10 Manifesting Myths That Keep Your Desires Out Of Reach


When I was just starting on the path of magic, I’d spend hours pouring over books of esoterica, studying and putting things into practice. 

Back then, the knowledge was – and is! – in plain sight.  But there were no online programs or YouTube channels to break it all down in laywoman’s terms.  

Fast forward to right now.  Manifesting books, formulas, programs, teachings, web channels, podcasts, documentaries… are everywhere.  

The vision I’ve long held in my heart – of this ancient wisdom coming out of the shadows and even become normalized – is coming true. 

This is ah-MAZE-ing!! 

When I see so many women waking up to their powers, and so many of us teaching… my heart is filled to overflowing. 

The world needs this wisdom, and the world needs US – conscious women who have said YES to expansion, with fully developed manifesting powers, who have done the work of transforming their patterns to walk in the world from a place of Essence, or higher self.   

I know the truth of this, in every cell in my body.  Which is why I’m called to set the record straight on a few manifesting myths. 

Here’s the thing. More information about manifesting doesn’t equal accurate information about manifesting 

And much of the ‘how to’ that pops up on my Facebook feed is either missing key parts of the manifesting equation as I know it… or worse… based on complete misinformation. 

To be clear, I’m not hatin’.  The magical arts require continued study, and the kind of wisdom that comes from life experience. 

But if you want to move beyond “sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t” manifesting, and really hone your feminine creative powers to manifest your Desires with ease and consistently…  

 … then it pays to separate TRUTH from fiction or interpretation.  So here we go… 


Myth #1: Manifesting Is About Creating Out Of Thin Air 

Pop quiz:  HOW do we actually manifest? 

If you want to, say, call in $50,000… where is that money coming from? 

It’s NOT going to fall out of the sky and onto your head while you’re sitting on the couch.  

This isn’t Cinderella, peeps! 

You don’t just “bippity boppity boo” your way to a zillion dollars.  If this were the case, we’d all be zillionaires right now.  

So where does the money – or the Prince Charming (cha!), or the house or the car or whatever actually come from? 

It comes from becoming aware of the opportunity to call it in.  That opportunity exists, and it exists in your world right now.  Always.  Always.  Always.  

Instant manifestation is real.  Everything you want is already here.  

Your role as magician is to shift your consciousness (perception) in a way that allows you to SEE the opportunity, and then take whatever aligned action is required to make that manifestation real, here on the physical plane. 

When you get really, really good at this… exactly what you Desire will show up with lightning speed, seemingly out of thin air. 


Myth #2: Your Thoughts Create Your Reality   

Positive thinking is powerful.  Your thoughts do influence your reality.   Directing your thoughts is a big key to manifesting mastery. 

But your thoughts are not the whole picture.  They do not create your results. 

For one thing… we are a LOT more than just our thoughts.  We are not just a brain on the end of our necks. 

You are a holistic BE-ing.  You have thoughtsemotions, a bodyenergy systems in that body, a spirit and soul.  You are also a part of a larger environment – and that environment has a huge influence on your experience. 

Change ANY of the elements in the system, and you change the system.  (This is engineering 101, by the way.)  As magician, this gives you great power and flexibility. 

Also?   Your reality is created by the aligned action you take (or don’t take).  Period, end of story.  

Of course, just taking action willy-nilly isn’t going to create what you want either. 

The most robust way to create our reality is to understand ALL of the pieces in play – of which our thoughts is but one.  A big one, mind – but not the only one. 


Myth #3: Manifesting Requires Feeling Good 

Many schools of thought teach that manifesting is all about raising your vibe and feeling good.  

What they’re alluding to is the concept of raising your frequency so you can “match the energy of what you want”. 

But that’s inaccurate too.  Just because you’re vibrating at the frequency of, say, a new Tesla… doesn’t mean that said Tesla is going to come vibrating in.  (At least, not “on command.”) 

Remember, manifesting is about being able to SEE what is already there.   

The truth is, you can still manifest when you’re NOT feeling good.  And thank Goddess for that, because when you’re mid-manifestation of something really life changing… it can actually feel quite painful.  

At the end of the day, manifesting is really about transformation, it’s about creating a new experience. And there are all kinds of reasons that new experiences are uncomfortable as hell for the less evolved parts of our human brain.  

So don’t stress if you feel bad sometimes and remember, sometimes  when you’re really upleveling you’re going to feel like total crap even though you’re manifesting like a mo-fo. 😉 


Myth #4: Manifesting Is About Setting Your Intention And Letting It Go  

I often say that letting go is the key to manifesting… but setting an intention and then expecting Spirit do the work is not at all what I’ve referring to. 

First, the Divine works with us, not for us.   

Asking and expecting Spirit to do the heavy lifting isn’t going to get you very far.   Why? Because every single thing you do influences the Creative Substance aka Spirit. 

