You’re Upleveling… So Why Do You Feel Like Crap?

Recently, a member of the Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting shared something incredible.

Shortly after one of our new moon rituals, she had manifested a new house and a new job— both of the intentions she set in the ritual, within 30 days.

From there even more blessings flowed into her life – a new city, a new community, all sorts of new opportunities. Full scale transformation.

Awesome, right?


After the massive expansion, we connected on a coaching call, and she said…

“I’ve just experienced this huge uplevel. Seriously, my life is nothing like it was. Life was so-so before, but now it’s amazing. I finally see what’s possible for me. I’m living it.

So why do I feel like crap?!”

The low after the high. The contraction after the expansion. This is a part of successful manifesting that rarely gets talked about.

Sometimes it comes in the form of a dust-up. Your car breaks down, your nanny quits (ask me how I know about this one), you get hit with a massive unexpected expense, or other drama.

And then there’s the sadness… the sadness that hits you out of left field in the middle of all the goodness.

As Divine beings living the human experience, it’s possible (scratch that — probable) that when we use our power to dramatically shift our reality… our human systems are gonna wig out.

And they’re supposed to!

The very old part of your brain (the reptilian brain, or “critter brain”) is set up to keep you experiencing the familiar. Experiences get coded in this brain as “survivable,” and this brain automatically re-creates them again and again, without any motivation to update its strategies, or responses to events.

In other words, it’s set up to keep us in a pattern of more of the same. Because same = safe.

And that critter’s job is our survival.

So when you introduce something new (like, say, $20,000 when you’ve never made that kind of money before), these amazing and unfamiliar experiences do not feel safe. They don’t feel familiar.

And your critter brain doesn’t know what to do with itself because it only thrives when everything is same old, because same old is safe.

It may create drama, it may create sadness… either way, the experience can be extremely de-stabilizing.

I’ve heard it referred to as an “expansion hangover.”

I totally get that.

Unpredictable emotions, lethargy…possibly some flu like symptoms in the mix… catching up with your new level can really hit you.

And then there’s the natural grieving process. Grieving of the old ways of BE-ing. Because embracing something new automatically means releasing something that did serve a purpose at one point, but no longer serves one now.

And it’s going to feel uncomfortable as you do…

So what can you do to honor yourself and the discomfort, while still moving forward on the new path?

1. Practice self-care.

Take it easy. Bubble baths, pedicures, bodywork. Even if life feels full, it’s crucial to set aside some time to fill up your cup. Make those things that nurture your body, emotions and soul a priority right now. Even 30 mins listening to your favorite podcasts will have benefit.

2. Take sacred pauses.

Now is the time for mindfulness to the max. Take a long sacred pause, whenever you feel called to, to notice and appreciate the truth of what is happening in this moment. To honor any grieving. To celebrate your true Creative Power. You are transforming and moving beyond your limitations… and that deserves many moments reverence.

3. Stay in the container.

With any change, it can be really easy to slide back to your comfort zone, to that old way of being. Because even though your new magical tools are creating tangible results, you might suddenly find yourself skipping your rituals or falling into the illusions – the old perceptions, patterns and habits.

This is part of the process, so surround yourself with people, things, messages and inputs that represent the “new way.” Plan your day so that you can use your willpower (which is really your ability to choose) to say YES to the new ways of BE-ing that supported the results you now enjoy.

Keep the “new way” front and center in your consciousness. This is where being part of a community, like The School of Manifesting, can make all the difference.

4. Stay focused on what it is that you are creating.

Remember why you are here! The Desire that brought you to this place.

Today’s discomfort is nothing compared to the limits you’ve been living within. Reach for what you Desire more… what you energize, you magnetize.

5. Bless and release.

There’s a saying in the transformational community: “Today’s limiting belief was yesterday’s solution.” Those old ways of BE-ing served you well up until now, so it’s important to bless and honor those parts of you that have brilliantly brought you to exactly this moment, and the choice of a new way.

