Spirit or Ego? How To Know Which Is Speaking To You

Imagine this…

You’ve set a clear intention.  Now the perfect [program / training / retreat / trip / house / school for your kids / what-have-you] shows up, seemingly out of the blue.

Instant yes!  Except…

…the finances and time commitment are just outside of your comfort zone.

You were SO sure, and now…

Or how about something like this?

When your [VA / admin / tech guy] showed up, they were perfect for your business.  Now?  Not so much.  But their sudden departure will cause aftershocks, messiness, and possibly lost revenue.

You were SO SURE about letting them go… until you really looked at the numbers.  And now… you’re anything but.


You make a decision and command that it be so – woot!  Your next step immediately shows up.

Call this person.  Buy this program.  Call that person and offer them that program.

The idea makes you feel heavy in your body.  You were SO clear before, and now…

Now, maybe it’s not what you really want, anyway.

Call it intuition or call it Spirit (they are one and the same)… we are all being guided in the direction of our highest expression.

Your Essence longs for expansion, and being a manifestation of Spirit, it works with Spirit to guide you in the direction of your Desire.

And we all know that feeling, right?  When our intuition, Essence or soul speaks… it’s ON.

Problem is… we are also being guided in the other direction.  You have an ego and a subconscious, both of which have a well-meaning yet truly vested interest in keeping you right where you are.

With literally hundreds of decisions to be made every day, understanding which voice is which is a crucial skill for anyone who Desires to go the distance with their growth and creative power.

Is it the voice of Spirit, or is it Ego?  How can you know which is speaking to you?

Let’s start with the first and most important “strategy,” which is…

Image Credit: Papaya! Art papayaart.com

(this is a fridge magnet that I scanned in, BTW!)

We have this thing called intuitive ability.  It exists.

Somewhere in your energy field, either consciously or unconsciously, you know.  100% of the time.

If you always know… then NOT knowing, or blocking the awareness, is actually a choice.

Un-blocking the awareness is also a choice.

If you always know, then you don’t have to put yourself in a position of doubting, second guessing, NOT knowing….  all of which are just another form of lack of energy.

If you always know… and you know without question that you know… 100%, all the time… the answer is there and it is there for you… then all you have to “do” is choose to hear your inner knowing… and act on it.

And how do you do that?

  1. Slow down the “monkey mind.”

There’s a BIG reason why meditation is far and away the most universal of spiritual practices.  Meditation slows down the “monkey mind,” allowing you access to other voices and other states.

The benefits of meditation are well-known, and backed up by research.  Everyone and their mom loves meditation, and rightly so.

But what’s that, you say?  You HATE meditating?

Luckily, there are LOTS of ways that you can practice slowing down the monkey mind.   Breath work.  Music.  Exercise.  Moving meditation. Adult coloring books.  Even washing dishes.

What’s that?  You don’t have time?

A single minute, while you’re waiting in line, is all it takes.  Take 3 deep breaths.  Start there.

Still don’t think you can meditate even for one minute?  Deepak has you covered.

  1. Empty Out.

There’s slowing down the mind, and there’s emptying out the mind.

To empty out the mind is to release all thoughts, worries, concerns, tension, fear and anything else that is not Truth, and become the empty vessel.  The channel.  (In shamanism, the hollow bone.)

In feminine practices like priestessing and Feminine Magic®, we make ourselves the empty vessel, cup, or cauldron because everything is born (created) out of the void, the womb of the Great Mother.  In the quiet, we can receive what is here… and what is to be.

Becoming empty is a core practice, one that must be experienced. So here’s a short exercise from The School of Manifesting.  My gift to you, no opt-in required.

Click here for the handout

Click here to download the mp3

  1. Ask Questions.

Want to know what your intuitive guidance sounds like?  Ask it questions.

What would it take to add $100,000 to my business this year?

What would it take to close on the perfect house for us in the next 30 days?

What would it take to attract the perfect life partner for me?

What would it take for [XYZ] to show up in my life?

What would it take for this project to be easy?

Ask for guidance and you’ll receive guidance.  Pay attention to how it shows up: the channel it came through, the feeling.

You can change your whole life by asking questions.  Jack Canfield and Marc Victor Hansen discovered the title for their mega-blockbuster book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, simply by asking for “a mega-bestselling title.”