Spirit operates deductively.  How YOU impress your Desires on Spirit matters.   You are “impressing” (by way of your vibrational signature) on Spirit all day long… long after any working is over. 

Second, what happens when you don’t give something your attention, your focus, your energy?   

It doesn’t get stronger. In fact, it actually withers away and dies.  

This is true of your relationships, is true of your houseplants, it’s true of your money… and it’s true of your intentions. 

Finally, all too often the energy of “letting it go” is the energy of giving up your power.  Spirit’s going to do all of that for me, right?  

Nuh uh.  Spirit works with what YOU put out there – all day, every day. 

Now, we do want to let go of our intentions in one sense.   

When we are attached to our intentions and HOW they will manifest, we experience constriction.  Constriction cuts off energy, and possibilities.  99% of the time, there are unhelpful perceptions (thoughts and ideas) behind the constriction, which make it even harder to spot (attract) the way to call in what we want. 

But you don’t set it and forget it when it comes to manifesting.   We are co-creating, not abdicating.  


Myth #5: Manifesting is All About Your Ability To Receive  

Mastering the art of allowing, and/or receiving, seems to be a bit of a trend these days.  

I get it…and certainly, allowing and receiving are a big part of successful manifesting.  

Receiving, as it’s often taught, focuses on aligning your energy to the frequency of abundance and gratitude to let more in.   

This is fantastic, for we DO need to have the capacity, energetically speaking, to attract and receive that which we want to create.  You always want to “expand your container” – increasing your set point for money, love, health, pleasure or whatever your Desire. 

The problem comes when “receiving” is confused with waiting.   Also a problem: ignoring the physical action you need to take to receive what you Desire. 

In Feminine Magic®, we focus on receiving the opportunity (and with it, the next aligned action) to call in what we Desire.   

Huge difference! 

While aligning to the energy of receiving (or allowing) feels really good and will manifest some cool shizzle, some of the time… receiving the opportunity and taking whatever aligned action is required is a far more consistent and predictable way to manifest specific outcomes.  


Myth #6: It’s Possible to Manifest Through Inaction  

Like many of the others, this one isn’t entirely a myth.   

It IS accurate that when you relax, let go, consciously choose your vibrational signature and work with Spirit, you can attract opportunities seemingly out of thin air.  It absolutely DOES happen.  It’s freaking COOL when it does.  You can learn how to make it happen a lot more often. 

I’m also NOT saying that manifesting is about hustling your ass off. 

Indeed, manifesting can be – and should be! – easy.  

But there’s a BIG overarching misunderstanding that’s running behind the scenes in the way that manifesting is usually taught.   The misunderstanding around what “aligned action” really means. 

Here’s the thing.  Manifesting and receiving ALWAYS involves some sort of action.  Always. 

And I’m not talking about taking spirit-focused actions that work in the ethers like making vision boards or performing gratitude rituals. 

There is always an action to take.  Even if that action is depositing the check that seemingly fell into your lap. 

Except that it didn’t just fall into your lap.  You set things into motion, consciously or unconsciously.  To complete the manifestation requires some next step – the action of depositing the check. 

Other times, your aligned action will NOT be depositing the check.  Your aligned action will be generating leads.  Or picking up the phone.  Or being VISIBLE so that people can SEE you and want to hire you. 

Even setting an intention, letting it go and laying by the lake is an action.  The question is, is it the appropriate action for THIS manifestation? 

The magician who wants to consistently and predictably call in her Desires knows her toolkit.  She knows the manifesting process.  And she makes conscious choices based on what the situation calls for. 


Myth #7: You Can’t Manifest Unless You Can Visualize The Outcome 

Magicians have used forms of visualization for centuries.  Visualization is one of THE most useful tools in your toolkit. 

And even if you think you can’t visualize… you can.  We’re making pictures all the time.  It’s what we do as humans. 

That said, what we think of as traditional visualization is more challenging for some people.  Luckily, it’s not the ONLY way to communicate with your subconscious! 

What you energize, manifests.  If you can’t visualize, you can learn.  And while it is an amazing tool, it’s not the only one, and it’s not your only shot.  So don’t make that the reason why “it’s not working”! 


Myth #8: “Divine Timing 

This one is a whopper.  And there are few things that frustrate me more than seeing brilliant women give away their power because they believe “it’s not the right time.” 

I don’t buy that for a second and you can read why right here:  


Everything you want is already here and YOU are at choice.  Period.  

Now it’s true that sometimes you really go for it…and it doesn’t work out. 

But the reason why has nothing to do with God / Spirit / Source deciding that now isn’t the time for you. 

You are at choice in your life and you “decide” the speed at which you manifest based on your energetic frequency and the actions you take.  


Myth 9: To Manifest You “Just Trust” 

I understand why this myth shows up often and why it’s easy to believe.  

If you don’t trust as you manifest, you’re probably sitting in the energy of “I don’t believe it’s possible” and that isn’t going to get you very far.  

