My Big TURNING POINT… (Not What You Think)

I’ve been writing over the past couple of weeks about the TURNING POINT energy that is present this year. 

So many women in our community – myself included – are at one of those moments where the Universe / Spirit / The Divine gently (or not so gently!) asks us… 

“Are you going to Do The Thing, or not??” 

Are you going to make that pivot in your business? 

Are you going to start the business you know you’re here to create? 

Are you going to show up in the world as the visible leader you know you’re meant to be? 

Are you going to take your visibility, income and impact to the next level? 

On Friday, I hosted a Facebook Live, where I gave a TON of tips on how to navigate these big changes. 

I also shared the next MAJOR manifestation of my own… 

I’m finally going to drop the extra weight I’ve been carrying – once and for all. 

But not just “some” extra weight… 

I’m talking, like, 100 pounds.  #MEEP 

(Holy crap, did I just type this?  Am I actually going to send this?   

Somehow, sharing it on camera last week was a heck of a lot easier…) 

You can see the recording of the FB Live video right here.   I start talking weight loss about 15 minutes from the end, but the whole thing is loaded with content for you.  

Now there’s a reason why I made an ANNOUNCEMENT about this…  

I mean, it’s not like we go around announcing on the Internet that we’re going to lose 100 pounds, right?  I mean, who does that???

I am NOT one of those “let’s be the ‘vulnerable’ mentor on the Internet so I can sell more stuff.”

If anything, I am the OPPOSITE of “look at me!”   

There is a BIG part of me that would love to stay in my hidey-hole all day, if you know what I mean. 

So what gives? 

As soon as the word started to get out about this to my inner circle…  they all URGED me to share.  

“You cannot keep this to yourself,” they said.   

I suppose not.  100 lbs gone will be pretty noticeable, one way or the other.  😀 

I hesitated for a few minutes… and then I was a full body yes. 


Honestly, it’s NOT to inspire others to weight loss – though I know it will inspire, and that is awesome. 

It’s because ultimately, this weight loss represents a TURNING POINT. 

When I really thought about the decision to go for it… the getting of support (I have a LOT of support)… and how everything has lined up… 

… I realized how this weight loss will be the physical representation of an even deeper initiate’s journey.  Which is why it’s such a perfect way to teach you some deeper truths about manifestation. 

Quite frankly, despite being physically heavy, I have NOT “struggled” with my weight.  Aside from a short period in my elementary school years, I’ve never been a yo-yo dieter.  I don’t hate myself or how I look when I look in the mirror. 

I’ve always loved my curves.  I’m a little sad that they are going to change. 

And yet… resistance, as they say, is futile. 

There is a part of me that is dying.  And there’s no going back. 

I know this to be true. 

What does it mean to TRULY turn the corner?  To truly let go of something that has been at the very CORE of you… almost from the beginning?  Perhaps from other lifetimes? 

What does it mean to honor what is being asked of you by the Divine (which is YOU, by the way), and fully step into it, 1000%? 

What does it mean to surrender to Desire completely? 

These are big questions.  Important questions.  The questions we’ll be exploring as I share the journey with you. 

And as I do, I will invite you… to do some surrendering of your own. 

And claiming. 

And saying YES.  

And embracing. 

And amping up of your light SO HIGH that you become a beacon for the other souls you are meant to transform on this trip to Earth School. 

Because now is the time.  And ultimately… the only one who can say YES to your power, and all that you’re meant to be, do and have… is you. 

Let’s do this, Goddess.  Let’s do this.  

PS: In case you haven’t heard yet… (it’s been a few days since I’ve mentioned it)… I’m taking a group of Feminine Magicians to EGYPT in September. 

On a true initiate’s journey. 

A journey where we release and clear all parts of ourselves that are asking to be released… and consciously re-create ourselves as we wish to be. 

I think I mentioned that it’s going to be pivotal for me, too.  If all goes according to plan, almost ALL of the weight will be gone by then.  (Yes, it’s very safe, no worries about that.) 

