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3 Manifesting Habits You Must Master To Create Money On Command

There’s nothing like the rush of manifesting your first big income breakthrough.

Manifesting cash windfalls of $10K, $30K, $50K or more when YOU choose is an experience like no other!

AND once the dust settles… you’re going to desire more.

Is it wrong or selfish to want this?

No way!!

Money is a physical manifestation of expansion.  It E-X-P-A-N-D-S the options available to you and empowers you to move through life exactly as you Desire.

And speaking of Desire… we are all born with the Desire for more.

So… you Desire more. You claim it as yours. You decide you’re going to go for it…

You’re GOING to manifest a new, bolder money goal…

And sometimes that’s where you find yourself stuck because the way you manifested that first or second or even third money goal, doesn’t always work when you decide to double or triple the amount you’re after.

You see, manifesting your next cash lump sum isn’t likely going to happen the exact same way as it did last time, especially when you set your sights on bigger (more triggering!) numbers.

The good news is, while the “how” might be different each time, there are 3 manifesting habits that pretty well guarantee your ability to create money on command if you take the time to master them:

Habit #1: Strengthen your decision-making muscle

Rapid manifestation – especially when it comes to money – requires decision-making.

You’ve got to be willing to make decisions and move forward.

I’m not talking about deciding what you want. That’s a given.

You’ve actually got to master the art of decision making and to be willing to make decisions based solely on your intuitive guidance. Working from the ether instead of logic and asking to be shown the right next step.

Call this person.  Create this program.  Charge X amount.

Easier said than done right?

I get it.

Most people are so used to researching every single knob-twiddle, hoping to know ahead of time how it’s all going to play out.

But overthinking just gets in the way of making decisions.  Wanting to know “how” just keeps you in the gap of not having it (i.e. anxiety and resistance).

Instead, get comfortable being in the mystery (that space between where you are and where you want to be) and receiving information from outside your rational mind.

The beautiful thing about making decisions is that you really can’t get it wrong!

Even amidst what feels like a “bad” decision you’re sure to receive new information that will allow you to course correct along the way.

Remember… everything you want is already here.  So every decision you makewith the pure intention of receiving your goal has no choice but to be a potential pathway leading you closer to said goal.

Bottom line?  Get comfortable making decisions quickly.

Habit #2: Let go with lightening speed

But what happens if you’ve been making decisions at a pretty rapid pace and the money still isn’t showing up? What then?

The ONLY cause of non-miracles is… (drumroll)… resistance.

In other words, you’re holding on to something that needs letting go of.

If the money (or anything you’re manifesting) hasn’t shown up yet, there is SOMETHING you’re still attached to and that attachment is blocking you from receiving it.

Letting go is pretty black and white.

You’re either resisting or you’re allowing. To allow you’ve got to let go (of whatever needs letting go of) and step in to the BE-ing (thoughts, feelings, energy, emotions and actions) of the one who has it.

So what do you need to let go of?

With money in particular, it’s two things:

  • Old habits and beliefs, some of which are unconscious
  • Resistance to the aligned actions you need to take to call in the money

This is where some of the well meaning, “feel good” manifestation teachings out there can really lead you astray.

They falsely leave you believing that resistance is a red flag and that your best bet is to choose what “feels better” and that isn’t always so.

Or, they have you focus on the “negative beliefs” holding you back.  What does that do?  Keep you stuck in the belief!

Want to know a better way to shift your programming?  Create a new experience.  (In other words, create the result.)

When you see the resistance to aligned action for what it is, space is created for you to let go.  The more you do it, the easier it gets.  Which brings me to habit number 3…

Habit 3: Take action, even if it doesn’t feel good

One of biggest reasons people struggle with manifesting bigger and bigger money goals, even when they’ve done it successfully before, is that they’re not willing to take the NEW action they’re being guided to.

One of the simplest and most common examples for business owners is *drum roll please*… picking up the phone.