Words have power.  The problem with “trust” is that it contains the vibration of giving up your power. 

When you say “just trust,” who or what are you “just trusting”?  Usually something OUTSIDE of you, rather than co-creating with the Creative Substance all around you. 

Instead giving up your power… choose FAITH. 

The essence of faith is our willingness to make choices and take aligned action based on a higher truth, rather than whatever circumstances are in front of you. (“I have no money in my bank account,” “I have a husband and 3 kids,” etc.) 

When we have faith, it means we believe in something greater, wholeheartedly, even (and especially) for that which we cannot see. 

Trust, on the other hand, puts you at the mercy of a power outside of yourself.  

Manifesting doesn’t require trust but it does require heaps of FAITH.  

Faith in ourselves. Faith in our choices. Faith in the process. 

So let’s trade the phrase “just trust” to “have faith in that which you cannot see.”   

Doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the same but is far more empowering.  


Myth #10: You Need To Ask The Universe To Grant Your Desires 

Contrary to popular belief… you don’t ask the Divine for what you want.  You command what you want. 

Yes, seriously.  

There is no all-powerful Oz granting you courage, a heart or a trip back to Auntie Em.  

The Divine works with us, not for us, remember?  

We are co-creative partners with Source. We actually are on equal footing.  

This idea tends to ruffle feathers, especially if you come from a really religious background, but in my magical tradition, there is no separation between God(dess) and us.  

There’s no intermediary running interference between She and we. No hierarchy, no authority, no power over… all the while acknowledging that She is… Goddess, and all that entails. 

We cannot put ourselves beneath the Divine and hold ourselves as powerful manifestors. 

We cannot be beneath the Divine when we are from the Divine and OF the same substance.  That substance – whether you call it God, Goddess, Source, Spirit or the Divine – is responding to us constantly. 

Which means YOU call the shots.  You are at choice.  Always.   

If you choose to have your Desires manifest quickly and consistently, choose Truth over myths.  Activate the Creative Power you were born with.  Learn to use it – consciously. 

If you’re ready to do just that, keep your peepers peeped for a brand new training video and manifesting mini guide I’ll be sharing with my community later this week. I’ll be giving you my best secrets to awaken your Feminine Creative Power to manifest. You won’t want to miss it! 

In the meantime, I’d love to hear how these myths landed for you. Any surprises? Any truths you’ll be adopting? Any myths you wish I covered? 

Let me know in the comments!   I read them all.  Loving you from here! 


5 Full Moon Release Rituals To Amp Up Your Receiving

I often get asked how I manifest, create and call in so much.

Of course, there’s no one single answer. (There IS a process, and that’s one of the reasons why I created The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting.)

But here’s a big one.

I let go of a LOT.

I mean, a LOT a LOT.

Letting go is the lynchpin of manifestation – the one thing on which the entire process rests. If the fastest way to call in what you Desire is to BE the version of you that already has it (hint: it is)…

… then letting go becomes a non-negotiable self-care move.

You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating: everything you wish to manifest requires letting go of something first.

Were that not true, you’d have what you want already.

If you want more money, you must let go of whatever keeps you from receiving more money.

If you want a new relationship, you must let go of whatever keeps you from calling that new person in.

If you want to make a complete 180 in our business, and step fully onto your Divinely contracted soul’s path… you must be willing to completely blow up everything you built before, including releasing your programs, brand and even your entire team, if necessary.

(Ask me how I know. 😉 )

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us,” Joseph Campbell said.

For the Feminine Magician, it goes way beyond that. Releasing, clearing, and letting go is a monthly, weekly and daily occurrence.

For example, in the past few weeks, I released 3 projects that are consuming too much energy and attention. We shut down one of our funnels that had been bringing new people into The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting consistently, but is now counter to the direction we know we need to go in. I silently, lovingly severed ties with several people who are no longer an energetic match. I re-committed to my high-vibration eating plan, which completely eliminates sugar and flour, tightened up our boundaries (releasing several clients who are no longer in money integrity with our company), and freed up about 10 hours a week in my schedule by delegating even more.

That’s not counting the DAILY energetic clearing, cord-cutting, space clearing and detoxing (with the help of essential oils).

As I’m sure you’ve experienced, letting go can be UNfun.

It’s uncomfortable. Unfamiliar. Requires discipline. Sometimes people’s feelings get hurt.

But holding on to the old, outdated thoughts / habits / relationships / perceptions while attempting to attract or manifest new experiences severely blocks the opportunities to call them in with ease.

The good news is, letting go doesn’t HAVE to be hard. All the mental drama I just mentioned is just that – mental drama.

Which is where ritual comes in.

Among many other things, ritual is the sacred act of taking what’s on the INSIDE and making it manifest on the OUTSIDE.