I will be using the journey to completely upgrade my physical AND my light body to a new frequency, among other things. 

We’re going to have PRIVATE visits at sacred sites, like the Temple of Isis at Philae, The Great Pyramids, and the Sphinx. 

Are YOU ready for YOUR massive quantum leap this year? 

YOUR turning point? 

One of these spots might be meant for you. 

If you’d like more information on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… Send a note to and let me know WHY you’re drawn, what calls to you.  And I’ll send you a personal invite. 

The trip is filling up fast – we’re almost half-full.  Our dates are September 22 – October 5th. 

And… it IS once-in-a-lifetime.  There will not be another journey like this. 

(After all, I’m only going to lose 100 pounds once.  😉 ) 

If you’d like a personal invite, send me a note at  and tell me why you’re called. 



How To Navigate Massive (Awesome) Change

Hoo boy, is 2018 a disrupter year or what? 

Well, let me rephrase that a little.  2017 was a disruptor year.  And 2018 continues the energy of that massive change for the better that began back then. 

My point being… change is in the air.  Big time. 

So it’s no surprise that so many women in the Feminine Magic® community have MAJOR change on their plates this year. 

I know because a few emails ago, I asked women to hit REPLY and tell me what they are being called to right now.  And wow, did they ever respond!! 

Changes in business. 

Changes in health. 

Changes in relationships. 

These are not the little changes we’re talking about – these are BIG changes.  “Turning point” level transformation. 

And guess what?  Over the past, oh, two and a half years or so… I’ve had all three. 

My BIG transformation is still very much a work in progress. 🙂 

So if you’re feeling a little wobbly, you’re not alone.  And the kind of change brought by a Universal 11 Year (such as we’re in right now) does take some special finesse. 

The great news is… turning point changes like these are an opportunity to make HUGE quantum leaps in your life. 

So if this is resonating…  

The BIG Pivot: Navigating Quantum-Leap-Style Change 

Without Losing Your Shizzle  

FB Live with Elizabeth 

Watch the replay here.

(currently “ElizabethPurvisFan” but that’s changing soon too – ha!) 

In addition to lots of very practical strategies for navigating these big changes with grace, I’ll be sharing a lot of “behind the scenes” of my journey of late, from business coaching to manifesting & magic, the upcoming rebrand of Feminine Magic® and a lot more. 

Also?  I’m going to let you in on a VERY big goal I’ve finally decided to allow in this year.  It’s VERY personal… and I’ve never spoken about it publicly before.  (Namely because I’ve never really doubled down on it like I’m doing NOW.) 

Join me for this intimate conversation, OK?   

So many BIG leaps this year!  Let’s make ‘em together. 

BIG Love & magic to you! 


PS: Holy shizzle, we have SO much interest in our upcoming journey to EGYPT! 

In September of 2018, I’ll be leading a group of Feminine Magicians on an initiate’s journey to the birthplace of magic: EGYPT.  

We will be taking in private visits of many sacred sites… sailing down the Nile in an intimate, boutique style experience… and a lot more. 

Most importantly, we will be doing the energetic work of saying YES to our highest calling.  

Egypt is a place where you can leave disempowering patterns behind for good, and literally REMAKE YOURSELF in the image of YOUR Highest Self, what I call your Essence. 

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  So if you’re feeling called, NOW is the time to request your invite and get your application in. 

Do you KNOW that it’s time to permanently release and clear ALL that no longer serves you? 

Are you ready to release all resistance and truly step into your calling? 

One of these spots on this once-in-a-lifetime journey may be meant for you… 

If this is resonating, here’s what to do next… 

Send me a quick message to 

Let me know WHY you are called, and request a personal invite. 

I’ll forward the invite, with full details of the journey and the experience. 

This will be a very intimate group of no more than 14 women, along with me and our very experienced guide.  Our dates are September 22 – October 5, 2018.  (Note the corrected DATE.) 

