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Are You Missing All The Good Opportunities?

You know those opportunities that are real turning points in your journey? 

One of those happened for me about 10 years ago.  (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) 

I’d been struggling for quite some time trying to make my business work… and not really getting anywhere. 

All of a sudden, the training I’d been praying for opened up.   

It hadn’t existed before, but I’d wished it had. 

What’s more, the investment was a HUGE stretch for me at the time. 

Then, my hubby Leland and I got into a HUGE fight about it. 

But I persisted, Leland finally came around… I did it anyway.   

And thank Goddess I did.   That training was the catalyst for – literally – everything that has transpired in my business since. 

After that training, I went from charging $1500 to $10k for my services… and easily getting that fee.  Within just a couple of weeks. 

I got a TON of visibility, too, and more opportunities just started flowing to me. 

The crazy thing is, I almost didn’t see it.    

(In fact, before the opportunity came along, I’d signed up for a different, “more affordable” program instead.  I thought the matter was closed.) 

Napoleon Hill talks about “the sly disguises of opportunity” – how the opportunities we seek are right there in front of us, but are often hidden in a place we can’t see, or are disguised as something we think we DON’T want.  

Attracting opportunity (and being able to SEE what you attract 😉 ) is a must if you are to manifest your Desires.   

A couple of years ago, I did a full training on this for the Feminine Magic® community.  (Which was called the 7-Figure Goddess community at the time.) 

I found it again recently – and remembered why we got SO many emails and messages from our peeps, raving about how it helped them instantly see the opportunities they were waiting for. 

This week, I’m pulling it out of the vault to share with you! 

“How To Become A Magnet For Opportunity” 

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You’ll discover: 

  • Why some women seem to have opportunities fall in their lap, while opportunity may be passing you by 
  • The two things you must shift in order to have more opportunities 
  • How to know if an opportunity is right for you 
  • My formula for attracting as many juicy opportunities as you want! 

The opportunities you need to manifest your dreams are always in your field.  

The question is will you see them, and will you act on them?   

Check out the training, and I’ll show you how. 

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How to think like a 7-Figure Goddess – 7-Figure Goddess Radio – Episode 7

7-Figure Goddess RadioWhen I first started down this path of Feminine Entrepreneurship, I was pretty confused about what that really meant.

I spent alternating periods of “being in my feminine,” and then slipping into lack thinking that drove me to do, do, do… but expending my energy on the wrong things.

And meanwhile my business and my bottom line were getting nowhere.

This is the same confusion I see a lot of women struggling with today, because there’s a misunderstanding in the wider community as to what the Feminine Way of doing business actually IS.

On yesterday’s Episode of 7-Figure Goddess Radio we talked about how being a Feminine Entrepreneur is about more than self-care and allowing and receiving.  It also takes a certain kind of action in order to create outer results.

But even more than that it takes a certain kind of thinking.

So many well-intentioned women trying to “be in their feminine” fail to create what they want.  There needs to be an integration of the masculine and feminine in a really authentic way in order to create tangible results.  There’s a simple and powerful shift to make in how you view your business that changes everything.

It’s all here in the latest episode that you can listen to, or download for listening at your convenience!
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It’s time more gifted women entrepreneurs learn these powerful distinctions so they can see their dreams manifest in the physical realm.

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5 Ways to Create an Income Breakthrough – 7-Figure Goddess Radio – Episode 6

Were you with us for the 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show yesterday?7-Figure Goddess Radio

Our discussion was entirely devoted to income breakthroughs – in other words, making more money in a shorter period of time than you ever have before.  Sounds awesome, right?

On the show we talked about why income breakthroughs are so powerful, and how you can create one for yourself.

The truth is an income breakthrough is about more than just the money. Sure the money is nice, but what an income breakthrough really does is give you a new experience of yourself.

Suddenly you see that you ARE a powerful creator, and once you have a felt sense of that, it can never be taken away from you.

In fact, the first income breakthrough I created for myself totally changed the course of my business and my life. And you can create the same experience.

In the show, I shared my top 5 ways to create an income breakthrough  – these are all things I’ve done myself and that are available to you right now.

There are times when slow and steady does not win the race, and when you listen in you’ll also discover why sometimes the most effective and lasting change happens quickly.

All it takes is a decision on your part to claim this for yourself.

It’s all here in the latest episode that you can listen to, or download for listening at your convenience!

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You get a week to catch up! – 7-Figure Goddess Radio

Things are hustling and bustling here at Goddess Central! We just wrapped a 3-day live retreat with our Desire Masterminders on the gorgeous Central California Coast.  It fills my heart to see the level of transformation this group of Divine Feminine Leaders is catalyzing both within themselves and in the world.

Yesterday I spent the day filming an all-new video training series that I’ve created for you (can’t wait to share it with you).  And today I’m back on a plane to the East Coast for a VIP Day intensive with a mentor I’ve always dreamed of working with – an opportunity that developed after we had planned our 7-Figure Goddess Radio Summer Series.

At the same time, we’ve been getting a ton of feedback on the amazing episodes we’ve done so far, and a lot of requests for the replay links from those of you who haven’t had time to listen in.

So this is a catch-up week for 7-Figure Goddess Radio Summer Series!

There will be no new episode this week, but you’ll have a chance to catch up on any and all of the previous episodes that you missed.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Episode 1:      5 Keys To Create Real Freedom In Your Business
                        Listen    |    Download

Episode 2:      How To Get Crystal Clear On Your Desires (In A Single Weekend)
                        Listen    |    Download

Episode 3:      The Magic of Going All In: Why Going For What You Want 100% Is The Safest Move You’ll Ever Make
                        Listen    |    Download

Episode 4:      How To Become A Magnet For Opportunity
                        Listen    |    Download

Episode 5:      Success Leaves Clues: The Magic of Dropping the ‘How’ and Following a Proven Path
                        Listen    |    Download

Each of these episodes holds powerful teaching, insight and practical tools to help you empower yourself both spiritually and financially, so you can watch the magic unfold in your business and your life.

7-Figure Goddess Radio

Simply download any or all of the episodes you like!

I’ll be back next week with an all-new live episode of 7-Figure Goddess Radio.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this little exhale and use it to fill up on some inspiration! Oh, and here’s a picture of the amazing group of Divine Feminine Leaders from the retreat!

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The secret to knowing “how”… 7-Figure Goddess Radio – Episode 5

7-Figure Goddess RadioWe had a phenomenal 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show yesterday…

Our teaching was focused on clearing up some misconceptions when it comes to the “HOW” of making any Desire or dream manifest.

It’s natural to want to figure out the “how” when you decide to go for something in your life like creating a business. It’s the way the mind works.

But the fact is, this actually slows down the creative process and can cost you weeks, months, or even years, not to mention drive you into exhaustion.

The alternative to figuring out the “how” is based on the fact that success leaves clues.

Your job is not to figure out how, but to receive the “how” that’s already there.

In the show, I explained how you can identify the clues that success has left for you, and begin to follow them straight to your dream.

And I shared a simple but powerful decision that all highly-successful people make that catapults their dreams, and it’s a decision you can make too.

It’s all here in the latest episode that you can listen to, or download for listening at your convenience!
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