Is It Time To Do What You’re REALLY Here To Do? (Watch This Replay)

In 2016, a brilliant coach and ritualist knew that it was time for a change.

She KNEW that she was holding back on what she’s REALLY here to do…

… to train coaches (new and experienced) to the be BEST at what they do.

Joanna Lindenbaum is a dear friend (and past client) of mine.

When we met for dinner two years ago, she shared that she was ready for a MAJOR pivot in her business… into her Highest Level Transformation.

But she had all the usual doubts and fears – ESPECIALLY since she had had a successful coaching practice of her own for over a decade, with very loyal clients she loved.

Deep in her heart, Joanna knew it was TIME to let “the old way” go.

So we worked together.  And in very short order…

…  she had transitioned her ENTIRE business model – successfully – with a 20% increase in her income.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to jam with Joanna.

The replay is now ready for you…

How To Shift Your Business To Your Highest Level Transformation,
And Have Your Current Clients Love You For It
With Elizabeth and Joanna Lindenbaum

In the Videos Section:
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Love and magic, 

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How To Get Clear On What You Want, In A Single Weekend

Elizabeth Purvis

There are a LOT of reasons why women don’t manifest their Desires, or the success
they want. 

The BIGGEST reason by far, though…? 

Not being CLEAR. 

“Elizabeth, the biggest reason why people don’t get what they want is because they DON’T KNOW what they really want.” 

The first time I heard this, I didn’t truly believe it. 

“How can that BE…?” I thought. 

Now, after teaching the art of highest level manifesting to thousands of women around the world… I get it.  

“What do you really, REALLY want?” is actually a very confronting question. 

And yet, without a true understanding of what your Essence is truly longing for… you will always feel like there is an invisible ceiling on your success. 

This is one of the areas that creates the biggest breakthroughs for our School of Manifesting clients. 

So a few years ago, I did a deep dive on how to get clear on your Desires in a special audio lesson. 

It was a part of a summer audio training series called The 7-Figure Goddess radio show. 

In honor of our School of Manifesting clients, who are getting in the swing of things this week, I wanted to share it with you! 

Are you ready to get CRYSTAL clear on your Desires, in a single weekend? 

Listen to this TODAY and then set aside some time for the exercises. 

You’ll discover –  

  • The magical power of Desire and why it’s so important 
  • How to tell the difference between an egoic desire and Desire with a capital D 
  • What blocks you from connecting with your Desires and how to liberate yourself from shame and judgement around what you truly want 
  • A step-by-step process you can do in a single weekend to get clear on what YOU really want. 

Let me know what you think by commenting here, or join us in the New Moon Manifesting Facebook Group.

Feminine Magic® December New Moon Manifesting Ritual

Elizabeth Purvis Ritual

Save the date! 

Our Feminine Magic® Community New Moon Ritual is happening next week on Thursday.

Join us December 6th at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET.   (time zone converter)
LIVE in the New Moon Manifesting For Miracles & Money Facebook group.

The new moon this month falls in Sagittarius, full of optimism and opportunity.   

This is a great time to let go of previous limitations and follow your bliss – whatever that means for you.    

I encourage you to take time during this new moon to seek new experiences that are meant to inspire and ignite your dreams.   

This new moon is also a time for grounding and healing, which of course, both aid in following our bliss.  

As always, if it is in your joy, here are a few things I invite you to have handy for
our ritual…

  • Your intentions for the current cycle and coming cycle
  • Tools for smudging (sage, cedar, palo santo, etc)
  • A brand new candle in a color that is in alignment with either your intention OR the energy of our present cycle
  • A meaningful object (crystal, jewelry, etc) that can hold your intention
    for the next month
  • A light snack for post-ritual grounding nibbles
  • An oracle deck you love
  • An “anchor piece” – a meaningful object (crystal, jewelry, etc) that can hold your intention for the next month
  • Your magical diary or journal for taking notes

Remember, NONE of these are required— Your presence is enough!

Simply head over to the Feminine Magic® New Moon Manifesting For Money & Miracles Group on Facebook on December 6th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET and join us.

Keep Settling, Or Create This…

Elizabeth Purvis

Imagine looking at your life, just 3 months from now… and seeing every aspect you Desire upgraded for the better.

That’s what happened with our client Jenny Kerr.

I’ll never forget her post in our private Facebook community after
her transformation… 

She said she could hardly recognize her new life. 

Within 3 short months she had… 

  • Quit her consulting practice and began a new career (snagging a great job in the field she wanted with no experience)
  • Sold her old home and bought a new home in a new city she loves
  • Began creating relationships with a circle that truly gets her.

And the interesting thing is, though she knew it was time for change, she didn’t grasp just how unhappy she had been while settling… until she created the life she has today. 

It’s a really incredible story to hear her tell it which is why we had to interview her
to share. 

Watch Jenny’s story here

It’s only about 3 mins long so I invite you to watch it right now and consider… 

What would total transformation look like right now? And… what would it be like to have your life completely upgraded (possibly beyond recognition) a few months from today? 

Consider this and remember, it’s possible for you too, anytime you Desire. 

And if now is the time…you’ll want to join us in The Feminine Magic® School
of Manifesting.

The doors close at midnight TONIGHT so it’s time for a leap of faith. 

What Jenny created in her life by tapping into her Feminine Power and working the process and plan we use in The School of Manifesting, isn’t a lucky break. 

The women in our community are known to create results like this for
themselves consistently. 

Transformation and celebrations are the norm in our client community… because Feminine Magic® works. 

If you’re ready to transform anything in your life and want to know, to the core like Jenny and so many others, that you have the most effective tools to manifest what you Desire when you want it… 

…Let’s do this.

Doors close at midnight TONIGHT. 

Claim your place in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting.

Love and magic, 

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PS: Got last-minute questions?  Send them over to the team at 

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Last week I opened The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting for the first time in over a year.

The response so far has been amazing, with dozens of women registering within the first few days, and dozens more of our alumni and Circle members claiming their spots in this LIVE round…

And it’s no wonder, because now is the PERFECT time to call in one of your BIG goals – which is exactly what you’ll be doing IN The School of Manifesting– before the end of the year.

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But there’s an even BIGGER reason to join us for this LIVE round.

Some seriously BIG news for the direction of Feminine Magic®, and
our community…

It’s something that just dropped in for me, maybe a week before our
launch started.

I’ve been DYING to tell you!

And today, I’m going on LIVE on Facebook, in our New Moon Manifesting Group, to spill the beans.

I’ve kept this under wraps, sharing it only with a few people.  But now it’s time to share with everyone in our community.

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I’ll give you a bit of a peek at what’s coming… and share even more why now is the time to join us in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting for this LIVE round.

Can’t wait!  See you there.

Love & magic,

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PS: I will be doing MORE mini-manifesting trainings in the group, LIVE,
all week!

(I have something special planned for Thursday, which is Thanksgiving here in
the States.)

PPS: While you’re waiting for the big announcement, go here to discover what being a part of The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting will do for you, and why, in my NOT-so-humble-opinion (ha!) it’s the BEST manifestation immersion training out there for ambitious, conscious women, especially coaches, healers, mentors and teachers.

See you at 1pm PT / 4pm ET!  In the New Moon Facebook Group.