The ONE Money Manifesting Skill That Creates Near Instant Results

I’ll never forget the winding, bumpy road to my first major launch. 

It was several years back now, Brigit was really young, and I was sooooooo ready to uplevel after repeatedly brushing up against my income ceiling. 

I had all the important pieces in place— the team (including 3 coaches) and the physical “how” all mapped out. YET here I was freakin the F*** out all day every day. 

It was a total Twilight Zone moment.  

Because I didn’t doubt my ability to manifest, really. 

I had already manifested a thriving $750K biz and all kinds of awesome in my personal life at that point.  

The problem was, the launch literally weeks away and I was spiraling out into lack-based fear. That made it difficult to lean into the manifesting skills I knew were required for results.  

Of course, this created all kinds of drama. It was pretty brutal…  

…And I’ve come to know that this crazy (frustrating) phenomenon where you forget everything you know about your manifesting power— is gonna happen when you reach for a new level, income or otherwise.  

Fun, right? 😉  

Your Creatrix Desire to be, do and have new and incredible things is always going to be met with an equally forceful, primitive urge to sabotage that manifestation. 

Doesn’t matter if you’re launching in your business or manifesting the sale of your home or a calling in big promotion.  

If you’re manifesting that which you’ve never had before, you’re gonna be triggered. 

Your wiring isn’t out to get you. 

Your “inner critter” is just doing what it has been programmed to do.  It’s like a puppy that loves you VERY much but just doesn’t know any better. 

Nonetheless, it makes it really frickin hard for humans to adapt and lean into the metaphysical Truths and manifesting skills required to create the money you want.  

Which is why being a commitment to honing and mastering your manifesting abilities is soooooooo crucial.

There’s ONE skill in particular that you need to activate and start building first if you want to manifest results quickly—especially in the realm of money. 


The ONE Money Manifesting Skill   

That Creates Near Instant Results And How To Active It  

Facebook Live with Elizabeth  



Watch the replay here.


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Feminine Magic® May New Moon Ritual

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The Taurus New Moon is ripe for money magic. Not just for the sheer thrill of putting cash in the bank (which is awesome), but from a space of loving yourself enough to take actions that spur stability, security and having your deepest Desires met.

Taurus reminds us that there is no true empowerment without financial empowerment and that allowing yourself to receive money (and anything you Desire) begins with true self-love. 

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A Powerful Money Mantra For You (Plus Big News)

If calling in money is always at the top of your manifesting goals each month… and yet you can’t quite seem to meet those goals….  

… then I have a money mantra for you. 

It’s my all-time favorite.  I “took it on” ten years ago when I was in that very same place: wanting so much to break through my money ceiling, yet not sure HOW to allow that to happen. 

Ten years (and $5m in revenue) later… it’s still my most-loved, most-used money mantra. 

Here it is… 

Making money is easy. 

Yes, it can seem like a struggle and a mystery at times.  

You don’t know what you don’t know, and your “squishymind” can certainly make it appear difficult. 

AND after studying magical and metaphysical teaching for decades I’ve discovered that there are actually a set of simple, repeatable steps to manifesting the money you choose, when you choose. 

I’ve distilled these steps into a tried and true formula that has previously only been made available to clients in our programs (most of which were priced high-end). 

I’m so excited to announce … 

The doors are now open to the newly revamped Money Manifesting Formula 2.0! 

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On White Privilege in the Transformation Industry, And What is Required Of All Leaders Now

In case you haven’t heard, Danielle La Porte came under a lot of fire this week, due to some choices she made with her new program, called “Lighter.”  

First, she marketed the program with some images that are extremely de-humanizing to black, indigenous and people of color.  

Then, when she came under fire, she deleted an entire Facebook thread with both the images in question, AND the emotional and educational labor of dozens of women of color who responded. 

Her next post was an apology, but unfortunately, many feel (myself included) that it did little to truly apologize, or even acknowledge the experience of women of color, and instead read very much like a defense.

Finally she made another post last night.  I believe she did the right thing, which was to cancel her launch (including refunding everyone who already bought), apologize again and share a list of changes she has already started making, for now and into the future.

I’ve been witnessing and in conversation about this for the past 5 days.  Mostly, I’ve been listening and learning.

The one consistent theme among the white transformational leaders in my behind-the-scenes communities is some form of… “Oh sh*t, we all have work to do.”

Um. No sh*t.  

Let me be really clear where I stand on this.   

I was very disappointed in Danielle.  I still am. 

I say that not to judge, but to be clear.   

I believe in do-overs.  I believe that we can screw up and make it right.  She is taking steps to make it right. 

AND let me say right here….  

I expect MORE of transformational leaders. 

I believe that those of us who are white, and fancy ourselves to be transformational leaders are REQUIRED to take steps to be a part of the SOLUTION to systemic privilege and racism, not more of the problem.  

Not just “oh, I’ll do better.” 


So what does that look like? 

Going well beyond “I’ll do better” when someone graciously points out our cluelessness, privilege, or weapons of whiteness (be them conscious or unconscious).  Going well beyond apology.

