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If I Had To Do It All Over Again…

Holiday weekends with family always put me back into a memory-filled land of nostalgia… 

Soooo let’s take it back to 2006 for a hot second. 

I had finally made the decision to quit my J-O-B making early 6-figures a year as a systems engineer in New York City’s Silicon Alley.  

It was soooo freeing!  And of course a little stressful, too. 

Immediately my “rational mind” went into overdrive.  

I was trying to figure out all the things that needed to be in place so I could feel like it was safe to take this big leap.

I looked up business licenses, insurance, what to name the business, how to file taxes, how to create a website, how to hire employees (!)… I even remember trying to figure out how my schedule would go, once I had no schedule. 

Guess what I did NOT look into?  

I didn’t do a single bit of research on how to get clients!! 

Not one bit. 

Looking back now, I see that it was my need for control in action.  

I was about to lose the safety of the paycheck, so I was furiously trying to gain some control by “researching” and “studying” all the ducks I thought I needed to have in a row. 

The great irony was that I completely missed the one thing that would have given me some of that security I craved. 

Sooooo if I had the opportunity to do it all again, and to do just ONE thing differently— it would be to learn a solid system to attract and enroll clients, right from jump. 

Skipping that critical step turned out to be one of the most costly mistakes I’ve ever made in my life, both financially and emotionally.   Without a system to get clients, I quickly burned through $30k in savings, and spent close to two years struggling and worrying night and day about money.

Of course that struggle did have an upside.

It’s made me who I am today and inspired allllll the trainings I’ve created to date. 

You’re welcome. 😉 

That said… there’s really no need to hang out in the struggle.  

If you’re at that spot where you know you need to leave your J-O-B… or you’ve recently left your J-O-B and you’re not sure what to do out of ALL the stuff you could be doing… or you’ve started a business and still find it really challenging to bring in clients with ease, there’s just ONE thing you need to focus on mastering: 

A system that works to bring in cash flow.   

When you know HOW to enroll clients and create cash, the rest starts to work itself out. 

Which is why I’m really stoked to pull one of my best-loved business trainings out of the vault and make it available to you at 50% OFF this Memorial Day Weekend— Get Clients in 30 Days – use the code REMEMBER to get your savings! 

I don’t teach on business these days but I couldn’t resist sharing Get Clients in 30 Days with our community, after the Money Manifesting Formula launch.  

That launch let me know – you guys still need reliable, no-bullshizz “how to get clients” information. 

And that’s exactly what Get Clients In 30 Days delivers. 

It teaches the exact physical steps I took to completely turn my situation around and create a brand new experience for myself in my business.  

The 30-Day Action Guide found in Get Clients in 30 Days—coupled with the 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan we use in The School of Manifesting— is what allowed me to go from 2+ years of churning about “how to get clients” to creating consistent $10k and $20k months in really short order.

It’s a perfect complement to so many of our manifesting trainings if you have a business or want to start one… and it works even if you’re not a ninja manifestor (YET).  

Bottom line, If you’re looking to move out of the overwhelm and overthinking that most entrepreneurs face before they know how to create cashflow, this training is a way to clearly understand what to do and when… 

…And this holiday weekend it can be yours a generous 50% OFF! 

Remember, this special offer goes away Monday at midnight.  You can always get it later… but who wants to pay twice as much, right?  

Click here to grab your copy of Clients in 30 Days and use code REMEMBER for exclusive savings.


Want To Manifest More Clients?

You know how some seasons in life are a complete whirlwind… and then you have to stop and catch your breath?

That’s been me this past week.  

After the stunning success that was the 5-Day Cash Attraction Challenge, we closed  The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0 early last week… with over 300 women (and some wonderful guys) registered! 

This is on the heels of our first series of content in support of my advanced money magic immersion, Highest Level Transformation…  

PLUS filling my upcoming initiate’s mystery school tour of Egypt… (we have a few spots left, more on that soon)… 

PLUS… we just welcomed a brand new full time, local Business Manager of Amazingness, after 2+ months of hiring… 

PLUS the Feminine Magic® rebrand, which is well underway… 

PLUS the weight loss journey continues (almost 38 pounds down)… 

And more. 

Yeah, this mama needs some chill time!   

So I’ve been hanging with this one right here…  

(Master of the Monkey Bars, she is…) 

So, hey… I wanted to give you a heads up… 

During the Cash Attraction Challenge, and then while I was teaching the Money Manifesting Formula workshop last week… it because crystal clear that sooooooo many of our peeps need the foolproof, evergreen basics of CLIENT ATTRACTION.  

