VIP Days For Social Justice (Special Opportunity)

Are you a coach, practitioner or healer who’s ready to CLAIM the worth of the work you bring to the world… claim your place as the leader you are… and be compensated accordingly?

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your income, while benefitting social justice? 

You’re going to LOVE this! 

If you read my blog post after Charlottesville, and have been following my posts on social media… you know I take a strong stand against hate, discrimination and acts of violence of any kind.

So when my good friend Emily Levy reached out, with a REALLY cool idea to raise money for social justice… my heart was an immediate YES. 

Here’s what’s going down… 

For one week only, I’m opening up TWO spots in a special VIP Day offering, for women who are ready to raise their fees, bust through their money blocks and turn their business into a revenue stream that brings them a LOT more money. 

The exciting part is that I’ve pledged to donate a full 50% of the investment directly to The Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that has been fighting the fight against hate for almost 50 years.

If you’ve been called to work with me privately in a really focused container, this is a powerful way to do it. 

VIP days are 100% personalized to the outcome you wish to create, but my specialty is mapping out your income breakthrough. 

It’s my superpower. The “thing” clients have come to me for years… 

We create a custom plan for your goals and design the way to make it happen – including your offers, marketing, enrollment strategy, and – of course! – the energies you need to EMBODY in the process. 

I’ve also got some pretty cool magical tools up my sleeve – 😉 – to bust through your money and visibility blocks for good. 

Here’s exactly what you get… 

  • 4 hour PRIVATE virtual intensive (by Skype or Zoom from anywhere in the world) 
  • Implementation plan that you can take action on immediately
  • Resources handpicked for you and your goals from my entire library of business-building tools  (we’ll decide these in our time together) 
  • 45-minute follow-up call  

I haven’t offered VIP Days in a while.  Coaching with me privately is $45k for 6 months.  

If you’re called, here are the rules of play… 

There are exactly 2 spots available and you’ll have until the end of the 2017 to schedule yours. 

The investment is $8000 and must be paid in full.  50% of your investment will be donated immediately to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Want one of the spots?  Here’s what to do next:  

Send us an email at with “Virtual VIP day” in the subject line and share WHY you’re called to the opportunity I’ve just described.  

Our support team will be in touch to set up a quick 15 minute call to make sure this is the right fit.   

If one of these VIP day spots has your name on it, the last day to claim it is Friday, September 8th.  

This isn’t a forever offer. If this is calling to you, don’t wait.  

Good luck and remember, there are many, MANY ways to contribute to positive change and take a stand for love, freedom and inclusiveness.  

Take a minute right now and come up with 5 other ways you can affect change.  

The compound effect is real. Small actions contribute to massive impact.  

Know one of these virtual VIP Days is for you? 

Email the team at now. 


PS: I’m one of several industry leaders offering VIP Days for justice.  You can check out the other offerings here.



How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself Right Before Your Miracle (free training)

When you hold yourself to high standards, it’s crushing not to get what you want.  

You’re disappointed as all get-out.  You feel like a failure. 

You blame yourself because deep down you know you may have had a hand in sabotaging your own success.  Yikes!  

Now… there’s a bit of truth there.  

If you haven’t manifested what you want (YET), there is likely some subconscious programming running the show. And it’s more pervasive than you might think. 

Just yesterday I dove deep on the most common self-sabotage tactics our subconscious dishes out right before calling in something big in a special Facebook Live…and I shared what to do instead.  

If this resonateswatch the replay right here. 

I love this topic because it’s always SUCH an eye opener for our community.   

If you’re anything like the Goddesses in our world, you are ambitious and accomplished and used to kicking butt and taking names. 

You would never consciously set out to block your manifestations in these ways, and yet…  we all do.  It’s part of our human experience. 

In fact, there’s one simple reason you aren’t creating what you want. One reason you unknowingly sabotage that which you Desire most.  

While there’s a part of your brain that’s wired to GO for what you want, there’s another part of your brain that’s wired to STOP you from having it. 

There is a very old part of you that truly believes it’s not safe to have what you Desire. 

Manifesting a lot of money, a loving relationship, or anything you really want isn’t actually going to hurt you.  But there’s a primitive part of our brain that doesn’t know that.  Its job is to protect us for anything it deems “unsafe.” 