Ask and it is given.  Every time.

  1. Grow your vocabulary.

Many years ago, early in my spiritual development, I was drawn to Tarot.  After overcoming some initial resistance – “78 cards?  Upright and reversed?  That’ll take me a lifetime!!” –  I threw myself into learning this elegant, intuitive system for spiritual growth & guidance.

I was right.  Mastering Tarot can take a lifetime.  The cards are dense, rich with symbolism and entire cannons of magic.  If you love “brain food,” this is it.

At first I was overwhelmed.  Wands, swords, cups, pentaces, stars, trees, the color black, the planet Mercury, crowns, pearls on a necklace… in the Rider-Waite deck, everything means something.  And meaning is endless.

But then something interesting started to happen…

Both in and out of readings, my “monkey mind” started to shut off, and my intuition started to turn ON.  The symbols spoke to me in ways words never could.  The “meanings” disappeared and my Essence began to speak through me in ways it never had, using those symbols as language, stringing whole sentences together that seemed to come from… somewhere else.

The more I learned the language, the more my intuition was able to speak.  The more it spoke, the easier it was to discern.  And so it is to this day, even though I haven’t really read Tarot in a while.

Your intuition can tell you a lot.  It can tell you even more when it has language with which to communicate.  How can you grow your vocabulary?

  1. Be suspicious of the “no”s.

Have you ever had the experience of inherently knowing your next step, but… it doesn’t really “feel good” in your body?

It’s tempting to take this as a “no.”  But is it really?

Our bodies are wired to throw up resistance when we step outside the status quo.  Change isn’t always going to “feel good.”

Sometimes, your body is going to be freaking the heck out at going in the new direction, the direction of your choice rather than the direction of your patterns.

Your intuition does not speak to you in the language of fear.  Fear, worry, doubt, and resistance are never truth.

Constriction, tightness, and discomfort are an invitation to lean in deeper.  What is on the other side of that feeling?

Your intuition always says YES.  The question is, what is it saying yes to?

You always know.  Don’t let the uncomfortable feeling block your knowing.

  1. Practice.

Practice remains the best way to learn a new skill, or polish one that has gotten rusty.

So what are you practicing?

Listening for that first response. The twinge.  That inner knowing that gets covered up in a flash by all the mental hoo-ha.  Then saying yes.  Then TRUSTING.  Then acting on it, without hesitation.

Start with situations that don’t carry a lot of charge.  Ask yourself, “Which will I enjoy more?” “Is this in my highest good right now?”

You always know.  Most of the time, you know right away.

What will it take for you to say YES to your intuitive guidance?

You always know.  🙂

My New Direction (And Your Free Gift)

Have you noticed something different in my world over the past couple of months?

A rather big change took place in January, but I never really announced it.  🙂

I launched  a brand new website… and with it, a bold new direction.

After 8 years as a master business coach, I’m coming forward with my true calling…

…to teach you the art of magic and manifestation, for personal and financial empowerment.

Truthfully, this direction is nothing new.  I got the “cosmic 2×4” from the Goddess years ago to make teaching magic the focus of my life.  And for years I’ve been working the teachings into my business coaching, behind the scenes.

At the end of last year, it became clear that now is the time to lead with this powerful work, not hide it in the background.

And that’s what I’m doing.   Woo hoo!!

I’m SO excited to finally share with you some of the magical and energetic tools that have been behind my success.

To that end, I want to be sure you download this…

The Only 4 Manifesting Tools You’ll Ever Need To Call In Your Every Desire

Over the years I’ve noticed that people get REALLY confused about what they need to amp up their manifesting abilities.

“Your thoughts create your reality” is accurate… but incomplete.

Candles, crystals, vision boards and the like can be powerful tools… but they can also be worthless to you.

You already have everything you need inside you to create ANYTHING you truly Desire in the world.

(I’m talking about soul-level Desires… those things that are truly in alignment with your path.  And yes, things like a new house or new car can be among them.)

BUT… you have to understand the RIGHT tools… and you have to understand how to use them.

That’s why I created this PDF download and the video that goes with it.  So you can get clear on how you’re creating all the time, right now… and how to use these tools to create what you want.

