5 Ways To Manifest With The New Moon In Aquarius

The Aquarius New Moon is a week away and it already feels like her subtle energies are present.   

We’re certainly noticing it as our Sister Magicians make themselves cozy over in The Circle. 

The whole team and I are constantly celebrating and lovin’ up how powerfully peeps are showing up, claiming who they are, and declaring what they’ll create this year.  

No surprise, when you look at the astro timing of it all.  

We just left the the bold energy of the Leo Full Moon / Blue Moon / Lunar Eclipse… 

…And we’re heading to the New Moon in Aquarius who invites us to be who we really are.  

These energies beckon us to show up as our TRUE selves, for ourselves, and the transformation we desire.

In other words, Aquarius is speaking to The Feminine Magician. 

And asking Her to come out and play. 

Sooooo let’s PLAY shall we?  

Join me  for some creative ways to begin working with and ushering in this really expansive Creative energy in a special Facebook Live… 

5 Ways To Manifest With The New Moon in Aquarius 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 

You can watch the replay here.



Manifest with the Super Blue Moon

Winter forest and snow mountains under the light of the full super moon, Caucasus, Russia

We had a glorious, rare, powerful astrological event this week… 

… a Full Super Blood Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. 

(What a mouthful!) 

As you might imagine, an astrological event with a name that long doesn’t come along very often. 

The last one was something like 150 years ago! 

Plus, given that it’s a BLUE moon (the second full moon in a month), on the last day of this month… it’s kind of like we’re getting our Full Moon for February early. 

If you work with lunar energies to manifest, or would like to… this moon was not to be missed. 

This is a feminine, firey, creative moon – perfect for fueling your BIG intentions and for supporting you in being VISIBLE and taking up your rightful space.  

7 Ways To Work With January’s Super Moon: 

How To Manifest With the Full Super Blood Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 

Live with Elizabeth 

Watch the replay here!


Reinventing Ease and Grace

There’s this trend I’ve noticed amongst high-achieving women.  

I’m not gonna lie—  it hurts my heart a little bit.

Okay. Alotta bit. 

It goes something like this…

Badass Creatrix decides she’s calling in some really BIG things. She’s ready to completely transform her reality.  

So she does the “work”— inner and outer.  

She hustles like nobody’s business.   Busts her bum-bum right good… 

And eventually… whether she begins manifesting some the things on her list or not… she finds herself on the brink of burn-out. 

Where’s the ease and grace? She thinks – and rightly so. 

And so she starts to think, ahhh… I don’t want the Big Things after all… 

Or – “I DO want the things… unless I have to pay THIS price…” 

Which is when I call bullshizzle.  (With love, of course). 

I’m not saying NOT to choose ease and grace. 

Manifesting is meant to be a hustle-free experience. 

However… “ease and grace” in this case is really code for something else.  

It means “I’m dimming my Desires because I’m too tired to do the work.” 

It means, I’m done with burnout so I’m gonna err on the side of slowing all the way down.” 

It means, “I’m pretending I’m satisfied with less than because it’s way easier than the roads I’ve walked before.”  

That hurts my heart because you’re here for so much more. Deep down you know it too. And… you are always at choice as to how you’ll experience the world around you.  

You get to have your cake and eat it too.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  

So instead of wasting minutes, weeks, months… years… of your life playing small because you’re afraid of the pattern of burnout, why not choose another pattern? 

Okay, I have SO much more to say here. 

Can you tell? 

Catch the replay here. 

Redefining Ease & Grace:  

How To Manifest What You Want By Leveraging Flow 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 


Introducing… The Circle

The doors to our brand NEW Feminine Magic® membership community, The Circle, are now OPEN! 

I’m squee-in’!  I’m squee-in’! 

If you’re ready to take your manifesting up 10x and consistently call in your big dreams… this is for you. 

If you’re ready to learn some real MAGIC from someone who has been at this esoteric arts thing for two decades… this is for you. 

If you’re a commitment to playing FULL OUT in life and business and want to be surrounded by powerhouse women you GET you… this is for you. 

