The Core Manifesting Process

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Hey Beautiful One! 

I’m thrilled to welcome you to the Feminine Magic® community, and to gift you with the most powerful, well tested framework I know (and the one I personally use) for manifesting your deepest Desires quickly and consistently… 

I call it The Core Manifesting Process. 

If you’re already a solid manifestor except when it comes to the big stuff (like lasting money or relationships)... 


If your manifesting results are a bit of a crapshoot (you call in big wins often...but it’s always hit or miss)... 

This Core Manifesting Process Quick Start Bundle I’ve put together for you will be a game changer. 

Here’s Why: 

The Core Manifesting Process is where Divine energies meet physical reality. It works because it accounts for BOTH halves of every manifesting equation: 

 ● Our Divine Nature including the natural laws, which govern the Universe.

 ● Our Human Nature – how to work with our brain, body and very human wiring to consciously call . in what we Desire (instead of blocking it). 

Once you learn the Core Manifesting Process, you’ll see it's not just the way manifestation really works, but instead how the process of transformation really goes down... 

And you’ll find yourself using it over and over, for years to come. 

How To Create Results With This Quick Start Bundle: 

First, listen to the audio training to understand the real reasons you haven’t been able to manifest what you want yet and learn how The Core Manifesting Process overrides the programming that’s been capping your results. 

Then, put what you’ve learned into action with the manifesting practices you’ll find in the supplementary handouts. I share 3 ways to use The Core Manifesting Process and two manifesting practices to supercharge your results. 

Once you get these down, you’ll be well on your way to a whole new level of results with manifesting. 

But remember, regardless of your approach, manifesting requires practice. You'll want to download the audio to listen a few times and to print out the handouts so you can refer to them often while mastering your practice. 

I have important news!

I’m opening the doors to The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting for a few short days at a ridiculously sweet investment.  

This opportunity is exclusive to our community and is only available until Friday at MIDNIGHT.  

 If you’ve started to play with The Core Manifesting Process Quick Start Bundle, The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting is where to go next to really get it into your bones how to master the art of consciously and consistently manifesting your Desires.  

Inside you’ll have everything you need to master my simple, repeatable and effective system to call in everything from money, to relationships, to experiences and more with grace and ease.  

This program is regularly $1497 and valued at so much more if you consider what’s possible when you step in.  

If you’re ready to master what it takes to consistently manifest your BIG Desires from a place of true mastery, I'm inviting you to do that right now for just $697 (or 8 easy payments of $97).  

Pretty sweet, yes!?  

Once again, welcome to the Feminine Magic® community. Keep your eyes on your inbox for more free tools and additional resources on manifesting, magic, and making phenomenal money!

Love & Magic, 

Elizabeth and the 7-Figure Goddess team

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