Our spots are filling up FAST.    Like, really really fast. 

So if you think this might be for you…send me a quick message to 


The Circle Is Forming For Our Journey To Egypt…

Did you hear?  

On Thursday, I made a special announcement. 

This September, I’ll be leading a group of 14 Feminine Magicians on an initiate’s pilgrimage to EGYPT.    

This journey is truly a dream coming true… 

Very early on in my business, the goddess Isis began to come to me, in different ways and forms…. Including dreams. 

I resisted her initial call.  I was too “busy” … being scared.   Wobbly in business, wobbly in my leadership… scared of magic, scared of my power, scared of what others would think.  

Yes, I was scared.  And yet… I was 1000% to transforming myself into who I needed to BE in order to be a 1000% yes to my calling.

So I let myself be scared.  I loved myself through it.   

Because deep down, I knew the truth about what I’m here to do in the world. 

I made a commitment to the path, even though I didn’t know what it looked like – at ALL.  And I had a harsh inner critic that tried to keep me in the old paradigm, every step of the way.

Do you, too, know deep down that there’s something BIG you’re meant to step into? 

No more waiting.  Now is the time.  

Ultimately, that’s what our journey to Egypt is all about. 


This will be an initiate’s journey, as we tour sacred sites to awaken into our deepest calling, and activate our deepest power and latent spiritual gifts.  

We’ll visit some of Her most iconic sites – some with private visits, including… 

The Great Sphinx 

The Egyptian Museum 

The Temple of Isis at Philae  

Kom Ombo 

The Temples at Karnak and Luxor 



We’ll also sail the Nile for five entire days on an intimate, private boat, apart from the bigger cruise ships. (!!)  You’ll experience the water and banks of the Nile as it was and has been, practically unchanged for thousands of years.  

And that’s just SOME of what’s on the agenda during our time together. 

Egypt is one of THE few places on earth where you can return to the womb, permanently RELEASE that which stands between you and your purpose, and remake yourself, exactly as YOU choose to be. 

This is the work of the initiate.  This is really what we’re up to. 

THIS is the opportunity that this journey offers you. 

Do you KNOW that it’s time to permanently release and clear ALL that no longer serves you? 

Are you ready to release all resistance and truly step into your calling? 

One of these spots on this once-in-a-lifetime journey may be meant for you… 

If this is resonating, here’s what to do next… 

Send me a quick message at

Let me know WHY you are called, and request a personal invite. 

The response we received to Thursday’s announcement is kinda blowing me away. 

 We have 14 spots, two have been filled with applications and requests for applications pouring in. 

 Are you intrigued, curious, activated in any way at all by this opportunity? 

 Or maybe, like some of the women who have already responded, you have that KNOWING that a journey like this is your next step… 

Request your invite now (be sure to let me know why you are called). 

These spots will fill quickly.  Now is the time. 

PS: This will be a very intimate group of no more than 14 women, along with me and our very experienced guide.  Our dates are September 22 – October 7, 2018. 










Illuminating Your Magical Path (New FB Live)


Manifesting success is a psychological journey as much as it is a spiritual one.  

We can desire to transform and self-actualize at a really deep level… and without certain things in place our squishy minds can get in the way.  

What kind of things? 

One thing our human brains love is a PATH.  A journey to follow. 

Venturing into the unknown (a.k.a. change of any kind) is super triggering for humans.  

We want to know exactly what it’s going to look like as we travel from point A to point B. We don’t want any surprises if we can help it. 

Another thing our human brains love are PROGRESS MARKERS.  

We love having some confirmation that we’re moving forward the way we’re supposed to. We want to know that we’re on track. 

When we have the path, and the markers, we can orient ourselves. 

We know where we are. We know where we’re going.  

All is well so we can relax and enjoy the ride.  And if things get bumpy, we’re better prepared to navigate the roads ahead.  

On the journey to manifesting and creating really deep transformation in your life, having the path illuminated with clear guideposts is a huge gift.  