If you’ve been in my world for any time at all you’ve probably heard me say: “Money comes from the Divine, through other people.”

Meaning, the money you’re trying to call in isn’t going to fall into your lap while you’re hanging out in meditation.

Money moves by ONE thing only, and that’s SALES.

This is why I often challenge my business coaching clients especially to pull on their big girl panties and start picking up the phone when they want to call in a lot of money fast.

This prescribed course of aligned action is almost always met with mega resistance.

“Holy crap, Elizabeth! Can’t I just send an email instead?”

“Who would I call anyway?”

“But this isn’t how I do things in my business.”

“OMG what will people think of me?”

I totally get it.

Reaching out is triggering for most people.  It was for me at one point too.

BUT receiving large amounts of money almost always involves taking action on the things you don’t want to do.  It’s about BECOMING the version of yourself who is willing to take bold, often uncomfortable, action as you’re guided in order to create space for the Universe to deliver exactly what you want.

Think of it like visiting the gym regularly in pursuit of a more toned body…

Until it becomes a habit, most people don’t want to go to the gym.

It feels like hell when you’re requiring your body to go past the limits of what you *think* you can do.  It would be so much easier to cozy up in your jammies for an extra hour. Eventually, though, the endorphin rush becomes addictive and in a fairly short time you see results that make the discomfort totally worthwhile.

But nothing happens until you get off your couch and head to your spinning class or yoga class or whatever it is.

Whether manifesting a strong body or your boldest money goals, aligned action is what actually brings the result in.

Speaking of action, let me sneak in one more bonus habit for you.  Because I love you like that 😉

Bonus habit: Set your business up so you never have to create money on command 

Mastering the habits I’ve shared here will make manifesting money an easy to repeat process for you.  AND…

.. despite the glamor of it, really isn’t a great long term strategy.

Manifesting money works… but wouldn’t you rather know with certainty that your bold money goal will be flowing to you, month in and month out?

If that’s true (and if you’re reading this I’m pretty dang certain it is), you want to master the habits of creating money on command WHILE setting up your business as a proper money channel. One that generates the money you desire on autopilot without constantly having to focus on your time, energy and resources on manifesting big windfalls.

What does it take to do this?

First, a willingness to stop looking at your business as it is today as the ONLY way for you to create money.

Then you’ve got to learn the structures you need in place so that simple, low effort actions (like sending out an email) will generate a steady flow of money in return.

And you have to do these things while staying committed to strengthening those habits of decision-making, letting go and taking action.


There you have it,  3 habits to help you manifest money on command and one juicy bonus to get you started on the path towards having abundant, consistent income as an effortless new normal.

You might be surprised at how “simple” these habits seem but making money (and a lot of it) is not rocket science.

Let me know in the comments… Are you willing to let it be easy?


My Top 10 Money Rituals

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared several of my best practices and teachings for upleveling your money mindset and increasing your income. We covered some powerful coaching questions to help you create a money leap, and then I shared my top money beliefs to reach your goals.

So far, so good. But want to know the real secret to manifestation?

Aligned action.

How you show up with money has everything to do with how much you make and keep. Your habits create your reality. So this week I’m happy to share ten of my favorite money rituals.

Why “money rituals”?

As a priestess, of course I’m big on rituals. I love the intentional action, the connection to Divine and, of course, the magic that results. There is no more powerful way to shift one’s consciousness than through intentional ritual.

I say “intentional” very, well, intentionally, because while we all have rituals (habits is another word for them), most of them are unconscious.   Especially around money.

The bills paid late – or never opened. The purchases made on autopilot.   The unawareness around current balances. For women especially, unconsciousness around money masks feelings of unworthiness, deep shame and more.

And how does all that money neglect show up in the outer world?   As with any relationship, your relationship with money needs attention in order to thrive.   Money not attended to will NOT stick around!

When the money drama starts, most women think that the solution is to just make more money. But until you start giving money loving, conscious attention, any money you make will right out the door again.