As you may know, I don’t do much business coaching at the moment – at least, not in the way that I did. 

But so many of our community is made up of coaches, practitioners, healers, energy workers… 

So many of you want to make a living doing what you LOVE! 

And you know that I’m always gonna be ON BOARD with helping you with that. 

From a manifesting perspective… rock solid, highly lucrative client attraction strategy is probably my all-time favorite “HOW” for attracting money quickly.

Especially for those of you who are in the business of transformation! 

So…. we’re going to do something really special for Memorial Day weekend. 

If this resonates, keep your peepers peeped for an email from me TOMORROW where I’ll fill you in on all the deets.  

Meanwhile, if you could use more clients or income in your biz… check out some my best articles from the Goddess Business School® vault:  

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5 Ways To Generate A Flood of Client Conversations  (no social media required)  

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How To Free Up 60+ Minutes A Day To Build Your Business  

20+ Ways To Make An Extra 10k (one of my all time favorite favorites)  

How Much Of Yourself Should You Share In Business? (if you’re curious as to how I integrate “the witch thing” into my biz, this is for you)  


PS: The important thing to know is that this is a true “Memorial Day Sale”.  

You’ll have until Monday to decide if you want in. 

So if you want more clients… watch for my email tomorrow! 



The Daily Assignment That Magnetizes Money

There’s a powerful daily money practice that I’ve had our clients do for years. 

It’s not unique to us; indeed, it’s kind of a “classic practice” that has been passed on in many other programs.   

Here it is… 

Every day, track ALL the money that flows into you. 

We do this as a visual way to track goals. And because metaphysically, what you energize, manifests.  

Now, here’s the thing… 

Despite knowing why it “should” work (see above)… there is a part of me that STILL can’t quite believe how well it works. 

Tracking your money works like magic to bring you more money. 

Which is why this simple assignment can reveal so much.

Invariably someone will ask… 

“Elizabeth, should we include money from [insert some unexpected / non-business money channel]?” 

Hells YES, Goddess! Write that shizz down!

Include everything that comes your into your life every day. Tally up all the money, from all the sources and give up some gratitude. 

…Your partner’s income. 

…A refund check from months ago. 

…Winnings from the 50/50 draw at your kid’s school.

…A loan from a friend. 


Because when you Desire to manifest more money in your life, you’ve gotta be willing to receive it in ALL forms.   (Not just the forms that you feel directly responsible for.) 

Expecting your money to come to you in a certain way is akin to the energy of judgment. 

This judgement tells the Universe / Divine / God / Goddess that we aren’t truly open to having abundance, in all forms, in our lives…

… And it energizes lack.

This is why it’s sooooo important to understand how money really manifests and to have practices that keep you energetically open to receiving money in ALL the ways. 

When you’re in that energy… it’s easy to see that every cent is here in response to your Desire and it’s easy to allow even more to flow through. 

We are just 24 hours away from the close of the Money Manifesting Formula 2.0! 

Almost 200 amazing women have registered so far. 

It’s time to join us – before we close tomorrow night.

This is the first time I’m teaching my tried and true process for calling in money, predictably and consistently.  (No affirmations, vision boards, or “magical thinking.”) 

Also, I’m giving you a NEW money manifesting ritual. 

This ritual isn’t another “mindset” thing to add to your list.   Because… hang on to your bananas…  

I’m NOT going to try to get you to change your beliefs. 

We all have crappy money beliefs.  Ho-hum.  Who cares. 

It doesn’t really matter.  Because what moves the needle in magic is… alignment with spiritual Truth. 

Do that, and the rituals work, whether you’re swimming in the “LACK” sinkhole or not. 

(Also?  We all go there.  Even me, after10+ years and millions of dollars manifested.)

If you’re ready to change your experience with money…  if you’re ready to ALLOW more in… 

The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0 program is where you want to be. 

There’s a little over a day left to step in. 

Claim your spot now to join us. 

Is The Lottery A Valid Cash Attraction Plan?

Got something a little different for you before we head into the weekend, inspired by some of our participants in last week’s 5-Day Cash Attraction Challenge.

On Day Two of the challenge, we got down and dirty with the WAY that money comes in to your life – i.e., opportunities.  

The Day Two assignment was to list 10 ways – opportunities – to allow money to flow into your life NOW. 

love this exercise, because it helps me understand right away where someone is in their awareness.  

Some of our participants had “the lottery” as one of their top avenues for manifesting money. 

I addressed this in our challenge video the next day.  I invited these folks to stretch beyond the lottery as a possibility. 

Immediately one of our School of Manifesting clients spoke up.  

