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What To Do When Your Big Dream Seems So Far Away


So I just set a BIG goal into motion.

When I say BIG, I mean… BIG. Financially big. Life-changing BIG. Something that everyone wants and yet most people will never achieve.

Given where I am now, I’m guessing it’ll take me 5 years. It can be done in less than that for sure, but most people take 20 years or more – if they do it at all.

It has me thinking about goals, and timelines.

When you start to really understand the Laws of Desire and how to manifest, you start to understand how much of a bugaboo linear time really is.

Here in the 3D world, linear time is a measurement, and it’s a really useful one.  Timeframes bring clarity to our vision. They keep us on track and accountable. They give us parameters for decisions. They impel us to move forward.

And yet, as soon as you introduce timeframes… they start to mess with your head. Allll that mental chatter about how long it’s taking, how long it SHOULD take, why it’s not here yet.   And sometimes outright despair at the perception of how long it will take.

The good news is, you can have your dream in a MUCH shorter timeframe than you think. Power manifestors create seemingly impossible outcomes in what is, for all intents and purposes, an instant. (Take my friend Jennifer, who built a $20m real estate empire in under 10 months.)

And there are two big reasons why instant manifestation is not only possible, but actually the most natural way to manifest….

One is the Law of Polarity, which tells us that everything has its equal and opposite. You cannot have an “up” without a “down.” Or a left without a “right.” Or an “in” without an “out.” So when you have a true Desire, the way for that Desire to be made manifest already exists, and it’s in your field already. Everything you Desire is already here.

Second is quantum physics. I’m grossly simplifying here, but the long and short of it is that all time exists in the NOW, simultaneously.

That means that all the knowledge, all the resources, and everything you need to create what you want NOW already exists in the NOW. You don’t need to wait 20 years. It’s here NOW, it’s seeking you NOW, you can have it NOW.

So why isn’t everyone “having it NOW?”

The answer, once again, gets back to the fact that we are Divinely powerful BE-ings having a human experience.

While we are born Divine, and therefore come here to earth with all that entails (read: the power to be, do or create anything we wish)… we are also born into a body, equipped with a mind that is the most powerful manifesting engine that has ever been actualized on the planet, AND at the same time is wired to block us from creating / achieving / receiving what we really, truly want.

The practice of magic is about dancing with and ultimately mastering this paradox.

We are NOT born with the knowledge of HOW to manifest instantly. Or HOW to create a $20m real estate empire. Or a 7-figure business. Or a global non-profit. Or a writing career. Or a soul-level relationship. Or any other meaningful dream.

We are born with soul purpose and the inner drive to bring that calling to life. We are born with Desire.

Yet… the journey, the HOW, the way to actually manifesting it… THAT is up to us.

We have the dream, but we must bring it to life. The tools are there, and our power is there, but it’s up to US to use those tools and develop our power.

In other words, we must GROW.

GROWTH is what takes up the linear 3D time. And therein lies our opportunity for manifestation mastery.

So what do you do when your big dream seems SO far away?

Embrace the growth that is required to get there.

One of my favorite teachers of the Laws, David Neagle, has a quote I just love. “The only cause of non-miracles is resistance.” This includes “Why isn’t it here yet?”

There is a gap between where you ARE and where you want to BE.   That’s just the fact of it. Ever notice the more you try to push away or deny that gap, the more time passes and the bigger the gap becomes?

That’s because what you energize, manifests. You can either energize “why isn’t it here yet?” OR you can direct your energy toward calling what you want into your life.

The thing about the manifestation game is… you DO have to do things differently. You’re literally re-writing yourself. The ways to do it are simple, but it is by no means easy.

Manifestation is a skill. Like any skill, it DOES get easier. But you have to drop the resistance and embrace what is required – including the learning itself.

Louise Hay puts it brilliantly…

“When we begin to work on ourselves, sometimes things get worse before they get better. It’s okay if that happens. It’s the beginning of the process. It’s untangling old threads. We need to just flow with it. It takes time and effort to learn what we need to learn. We might not see changes instantly.

Impatience is only resistance to learning. It means we want the goal without going through the process. We need to let ourselves learn, step by step. It will get easier as we go along.”

Sooooo… about that Big Dream of yours…

What are you resisting? In what WAY are you being asked to grow?

Are you studying the principles of manifestation, the Laws, magical tools and putting them into practice every day, to the best of your ability?

At the same time, are you taking aligned action on the guidance you’ve been given, along with the super-practical steps you know are being asked of you?

Answer these questions honestly, and the next step will be clear. And then the next, and the next.

And the next thing you know… you will have created pure magic.

I believe in you!



How To Break Free Of Money Scarcity, Once And For All


Pop quiz, Goddess… how many thoughts do you have per day… about money?