What is considered “unsafe” to this part of your brain?  Anything it hasn’t had or experienced before! 

(Wild, right?) 

And since your more evolved and rational brain doesn’t buy into that, and charges ahead… your subconscious will then kick up a zillion very convincing reasons why you can’t have what you want.   

Accept even ONE of these as “true” and you end up energizing what you DON’T want! 

The good news is… you have the power to move through these subconscious shenanigans so you can call in what you truly Desire. I share some of the “how” in my Facebook Live but The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting is the space to get those strategies into your bones. 

In Feminine Magic® we use a process for manifestation that accounts for BOTH halves of the manifesting equation: our Divine nature and our Human nature.   

Because without that – we remain unconscious to what is REALLY going on.  And you can’t change a thing unless you’re aware of it in the first place! 

That’s one thing that makes us different other manifesting programs out there and why our clients create such stellar results.  

We use the spiritual laws and principles, of course, but ALSO use specific techniques to dissolve blocks that our subconscious throws up in the face of change.  

If you’re all visualizing and mantras 24 / 7 but never shine a light on how your beautiful brain operates here on the physical plane… you’re not going to manifest with any level of predictability.  

Manifesting isn’t really meant to be a crap shoot. You were given the power to create anything you Desire.  

So isn’t it time to learn how manifesting truly works…and how to make it work for you consistently?  

If the answer is yes…  

Go here now to claim your space in the Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting

The doors close in August 31st at midnight (and with them, the $500 savings disappears)…

How I manifested that first $20,000…

3 keys to manifest exactly what you want - Elizabeth Purvis

People are always curious to know how I created the life I have today… 

A 7-figure business, married to my soul mate and tons of time and travel with our four year-old daughter. 

Get a load of this cuteness… this was in Maine last week: 

Just a few short years ago, my life looked much different.   

I’d quit my cushy engineering job in New York City to follow my calling, only to crash and burn in a downward spiral of FEAR.  

Within months of quitting, I was nearly broke.  We’d burned through our savings and were accumulating tons of debt. 

It was a dark night of the soul.  

The most frustrating part?  I’d been a student of metaphysics for years, immersed in magic, manifestation, and feminine spirituality.  And here I was in a position where I wouldn’t manifest anything but what I didnt want! 

Then I woke up. 

I remembered – hello, I know this stuff.  And I knew it was time to stop messing around and put my knowledge to the test. 

So I embarked on my first manifestation experiment.  I set out to create $50,000 in 30 days.   

Turns out I didn’t reach that number.  But I did create $20,000 starting from zero. Then 6-figures in 6 months, and then multi 6-figures the year after that.  

Since then I’ve used that process to grow our business to 7-figures, release all that credit card debt, release weight, attract a dream circle of friends and colleagues, and a lot more, including mentoring hundreds of women to do the same.  

I’m so excited to share the secret behind our life changing results with you in a LIVE online workshop: 

Your 30 Day Manifesting Game Plan! 

How To Use Feminine Magic® To Manifest Your Juiciest Goals 

Reserve your spot here

You’ll discover how to use your Feminine Creative Power and a proven process to call in exactly what you want, consistently, when you choose.    

You’ll also learn exactly why traditional approaches to manifestation fall short.   

There’s a huge reason that nobody talks about – and no, it’s not just about “masculine vs feminine” or “you’re not taking action”…Oh and it’s not because you’re “blocked” either.  

If you’re ready to have exactly what you truly Desire, you’ll want to join us. 

Reserve your seat here

See you there! 

P.S.  One of the biggest challenges I hear about with manifesting is, “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”  

Women tell me that they long for a process that actually works— for their big dreams and their immediate needs.   

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this workshop and why you’ll want to join us. 

Reserve your seat here

On White Privilege, Manifesting and Creating A New Reality

Like so many in our community, I write with a fierce and heavy heart. 

Regarding the events in Charlottesville, I am shocked, outraged, sickened, saddened, overwhelmed, and determined.

Like so many in our community, I feel so very deeply about all of this.   

Never have I been so aware of my white privilege, and my own contribution to the CRAZY situation we find ourselves in today.   

Never have I been so present to the implications of my privilege, my responsibility as global citizen and woman with a platform, and of course the choice as to what to DO about it all. 