If you want to send a clear message to your subconscious that you really mean business… a well-crafted, intentional ritual will do exactly that. While, of course, making a clear, direct impression on the Creative Substance.

And because Universal Substance operates deductively, it will return to you what you put into it.

It is done.

The full moon is traditionally ideal for releasing and letting go of anything and everything that no longer serves. This, plus all of these reasons mentioned above, are why I’ve made some kind of Full Moon releasing ritual an absolute must.

Now I know you may be going, “Yeah, yeah, Elizabeth, let go, I do it already, yeah yeah.”

Mastery check: how much are you REALLY letting go – really really?

How often do you “let go” of something, only to find it energized and back in your life again?

This is one of those things that never ends. We are constantly adding new skin, so to speak, but because our brains make it so easy to go on autopilot, it’s often on top of the skin underneath. New clothes on top of old clothes. Doesn’t work so well.

Time to ditch the baggage. Ditch the excuses – you have time for this.

The more you release, the more you’ll call in. Full stop. 🙂

So are you ready to amp up your releasing practice?

Here are 5 of my favorite releasing rituals, all of which you can make more potent by performing under the full moon. DON’T dismiss their simplicity – some of the most effective magic is that which is the most simple.

Which brings me to a power tip: bring your full ATTENTION and INTENTION to each ritual. Both direct energy, both are running whether you are consciously aware of them or not. Choose consciousness.

All of these rituals are so simple, you can do them on the daily. Enjoy your releasing practice!

Ritual 1: Burn To Release

Hands down, my favorite magical way to release is by watching it go up in flames.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pen and slips of paper for writing down what you’re releasing
  • Abalone shell (as a fireproof surface to burn over)
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Tweezers (yes, tweezers!)

Ritual steps:

1. Connect with your Essence and ask her to show you what is coming up to be released

2. Write down everything that surfaces on a slip of paper.

3. When you’re ready, pick up a slip of paper with the tweezers and set it ablaze over a fireproof container or surface, like an abalone shell. If you don’t have one any fireproof container will do.

PS: The tweezers aren’t mandatory either. I personally use them so I can watch the flame go up and really visualize everything I’ve written burning away and leaving…forever!

4. As the paper burns, visualize the pattern, emotion, belief etc. being cleared away in the smoke…

IMPORTANT PSA: Use common sense and take the proper precautions when burning, either indoors or outdoors. If burning indoors, make sure your area is well ventilated and have water handy in case you need it. Never leave fire burning unattended, never interfere with another’s choice and remember that you are 100% responsible for your words, intentions, deeds and karma. Be smart & safe. ‘Nuff said!

Ritual 2: Take A Cleansing Bath or Shower

A cleansing bath is both literal and symbolic… and it’s easy to incorporate as a daily ritual because you likely ALREADY do this 😉

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bath or shower
  • Epsom salts (or sea salts)
  • Essential oils

Ritual steps:

1. Before bathing or showering, connect with your higher self set the intention to release anything that no longer serves.

2. Prepare your bath by adding 5 – 10 drops of essential oil and approximately 1 up of or Epsom salts to the water.

For essential oils I love working with two doTERRA blends Forgive or Console (or sometimes both). They feature some of the best essential oils I know for release work. The Forgive blend from doTERRA supports the release of emotions like of guilt and anger while promoting contentment, relief, and patience. The Console blend uses floral and tree oils to promote feelings of comfort… the giant hug you need to move through the grief that often surfaces as you let go.

1.  As you soak in the tub, visualize the cleansing that is taking place. Literally wash yourself of all you wish to release.

Tip: No bath? No problem. You can easily perform this cleansing ritual in a shower. In your hands, make a paste with Epsom salt and use it as a scrub. As it rinses off, imagine all of what you are releasing being washed away.

Ritual 3: Make a Full Moon Releasing Oil

Love, love, LOVE to make these. Be sure to use the highest quality essential oils you can get your hands on.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass bottle or container, preferably dark or amber colored to maintain the integrity of the oils. You can find roller balls at AromaTools.com.
  • Fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oil of your choosing
  • Essential oils of your choice. Here are a few possibilities:

 – Lavender has a wide array of properties, some include purification, spiritual love, and understanding.

– Frankincense is used for purification, consecration, protection, and overcoming fear.

– Cypress promotes spiritual understanding and letting go of pain.

Ritual steps

1. Place your carrier oil and essential oils inside the glass container and swirl gently to blend

2. Charge the oil overnight under the full moon

3. Use the oil daily to anoint yourself, your altar or candles or in any way you choose, keeping in mind the properties and intentions of the blend.

TIP: If using on skin be sure to test for skin sensitivity and dilute as needed.