I can’t remember the statistic I heard years ago… but we can all agree that it’s a LOT.   In the thousands.

Pop quiz, part 2…. :)

Out of those daily thoughts about money… how many of them are negative?

Right. The overwhelming majority of them!

How many times have you said I can’t afford it, we don’t have the money for that, I’d love to BUT…

We all do. Our natural wiring as humans, coupled with our environment, programs us for scarcity from a young age.   And most people aren’t even aware of how much scarcity they’re carrying around.

The problem is that thoughts of scarcity, even if they’re unconscious, keep us locked in a program of scarcity. They keep us from the truth, which is that there’s more than enough .

And the OTHER truth, which is that you have the ability to create any amount of money you want, whenever you want.

So how do you break free of scarcity thinking, once and for all?

First, focus on Truth-with-a-capital-T.

Our lives are created by our perceptions and the meaning we make out of what we perceive.

Most people are making their circumstances into truth. They look at the bank account and conclude, “I don’t have any money.”

But circumstances are not Truth. Truth is truth. And Universal Law contains two BIG truths that are pivotal for breaking free from the scarcity illusion:

  • Supply is infinite, and comes to us from Source through other people
  • You cannot have a Desire without it already being present in your life

The first step, then, is to put more focus and more energy into TRUTH over being swayed by your circumstances.

An empty bank account may be your circumstances. But circumstances are not Truth. Truth is truth.   Focus on Truth, and bless the circumstances.

Next, train yourself to see the abundance that is all around you.

Our brains are wired to continually look for evidence to validate our beliefs. It’s called the Reticular Activating System, and your mind will literally filter what it sees and take in only the evidence that confirms your beliefs, while the rest goes unnoticed.

The problem is, most people are filtering their awareness for scarcity – because their core belief is in “not enough.”

So you have to begin to train your mind to look for evidence of MORE. Which is why I love to play a little game I call “Spot the Abundance!”

There’s an abundance of leaves on the trees…

There’s an abundance of food at the grocery store…

There’s an abundance of cars on the road…

There’s even an abundance of people who are making a ton of money doing what they love.

(This is one of the reasons we always tell our prospective clients to read our success stories – they’re training themselves to see the abundance!)

Best part is, the more you do the easier it becomes, and your reality begins to shift in support of the Truth.

Finally – and this is the biggie – create a new experience.

Short of using brain-shifting modalities like NLP, and magical techniques that are too big for the scope for this article… there are two ways to re-wire yourself in favor of a new belief. (And even if you do use modalities like NLP, you still need to do these two things.)

The first is repetition. Bringing yourself back to the “new way,” over and over again. To a certain extent you can’t get around this practice. But it’s the slower road, requiring your awareness and conscious choice.

The second is by speed. Create a experience so quickly that your subconscious mind doesn’t have a chance to stop you.

This is my all-time FAVORITE way to re-wire yourself for abundance!

When you give yourself a new experience, your squishy mind can’t argue with that kind of hard evidence, so it has to accept the new experience as fact, and this forms a new belief.

That’s why for the past 6 years, one of my specialties has been teaching people how to create, market and fill high-end programs. It’s a great strategy for an experience of creating more money.

Once you’ve created, say, your first $10k in a month… your mind starts to get on board with the idea. “Hey, this is actually possible.”   Do it again… and again… and at a certain point, it becomes the New Normal.

If you’re really ready to break free from money scarcity, do this:

  • Focus on the higher truths: it IS possible for you, and the money is already there.
  • Get very clear on what the first breakthrough is. $5000? $10,000?
  • Create or obtain a plan for making the money. This is where a coach or mentor can help.
  • Use manifesting principles coupled with that strategic plan, to create that experience.
  • Do it again. And again. And again!

This is how I was able to go from $10,000 per year in my business to 7-figures.

How To (Effectively) Manifest From Your Feminine


One of the biggest frustrations I hear from the women in our community is around how to break out of masculine mode and manifest in a more feminine way.

It’s awesome to be a high-achieving woman, but we’re all far too familiar with the go-go-go, do-do-do driving that eventually drains our energy and burns us out (and usually leaves us without the results we want). This doesn’t work well for most women, never has.

The good news is there IS a better way to approach manifesting – one that deeply honors your feminine gifts and energy.

But first we need to understand what causes that driving (aka masculine) energy, so we can work with it in a new way. True achievement in our achievement-driven society doesn’t have to equal hard, hard work and exhaustion.

So what causes it to be so hard?