Here’s a super-simple ritual you can use (or modify) to honor and release your past:

Step 1: Diffuse or anoint yourself or smudge your area if you wish. Choose Cedarwood and Neroli essential oils for higher self connection or clear with Palo Santo or sage.

Step 2: Connect to your future self. Close your eyes, connect to your breath and visualize a future version of yourself. The one who accepts today’s expansion as a brilliant new normal. Ask Her to show or tell you which old habits or ways of being you are ready to release right now so that you can integrate into your new reality.

Step 3: List the old ways of being that served you well. Staying in your meditative state, use your magical journal to list out all the old ways of being you are now called to forgive and bless.

Step 4. Release in a simple fire bowl ceremony. Alternatively, shredding or discarding your list in a way that feels symbolic works too 😉

5. When you’re ready, consciously choose a different experience.

You feel blue and cranky, sometimes without warning, but you don’t have to stay there, nor do you have to choose one emotion, suppressing another.

Duality in emotions is … normal! You can be feeling a sadness or grief and at the same time fully elated with your new creations.

We experience many emotions simultaneously, all the time. And we’re the ones that choose which emotion to energize.

So feel the feels, while at the same time making a clear commitment that you’re NOT staying there. Feelings are familiar, too. What is the emotional state you wish to be in now? How can you choose that now?


Creating exactly what you Desire in life is a ultimately a journey of spiritual growth – and like any journey, it has its upswings and downswings, its hills and valleys. The point is not to push away the negative feelings, but instead to embrace it all – to be at peace with the sometimes wild ride.

I would love to hear how you navigate “the expansion hangover” in the comments. xoxo -E



An Ritual To Ignite Your Sovereignty (On Independence Day And All Days)

We’re celebrating Independence Day today in the United States — Happy 4th of July to you and yours!!

Along with feasting on (healthy!) BBQ and fireworks and cuddles… I’m giving up gratitude for… sovereignty.

Mine, and of course yours too.

Understanding our sovereignty is a big part of the magical path. To embrace our Divine power to co-create what we choose… no matter what conditions or circumstances might indicate.

Early on in my magical studies (dare I say… back in the day 😉 ), I had a completely different view of what it meant to be sovereign.

Back then, I longed for the independence I thought I did not have. I wanted to be a badass. I even chose my first magical name after the name of a warrior queen. (This was in my early 20’s.)

She was bold, lusty… and brought down the fiercest warriors.

Today I see sovereignty in a very different way.

Sovereignty is elegant mastery of our power to choose.

To be sovereign means I acknowledge that I have choice in every situation, using magic to release and transform any limitations along the way.

Sovereignty also means that you have full self-authority – that ultimately, you know what’s best for you, even when you don’t. (And that you take ownership of your mistakes, too.)

To be sovereign is to choose to be fully expressed.

To be sovereign is to choose to BE who you are and walk your own path in the world.

To be sovereign is to choose to be limitless.

That is our birthright.

And it’s our highest responsibility as Transformational Leaders to claim it, lighting the path for others along the way by modelling what’s possible.

Because so few realize that what they’re actually NOT free from are the stories, conditioning and patterns that limit what they can create and experience, here on the physical plane.

So… in honor of Independence Day, I’d like to gift you with this ritual.

Will you ignite and claim your sovereignty with me?

As always, feel free to adapt this ritual to suit your needs. In magic, you have full self-authority.

A Ritual To Claim Your Sovereignty:

Step 1: Select any or all, or none of the following magical supplies for your altar:


  • Lapis Lazuli to open your 3rd eye and connect to Truth (this is also the stone of queens, and Isis – mother, magician and goddess of 10,000 names)
  • Red Quartz for release and forgiveness (of old ways of BE-ing)
  • Smoky Quartz for protection and clearing as you transform

Essential oils, alone or in combination

  • Frankincense for connecting to the Goddess (or the Divine) within
  • Cypress for emotional support during transitions
  • Peppermint to clear and bless your path


  • Lavender or purple candle for intuition and higher self connection

Plus, any other supplies that speak to you.