In my early days, before I began any formal training, I was a solo practitioner in magic.  I was sooo  hungry for knowledge and to grow my skills. I wanted to see things happen on the physical really quickly.  

I was reading alllll these books on western esotericism, the occult, magic and Tarot —trying to piece it all together.   

But most often I felt like I didn’t know what the fudge I was doing, and why some things worked while others didn’t.  

Eventually I just got frustrated and realized that I wanted a PATH.  A clear path, and a community to go with it.  

As soon as I found my magical community and learned that there was a path I could follow to grow from where I was to where I wanted to be in my practice of magic, everything changed.

My ability to create at Will grew.  I began manifesting the things I wanted more easily. And when things  didn’t go down and planned, it was so much easier to course correct with the support of peeps who were walking the same path.   

Similarly, your ability to call in ALL the things you want with lightning speed will grow by leaps and bounds when you have a clear path— AND the tools, training and resources to get from where you are now to where you Desire to be really quickly.  

Curious to know what that path looks like? 

In this very special Facebook Live  I shared what this looks like when you choose to journey as a Feminine Magician…  

The Path Illuminated:  

An Honest Look At The Feminine Magician’s Journey &  

Why It’s Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced…  

Even If You’ve Studied Magic Before 

Facebook Live With Elizabeth  

Find it here

PS: In case you missed it…The doors to join us in The Circle are open again.  

I’m here to illuminate the Feminine Magician’s path and show “the way” to waaaayyyyyyy more people through this community… AND it doesn’t feel right to put any limits or restrictions on when peeps can begin their journey.

If you’re feeling called and you know you’re meant to join us, you’ve  got until Wednesday at midnight to do at the best ‘deal’ that available all year— $997 for a full year of facilitated manifesting practice, on-going magical training and incredibly supportive sisterhood PLUS The School of Manifesting self study program as a bonus.  

**This is essentially getting 2 programs for the price of 1 which is why we can’t offer it forever.  

If you want in, now is the time… 

Click here to step into The Circle






The Magic Of Letting Go

Letting go. Really. Truly. Fully… has been one of the major themes in my life over the past few years.  

It was required to make the leap from Goddess Business School to teaching full on Feminine Magic® last year. 

It was required to allow ideal relationships and support into my life to help me though this transition. 

And was certainly top of mind as we revealed yesterdays big news—  

The doors to the Circle are open indefinitelyand were giving peeps a few more days to step in with the same screamin’ deal offered at launch. 

Yep! Its happening! 

If you missed the announcement in yesterday’s New Moon Ritual, go back and catch the full scoop here:

Letting go, on the re-open The Circle front, was a bigger mind bender for me than one might expect.  

Years of indoctrination in the ways of internet marketing really leaves you thinking that there’s only one way to do things… 

Of course, there isnt.  

But we can only see the millions of other possibilities available to manifest what we Desire when we learn to fully let go.  

The cool thing is, among those shiny new possibilities lies an outcome that is wayyyyyyy better than anything we could’ve ever imagined. 

I’m seeing this play out right now in The Circle.   

After years of wondering if and how and when this supportive, magical container for manifesting success could come into form without fully surrendering to the vision (until now)—The Circle  is here!!! 

And our Sister Magicians are in there showing up for themselves and each other and their magical training in a way I could’ve never imagined 

I truly wish EVERYONE could see what was going behind the scenes at our first monthly Goal Setting Workshop… Oh my Goddess! These women (and men) are sooooo holding space for one another to let go and step into their new possibilities in such a beautiful way.   

Letting go isn’t something you do once a month and check off a list, of course.  

It’s a really crucial skill that we’ll come back to over and over as we manifest together all year along. AND we’ll also learn plenty o’ magical practices to make it easier and easier to let go as we journey on.  

If you’re ready to master letting go so you can see the infinite possibilities to manifest what you Desire…  

Click here to step into The Circle and join us

We can’t wait to welcome you in. 

Love and magic,