing I know for sure… 

Time spent WAITING to get your $10k++ clients… 

… especially WAITING on external factors you can’t control… 

… is time – and money – that you can never get back. 

With my help dialing in their Highest Level Transformation offer, and calling in a couple of “easy like Sunday Morning” $5k-10k-$15k++ sales.  

If you’re like Michelle and want to call in $10k-$30k in January (with the tools to do it over and over and over again)…

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Why Going “All In” Is The Safest Move You’ll Ever Make

Elizabeth Purvis

I’ll never forget a pivotal conversation I had with my Dad back when I was just beginning my entrepreneurial journey.  

I had just made the decision to leave my day job because I literally could not stand being there one more day.  

It was sucking the life out of me, damaging my marriage, and deep down I just knew there had to be something more.  

I had a calling from my Essence to work for myself (which at the time looked like being a fiction writer) and I was doing my best to explain this to my father. 

He was a bit concerned.  🙂 

Dad is an amazing man.  A tenured professor for 30+ years and a highly paid consultant, he is one of the top experts in his field, with thousands of adoring fans in the form of his students and colleagues.   

(To this day, people come up to me back home and say, “Aren’t you Professor Genco’s daughter?” and tell me how he changed their lives.) 

Careers in coaching didn’t exist when I was growing up. 

And careers teaching… manifesting, magic and Universal Law?  Uh, NO.   

So dad and I had a lot of conflict around what I was going to do with my life.  And when I called him up that day, right before I quit my J-O-B,
he asked… 

Elizabeth, what about security?” 

I thought for a moment and then said, “I have to be the source of my
own security now.”

While I later discovered that this is not entirely the truth, I was
getting closer.  

While my decision at the time might have seemed CRAZY to some,
and while it wasn’t without challenges along the way…  

… this ‘all or nothing’ decision was one of the smartest, safest moves I have ever made for my life. 

So here’s my question for you… 

As we head into 2019… what are you READY to go “all in” with, in
YOUR life?

Take a minute and think about it. 

And then, over the weekend… listen to THIS: 

The Magic of Going All In: Why Going For What You Want 100% Is The Safest Move You’ll Ever Make

Listen to the audio

Download the audio 

This audio was originally created for a content series we did a few years ago, “The 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show.” 

I was going through the archives and JUST found it. 

As we head into 2019… the wisdom I share (and practical steps) are just as relevant now as ever. 

Do YOU have a BIG Desire for massive success in 2019? 

It’s time to go for it.  The audio above will show you how. 

(One thing… you’ll hear some old offers from the time when it was originally recorded.  Please note that the “6-Figure Action Plan” sessions I mention in the audio are no longer available.)

How To Create A Sacred Winter Retreat

I’ve always loved this holiday quote from the late Wayne Dyer…  

‘Tis the season when we really need a moment of silence. It’s also the season when we really have to work to make sure we get one. At a time we traditionally devote to loving, giving, and gratitude, the quiet and peace we need to appreciate our gifts seems all too elusive. 

Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Your words come out of this void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness. Your sense of inner peace depends on spending some of your life energy in silence to recharge your battery, remove tension and anxiety, reacquaint you with the joy of knowing God, and feel closer to all of humanity.   

– Wayne Dyer 

A few days ago we observed the Winter Solstice, marking the longest night of the year and the return of the light in the Northern Hemisphere.  

Over here in the North, this is a potent time to release what no longer serves. A time to plant the seeds of what we Desire to create in the
next cycle. 

And yet— in the hustling of the holidays… how often do we actually create the time and space for ourselves, despite our best intentions?

Indeed, it can be really easy to get swept up in the bustle.  

To jam our days full of projects and parties.  

To forget the magic of silent nights.  

The problem is, as Wayne so eloquently reminds us, quiet time and reflection are not luxuries.  For the Feminine Magician especially,
they’re requirements.  

Which is why I intentionally take a pause during the holidays with a sacred mini-retreat.  This week, between Winter Solstice and right before the New Year, is the perfect time.  Yes, it’s when things tend to be busiest but this is a mini-retreat. It’s not intended to take very long.  

Head over to this blog article right now to learn How To Create A Sacred Winter Retreat of your own.