4. Breathe deeply, visualizing the cleansing energy filling your body.

5. Exhale, focusing on everything you wish to release leaving your body.

Ritual 4: Smudge with Sage

Smudging or Sage burning is traditionally used for cleansing negative energy. I burn sage constantly. Use it to clear out energy in rooms, as well.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • White sage
  • Feather (optional)
  • Abalone shell or fireproof container
  • Lighter / matches

Ritual steps

1. Connect with Essence and set your intentions around releasing.

2. Light your sage over your abalone shell.

3. Using the feather or your hands, fan the burning sage so that the smoke wafts over your body and throughout your space, focusing on the corners of the room.

4. As the smoke snakes about, visualize any stuck patterns releasing and dissipating with the smoke.

5. Choose an incantation to claim your decision to let go:

Into the smoke I release fears and doubts.

Into the smoke I release that which does not serve me.

Into the smoke I release limiting beliefs.

Into the smoke I release regret.

Reminder… we’re working with mo’ fire, here! Use common sense and be mindful.

Ritual 5: Journal It Out

Clear your mind and write some questions in your magical journal.

Through this practice, we can better understand what we’re letting go of and release it for good!

This also serves to remind us of the WHY behind releasing. What we stand to gain when we let go.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Journal and pen
  • Journaling music (if you wish)

Ritual steps:

1. Connect to your Essence

2. Ask and allow yourself to honestly answer any or all of these questions:

a. What must I let go for my Desire to come forth?

b. What is something I currently give energy to that doesn’t serve my Essence or higher self?

c. What am I overthinking and how does this create friction for me?

3. Write until you feel emptied out and complete.

So there you have it… 5 full moon rituals that I personally use and teach because they work.

Try them on their own, in combination or in addition to your own full moon rituals. I’d love to see how you personalize them so don’t forget the share in the comments.

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Getting My Leo On: My Cover Story In Shining Mentor Magazine

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The juicy articles include best practices and tips on everything from growing your audience and attracting to clients to balancing multiple projects, prioritizing self-care, and so much more!

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I couldn’t dream of a better way to get my Leo on and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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What is Magic, And How Does It Work?


The word conjures up images of pointy-hatted wizards, sparkling wands, bubbling cauldrons, and spells that thwart teenagers from their happily ever after. 

In the online space, the idea of magic has exploded.   

More and more women are embracing magic, coming out of the “spiritual closet,” and working it into their brands.   I even saw “magic” on a “Top Ten Trends for 2017” list.  (My 20-year-old seeker self was all, “Are you KIDDING me?!?” ) 

I think it’s AWESOME! 

AND… if you really want to activate the power of magic, the first step is to wrap your arms around, you know… what it actually IS. 

That’s where things get tricky… 

Magic is what I call an archetypal word.   

 Ask 100 different witches, priestesses and magicians what magic is, you’d get, oh, maybe two hundred different answers.  Plus a few more. 

So in this article, we’re going explore some popular definitions for magic, how magic really works and the importance of finding your own lensing on magic. 

We begin with… what magic is NOT. 

The magic we speak of here is not stage magic. It is not Harry Potter magic. 

It can’t make gold ingots fall from the skies or raise Prince back from the dead for a final epic encore of Purple Rain.  

 But it is about making things happen.   

 Things like attracting a partner or clients, restoring your health or vitality, and finding a dream home or career…  

 You know, manifesting.  🙂 

Magic is to make things happen.  And… making things happen is just the beginning. 

 What we know about magic is that people have been practicing it, it in one way or another, for a very long time.  

 The use of magical ritual to influence harvests and for healing or protection is widely cited in ancient societies. You can find aspects of Renaissance and Ceremonial Magic in books published in the 1500’s.  Modern Western magic began to develop around the 1850s, with the most influential traditions emerging in the 1880’s, on into the early 20th century. 

Then we have the rest of the dozens-if-not-hundreds of magical lineages, including Native American, Norse, Shamanism, Druidism, Vodun, Rootworking and things like modern energy medicine and healing, just to name a few. 

All of this is to say that magic comes with a rich and diverse history that gives rise to many definitions. 

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines magic as:  

“The use of means (such as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces”  


“An extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.” 

Traditional practitioners of magic offer a more complex definition. 

For example, the ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley, a hugely influential (and controversial!) figure in the magical zeitgeist in the early twentieth century, defined magic as: 

“The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will, including both ‘mundane’ acts of will as well as ritual magic.” 

 A noted woman magician of the same era, Dion Fortune, offers a similar definition:  

“Magic is the art of causing change in consciousness in conformity with the Will.” 

 The challenge with both definitions is that they’re broad – very broad.  If your Will is to open your car door, start the car and drive off, is that an act of magic?  By these definitions, the answer is yes.    

While the broadness was actually quite intentional – to Crowley, “every intentional act is a magical act” – they don’t really help to explain what we traditionally think of as “magic.”   However, they do accurately describe a deeper aspect of magic as a spiritual path, which we’ll return to in a moment. 