You can download them here:

The Only 4 Manifesting Tools You’ll Ever Need To Call In Your Every Desire

I am so excited to continue our journey together in this new way.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of the Feminine Magic® community.

Love & magic,

PS: When you download the 4 Manifesting Tools cheat sheet, you’ll receive an invitation for my workshop on how to manifest your juiciest goals in 30 days or less.  Don’t miss it!

How To Banish Time And Energy Vampires

Ever have one of those “I’ll have what she’s having” moments?

Years ago I went to a workshop at a wellness center in Manhattan. This was during my “dark night of the soul” period. I felt shredded – physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

The workshop was billed as a “spa day.” The topic was feminine energy.
This will be fun, I thought. I remember telling Leland, “I’m going to be doing my hair or something.


When the leader walked in and sat down, I was blown away.

Her power. Her presence. Her magnetism.

I’ll have what she’s having.

Within the first 5 minutes she told us the secret, without ever addressing the idea of power directly.

Boundaries. Rock-solid-yet-flexible (and-no-that’s-not-an-oxymoron) boundaries.

Most of us are empathic. Then we’re conditioned to be all things to all people. To be “nice,” to people please, to do it all, you name it.

Then add our info-overload, energetically saturated, go-go-go culture. Plus a shot of genuine, soul-led ambition (aka Desire) to the mix, and what have you got?

Massive, ongoing leaks, drains and pulls on our energy field.

We come to manifesting and magical practice and wake up to the beautiful truth that most of the limits we live with are just not true. However, here in 3D reality – we have to contend with TWO limited resources: linear time, and life force energy.

Yes, we can manage and increase our energy, but only to a point. With linear time, we all get the same amount in a day. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Not only that… when we start to put ourselves out there, we attract energy coming AT us: love from our fans, anger from the people we’ve triggered the sh*t out of, ever-growing demands on our attention, and a LOT more.

And guess what? Those time-and-energy pulls and nips and tugs and hi-jacks only INCREASE as you amp up your light.

So what do you do? Dim your light? Hold back your purpose?

That may be your default. Defaults tend to have HUGE consequences, like dying with the music still inside you. #blunt #sorrynotsorry

How about cast a spell on whoever’s getting you down?

Nope. That’s not the solution either.

Set boundaries. Rock-solid-yet-flexible boundaries.

Boundaries are magic. Here’s the secret to shoring up yours… so you can banish those time and energy vampires for good:

Get a handle on the biggest boundary pusher of all: YOU.

I say this with love. 🙂

Boundaries all start by taking a good hard look at what you’ve been willing to tolerate. If you have unwanted people and energies in your field, understand it’s because on some level, you’ve invited them in.

Remember The Lost Boys? That (sorta) bad vampire movie from the 80’s? The vampires can’t come in unless you invite them in. #happilydatingmyself

What are you making yourself available for?

Here are just a few of the things in my life and business that I am no longer available for:

  • Coaching, healing or feedback that I didn’t ask for
  • Offers to be my coach or healer that I didn’t ask for (funny how these always include feedback that I didn’t ask for!)
  • Long, drawn-out enrollment conversations
  • Enrollment conversations with less-than-ideal clients
  • Coaching people who do not want to change
  • Payment plans on high-end programs (we are eliminating these – kudos to Leonie Dawson for the idea)
  • Late payments or missed payments on our courses and communities
  • Payment negotiations of any kind
  • Clients, vendors and team members not adhering to policies
  • Team members not documenting their work and causing chaos later
  • Inefficiency (time and money wasting)
  • Drama of any kind
  • Attention-seeking of any kind
  • Indecisiveness
  • Guilt trips
  • Power trips; passive-aggressive attempts to control or cut down
  • Time hijacking (their emergency somehow requires me to upend my whole day)

We can’t hold boundaries when we don’t know what they are. So ask yourself…

What am I available for?
What am I NOT available for?

It really helps to list this out, because most of the time, we’re running around on autopilot.

For example, recently one of our clients brought a common issue to our Facebook community: she was having dozens of 90 minute conversations with people who all said, “I’d love to… but I don’t have the money.” She was a little surprised when I suggested that she did NOT have to actually sit through calls with people who have no intention of paying her. (She’s not the first.)

