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Feeling Like A Fraud? Read This…

Goddess-87Up early working on a new program. Well, it’s actually a program I did 3 years ago – the Feminine Magic® Master Class. We’re doing a reboot with a new title and updated content.

Some of you may remember this program – we offered it at right around this time of year. (3 years ago, we were right in the thick of it.)

What you probably don’t know is how much of a NERVOUS WRECK I was about offering it. I was sure I didn’t know what I was talking about. “OMG what if I get it wrong? What if I don’t know BOO about these Laws after all? What if I don’t know BOO about magic? I’ll be outed as a fraud! The elders will smote me down with thunderbolts!”

I was paralyzed writing the sales page. I remember calling up Julia in a panic and she talked me off the ledge (as well as clarified what the lead should be – thanks again for that, lady ;) ).

And then… nonetheless…

People went GA-GA over the program. Listened to it over and over again, posted breakthrough after breakthrough in the Facebook group, and started manifesting their Desires left and right.

Re-reading & re-listening now, there is more I want to add and some important changes I wish to make for clarity. It’s also time to get the information into the hands of a lot more people.

But the core of it? Still right on the money.

So. Couple things…

1. Your thoughts, feelings and perceptions are not truth. Ever, ever, ever.

They represent what you currently *believe* is possible in any given moment. And in any given moment, an infinite number of alternative possibilities exist simultaneously. Soooo ironic that I missed this when I was teaching about it! (It’s covered in class 2 of the program.) Ah, but so human, too.

The “what if I’m a fraud?” running commentary was complete crap. And had I let it take me out, I would have cut short the countless miracles that came as a result of that program – including mine.

2. Your energy matters more than anything.

Despite the “fraud” story on endless loop in my head, I said, “F*ck this, this is my purpose, I am doing it anyway.” Then I laced up the priestess platforms every night and gave it 1000%.

There was a transmission in those classes that was far more powerful than any of the content – and the content is pretty dang powerful. (I should say “there IS a transmission” because you can still hear it in the recordings.)

THAT is what really mattered, and impacted our peeps the most.

3. No amount of success changes your human-ness.

I’ve heard that Johnny Carson would get nervous before his monologue right until the curtain came up… and that this went on until his last show.

Every person who you think has it all together has their moments of being a nervous wreck, especially when they are about to do something that cuts to the core of who they Are. Hell, I could barely get out of bed for the 3 months that I was launching Goddess Business School® for the first time. Why? Because I outed myself as priestess, that’s why. Very loudly and publicly. In 2010.

Remember, your thoughts, feelings and perceptions are not truth. Instead of putting someone else on a pedestal, pour that energy into ANOTHER part of your human-ness, which is – you have everything you need, within you and with Her (or Him, or Source, or Spirit, or the Infinite Creative Life Force, or whatever you call it) to BE who you are meant to be.

So what are you holding back on? What are YOU not saying, doing or launching because of the running commentary?

None of it is true, and there are ways around it, and ways to release the story once and for all, so you can experience the growth and expansion you are wired for, while changing everything and everyone you touch along the way.

I know “your people are waiting for you” is an industry cliché.

But you know what? Cliché only become clichés when there’s truth to them. :)

If you’re curious about the Feminine Magic® Master Class, you can get it here:


(And yes – I admit it! That sales page STILL makes me cringe!)

If you could see what I see… (a Thanksgiving gift)

gratefulAs we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, we pause to reflect on what we are most grateful for.

As always, what emerges is my deep gratitude for YOU.

Yes, I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to be a part of the 7-Figure Goddess circle.   But even more, I’m grateful to you for the work that YOU are doing in the world.

As a conscious entrepreneur,  you are part of the healing on this planet that is desperately needed.   We need no more evidence of this than the recent events in Paris.

The change we seek simply would not be possible without courageous women and men like you, and I deeply honor you for what you have chosen to say yes to yes to over and over again by being on this path.

We all know that the entrepreneurial journey is not an easy road.

The challenges… the setbacks… most people don’t get you or what you’re doing…. it can be all too easy to go into self-doubt, to call into question your own power or influence or whether or not you’re good enough.

Yet the truth is that you ARE a Powerful Creatrix.   You ARE worthy of all the love, success and abundance your heart Desires.

And the biggest, most impactful difference you make?  It’s the one you make just by BE-ing you.