Donald Michael Kraig refined the definition in his book Modern Magick, to account for magic’s, well, more magical aspects: 

“Magic is the science and art of causing change (in consciousness) to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science.” 

And here’s mine, which we use in Feminine Magic®: 

“Magic is the art of using mystical or spiritual forces to create change, or change in consciousness, in alignment with your Essence (highest self).” 

And these bring us to a good resting place: magic is the art of creating change, using forces unseen and unknown.   

“Will” is an esoteric idea that originates in modern ceremonial magic.  The exact definition of “Will” is complex, but for our work here, we can think of it as some combination of your purpose, your destiny, your highest self, and your Desires when they come from the purest place inside of you.   

The “Great Work” of modern ceremonial traditions is that of transforming yourself into the highest and most authentic expression of your Divinity, your God(dess)-like nature, and we see threads of this in much older traditions, such as alchemy.   (This is why I often refer to magic as the earliest personal growth path.) 

Many modern traditions of magic, including Feminine Magic® (which is not a tradition, but rather a personal growth path), incorporate this deeper work, which is to reconnect with and then walk the world as your Divine self. 

Now… we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about all the other kinds of magic, which are really exactly what you think about…. spells, workings, conjurings, oh my!!   

This is clearly quite different than the magic that comes from connecting with your Divine Self as we’ve been exploring. 

That kind of magic has more to do with raising and directing energy to make things happen and get things done. 

So there’s the “spell work” type of magic that most people associate with magic, and then there’s the “change in accordance with Will” type… and both can get the job done, but neither is validated by science.  

Which leads us to the question of how. 

How does working magic, of any kind, make things happen? 

Truthfully, that answer is little harder to unpack but here’s the simplest explanation at the tip of my wand… (I couldn’t resist!) 

Magic works when worked properly because it leverages the natural, metaphysical laws that govern the Universe.  

It works because non-linear time is simultaneous; all dimensions, spaces and times exist in the Now. 

It works because everything is energy and everything is connected energetically to everything else (“we are one”) 

It works because that which we put into the Universal field always comes back to us.  

Magic works because when we raise and direct our energy, and back it up with very specific action in alignment with our Desire and Universal law… 

Things will happen—Bar none. 

BUT they don’t always happen in the manner, speed or predictability that you might hope for.  

Which is exactly how I came to create and teach Feminine Magic®. 

Early in my training, I saw a lot of people performing spells and workings, and I couldn’t help but notice that their lives really weren’t changing that much.  

I saw a lot of magic that wasn’t very effective.  I heard a lot of, “Why didn’t it work?”   

At the same time, I saw the classic polarity of the spiritual path, where the outer results of a person’s life didn’t match their spiritual identity.  

Since I’ve always been interested in personal transformation, I couldn’t help but ask…  “Why?” 

Why did magic work some of the time, but was perceived to fall short (“it didn’t work”) when the BIG stuff was really at stake? 

Of course, I was seeing this world through my own lens, that of a young, passionate (let’s not say “type-A” * grin *) woman, who was committed to the Goddess, her spirituality, and creating massive success in her life.   

Nonetheless, I got very clear that for magic to result in, well, the results we want… we can’t ignore the fact that there are two halves of the magical equation. 

If you read between the lines you’ll see the presence of this, subtly in those earlier definitions magic.  

For magic to be effective – and here I’ll define “effective” as producing the desired result that we can see, hear, touch –  we need to consider both our humanity and our Divinity.  

A Course In Miracles teaches us that we are “spiritual beings living in a physical body.”  We are Divine, living in a human form. 

So you can light candles, cast spells, create thought-forms and all you are called…   

But as a human BE-ing, if you don’t understand the mechanics of how your very human body and brain create your reality, and if you don’t understand how to work with the spiritual laws that govern the Universe, you’re kind of flying blind. 

Because if you’re going to make shizz happen you need to know WHAT contributes to making it so!  Otherwise, your very human self is going to block your manifestations. 

Now, a lot of traditional magicians would probably disagree with me.  Some priestesses, too. 

A lot of people who practice making things happen by mystical, occult or spiritual means would also disagree with me. 

But I’ve always embraced life here on the physical plane – including tangible results in alignment with what you truly Desire. 

Which means working magic, of any variety, needs to incorporate both our Divine selves and our human selves if we want to manifest consistent results. 

And that’s one aspect of Feminine Magic® that is very, very different than magic as it is traditionally taught. 

We consciously work with our humanness and our Divinity.  We make connecting with our Divine nature, or Essence, our first order of business, then dive into the Core Manifesting Process – the framework that underlies manifestation. 

Only then do we circle back into the traditional forms of magic— spells, candles, and the deliberate raising of energy for a result. 

So we love and honor and perform both kinds magic… but we focus on our Essence first, understanding our human-ness second.   

And we work with specific magical tools and practices to create whatever we Desire, using a very powerful system of personal development and manifesting. ‘

Which is why when you work Feminine Magic® properly… it works consistently. 