If you’re freakin’ ambitious as all get-out and are unapologetic in your creativity, this is for you. 

If you’re ready for FULL SELF-EXPRESSION, full stop, including your woo side, while staying firmly grounded here on the physical plane… this is for you. 

Creating this magical space for your success has been in my heart for quite some time now. 

We got the party started with The School of Manifesting, what I believe to be THE most effective, grounded-in-reality metaphysical course on conscious co-creation currently available.  

Our course is a game-changer, for sure… but it became clear to me that you need MORE. 

You’re not chasing the “lucky breaks” (except when you are 😉 )… you want to live consciously, with intention, RICHLY, and with impact. 

You want All The Things… not because your EGO is driving you, but because your DESIRE, your Heart, your Essence is. 

And THAT, dear Goddess…. requires making manifesting a practice. 

It requires MASTERY of your feminine creative powers.  Not just dabbing or being content to manifest parking spaces or the perfect mai-tai or an all expenses paid cruise or whatever. 

And it’s SO much fun when you don’t have to hide anymore, apologize anymore or SHRINK any more.   

When you can BE with a community of women who GET it and GET you.

This is what we’re UP to in The Circle, my friend. 

This is the place where you will call in your dreams left and right, hone your powers all year and be held in a container dedicated to the unfolding of the Feminine Magician you are. 

If you’re truly ready to have YOUR all this year…  

Go here for all the details and claim your space.

Love and magic, 



Manifesting Aligned Success As The Feminine Magician Featuring Katya Sarmiento

Feminine Magician Katya Sarmiento is unapologetic about what she wants— and she knows how to make it happen.  

That mane of purple hair is a telltale sign 😉   

Katya’s been in our client community for a while now – since the Goddess Business School® days.  We even met in person at my last live event in Portland several years ago.  

Way back then – before the awesome hair! – Katya made an impact.  

She showed up consistently, despite whatever circumstances were in front of her.   She shared really BIG Desires, and she hustled to make them happen.  No excuses. 

Katya could work a plan like nobody’s business.  Her results were proof.  

Trouble was… she couldn’t seem to manifest success that felt aligned.  

She wanted a deeper sense of fulfillment, BIGGER results, and lasting success, the kind that only comes from BE-ing who you are meant to be in this world.  

And that’s exactly what Katya came to understand and shift when began using the Core Manifesting Process® and the 30-Day game plan. 

Katya sold a 6-figure company (that she built in 3 months!), then quickly launched another business that manifests a steady $30K every month… with a lot more joy.  

Her biggest manifesting wins are in the lifestyle and personal realm.  

She has deepened her relationship with her partner (they play manifesting games together), called in an entrepreneurial community that gets her, healers and doctors …even a personal chef. 

She doesn’t have it all… yet!  However, her ability to create what her Essence truly Desires grows every single day. 

So what made the difference?    

Katya learned to stop focusing on manifesting the “win” itself and shift who she was BE-ing, on all, levels… while working with a solid process for calling in the physical things she wanted too.

As you can imagine, her journey is filled with soooo many Goddess Winks and wisdom bombs for the entire Feminine Magic® community. Success leaves clues so I invited Katya to join me on Facebook Live for a candid convo about she’s been able to manifest such extraordinary results so quickly.  

Watch the replay right here 

PS:  If you’re ready to take a page from Katya’s book and manifest some really big things in 2018, this week’s New Moon Ritual replay is a much watch too.  

There’s still plenty of time to work with Capricorn’s “let’s create something amazing” energy PLUS we’re at the beginning of a Master number “11” year in numerology. A portal known to be a powerful time for self-actualization. 

AND then, January brings both a Supermoon (on Jan 1st) and a Blue Moon (coming on the 31st) for 2 Full Moons in one calendar month!!! 

Even if you’re not astro-literate or a numerology nerd, it’s pretty easy to read between the lines. You can trust that this is a potent time to set your manifesting game plan in motion – especially in the areas of success and achievement (on YOUR terms, of course). 

Watch the New Moon Ritual replay here to put some major mojo behind any Desires you wish to claim as yours.