After you make your lists, ask this magic question…

“What do I need to shift within myself to release, clear and banish what I am no longer available for?”

I know. I know. This is not a fun question. But it is a necessary one.

If we want the boundaries pushers to stop, we have to understand how they are responding to energy that we are projecting OUT, in the form of our thoughts, feelings and actions.


So you may have to START:

  • Qualifying your clients more stringently before you get on the phone
  • Release team members who can’t or won’t meet your expectations
  • Hang out with people who have already achieved what you wish to accomplish
  • Take clear steps to raise your confidence
  • Have conversations where you set clear boundaries


You may have to STOP:

  • Answering your own email or FB messages
  • Reading your FB or Twitter feed, outside of certain hours
  • Giving people a zillion chances
  • Wasting time on calls
  • Tolerating team that are not an energetic match… and release them


Where you are engaging in the behaviors yourself?

  • Are YOU saying “I can’t afford it?” on sales calls?
  • Do YOU hem and haw over decisions, especially around investing in yourself?
  • Do YOU engage in negativity, needy behavior, drama or attention-seeking? (These behaviors can masquerade as other things. For example, repeated defaulting on payments is a form of attention-seeking.)


No judgment. This is about being aware so you can make new choices. Which brings us to the most important one of all…

STOP ENGAGING in the situations that you no longer wish to experience.

We attract what we put out there. Engage the unwanted and you keep it around.

  • If someone is playing the “one foot in, one foot out” game with you… and you continue to have conversations with them…
  • If someone is giving you excuse after excuse on why they’re not paying you… and you continue to give them service…
  • If a team member shows you time after time that they do not or will not follow your rules… and you’re still working with them…
  • If you give yourself sacred commitments (that you’ll make these 5 phone calls, get up to exercise, etc)… and yet energize your resistance more than the result…

It’s not a mystery why the unwanted situation and behaviors keep showing up.

The best way to banish time and energy vampires is to BE the one who is not available for time and energy vampires.

Think of someone über-successful that you admire. Maybe Oprah. #classicexample

Think about Oprah’s energy field. Do you think she gets a lot of people nipping at her energy and pushing her boundaries?

Probably not. Because her energy is… Oprah.

She can’t engage. She doesn’t have time to engage. She wouldn’t be as successful if she did.

Spend some time watching Oprah. You can model her energy. If you’re not sure how to BE the one who doesn’t tolerate bullsh*t in her space, take your cues from those who already ARE.

Best part? This no-bullsh*t energy is actually pretty yummy to be in. I guarantee your clients are craving it… and they will follow your lead.

Years ago, my very first coach taught me a powerful lesson. A woman had been emailing me, poking at my boundaries, pushing my not-enough and need-to-be-liked hot buttons, making me doubt myself.

My coach, Helen, said, “People know how they can get to you.

Her next assignment? That I stop answering my own email. But the bigger lesson was in understanding what I was allowing in through my engagement with the behavior and attachment to how the behavior was making me feel. Attachment to drama, negative situations, feeling less-than.

What attachments and engagements are YOU ready to release?

What will that open you up to receive instead?

BONUS: How To Set Powerful Boundaries With Others In 3 Steps:

  • Start by making a clear request regarding the BEHAVIOR that doesn’t work for you: “Our policy is that payments are to be made on time. I’m going to ask you to stop allowing your credit card to bounce.”
  • Set a boundary that YOU can control. “If it happens again, I’m going to remove you from the program.”
  • Follow through. Without “charge,” drama or making a big thing of it.

Happy banishing!

When – And How – To Go For Something Bigger

Are you frustrated because those manifesting goals are just NOT happening?

Do you go for what seem to be “easy” Desires, and then… nothing?

I feel you.  The #1 question I hear when it comes to manifesting is some form of…  “why is it NOT working?”

Here’s the good news…

If you have a clear and well-demonstrated framework for manifesting (such as my Core Manifesting Process) and your Desires aren’t showing up… there is always a reason.  Always.

But it might not be what you think.  Your manifesting goal might not be BIG enough.

Yes, I’m going to talk BIG for a second.

I know it’s not always popular, what with so much focus in the entrepreneurial / manifesting / co-creation world on slowing down, self care, being in your feminine and recovering from over-achievement.