As magician, priestess, and teacher of manifesting and Universal Law… I have long considered the tough questions inherent in what I practice and teach. 

Now is the time to speak to these, directly and unequivocally.  

It’s not unfair to say that the study of the Laws, manifesting, creating your reality, etc –  as we know it in America today – is a part of white privilege.   

New Thought rightly comes under fire for not speaking enough to the discrepancy between the teaching that we create our own reality, and, well, the reality.

That in 2017, a large segment of the population lives with discrimination, extreme poverty, diminished choice, deplorable acts of violence, and enslavement.  And that here in America we have white supremacists committing acts of domestic terrorism, and a KKK-endorsed president who has yet to fully acknowledge that fact.

How can a teacher like me SAY so loudly and with such conviction that we create our own reality, that we have power… when so many people are stripped of theirs, daily? 

And really, should we be going for our biggest, boldest Desires when so much of the world is in suffering, when our own country is so divided, when things are so f’in insane? 

These questions, and many more, have long been inherent in this work, well before current events. 

I don’t have all the answers.  I never will. 

But I do think, study and practice this stuff.  Every day.    

It’s my job to put just about every teaching point that comes out of my mouth through the wringer of due diligence.  Over and over again. 

So here is what I know. 

One, the Laws / principles / Truths / facts of how we create our reality, both spiritual and scientific, are what they are.  They be what they be, regardless of race or circumstance.  What differs is the availability to the information, and the awareness.   

In magic, the secrets are hidden in plain sight.  But the reality is that the opportunity to even discover this wisdom is denied to 99.99% of the population, by virtue of their environment and circumstances.   

That being said, denying truth because of circumstances will never change the truth.  Ever.  

Circumstances are never truth.  The Laws are what they are.   

Two, the first Law is that of more life to all, less to none.   

This is the natural state of all things.  It’s also THE standard to hold yourself to as a creator, manifestor, magician.  Developing your creative powers will never deny anyone else theirs when you hold yourself to that standard. 

Three, we ALL have the shadow inside of us.   We are ALL capable of sickening acts.  We all have a dark side.   

White women of privilege, like me, need to own our part in the problem.  And stop with the “othering.”   At the end of the day, we have more similarities than differences.  

There has never been a more important, pivotal time for women to really, truly understand the power we DO have, and how to use it. 

For those of us with privilege (and that includes just about everyone reading this), we have the responsibility to use our power to create more life for all, and less to none.  To honor and integrate our shadow.  To be an example of the vision we hold. 

And we must speak.   

In the face of hate, bigotry, violence and discrimination, our first magical tool is our voice.   All words have power.   You create as you speak. 

So speak up.  Speak out.  BE with the discomfort of difficult conversations.  Keep having them. 

And we must act.  For some of us that means getting out of our entrepreneurial hide-y hole.  To quit using our empathic nature, sensitivity, “high vibes only” or discomfort as a reason to NOT show up. 

Ditch the bullshit and use your tools to manage your energy.  Be willing to be imperfect.  Be willing to get into disagreements.  Be willing to look like a complete idiot.  (You won’t, and there are far worse things.  Hello.) 

I have said this before and I’ll say it again now.    I  stand against hate and acts of violence, period.

I have always welcomed, and will continue to welcome, different beliefs and viewpoints into our space.  (Both of my parents are hardcore conservatives.  I’ve been walking in two worlds for a long, long time.)   

Hate and intolerance is where I draw the line. 

To all the people of color in my community, I see you.  I love you.  I own my role in where we are.   

I will continue to uncover the places within me that are racist, even when my mind tries to explain it away.  I will do my work to bring my own shadow to light.   I will speak up when it’s uncomfortable.  I will educate my child.  I will put my money where my mouth is. 

And I will keep the conversation going.   Not just on racism, white privilege and the gaps in manifesting teaching as it shows up in the world, but on another, similar issue: how none of us manifests in a vacuum.  On how OUR manifestations and goals affect the people and the planet. 

Dear reader, it is my wish is that YOU do the same.  To that end, I have some resources. 

Here are some of the “must read” articles that have crossed my path in the past few days.  (Thanks to friends Dr. Carla StokesChristina Morassi and my husband Leland Purvis for bringing these to my attention.) 