The solution? Money Rituals: simple, intentional, habitual actions to bring you out of unconsciousness and into a loving, supportive relationship with your money.

Here are my top Money Rituals that can powerfully impact the flow of money in your life, through consistent, deliberate and loving attention.

These are simple enough for anyone to start right away; however, if you want more advanced money rituals that place you into the realm of thinking and acting like a profitable business owner, I highly recommend the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz – it’s a game-changer!

  1. Track all of the money that comes in.  (Daily) – The guideline here is that it all counts. Whether it’s your spouse’s income, a gift, a surprise savings on something, it’s ALL money coming into your life and needs to be included.
  2. Track all of your expenses. (Daily) – You need to know what’s going out, and this can also help you spot patterns that you may decide you want to shift.
  3. File your bills (Daily) – Don’t leave them lying around! This creates money clutter, which blocks the flow and space through which money can come in.
  4. Pay yourself first (Weekly) – This is mission critical, even if it’s just a small amount to start. Decide on an amount and frequency, whether it’s weekly or biweekly, that you can meet consistently and just do it!
  5. Review your bills (Weekly) Before you pay, make sure they’re correct.
  6. Review bank balances and credit card balances (Weekly)
  7. Pay your bills (Twice a Month) – Many women feel dread around this.  Instead, I invite you to make a ritual out of it. Bless the money, bless the service/experience/value/items that you received in exchange for your money, and most of all, allow yourself to feel gratitude that it’s in your life.
  8. Balance your checking accounts (Monthly)
  9. Check in with taxes (Monthly) – Keep a current estimate of your income to determine if you need to set money aside.
  10. Check in on your Lifestyle Money Goal, or set a new goal (Monthly) – How much money do you need to be bringing in to support your essential needs and allow you to enjoy the life you desire? Set money goals and hold yourself accountable to them through aligned action.

These actions can feel extremely uncomfortable at first – usually because there is some shame underneath. Be courageous and stick with these practices. They will get easier over time, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference these simple actions make in the amount of money you’ll make, keep and enjoy in your life.

At the end of the day, your relationship with money is really a reflection of your relationship with yourself. And that always deserves loving attention.



20+ Ways To Make An Extra $10k Before The Year Ends (Or Any Other Time!)

One of the most common questions I hear from our clients this time of year is, “Is December a good month to launch my program, or are people all checked out for the holidays?”

The answer: Contrary to what you might think, the holidays are the perfect time to activate new business.  Here’s why:

  • Money is flowing.   This is the busiest shopping season of the year, which means you’re part of a conversation that isalready happening.  If people are buying presents for others, it’s only a short leap for them to invest in themselves, too.
  • New year, new beginnings.  Your most high-achieving clients will be thinking about lining up coaches, mentors and teachers (like you!) to support their success in the new year.

All this means that you have the opportunity to make December one of your best income months of the year, while being of service in the highest way.

So how will YOU create an income breakthrough in December?  Make a clear decision on the amount of money you wish to make, then decide the “how” using these proven ideas as a starting point:

  1. Make a juicy Breakthrough Session offer to your list (limit the time to apply and number of spots available)
  1. Pre-sell a teleseminar course, homestudy program or group VIP day and include a 30-minute Breakthrough session with you (perfect for making a high-end offer)
  1. Have a holiday sale of any homestudy courses, past teleseminars or recordings you have  (hint: include trainings “hiding on your hard drive” – not currently available on your site – and make them available for that sale only)
  1. Open up just 1-2 spots for high-end private mentoring/coaching with you (6 months or 12 months)
  1. Create and offer a quick 30-60 day program, to start at the beginning of the year (include a special bonus session or ½ 1-Day intensive as a bonus for clients who sign up early)
  1. Make an offer for limited 1-Day intensive spots, focused on a specific topic that solves a pressing problem for your peeps
  1. Offer a 1-Day intensive workshop, either in person or virtual (again, focused on a specific pressing problem)
  1. Reach out to past teleseminar, group or workshop clients and offer a 1-Day intensive or shorter program
  1. Raise your fees!
  1. Go to all of your clients on payment plans and give them a special bonus or savings for bringing their accounts current
  1. Collect all unpaid money still owed to you by past clients
  1. Offer a juicy bonus for clients who pay in full (versus payments)
  1. Partner with a colleague who offers a complimentary service; offer a free Breakthrough Session to all of their current or past clients (a well-known mentor followed this strategy to launch her business with no list and no website; she was booked 2.5 months in advance selling dozens of her $2k program)
  1. Offer a ½ day training for a small group, paid now and delivered in the new year
  1. Let your current clients know you’re opening spots for 1-3 new clients and ask for referrals (you’d love to serve clients just like them)
  1. Invite friends, colleagues and clients to your home or office for an intimate 1-day event and make a private Platinum offer (one of my clients created a 5-figure payday by implementing this strategy)
  1. Call past and current clients to present an additional service, such as a 1-Day intensive or ½ day group workshop
  1. Call past and current clients and make a “first dibs” offer on your latest program or teleseminar course
  1. Call at least 5 of your colleagues or mastermind partners and let them know you’re accepting referrals
  1. Host a teleseminar right after Christmas and before New Year’s (when things have slowed down, peeps are just chilling and getting caught up – they’re paying attention!); offer Breakthrough sessions or a new program
  1. Follow up with all potential client inquiries from the past 90 days and offer your latest program
  1. Follow up with everyone you’ve met at an event or networking meeting in the past 90 days; make them an offer or ask for a referral

Remember, the best time to get new clients is when YOU want. While there are natural ebbs and flows in the calendar year, the perfect time to launch a program, product or service is when YOU decide, not what you think the calendar dictates.

Making the decision to hold off on your launch because you think “it’s slow right now” or “people aren’t buying” is a great way to give up your power or hold yourself back based on misleading or “grapevine” information.

Fact is, when you make a firm decision to create a certain amount of income, the money is always there.

So, as you were reading that list, which one of those jumped out at you as a really cool idea to implement?  My coach’s request is for you to take action on it NOW, instead of waiting.  You can do this!

The Only “Manifestation Superpower” You Really Need (And Already Have)

Had to share one of my new favorite pictures of my two greatest loves…

I love this shot because Brigit is radiating her Essence and her name, which is the name of the Goddess and means bright arrow.

Plus, the look on Leland’s face is priceless.  😉

Speaking of Leland, here’s a story that perfectly captures his Essence, his massive contributions to Goddess Business School® AND a manifestation lesson for you.

My physical space – my environment – is a BIG deal.  I love, love, love beautiful spaces and mine MUST support my frequency.  (Translation: I do a lot of space clearing.  😉 )

The irony here is that… creating that living space is really tough for me.  I’m definitely NOT an interior designer… and I literally CANNOT SEE how to set up a physical space.

(Energetic space, as in ritual?  No problem.  But physical space, as in rooms?  My brain goes all static.)

So this becomes a great way to deny myself one of my greatest pleasures.   When I’m in withholding mode, this is where it shows up.

We have a beautiful room in our house that I’ve wanted to transform into a sanctuary where we can gather together and where I can sink into “temple time” after a long day.

So our good friend & GBS client Linda Bard of came over because she does have the design thing going on.  We planned the space.  We even shopped for a new sectional sofa!

Two months later, no sofa.  Because “life gets in the way,” don’t you know.

One night this week after a full day of coaching, I mentioned offhand to Leland (let’s not call it complaining 😉 ) that I wished that space was done already.

Two hours later – in the middle of the night, no less –  it was.

Well, okay, not DONE-done.  But done in a way I never could have imagined that made the whole thing POP.  And will definitely serve as Mama’s sanctuary with the current couch until we get that sofa ordered!