  • Magical journal
  • Sage / Palo Santo
  • Oracle deck

Step 2: Before beginning, think of 3 or 4 qualities that you associate with being sovereign. For example, the ones I wrote above are what sovereignty mean to me. (The power to choose, 100% responsibility, full self-expression, etc – I could add more, and so can you!)

Step 3: Clear your space, smudging with sage if desired. Dress your candle with the oils, if desired.

Call back any parts of you that still may be outside of your ritual space, bringing yourself fully present. Ground and center, and set your intention for this ritual and prepare your altar.

Step 4: Connect to Essence, imagining a rich, golden cord extending through your body, grounding you to the earth and connecting you to your higher self, the Goddess within.

Step 5: Call back your power by setting the intention to do so, then lighting your candle. (Be sure to use a fireproof candle holder so you can safely hold it in your hand.)

Step 6: Create your working circle space. Holding your candle and starting in the East, walk clockwise along the perimeter of what will be your circle. I like to have my altar in the center of the circle, but it can also be in any of the 4 directions.

As you walk, say:

“By the light of clarity, this circle is cast.” (first time around)

“By the light of truth, this circle is cast.” (second time around)

“By the light of personal power, this circle is cast.” (third time around)

Step 7: Now you’re going to add each of the sovereign qualities you chose to the circle, one at a time. Returning to the East, stand just outside the circle, facing in. One by one, call up each quality within you. Make sure to feel the feeling of each one in your body. Feel the feelings of being, doing or having that aspect of sovereignty!

Once you’ve felt it, name it.

Then, check for resonance. Does it feel like a positive quality for sovereignty to you? Is it something you’d like to have as a resource in situations where you wish to be sovereign?

If so, energetically add it to your working circle. Simply make a hand motion of putting it in the circle, with a clear intention that the quality is there and will be there.

Then shake it off (break state) and return to a neutral state before you continue on to the next quality. Repeat for all.

Step 8: Now it’s time to claim this updated way of BE-ing called “Sovereignty” and the feelings and resources that go with it!

When you are ready, step into the circle and allow all of your qualities of sovereignty to light up within you. (This may happen one at a time, or all 3-4 all at once.)


“I claim my sovereignty as a Divine Creator here and now.”

“I claim my sovereignty as a Divine Creator here and now.”

“I claim my sovereignty as a Divine Creator here and now.”

Allow this new way of BE-ing to settle in. Feel it in your entire body.

You also might notice all your old disempowered ways of being falling away just as a snake sheds its skin. Or not. 🙂 The important thing is to have a felt experience of this updated way of BE-ing. Take as much time as you would like.

When you are ready, complete by saying, “It is done, it is done, it is done.”

Step 9: Place your candle on your altar, and complete any other work you wish, such as journaling, meditating, etc – all with this felt sense of sovereignty in your body.

When you are complete, you may either keep the candle lit, and transfer it to a safe space to burn out naturally, OR – blow out the candle and re-light it later.

Walk the perimeter of the circle one more time to open up the circle and release the container.


You now have an experience of what the state of BE-ing called sovereignty means for you. This is a state you can drawn on at any time, in any situation where you wish to call forward the energy of sovereignty.

If you choose to re-light your candle between burnings, allow the feeling of sovereignty to return each time you light it.

Perform this ritual anytime you wish to reconnect to your sovereignty and power of choice.

May you always know your sovereignty, today and all days!!


The Divine or You: Who’s Really In The Driver’s Seat When You Manifest?

Recently, one of our clients in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting posted a bit of a mindbender…

She was sharing that when “let go and let God” she manifests beyond her wildest dreams. When she grips the reigns, she doesn’t.

“So how do I claim 100% to be the uncontested author of my life and still allow the Divine (God, Goddess, etc) to have the ultimate say?”

In other words… who’s REALLY in the driver’s seat of our manifestations?

What an awesome question!

For so many of us, this is an elephant in the room… especially if you came from a more traditional religious upbringing.