 If you are white and this resonates, here is an excellent list of actions you can take now, courtesy of my dear friend Joanna Lindenbaum: 

  1.  Donate to organizations that are fighting for racial equality 
  2. Speak to your children about the importance of standing up to bullies of all forms and the importance of doing good with their privilege 
  3. Listen to what people of color have to say. Read what people of color are writing 
  4. Put pressure on your local politicians to stop supporting any kind of racism or white supremacy
  5. Honor your experience if you come from a religion, economic class, sexual orientation or any other background that has been persecuted…but also embrace the fact that you show up white in the world
  6. Do the tough and challenging work of looking at your own racist shadows 
  7. Use your business, healing or coaching practice as a vehicle to help others see their own shadows, to question their own assumptions about privilege and race, to create more open communication and self-knowledge about all of this 

 For those who are committed to teaching the Laws and the art of manifesting, please read these two books, both written by my friend and soul brother on the path, Mitch Horowitz: 

Despite all the emphasis in the entrepreneurial world on using these principles for success, the real history of New Thought is far more rich and complicated.   

The founders of New Thought were committed to social causes and applied the principles to justice and elevating poor and marginalized people.  The business and success focus came later.   

Wallace Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich (the book behind The Secret), was a socialist.  Yes, really.  If you teach this stuff, you need to know the history.   

Finally, as we move forward… please, keep embracing Desire.  Stay on your path.  Go for what you really, truly want. 

Desire is the urge for life, for growth.   It is the soul reaching for full self-expression.  You were born with Desire, and to deny it is as unnatural an act as to deny someone else their right to choose.   

Grow.  Expand.  Say YES.  Become more.  Then use your powers to help others become more, too. 

Long have we dwelled in darkness.  It is time to quit the night and seek the day.  

May we who are called take this opportunity to forge a new path.   

May we use the art of magic and manifesting for this purpose: to create more life for ALL – regardless of race, color, gender or sexual orientation – and less to none.  

All my love, 



3 keys to manifest exactly what you want (new training)

3 keys to manifest exactly what you want - Elizabeth Purvis

What if I told you that you can manifest exactly what you want, consistently?  

You can. 

What if I told you that you already have everything you need to manifest your every Desire, no matter how far away and full of hustle they may seem? 

The truth is, you do.  

You have the power to create any change in your life that you truly Desire.  

Now is the time to learn how.  

That’s why after 20 years of studying the art and science of manifesting, I’m sharing the most effective principles I know to consistently create anything you want in your life in a brand new video training and complementary report: 

“Manifesting Superstar: 3 Keys To Awaken Your Greatest Feminine Power” 

Click here to watch and download the report now: 

Why is it so critical to up hone your manifesting skills right now?  

Well, let me ask you this:   

What would be possible in your life in this moment if you knew how to call in what you Desire, without fail?  

Really think about that.  

What would your life be like if manifesting the new job, car, relationship, you name it — what if you could manifest what you want, consistently? 

You could easily…  

  • Leave the soul sucking job you hate, start doing what you love and triple your income in the process
  • Manifest $10K, $20k or $50k in 30 days…then rinse and repeat
  • Relocate or travel to France, Bali, or whatever your dream destination may be

Whatever you wish to be, do or have… any Desire that truly comes from your soul, your Essence… is yours to call in, as you choose. 

The ability to make real the true Desires of your heart is what I call true empowerment.  

This becomes your reality when you understand how to awaken and activate the Creative Power that lives within you… the power that lives within all of us.  

I’m talking about your Divinely given ability to co-create.  

It’s superpower, and when you’re in touch with it, you become unstoppable in your ability to manifest everything you want to be, do, and have.  

In “Manifesting Superstar: 3 Keys To Awaken Your Greatest Feminine Power”,  I share the keys to manifesting that my clients have used over and over again to… 

… Create 6 and 7 figure businesses 

…Release thousands of dollars in debt 

…Deepen and find lasting relationships 

…Release weight  

…Relocate to gorgeous dream homes by the sea 

And so much more.  

These keys to manifesting work. And they’re not likely anything you’ve seen or heard before.  

Click here to watch my new training now: 

Manifesting Superstar: 3 Keys To Awaken Your Greatest Feminine Power

This is best free manifesting training on the planet. Don’t miss it.  

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