“I’ll do better” has a place. 

But it’s not a STANDARD.  

What’s required of white female transformational leadership right now… is STANDARDS. 

Standards look like this (notice the present tense): 

  • I do not tolerate hate, weapons of whiteness and white supremacy to be in the spaces that I or my company creates.  
  • I strive to create spaces that are welcoming of women of color.  That starts with paying attention to their experience and actually figuring out what welcomes them.  It also means addressing and correcting privilege head on when it shows up – which it invariably will.  Starting with myself. 
  • I educate myself in the ways of systemic, institutionalized racism. I will pay for that education just like I pay for anything else.  I also educate myself on leaders of color and what they are teaching, so I can make referrals and invite them to speak for our community. 
  • I let people of color lead that conversation.  I will NOT use “I don’t know” as an excuse.  I WILL use “I don’t know” as a way to take responsibility.  
  • I review our policies, marketing and messaging to keep it free of unconscious bias, words and weapons that cause harm, and any discrimination, conscious or unconscious.  I hire BIPOC experts to help me see the blind spots. 
  • I insist on diversity being a part of our team selection criteria, and commit to having people of color on our team, in positions of influence. 

Those are a few standards that I am a commitment to upholding.  I’m sure you can think of others, and that I could word these better, too.

So… once you’ve established the standards, then what?   

How can you uphold them, especially when you’re still learning?

The first thing required is checking your defensiveness at the door. 

As a transformational leader, it’s your responsibility to deal with however your ego mind is getting triggered.

Create new habits.  Learn how to use your power of choice.   

Being able to shift OUT of “trigger” in a very short time is part of your JOB as a transformational leader.  Responding, rather than reacting, is part of your job.  

(And honestly?  If you can’t commit to getting your defensiveness under control and PAUSING before you speak, then… I believe you have no business being a leader in this industry.) 

You don’t have to be perfect.  Goddess knows I don’t have this all figured out.   

No one is expecting you to be perfect.   They’re expecting you to have standards, and then to do what it takes to live up to the standards.  

That’s one of the things about the Danielle situation that really hit home for me.  

First, I was shocked.  

And then I found out that women of color are so flippin’ tired of hearing white women like me say that were shocked.  Being shocked is a “fainting white lady” response. This is what BIPOC deal with every single day.  

Women of color, I’m sorry.  It will not happen again. 

It’s no secret that we have a LOT of work to do in the personal growth industry as a collective. 

The way to change is not easy. But it IS simple. 

Set your standard, and do whatever it takes to meet that standard… with grace and forgiveness along the way. 

This is no longer about “I will do better.”  

This is about getting REAL about WHO you CHOOSE to be.  

If you choose to be a transformational leader, there are certain requirements.   

Working on your sh*t is not optional.  And seeing the humanity in everyone… is a GIVEN. 

The best transformational leaders I know we’re not perfect.  But the one thing they do NOT make, and simply refuse to make… are excuses.  

And the time is rapidly approaching when “I don’t know” is simply no longer a valid… anything. 

When there is a highly visible incident like this, it’s a call to action for all of us.  So act.  Get educated.  Put in the time.  Get your sh*t together. 

I will not make excuses for myself or anyone else.  

What I will say to all the people of color in my world is… I’m sorry.  

I take full ownership of how my privilege has perpetuated your pain, consciously and unconsciously.  

I am a commitment to serving you.  

I am a commitment to loving you.  

I am a commitment to being a part of the solution. 

That’s my commitment.  

To all those who call themselves transformational leaders out there… I ask you… 

What’s yours?  

EDITED TO ADD: In the coming days / weeks / months, I’ll share specifics on what we are doing on the leadership side, to ensure that Feminine Magic® is an inclusive space for all.  I’m also happy to share resources and who I’m learning from.  (With a little searching, you will find a lot on your own, and of course feel free to drop your favorite resources in the comments.)  For now, I want to focus on this message.  More to come. 

Action Vs. Attraction

There tends to be two archetypes of women in our world. 

Archetype 1 is the action taker— I’m gonna take action and create the thing I want. 

Archetype 2 is the attractor—I’m going to attract the thing I Desire and draw it into my reality. 

Both are committed to having what they want and both may make it happen.  

Neither is a sure bet.

Here’s why… 

Our action takers really go for it with focused intent which should create more immediate results…except her intensity and tunnel vision often leads to the burnout and mis-alignment that comes from a lot of ego-mind “doing.”

Our attractors are allowing the Divine to deliver even MORE than what she’s asked for… but she may be waiting around for quite some time because she’s looking for her Desire to fall right into her lap. 

So which archetype really wins the manifesting game? 

Enter “Archetype 3”—She who understands how to balance the two and create incredible results 😉  

If you’re not sure what this looks like in practice this week’s Facebook LIVE is just for you…  

How To Balance Action & Attraction  

To Speed Up Your Manifesting Results 

Replay can be found here.

Love & magic,  


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