She pointed out that she and others she knew had used the lottery (and other contests) in very deliberate way.  And that she personally had called in significant winnings.  Intentionally, using universal principles.  

“I wish there were more people teaching [the lottery] as an option, or as a different path… or at least not out right dismissing it,” she said.

Right on. 

So is the lottery a valid cash attraction plan?  

In true “manifesting paradox” fashion, the answer is YES.  And… no way.  🙂 

In other words, it depends. 

As with everything, what matters is your energy and intention as magician.  

And there is a MUCH bigger principle at play here… 

That of making the shift from being at effect to being at cause. 

Almost all of us go our lives feeling like we are at effect – that circumstances control US, rather than the other way around.  

And you know what?   

For a great deal of our lives… that is true!!  

We DON’T have control over everything.  We are NOT the great and powerful Oz.  (I know.  I know.  Personally, I’m still not over it.) 

Circumstances are NOT equal.  

And just about everything in our collective environment is set up, consciously and unconsciously, to perpetuate the illusion that we have no control.  

Our collective consciousness is one of being at effect.  That’s the dominant paradigm.  

But the dominant paradigm is NOT Truth.  Truth is truth. 

And the Truth is… as humans, we have power of choice. 

Regardless of circumstances, there is always a choice.   

It might be two crappy choices.  It may only be the choice of how to look at a crappy situation. 

But it’s a choice nonetheless.  And when we start to shift our awareness, we see that there are always more choices than initially meets the eye. 

That awareness gives us our power BACK. 

If you fundamentally feel like you are at effect in your life… and you feel that way because that really has been the reality for you up until now.

The lottery-as- manifestation-path will likely have a certain energy behind it – the Desire to be rescued. 

Let’s face it – we all have that part of us that wants to be saved.  Many of us have very, very good reasons for Desiring that. 

If we don’t have the awareness of our power to choose… if we don’t know that there’s another way OUT of our circumstances…  

Then the best option on the menu is… somebody save me.  

And that is the energy that you might be bringing to the table, IF you’re wishing for lottery winnings as a way to manifest money. 

Until… you gain a deeper understanding.  

Until… you begin to wake up to your co-creative powers.  

Until… you begin to see that you have a LOT more power than you have been aware of, up until now.  

And that is one of the deepest blessings of manifestation work.  

So is the lottery a valid cash attraction plan?  

Well, first things first: YOU are your own authority.   YOU get to decide what’s valid and what’s not.  

What I know for sure is that if you are coming from a place of being at effect… if you secretly (or unconsciously) believe that you need an outside force like the lottery to “save you”…   

… you’ll attract more circumstances to reinforce the belief that you are at effect. 

On the other hand… when you CLAIM your co-creative power… 

And you begin to shift into living at cause…  

The lottery becomes yet one more possible avenue for Creative Substance to deliver money to you.  

So if playing the lottery is your jam… go for it. 

But do it from the place of being AT CAUSE.  

Do it from the place of the empowered co-creator that you actually are.  

Do it from a place of possibility, rather than the desire for rescue.  

And for the love of goodness and gracious… don’t count on that as your ONLY option.  

There are far more reliable and more predictable ways to have money flow to you without effort.  

A zillion possibilities exist in every moment, and if you get too attached to the lottery (or anything else, for that matter), then you cut all those other possibilities off at the knees.  

So if the lottery resonates with you… let your answer be “YES, and.”  

YES, and you have so many other possibilities for money to flow… even if you don’t see them right now. 

This perspective empowers you to grow.  It opens you up to the “and better.”  

For those of you who are experienced entrepreneurs have been in our world for a while (I’m looking our clients)… why not play the lottery, if it resonates.  

You’ve got the skills to manifest the bills, so why not?  Hey, you never know. 🙂  

And for those of you who are new to some of the ideas and concepts I’m sharing… I invite you to look for the “YES, and.” 

Check yourself for the secret “save me!!” and stretch into a new choice, a new possibility. 

Because there is so, so much more out there for you. 

Are you ready to finally understand how money manifestation REALLY works… so you can call in money when YOU choose? 

Join us for The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0. 

You’re going to discover how to use the Laws in very practical ways, to allow you to bust money obstacles and truly be AT CAUSE when it comes to the amount of money in your life – whether you choose to play the lottery or not. 

This has been my behind-the-scenes work with clients for years.  I, myself have used this formula to manifest well over $5m in the past decade. 

This stuff is for real.  🙂 

When you understand what it really takes to manifest money, and have a formula for doing so… you open up so many more choices and possibilities, in all areas of your life. 

Go here to register for the Money Manifesting Formula 2.0

Have a great weekend, Magician! 