Even if you aren’t outwardly religious per se… you’ve probably come across the idea that a higher power has the power, not us. That the Divine is all powerful, we are subject to Divine will and timing, and ultimately with little say as to how it all goes down.

Even if your beliefs aren’t that extreme, the question is still present.

Who’s really in control of your destiny?

Is it the Divine… or you?

The answer may rock your world…

In my personal experience, the answer to “who has the power?” has always been pretty clear.

For as long as I’ve been a priestess, a witch, a magician… the Divine (who I call Goddess) and I have had an understanding.

Even before understanding the nature of our own Divinity… that Thou Art Goddess… I instinctively knew that I WASN’T to be putting all my power in Her hands. And that I was from her and OF Her… made of the same substance as She.

In my magical tradition, there is no separation between God(dess) and us. No intermediary running interference between She and we. No hierarchy, no authority, no power over… all the while acknowledging that She is… well, Goddess, and all that entails.

And so am I. And you. And every other BE-ing on this planet.

Now, that might not be your frame – that you are God(dess) and She is you and you are one and the same. The idea that we are on a level playing field with the Divine is pretty radical.

However, there are a couple of big facts on the ground that make our personal beliefs about this somewhat irrelevant.

One, we create our reality through our perception. We experience our world through the realm of our five senses. Some quantum physicists will even tell you that all time exists in the now and all matter responds to our attention. Those ideas are still being disputed, but whether you believe you have “magic powers” (ha!) or not, your senses are running the show.

That in and of itself gives you tremendous influence over your life. And then…. there is that little matter of… choice.

For another spiritual perspective (and because I can talk about this stuff all day), I reached out to a good friend, who is of deep Christian faith, to hear his take on it.

God is all-powerful, he said, but he loves us so much that he gave us the power of… CHOICE.

There it is again.

Choice. Free will. The power of decision.

Choice is one of those big things that separates us from other life forms. It has been called “[our] greatest power.”

And… if we have free will…

If the power to choose is ours…

And our choices determine our outcomes… then it really doesn’t matter if God(dess) has “the final say” or not.

Because you always choose. Even in the most horrific circumstances.

As you choose, so shall you create.

In that sense we have God(dess)-like power. And that’s a beautiful thing!

You get to choose what you wish to experience in any given moment, regardless of what is going on.

You get to choose, “I’m having this right now,” instead of waiting until Divine timing wills it so.

There is always a choice! #wheee

Now… of course we can’t always access and exercise our free the way we want to.

There ARE such things as “acts of God(dess)” that are completely out of our control. Our reaction to them, however, is never 100% out of our control, provided that our brains are still functioning.

Yes, of course that’s going to be more difficult in some circumstances than others! And our brains complicate matters, too.

We are loaded with conditioning and neurological programming that unconsciously impacts and overrides our ability to choose.

We don’t have as much control over our choices as we think we do. Our human brain is designed to set-up automatic behavioral responses that prove certain patterns and beliefs to be true…so we find ourselves making choices and taking action on autopilot…

That’s why in Feminine Magic® we master 4 magical tools one of them being CHOICE. So we can begin to transcend the old patterns and step into BE-ing the one who has it now.

A big part of the deeper work of magic is shifting and transforming these patterns to live from your Essence underneath. Because despite our programming, we still have choice. We can make choices before the patterning takes over.

We can wake up to our Creative Power, embrace it, and use it.

So if our free will gives us so much power, why is the experience of manifesting often easier when we “let go and let God(dess)?”

Because you let go. You stop gripping so tightly. You detach from the outcome.

Spirit (the Divine) operates completely deductively. What you energize (give your energy to) manifests.

When we are CLEAR on our outcome, energize what we want (instead of what we don’t want), relax and let GO and take aligned action, we open up to the possibilities of how it could happen, rather than cutting them out of our perception.

We feel lighter. We struggle less. Ease begets ease.

That’s not giving God the reigns – though of course we can frame it that way if we so choose. That’s co-creating with Spirit. That’s using the Law.