So WHY am I telling you this?

Because I’m sure there are Desires in YOUR life that you’ve been waiting on for two months, two years or more… that you can easily have in two hours… when you ask.

Leland is a professional illustrator.  His whole world is visual creativity.  The man knows how to set up a space.  I could have had my new temple space two months ago… if I’d just ASKED him for help.

What a glorious reminder of magical principles!

To my amazing husband, I say, thank you, my love, for walking this path with me and helping me deepen into all things magical.  (This is just one of a zillion such stories I could share.)

To YOU, my question is… where are you denying or withholding your Desire because you haven’t asked?

Remember, Universal Law teaches that everything we Desire is already here.  What you want comes from the Divine and through other people.

What would it take to ask for help?

What would it take to ask for exactly what you Desire… and know that you can have it?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  Also, you get what you ask for.  Every time.

This week, my coach’s challenge to you is to ASK at least 10 times.  At least 10.  Because it’s only in the asking – and always in the asking – that we receive.

Here’s to your asking… 🙂

Two Questions To Quickly Transform Any Challenging Situation

I’ve often said that entrepreneurship is a magical tool.  By which I mean that your business is (in part) a channel by which you can use spiritual and practical principles to create your life by Desire.

It’s a great way to experience miracles – like making more money in a single month, week or even a day than you did back at a J-O-B.  Or sharing the stage with some of your favorite transformational leaders.  Or doing the biz-from-the-beach thing.  Or the launch-from-a-cafe-in-Paris thing.  Or the hang-out-with-your-1-year-old-daughter-on-the-deck-all-day-instead-of-working thing.  Or whatever your dream may be.

AND… with every dream comes disruptions.  You WILL be challenged on this path – by circumstances, fierce critics and even normal people doing downright weird things.  (Note: sometimes that’s you.)

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at the transformation game – these triggers can take you off track, cause you to shrink or even tempt you to quit altogether.

So what to do instead?

Try this coaching sequence to get back into your power, draw out the blessing from any situation and quickly manifest different results.

The first step is to do what I call a “step back” or “step into observer.”  

When you’re IN the thick of the situation, your range of perception is very limited.  You’re likely triggered, and you can’t see the situation clearly.  So step out of it.  I like to literally get up and walk to a different part of the room entirely.

(When you get really good at this, you can do it in your head, but taking that physical action is like a reset – it’ll shift your state instantly.)

Then from that place, ask two powerful questions.

The first question is, “What’s my ROLE in this?”

Whatever situation you find yourself in was co-created, which means, you had a role in it.  By Divine law, we attract what we are, not what we want.  For a situation to change, we must accept it in our life as a mirror, take responsibility and see the lessons as they are.

There is no downside to accepting responsibility for everything your life because it returns your personal power to YOU.   This does not mean you TAKE ON what belongs to others.  Nor is what someone else did all your fault.  And oh yeah – random Acts of Goddess do happen.

Sometimes your role is a GOOD thing.  You’re not wrong and you haven’t screwed up.  No matter what it is, identifying your role affirms that you had a part in how it all went down… and what happens from here.

Which leads us to question number 2.  “What’s the gift in this?”

In Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about the sly disguises of opportunity – that the seeds of our greatest triumphs lie in what appears to be defeat.  Every challenging situation brings gifts and blessings.

So what’s the gift for you?  What is the opportunity for you?  What is She trying to get through to you, bring to you or birth through you by way of a messy situation? 

Step 3 is to do something.  That gift or lesson comes with some kind of an action step, and it’s usually pretty obvious.  What’s the action you know you need to take?

Now, you don’t have to wait for a full-blown disaster to strike before using this process.  It works with the big stuff, and the small stuff.

So give it a try this week, with one situation that has been challenging for you.  Let me know how it goes, in a comment below or over on the Facebook page.  I want to hear what you’re learning and of course all the juicy blessings that are coming your way, even when they’re wrapped in a little bit of mess.