And that brings us right back to YOU.   

No matter what kind of magic you practice, or where you are on the path… your success with magic begins with your own self-authority. 

Indeed, landing on what magic is to you, and your specific flavor of practice, is one of the most important discoveries you’ll make when practicing the art of magic.  

YOU are always the one who owns the magical experience, so to speak. 

The one thing not to do is take any ONE definition of magic as the ONLY definition, mine included.  

Instead, it is up to you to drop in, connect with Essence, study (with mentors and on your own), practice, play, work, test, explore and ultimately determine what magic is for YOU. 

As you do… and as you begin to uncover and amplify your Divine Power within, you will discover that the art of magic is so much more about who you become, rather than what you do. 

And that is truly a magical path, indeed. 


What To Do When Your Manifestations Aren’t Showing Up


So there you are… manifesting.

You’re clear on your Desire and rocking the practices… and okay, maybe there’s a little bit of trying, too.

And yet, your Desires just aren’t showing up. 🙁

It sucks!

Especially when you’ve been doing everything in your power to “make it so”… including that all-important getting up off the couch. 😉

Even worse, it’s something juicy you’ve been calling in for a while…

Or something time-sensitive that leaves you scrambling for a plan B.

So what do you do?

First things first: manifesting no-shows happen to everyone. Present company included.

Goddess knows if I had a dollar for every manifesting “fail” I’ve experienced… I’d have a lot of dollars to add to the dollars I have manifested (multiple 7-figures through my company), and all the other blessings.

I don’t know anyone, including those of us who teach this stuff, who attract exactly what they want ALL of the time. (And that’s a good thing, as you’ll soon see.)

So first things first: be kind to yourself. Really really.

And now let’s look at what NOT to do…

DON’T throw in the towel.

The capital-T spiritual Truth is that you cannot have a sincere Desire without the way for it to be made manifest to also be present. In other words, it’s already here.

There are no halves in the universe. You cannot have a thing (the Desire) without the opposite of the thing (the way).

So your manifestation is not M-I-A. And you can’t chalk it up to “divine timing” or that “it’s not meant to be.”

It’s here, and it’s in your world. It must be. It is spiritual Law.

The problem is… you just can’t see it. Yet.

DON’T brush it off and pretend all is well.

Skilled manifestors know that “just think positive!” when you’re feeling like crap is not useful. Instead, they feel all the feels. They allow themselves BE with what is – without judging.

This is actually a very big deal. In order to transform, create, or call in anything, we first must be in radical love and rapport for where we are right now.

And – by the way! – it’s A-OK to be in two spaces at the same time: feeling like shizz and manifesting like a mofo. (Yes, really.)

DON’T beat yourself up, judge yourself or make yourself wrong.

Because really, what did you do “wrong,” anyway?

The Desire is here. You just haven’t called it in… yet.

And if the skill of manifesting on command was an innate, inborn “done deal” for all of us, everyone would have a zillion dollars.

So now that THAT’s out of the way… let’s look at what’s really going on when those big dreams or goals aren’t showing up… yet.

The spiritual laws work. Period. We accept that as fact.

(If you don’t accept that as fact… that’s cool. Debating the truth of the Laws is what my darling husband calls “a 4-beer conversation.” We can have tea. Or La Criox. Or whatever. Point is, that’s for another time. Here and now, the Law is the Law is the Law.)

It’s also true that you are a human Be-ing, in a physical body. A body with systems, functions, processes, and a brain. Which means you’re not going to call in everything you Desire the first time, every time. And there are very good reasons for that.

Sometimes you don’t call it in because the Desire isn’t truly aligned. You’re asking for what you think you can have or what you think will make others happy, instead of what you want.

But largely, your manifestations are not showing up because your beautiful Creatrix brain has other plans.

As humans, we’re born with a deep, primal urge to grow, expand and become self-actualized. (In Feminine Magic®, we call this Desire.)

We’re also born with four brains, the oldest of which (the reptilian brain) and the next to develop (the old mammal brain or limbic system) make up what is sometimes known as the “critter brain.”

The critter brain has been operating in the same paradigm since the caveman days. It is completely intolerant of change. Change equals a lack of safety. One of the limbic system’s main reasons for existing is to make you feel like sh*t. (An MIT-trained scientist let me in on that one. Fascinating stuff.)

Meanwhile, our more developed brain (the neocortex) is extremely sophisticated, desiring love, expansion, and full self expression.

Hello, complete and utter conflict of interest. Guess which one rules the roost?


Here’s the thing: all behavior and experience has a positive intention. Yes, even that “entire bag of Oreos” binge at 2 in the morning. Always. The critter brain lovingly steers us on autopilot, towards the same old things that we have survived before.

Why? Because it knows we can survive. Doesn’t matter if those things are agonizing and unwanted. To the critter brain, the only goal is not dying. If your heart is still beating, it’s good to go.