In my early business coaching days, the buzzword (buzzphrase?) was “ease and grace.”  🙂

And… I get it.  (Hey, my brand is Feminine Magic®, after all.)

But here’s the thing…

Our nature is expansion.  “Bigness” is in your spiritual DNA.

Unfortunately, almost all of us get conditioned from an early age to put a lid on Desire, to keep that expansive nature in check.

And so we do. Or we fall into the trap of ambition – chasing egoic desires and other people’s plans for us – then wake up, discover how unhappy we are, and scale back.

We go for what we think we can have, what we are allowed to have, what someone else said we should want… rather than what is truly the Desire of our heart.  And then we wonder why we’re NOT calling it in!

Often we assume that if the Desire is not materializing… it must be “too big.”

However, goals that are too SMALL are just as likely to make you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall.

I’ll use myself as an example.

For three years, I ran a training program for entrepreneurs, Goddess Business School®.  Our clients loved it.  They got extraordinary results.  Many said it was the best business program they’d ever taken.

Over the course of 3 years, we had about 250 people enroll in Goddess Business School®.  It was a 7-figure revenue stream and a phenomenal success.

So WHY did we have SUCH a challenge setting up ongoing lead generation for it?  Why did filling it feel like SUCH a drain?

Because at the end of the day, the goal of [X] number of people in Goddess Business School® was too small a goal for me.

For me, even the idea of getting 500 people per year in a high-end coaching program feels small.  Why?  Because the coaching business model is simply not the appropriate container for what I’m here to do!

Of course there’s nothing wrong with the coaching business model.  “Big” is relative – I know leaders with 8-figure businesses who are playing a big game and are right on purpose!  But it was never meant to be my game.

The minute I gave myself permission to release that goal and embrace the what I truly wish my business to be – including the size – all of the pieces have been falling into place at a furious pace, sometimes so quickly that I feel like I can’t keep up.

So how about you?  Is there something you’ve been beating your head against the wall about, trying to “make happen?”

Here are a few signs that it could be time to UP your manifesting goal…

  • You’re bored. Really bored. Your resistance is off the charts, and not in that oh-sh*t-what-if-XYZ-happens kind of way, but in that would-rather-stick-hot-pokers-into-my-eyes-than-do-PDQ-because-I’m-bored-to-tears kind of way.
  • You’re feeling constricted. Your goal feels “tight,” like you have no wiggle room for being surprised and delighted by the Universe.  You can see only “one way” in front of you and it’s hard to access (or get excited about) other possibilities.
  • Zero inspiration. All of your aligned actions are “been there, done that.”  You’re receiving NO or next-to-NO intuitive hits or nudges about what actions to take next.  You appear to have no opportunities.
  • Your Desires are not manifesting, the goods are not showing up, you’re not meeting your goals. The eagle has not landed, and appears to be nowhere in sight.

Does this resonate?

Here’s how to find – and call in! –  the Desire that is the perfect right size for you, right now:

1. Release the floodgates – a.k.a. your Truth.

Think about whatever you’re going for right now.  I’ll wait.

Ok.  Now ask yourself this zinger from David Neagle

“If other people’s thoughts, judgments and opinions didn’t matter… would you still want the same thing?”

It’s a useful question to ask on a regular basis.  Because as a beautiful human, you’re going to pick stuff up from other people – including “shoulds” about what you want!

Years ago I mentored with a woman who had a dream of creating a coaching organization on the scale of $10 million or more. I fell into the dream because it matched my idea of BIG at the time.  I was already a good 2 years in before I realized the dream wasn’t mine.

There is no judgment here.  We get inklings of what we want (and permission to have what we want) by leaning into what OTHERS want.  It’s part of learning, growing, and being alive.  Which is all the more reason why discernment is needed.

What is the true Desire of YOUR heart?  Big or small, the Desire that will make you happy is the one that is really yours to begin with.

2. Say YES.

At the risk of repeating myself… 🙂

If you have a Desire, and it’s coming from the pure place inside of you – your Higher Self, your Essence – then the WAY for it to be made manifest is in your world already.

Everything you Desire is already here.  But it won’t show up until you make a DECISION that you are having it.