That’s owning OUR role, so that the Creative Substance can do its role.

The very FIRST step to activating your Creative Power is to accept the fact that you are always at choice, and therefore always at cause.

Put another way, it’s to take 100% responsibility for your life. Period, end of story.

How can you do this when others make choices that impact you, and sometimes those choices are awful?

You are never responsible for another person’s choice. However, if that choice affected you, then you always have a role – even if that role is unconscious, or the incident that happened to you was totally random.

There is no downside to taking 100% responsibility and owning all your choices, both conscious and unconscious, because doing so restores your Creative Power.

And this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Goddess-given miracles or that you’ve because you’re in control that you’ve gotta “make things happen” in a forceful way.

It simply means you recognize your power to choose what you impress upon Creative Substance and therefore influence what you receive back in response, miracles included.

It means you always have a choice as to how you respond – no matter how bad the situation.

It means you choose to be in vibrational alignment with what you Desire and then watch how Creative Substance responds in kind, often with far greater manifestations than you could’ve imagined.

No forcing required.

Spirit operates deductively. Your world reflects your choices.

And if something less than ideal happens along the way… how do we accept our responsibility over outcomes we’d never wish for in a million years?

First, we feel all the feels. Embracing choice is NOT about denying the facts on the ground, or our emotions around them. It’s not about making parts of ourselves bad or wrong, either. We BE, deeply, with whatever is.

Then, we go into curiosity.

No drama, story, or charge… just curiosity.

What is my role in all of this? And what do I want to create now?

With these simple questions, we hop back into the driver’s seat.

Back into our power where we can choose…

Is a higher power responsible for what’s going on here and what I’m calling into my life, or am I?

Do I want to the victim, or will I accept my free will and full Creative Power to manifest everything I Desire and take action from that place?

What choice will I make right now?

There is no downside to accepting your ability to choose. Your choices create your life.

I’d love to know how this lands for you in the comments. xoxo

Something special from me to you (gift inside)

Last week we closed the doors on our six month money magic immersion, Be A Money Magnet.  

I wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for showing up for yourself and coming along for the ride.

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You are serious about manifesting.

You’re here to learn what it really takes to consistently manifest your BIG Desires from a place of true mastery.

Today, as my thank you to you, I’d like to support you on your manifesting journey with this very special gift…

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If you’ve heard me mention the Core Manifesting Process before it’s because it’s the foundation of all the magic and manifesting material I teach.

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And now it’s yours 🙂

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Feminine Magician Spotlight: One “power word” to amp up your manifesting with Kelly Anne Mitchell

There’s one power word that amps up your manifesting.

(It’s probably not what you think!)

Using it has helped my client, Kelly Anne Mitchell, grow her core offering “The Whole Woman Movement” by leaps and bounds over the past several months.

She’s already blown her early money goals out of the water, and now 5-figure months are standard.

So what’s that “power word” you ask?

It’s NO.

And what’s Kelly Anne’s secret to using it that has her manifesting with lightening speed?

Ultimate discernment around what she says YES to… and what she says NO to.

You see, when you really start allowing your dreams, Desires and visions to manifest, the Creative Substance will dish up opportunities.

Tons of them.

The challenge, of course… is that while opportunities are infinite, time and space in our 3D reality (i.e., the physical plane) are NOT.

Everything you say YES to takes up space in 3D.  Say yes to the “wrong” thing and… you find yourself right back in that old pressed-for-linear-time, not-enough-time paradigm that so many of us are sick of.

So WHAT do you say YES to?

What do you say NO to?

How do you know what opportunities to take action on, and which to let go of?

It’s an important question, because it makes the difference between manifesting with super speed… and plodding along.

And that’s exactly what Kelly Anne and I discuss in my  latest Feminine Magician Spotlight.

It’s a really a juicy conversation.  Because it’s not really about “yes” or “no,” but rather how to navigate that delicious-yet-often-frustrating space between where you are now, and where you will be.

Watch the replay here

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