So you go to manifest a large amount of money… so big that the critter brain tripwires go off… it’s going to try to stop you. In the form of fear, discomfort and perceptions that back up its point of view (“I didn’t really want it anyway”).

The brakes are on underneath it all, and that push back can play out in the most subtle ways.

Sometimes it is as obvious as not taking some action that you’re being guided to take. But most times it’s hidden in beliefs and deeply entrenched patterns that are unconsciously running the show… even though your conscious self is actively calling it in.

That’s where it’s tempting to throw up your hands and say “Divine timing!!” or “maybe it wasn’t meant to be” or whatever.

But Divine timing doesn’t exist!

Because the Divine (or God / Goddess / Source / Universal Life Force)… doesn’t understand the concept of time or timing.

There’s only NOW.

If you truly Desire it… then it’s here. Right now.

So if you have a Desire, and the way to call it in hasn’t come to light, what CAN you do to put yourself in the perfect position to see it revealed?

Step 1: Consciously shift your perspective

Instead of energizing your frustration or making yourself bad or wrong, choose to be a neutral observer in the situation and GET CURIOUS.

Consciously shift your perspective.

I refer to this as witness consciousness or Magician Brain. And choosing this new point of view allows you to look at what’s really going on from a place of total neutrality.

Because if you can’t see your goal yet, there’s always a reason why and shifting your perspective is like checking your blind spot. Information will be revealed. (Maybe not all the information, but at least enough to get moving.)

Step 2: Reconnect to the Truth… with a capital T

So what’s the Truth?

The truth is that everything you want is already here and that YOU are in the driver’s seat of your manifestations. That if you Desire a thing, then the way for it to be made manifest is here.

So how does this help?

Well, one of the fastest ways to miss out on the miracle is to focus on your circumstances.

There’s no money in the bank account, you say. That may be factually accurate… but it is not truth. The TRUTH is, your Divine supply is unlimited and the money is here.

The truth is, 1000 possibilities and more exist in this given moment, right now. Don’t like the one in front of you? There is another one that is available to you. Always. Ask to be shown the one that is empowering, and take action from that place.

Step 3. Get really honest with yourself.

It’s really easy, when you’re sure you’re doing everything to call in a Desire, to buy into the “I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know” story your critter brain is cooking up…

I don’t know why it’s not here yet?

I don’t know why what I’m doing isn’t working?

I don’t know what’s keeping me from receiving?

Not so. You always know.

So from a place of pure curiosity, in full acceptance of the Truth and with radical honesty, you need to ask yourself…

What have you gotten the nudge to do, that you haven’t done?

What’s the pattern that’s playing out here?

What hidden payoff are you receiving by not having what you Desire? There is ALWAYS a payoff or benefit to any action you take. Even if the action (or inaction) leaves you feeling a negative emotion.

These are by no means easy questions to answer.

They require that you dig deep…

But even if you can’t answer them with full clarity right away, your honesty and willingness to tell the truth about your role in the situation brings you back to a place of power so you can see the way that is right in front of you.

Step 4. Let that shizz go!

Letting go is the linchpin because to manifest something of a higher nature, you have to let go of something of a lower nature. (It’s another Law, sometimes called – meep! – the Law of Sacrifice, and no, I did not make that up. 🙂 )

If what you’re manifesting hasn’t shown up yet, you have to let go of any discomfort, any story… anything you’re holding onto that isn’t serving you and keeping you from allowing it in.

How do you let go?

In Feminine Magic® we let go by decision and with ritual. Start with a few of my favorite rituals here.

Step 5: BE as the one who already has it – the vibration of having it already

If you read my blog, you’ve heard it before… the fastest way to call in what you want is to be in the energy of the one who has it already.

Why? Well, it’s NOT quite the way most manifesting teachers explain it. The house is not going to “vibrate in” simply because you somehow match the frequency of the house.

What will happen, though, is that the vibration of your THOUGHTS will be matched by thoughts of the same vibration, that then come into your awareness the form of an intuitive hit, nudge, line from a book, person, or message from the Universe.

In other words, you’ll actually be able to SEE the opportunity to have what you want. The way that already exists right in front of you, that had been invisible before.

No struggling, no “hunting and pecking,” no chasing the thing you want.

Embody, attract, receive.

If your actions haven’t led to results that you can see and touch… no worries. It’s only feedback. And you can shift it in a nanosecond.

You can align your energy with that of having it now. Not wishing or hoping or feeling, but ALL of your energy.

Step into that space, and embody it. This is what we do in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting.

And you can do this too!

Begin with a daily practice of consciously creating the resonance of what you Desire. Add in the energy of allowing (and lightheartedness and ease and flow) as you go manifesting your Desires.

And as things shift, don’t forget to share the new aligned actions and opportunities that present as a result here in the comments.

We’re all cheering you on!