You won’t even begin to see it – or the opportunity that can bring it to you – until you say yes.

This is where your faith comes in.  Faith is one of your 4 magical tools.  Use your faith to make your belief in the Desire bigger than your belief in the circumstances you see in front of you.

3. Forget about the “chunking down.”

I’m going out on a limb with this one.

Conventional coaching wisdom (that I’ve shared many times myself) says… if the goal feels too big or out of reach, “chunk it down” to make it something more manageable.

But that doesn’t really leave room for the BIG miracles, does it?  Why no, it does not!

Now, I’m not saying to NEVER “chunk down.”  IF you’re stretched to the point of abstraction (i.e., the goal doesn’t feel real)… chunking down may make sense so that you can wrap your mental arms around it, so to speak.

But instead of the conditioned response of shrinking-to-fit… I invite you to try on accepting what you REALLY want as not only possible, but inevitable.

As my good friend Justin says, “I don’t have to believe it before I create it.”  (A contrarian with a heart of gold, that Justin.)

It’s already here.  You can have it now.   How do you call it in now?   Begin by acknowledging that it’s here in the first place.

4. Bring yourself into energetic alignment with what you want.

This is NOT just about “raising your vibration” or visualizing.

This is about embodying on ALL levels – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, somatic, and your actions – the energy of the one that has it now.

Different personal growth masters say this in different ways.  Study them, and you will begin to notice that this is the secret sauce to calling in what you want with lightening speed.

(The “how” of this is at the heart of all of our manifesting training programs.)

The #1 reason why people don’t create what they want is because they don’t know what they want… or don’t give themselves permission to say YES to what they want.

These 4 steps will help you go for BIGGER – if that’s in alignment for you.

And if it’s not, they will help you get clear on what is true for you.

Here’s to saying YES to all of your most meaningful dreams!

3 Core Beliefs That Make Manifesting Easy

Ever struggle to manifest something?

We all have.  At those times, it’s helpful to go back to basics.

We live in a mirroring Universe.

Everything we experience in our OUTER world is a direct reflection of our INNER world.  There is nothing in our experience that we do not create, promote or allow.

As within, so without.  Magicians have understood this for centuries.

In magic, we work with ALL aspects of ourselves. When we BE the one who has our Desire now, on all levels – mental, physical, emotional, somatic, spiritual, vibrational – that Desire will show up in our outer world.

A great place to start is your beliefs.

Now, when it comes to beliefs, I’m a bit of an outlier in the bigger circle of success coaches and manifesting experts.

I’m NOT going to tell you that “mindset” and belief change work is the be-all, end-all.

Because it isn’t.  We’re a lot more than our minds.  And what we think of as “beliefs” are really meanings we’ve made for past experiences that have become coded in our bodies, through time and repetition.

That said, your beliefs DO drive the creation of your experiences.  Your experiences confirm your beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.

Changing beliefs from “the inside out” can be very difficult.  And without an experience of the new belief in your body, it won’t really “take.”

However, there IS a way to use beliefs to start calling in more of what you want right away!

For years I’ve used this one simple tool to use beliefs in a way that pulls me to my Desire in a fraction of the time:

  • Consciously adopt the belief(s) that make having what you Desire a done deal
  • Take action from that place
  • Allow the new experience to confirm your new belief

I’ve used this technique to sell out of programs, call new people into my life, find the perfect [fill-in-the-blank] and do a whole host of things that seem impossible in the moment.

So are you READY for 3 core beliefs that make manifesting, well, easy?

Thought so!  And because I know your mind wants PROOF, I’ve got that too.

The Belief: Manifesting is easy.  🙂

The PROOF:  Years ago, I was stuck in a dark night of the soul.  I was two years into my business (two years out of my J-O-B, more like), and clients were still non-existent.  I lay awake fretting every night about money as we went deeper and deeper into debt – all on consumer credit cards.

Finally I’d decided I’d had enough.

I was full of doubt.  My self-esteem was a mess.  Frankly, I was barely functioning.

I cobbled together an offer and a script for phone conversations, both of which I’d pulled out of my bum-bum. (Pardon the image; why yes, I DO have a preschooler.  🙂 )

I sketched out a manifesting process based on spiritual teachings I’d learned a decade previous but had pushed aside in all the drama.