Go create something amazing.  


PS:  The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0  is only going to be open for a few more days.  I’ll be posting a juicy pre-work exercise in the Facebook Group over the weekend, to help you get started right away. 

Go here to register for the Money Manifesting Formula 2.0

The Shortest, Fastest Path To The Money You Want

I speak a lot about results, and creating results quickly. 

The shortest, fastest path.  That’s what I’m always looking for, and it’s what we have always delivered in all of our programs. 

Indeed, I can get on about results sooo much that, were it not for our documented success stories… some of it can seem a little “pie in the sky.” 

Like – for example… my Facebook Live yesterday… 

“The ONE Money Manifesting Skill That Creates Near Instant Results… And How To Active It” 

Near instant results!  

Who wouldn’t like that right?  

And there’s a part of you that goes …. “yeah, right, Elizabeth.” 

Well, there’s a REASON why I can say something like “near instant manifesting results” with 1000% confidence. 

And it has nothing to do with how “smart” someone is, the latest marketing strategy, special favors, “gifts from the Universe” or anything like that. 

“Near instant results” are possible for everyone, regardless of circumstance, and there is a very specific reason why. 

And if you’ve been on my Lives before, you’ve heard me say it a million times. 

If we truly Desire a thing, the WAY for it to be made manifest is already in our world.   

It may seem far away, but really, we’re talking like two degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of distance here, between you and “the thing.” 

This is Universal Law. 

Nobody “made up” the Law.  The Law is what it is. 

This means that… if we can receive the way, we can actually ALLOW the thing we Desire into our life very quickly – a LOT more quickly than our ego minds can comprehend. 

For that to happen, though…. FIRST we must master the skill of bridging the gap. 

We have to learn how to bridge the gap between the non-physical (the Desire, the idea in our minds) … and actually inviting it into our lives, here on the physical plane. 

When people come into our Feminine Magic® trainings, the first thing they usually want to know is HOW. 

How the money will come to them… HOW it’s possible… How HOW HOW HOW HOW… 

What they are really seeking is THE WAY to bridge that gap between the non-physical (Desire) and the physical (money in the bank account, or whatever it is). 

Now… manifesting is a SKILL.   

You don’t have to be a genius to do it.  But there ARE skills within that skill that you need to learn.   

And the ONE skill that can begin to bridge that gap is…. the ability to recognize opportunities. 

Opportunity spotting is the first key because if you can’t see the opportunity, there’s no way you’re going to manifest your Desires. 

Your Desires don’t come from “nowhere.”  

The Universe (Creative Substance) delivers you an opportunity. 

And then you get to take action on the opportunity. 

The action usually isn’t very difficult.  Our minds want to make it seem more difficult than it actually is. 

Opportunity, aligned action, result. 

So here’s the question … 

Would you like to know exactly how to use your hidden spiritual genius (that’s already there), plus the Laws of the Universe to manifest money? 

If so, there’s an opportunity in front of you right now. 

I’ll be teaching my exact formula for money manifestation – the one that I still use every day, the one I’m using right now in this very launch! – in…  The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0.

And because I really want this information to empower you… I’ve made it very easy for you to take action. 

What I normally deliver for our clients at $1000 and up, minimum (usually it’s much more)… I’m giving you in The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0, for a fraction of that investment. 


Because after teaching this to ambitious women for nearly a decade… I can tell you that knowing HOW to take control of the amount of money that comes into your life… and having the CONFIDENCE to allow that in… changes everything. 

And I want you to have that. 

Now, I also need to tell you that this is NOT your usual “Law of Attraction” kind of course. 

Money is energy.  Making more money, and allowing IN more money… CAN be easy, if you let it. 

(Indeed, “making money is easy” is one of my money mantras that I live by.) 

However.  It does REQUIRE YOU to grow. 

It requires you to let go of old ideas… sometimes even entire identities. 

It’s not always comfortable.  But in my experience, it is ALWAYS worth it. 

So if you’re ready to learn the real deal behind money manifestation – without the fluff… 

If you’re ready for real magic without “magical thinking”… 

Join me in The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0 today.

Like you, I’ve done a TON of personal development work. 

This skill, more than any other, has made the biggest difference in my life.  Because it made everything else possible. 

I can’t wait to share it with you.


PS: Did you miss the Facebook Live yesterday, where I gave you some power tips on how to SPOT the opportunities that are already in your world? Watch the replay of the FB Live here.

PPS: We’re starting to get down to the wire.  The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0 will only be open for a few days more. 

So if you know this is something you want to do, now is the time. 

(NOW is the only time we have, actually.)  

Join me in The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0 today.