Showing up every day in your full power, delivering a transmission that is just as transformative to those you’re meant to help as anything you could say or do.

There is an energy you deliver that is unique to you.  It’s what your clients want from you, more than anything.  Keeping that light dialed up is among the most important work you can do.

So as my Thanksgiving gift to you, I’ve created a special meditation to help you remember who you really are, and the depth of the power and impact you possess now and always.

Download Listen

This is how I see you… And it’s my wish for you that you see yourself clearly today too.

Love & magic & soooo much gratitude…



PS: A special shout-out to Michelle Leath and my dear friend Dr. Scott Mills for their assistance with this powerful exercise (Download Listen )

PPS: I would love to hear what the meditation sparks for you.  Join us in the 7-Figure Goddess Facebook Group to send me a personal message.

The Magic of YES – 7-Figure Goddess Radio – Episode 8

Estate-8It was so great to be back with you live on the 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show yesterday!

We had such a juicy topic – This may have been our most powerful episode yet…

“The Magic of YES: How To Use The Most Powerful Word In The English Language To Get Everything You Want”

On this episode we covered:

  • Why YES is perhaps the most magical word in the English language
  • What stops women from saying YES and what to do instead
  • How to discern when something is a YES and when it’s a NO

And so much more…

It’s all here in the latest episode that you can listen to, or download for listening at your convenience!

Click Here to Listen    |    Click to Download

We’d love to know your takeaways from this episode.  Be sure to join us in the 7-Figure Goddess Facebook group  for the juicy post-show discussion.

Also, leave us a comment here and let us know what you think!

How Much Of Yourself Should You Share In Business?

In one of our private groups (not gonna say which one for obvious reasons), there is a candid, juicy discussion about those “edgy” parts of ourselves that are calling to be expressed, and the fear letting those parts be really SEEN and out there.

One of my clients practices the paradigm of open relationships. Another is a shaman.  I challenged another to discover “the thing” that she’s not saying, yet.

nj115-dae8a704-e163-4905-85e0-b23631da6288-v2As for me, well… I’m a witch.

A lot, LOT of women ask me about how I found the courage to integrate the Goddess into my business. The answer is, I couldn’t NOT.

I had spent over 10 years hiding from my family, and it was incredibly painful. I can still see myself sitting on our bed in our Brooklyn apartment, me with my Caroline Myss archetype cards and Leland laying there reading his book and our two black cats (yes, really) as I flipped through the deck trying to find what I was supposed to call myself.

I said, “I can’t be a Queen, that’s already taken.” (Note the mindset.)

“And besides, I’m not a Queen. The only thing left here is Goddess. And I can’t call myself Goddess, because that’s ridiculous.”

He said, “That’s the only thing you CAN call yourself.”

And he was right. Thou art goddess, Goddess.

This was in 2008 when I was a hot mess. The Feminine was markedly NOT everywhere in the online space, like she is now, what with all these amazing women being seen and visible and sharing their secret selves, gifts and superpowers.

So yeah, it was a little more edgy.

But being open about it in my business was a stand I had to take for myself. Ten years was my limit of being in the closet. I remember feeling, “Enough is enough.”

At the same time, I also made the conscious decision NOT to flaunt it. As it just IS, so it is in my marketing.   Little winks, here and there.   I’ll talk about it when asked… or when it’s relevant.

Natural, no big whoop. Because it just is.

When you are open about who you really are, you inspire others and give them permission to be who they really are. It’s one of the greatest ways we can serve our peeps.

AND at the same time, you can’t make it about you. At the end of the day, nobody cares about the witch thing. Yes, I’m an initiated priestess. So is every other woman out there right now who is ready to walk through the gate, claim her lineage, creates a practice and BE that.

We are all beautiful and unique snowflakes. :)

So how do you incorporate those parts of yourself that are crying OUT to be expressed in your business?

Here’s how you DON’T do it. You DON’T turn yourself inside out trying to find a “so what do you do?” statement that lets everyone know you’re a 3rd Degree High Poobah or whatever. Or cling tightly to your idea of what it HAS to look like. Remember, your – ahem – inherently limited perspective is just one of a zillion that exist simultaneously.

You do it by just doing it.

You do it by NOT hiding it, whatever “it” is.

You do it by doing the work of removing the layers so your Divine Self – your Essence – can come through, and go about your business from that place.