I took on ONE belief: making money is easy.  I worked it like I believed it, 1000%.

30 days later, I’d manifested $20,000 – more money than I’d ever made in my life at one time.

And you know what?

It was pretty easy.

I got on the phone.  I stumbled around.  When I wasn’t obsessing over myself and how ridiculous I felt, I was able to connect with the human being on the other end of the line and offer to help them.

Nine of them said yes.  And that was that.

Since then I’ve taught well over 1000 people how to make money out of nothing.  The ones who adopt the belief of “making money is easy” all say… it’s pretty easy.

Our beliefs create our experiences.  Our experiences confirm our beliefs.  Want to make something easy?  Tell yourself it’s going to be easy… and mean it.

The same is true for anything you want to manifest.  Or anything else, for that matter.  Declare it easy and you are waaaaay closer to that being so.

The Belief: Everything you Desire is already here.

The PROOF: Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard me talk about this one ‘til I’m blue in the face.  That’s because it’s actually NOT a belief.  It is spiritual law.  The Law of Polarity.

And if you think about it, it just makes sense.  There are no “halves” in the Universe.  Everything is whole and complete.

There is no “up” without a “down.”  There is no “left” without a “right.”  There is no “in” without an “out.”  Everything has an opposite, and it is equal and opposite.

This means that if you have a sincere Desire for something, it is already here.  Not only that, it is in your world already.

Now, it has to be a sincere Desire we’re talking about.  If you’re a 70-year-old woman, you can’t “test the Universe” by saying you want to give birth to a newborn.  If becoming a rocket scientist wasn’t on your radar before and you don’t really care… you’re not going to manifest it.

So why does this make manifesting easy?

Because if everything you Desire is already here… you don’t have to freak out about it NOT being here!

You don’t have to be in lack.  You don’t have to notice that it isn’t here.  You can be 1000% certain that it is here.  All you have to do is shift your awareness so you can SEE the opportunity… and say yes to the opportunity.

Total confidence.  No freak outs.  Easy like Sunday morning.

Oh, and that “everything is whole and complete” thing?  That includes you.  😉

BELIEF: You already know how to do this! 

PROOF: You are already a masterful creator. You are creating all day long, all day, every day!!

And I’m not just talking about creating what you DON’T want. Many of those creations are exactly what you want!

You were born with mechanisms to create your world: your Desire, your subconscious mind (an amazing creating machine), and the one thing that NO other life form on the planet has: the ability to choose.

You are also a born learner, which means you can learn new things no matter how old you are.   You can change, adapt and grow at any age.

You are also already whole and complete.  You are Divine.

As humans, we pick up illusions along the way.  We have early experiences in life, then we repeat those experiences over and over again.

Magic is about removing those illusions.  First step: the awareness that they are illusions.

Here’s what I did when I was just starting out… and what I still do to this day.  Find stories of people who are just like you who have done what you Desire to do.

The world is filled with stories of amazing BE-ings who were too old, too young, too broke, too sick, too early, too late, had 5 kids, were in poverty, working full time jobs, going to school, getting divorced, in an abusive relationship and everything in between.  And created it anyway.

Read them.   Get inspired.

Then look at your own creations.  I double-dog dare you to make a list of 10 things you’ve already created in your life that you’re THRILLED about.

Then don’t stop there.  That list is 20, 30, 300, 500, 1000+ items long… even if you don’t have access to them all in this moment.

You don’t have to.  Your body does.  It’s all good.  And you already know how to do this.

BONUS BELIEF: There is ALWAYS a way.

PROOF: This one follows directly from the Law of Polarity,  that everything you desire is already here.

If everything you Desire is already here, and the WAY for it to come to you already exists…

… and you already know how to manifest…

… and you are a born learner…

… and you can change, adapt and grow at any stage…

… and there’s evidence of this all around you that you can have, create, receive what you Desire (decide that there is, look for it and you will see it)…

Yeah, you got this.  🙂

Now… from THIS place…think of that bold, juicy manifesting goal you’re working on…

From THIS place… what new possibilities are available to you?

Let me know in the comments, or on the Facebook Group.  And if you need more support in allowing these beliefs to sink in, check out past episodes of our radio show.

You got this!