1. Our conditioning: Let’s face it, we live a society that’s built on pushing and striving. Even if you grew up in a bubble, I’m sure you’re aware of this prevailing consciousness that “hard work equals results.” So for many women our default patterning is to shift into this mode.
2. Our mind: We all have an ego mind that’s primary job is to keep us in the land of the safe and familiar. Therefore, when we are attempting to create a new experience for ourselves, the ego mind will create resistance. And this resistance makes it much more likely that our conditioning will take over and shift us into pushing and driving.

So the very first thing we need is a way of manifesting that addresses the resistance that will inevitably arise. (Most trainings on manifestation fail to address this!)


Here are my top 3 ways to shift into the Feminine way of manifesting and melt away resistance:

1. We have to employ Feminine tools of surrender and trust.
What are we trusting? We are trusting in a higher Truth than what we see in front of us with our senses. We’re trusting in the fact that the Universe is set up to support us, and surrendering to that process with faith.

And no, that does not mean abdicating responsibility or not doing your part. The Universe works within co-creation, which requires us to act on the opportunities that show up.

It’s also important to realize that manifesting from the Feminine is not simply about receiving. Many women make the mistake of thinking that to manifest in a Feminine way they just need to sit back and engage in self-care and wait to receive. They reject action because it feels “masculine”, but then get frustrated that they aren’t ever getting what they want.

There is action involved, always. But when you know the right kind of action it’s so much easier than trying to strong-arm your way to results, AND you receive far more, with far more ease.

2. We must understand the difference between “DO-ing” and aligned action.
Where most women go wrong is they allow that conditioned mind to shift them into doing a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t take them closer to their goal. (For example, fiddling with your website for weeks instead of picking up the phone and asking someone to work with you.) Aligned actions are those actions that actually bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and are aligned with the outcome you desire. And they are often the actions that are uncomfortable to take!

The interesting thing is, we spend far more energy and time resisting the aligned actions than it would actually take us to perform them – and this is where most of the exhaustion comes from.

A power question to ask when you find yourself stuck in ‘doing/pushing’ mode… “What is the aligned action I’m resisting?”

3. Learn to be with uncomfortable feelings.
There are times when we do slip into doing, striving and resistance – we are human, remember? At these times, my go-to Feminine power strategy is to simply check in with myself, and even take a break if I need to. You can’t create much of anything when you’re triggered.

Realize what’s going on and see that it’s simply your subconscious drama at play. You can choose to step out of it. Take a break to be with your feelings, honor them, do something nourishing for yourself, then return your attention to the outcome you Desire and the higher Truth that’s supporting you in creating it.

Honoring our feelings, without indulging in them, is one of our Divine Feminine gifts. And when you activate this gift you become a much more powerful creatrix!

I invite you to practice this new approach to manifesting starting right away, and be ready for more ease – and more receiving of what you truly Desire!

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P.PS. If you are excited about mastering the art of manifestation then you are going to LOVE what I have coming for you next week.

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You’re about to discover your Feminine Magic® in a whole new way!

A Simple System To Manifesting Anything In Record Time – 7-Figure Goddess Radio Episode-13

When it comes to manifesting, one of the biggest frustrations I hear from the women in our community is, “Why does it have to take so long?”

You may be relieved to learn that it actually doesn’t! It’s simply our misconception of time that makes it seem that way.

160303 7FG Radio Show Episode 13When you know how to work the process properly, it’s possible to manifest at record speed.

In this week’s episode of the 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show I shared that process with you.

A Simple System To Manifest Your Desires In Record Time

In this episode, I covered:

  • 2 secrets about time that totally bust up any ideas you have about it needing to take long a  time
  • The one thing you must do to ensure that YOU don’t delay the process
  • Real life examples of how I and others have used this process to make BIG stuff happen quickly
  • And much more!

Catch the Episode replay below, and make your dreams come true!

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How To Make Powerful Requests And Receive All The Support You Need – 7-Figure Goddess Radio Episode-12

160210 7FG Radio Show Episode 12Yesterday on our 7-Figure Goddess Radio show we had a rich and juicy discussion about women, Desire, asking and receiving.  “The Art Of The Ask: How To Make Powerful Requests And Receive All The Support You Need.”

So many women try to do everything themselves, and end up feeling stuck, struggling overwhelmed and discouraged.

The good news is, everything you want is already here – the way for it to be made manifest is already present – and it’s right there for you on the other side of the ask.

If you don’t ask you don’t get!

In this episode we explored:

  • Why so many women resist asking for what they really want
  • Where they go wrong in the process
  • My 5-step process to making an empowered request that dramatically increases your likelihood of you receiving what you want

Listen to this powerful episode here:

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Empowered Feminine women have the ability to ask AND receive.   With the tools shared in this episode, you can start practicing – and mastering – this right away.

Did this episode open something up for you? Please post a comment in the 7-Figure Goddess Facebook group and let us know what new request you’ll be making!