You do it by bringing in the wisdom and the knowledge and the life experience you’ve gained, when it’s in service to whatever you happen to be doing, designing or delivering for your clients.

And that’s my challenge to you, this day. To drop the struggle of self expression and instead just express yourself.

If your lineage is meant to be part of your niche, message, or tag line, or logo, or whatever… it will emerge. I promise.

And either way, you will be free. You will inspire. Others will SEE you and your Divine Right Clients will be naturally drawn to you.

Your presence and Essence is enough.
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How To Raise Your Fees Without Losing Your Best Clients

Do you know it’s time to start working with people at a higher level and higher fees… but you’re holding back because you’re afraid of losing your best clients? Or maybe you’re afraid they’ll think you’re greedy or “all about the money”…

While it’s easy to believe that low fees makes you generous or “look” good from the outside, undercharging sets you up with a painful conflict. You love your clients and truly desire to help them, yet deep down you have a sense that you are playing small and are beginning to feel resentful.

Business woman shaking hands in meetingThe good news is, there is a simple way to uplevel the way you work while honoring your clients, owning your worth and the worth of your work. This is particularly relevant for you if you have been working with your clients on a dollars-per-session or sessions-per-month model. Read on to discover how…

Step One: Make the decision and set a date.

Before you can step into high-end programs and fees, you must be 1000% aligned with your new model. This requires you to get real about the value your clients have been receiving.

Think about your 3 best clients and make a detailed list of all they’ve accomplished since working with you. No discounting allowed! OWN your role, and how you’ve helped.

Then, choose the last day you’ll accept your current fee. This is the date that your current clients will either transition to the new model, or complete.

Step Two: Decide on your new offer.

How much should you charge? Of course, that depends on the service you’re offering and the results that are possible when your clients work with you.

Before determining the new investment for your program, make a list of tangible benefits and results your program provides. Then make a decision as to what the new fee should be. (Power tip: When you’re not sure, start by raising your fee by 20%.)

Bonus tip: If you start to feel squeamish about the fee you want to charge for your high-end program, ask yourself this question, “What would this program need to include and what would need to happen for my clients for it to be worth this fee?”

Step Three: Put your new high-end program into action.

Regardless of the date you selected for Step 1 above, begin making your high-end offer and charging your new fee to all new clients for whom it’s a fit going forward. You’ll get practice stating the new fee, and you’ll gain confidence when your new clients say yes. (Remember, you do NOT have to explain or give a lot of backstory about upleveling your work – just give them the new rate. They have no idea… and will likely accept your new fee without question.)

Step Four: Have “the conversation” with your current clients.

Before the date (from Step 1), schedule a time to connect with your current clients to inform them of your new way of working.

Allow the energy of this conversation to be positive, expansive and exciting. You’re celebrating all you’ve accomplished so far, while giving them an incredible opportunity to work with you further and a deeper level.

Here’s a simple script you can use:

“Over the time we’ve been working together time, we’ve accomplished X, Y and Z. I’ve loved working with you so far!

Recently I’ve decided to make an adjustment to the way that I work so that I can provide even more value to you and all of my clients.

As of [X] date, the new fee will be an additional amount of[X].”


Be sure to state the different between your old fee and the new fee. You’re not being sneaky or dishonest – your clients can do the math! Stating the difference will make the new fee easier for them to process.

“As I shared, I’ve loved working with you so far. And if for some reason this doesn’t work for you, I’ll be happy to refer you to someone who might be a better fit.

If you have any questions, let me know. I’m looking forward to doing even more great work together!”

If you’re still feeling skeptical, here’s a little success story from one of my clients, a massage therapist who shifted her business model to high-end programs.  She went from charging by the hour to charging mid-four-figures for a 6-month program… she used this approach and filled all her spots!

Step Five: Stay detached.

So will you lose some clients when you raise your fees?

The answer is… it’s entirely possible. AND… it’s all good. Remember THIS:

  • Your high-end programs and fees are a reflection of your growth and evolution
  • As you grow, some clients will come along and some will complete naturally
  • Your increased fee will make up for any income lost from clients who complete
  • You have no control over anyone’s reaction but your own
  • It’s never about you!
  • It never serves to work with clients who are not a fit.

Transitioning to high-end programs is an empowering decision that will ultimately serve to support your mission AND everyone who steps into your world. Following this simple plan will ensure that you’re serving just the right clients – the ones who are meant to work with you now.