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7 Inner Game Reasons to Come With Us to Egypt

Elizabeth PurvisAre you feeling the EPIC energy pattern of this Universal 11 Year? 

Have you been feeling like THIS is the year, and NOW is the time… to pull out ALL the stops, shed what’s been holding you back and CLAIM your Desires, your place at
the table? 

This is a year of HUGE rebirth… especially for women leaders. 

Women are being called to spiritual leadership like I’ve never seen before in my ten years in the transformation space… 

Which is why I’m taking a group of them to EGYPT this fall!! 

This is an intimate circle of no more than 14 women, with… 

Private mediation inside the Great Pyramid!
Private visit to the Sphinx at dawn!
Private sail down the Nile in a luxurious cruise ship…
The Mother Temple of Isis…
4-star accommodations throughout… 

And so much more… 

ALL documented by my personal photographer, Jessica Daniels (whose images I feature in almost every email)… 

Including your OWN mini photo shoot… 

Even MORE epic! 

Now, you might be thinking… “Why THIS journey to Egypt?  Why NOW?” 

I’ll give you SEVEN “inner game” reasons… 🙂

1. Spiritual REBOOT. If massive transformation is UP for you this year, then it’s time to say YES.  Saying YES requires a reboot of sorts.  To raise your frequency at the cellular level.  To expand on your practices and magical skills.  To drop OUT of your head, and into your HEART.  That’s exactly what our ritual work will focus on.

2. You want a small, intimate group. Yes, there are other tours to Egypt.  You may have seen some of them.  But how many of them are for 20, 40, even 50 people? Most of them.  Smaller journeys aren’t “better” – they are just different.  And harder to come by.  If you want an intimate circle, this is it.

3. Deep connections with other outside-the-box transformational women leaders. Let’s face it… it can be HARD to make deep connections with other women.  Especially ambitious, generative women like you… with everyone so busy, doing their own thing.  Those connections happen automatically, when travel is in the mix.  Add ritual and magic, live and in person… and it’s even more so.  Our longtime client and dear friend of mine, Rachel Headley, put it best: “A trip like this creates lasting bonds.”  Indeed, it will.

4. Special access, and cool stuff that nobody else gets. Our guide, Halle Eavelyn (another longtime client and friend), has lead TWENTY tours to Egypt.  Twenty!  She has scored us private time for rituals at some of our sacred sites, including the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.  We’ll also sail the Nile in a private yacht, apart from the big cruise ships.  (As a small group. Of transformational women leaders.  With TWO experienced magicians at the helm.  😉 )

5. Near instant vibrational shift. We’ll be doing plenty of initiations and activations during our time together.  But the REAL initiation is the land itself.  Egypt is an energy all its own.  It changes you.

6. You’re ready to release the brakes. Big goals … big visions… big dreams coming to fruition all require surrender.  To drop the struggle.  We can “try” to do that with our conscious minds.  But the shortest, fastest way is to create the experience FIRST.  Initiatory experiences like this one are a way to bypass your conscious mind and get the “new way” in your cells.

7. You yearn for MORE, and that yearning won’t let you go. You’re feeling the call for more because there IS more. But here’s the thing…  

You can’t allow in more if you do things same old way.  

And there is no place like Egypt to permanently release any last vestiges of your old life and remake yourself and your own image.  

Do you KNOW that it’s time to permanently release and clear ALL that no longer
serves you? 

Are you ready to release all resistance and truly step into your highest frequency, including your wealth and power? 

We have just a few more spots before the trip is filled. 

And one of them may be meant for you… 

Just send an email to to request an inviteand the team will send it on over. 

Love & magic, 

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PS: Keep your eyes peeled for my next email, where I’ll give you a sneak peek of what we’re going to be up to… including pictures! 

Feminine Magic® June New Moon Ritual (save the date)

New Moon Ritual

Save the date! 

Our Feminine Magic® Community New Moon Ritual is happening later THIS WEEK on Saturday, June 16 at 12:30 PM PT / 3:30 PM ET.  

Mark the time in your calendar now and plan to join us live over on my FB Business Page THIS Saturday.  

This month we usher in the introspective Gemini New Moon.

Appearing just before Solstice—mid-point in the Wheel of the Year— our June New Moon is ripe for looking within, taking stock of what’s blossomed, and celebrating ALL that has shifted in our lives so far this year.  

Gemini also presents a powerful opportunity to step up and claim exactly what we choose to welcome in NEXT as a result of these shifts.  

Sooooo if you’re ready to welcome in something BIG and juicy in this next half of
the year… 

If there’s something you wish to BE, DO or HAVE by the end of 2018… 

NOW is the time to write that new story and create the new energy patterns that allow you to have all that you Desire.  

But first, you’ve gotta get clear on what you really want.  

Saturday’s New Moon Ritual provides a juicy practice for you to do that AND some magical prep work beforehand will bring forth even deeper awareness.  

Here’s how you can get started: 

  1. Download a copy of my New Moon Ritual Template. It’s a simple guide that outlines how to create your own ritual. 
  2. Craft a ritual to clarify your Desires for this New Moon. The ideal time to do this would be on the actual New Moon itself (June 13th) or sometime  prior to our ritual on Saturday. 
  3. Then, plan to join us LIVE on Saturday, June 16th at 12:30 PM PT / 3:30 PM ET over on my Facebook Fan Page to further clarify and amplify your intentions with the entire Feminine Magic® community. 

In the meantime, if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration or want to ask questions crafting about your ritual, post them over in our New Moon Manifesting For Miracles & Money Facebook Group for community support. 

See you soon!  

Love & magic,

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The Only Thing You Need To Manifest Clients

Years ago, when I was just starting out, I thought I needed all this stuff in order to get my business off the ground and attract clients. 

Website, business name, tag line, clear niche, fancy photo shoot… 

Those things are all great and useful over time— 

Trouble was, fast forward 2 years later and I was still trying to figure that shizz out— only by that time, I’d burned through all of our savings and had been racking up debt on our credit cards for over a year.  

I could hardly speak to a potential client—I felt like a total fraud!   

And the crazy thing was that I was no closer to having ANY of the answers I was desperately trying to find.  What’s my niche?  What’s my message?  Can I really help people?  What the hell am I doing? 

That’s when I hit a wall… 

I was washing dishes in our little sink in our apartment in Brooklyn.  With soapy water up to my elbows, I vowed to get clients.  Period. 

This meant letting go of perfection, transforming my fear and channeling all that “figuring out” energy into ONE thing: creating income.  

The decision completely changed my life.   Because within 30 days, I enrolled 9 new clients and created almost $20,000 in new and booked income. 

Along the way, I discovered some surprising truths: 

  • You DON’T need to be perfect, have it all figured out or be the “uber-expert” to attract awesome clients and help them get amazing results 
  • You ALREADY have everything you need to get your first – or next – clients (there are hidden opportunities in your business) 
  • Attracting clients means using the feminine strengths you naturally have as a woman – like relationship, connection, intuition, the ability to create transformation and LOVE (i.e., the yummy stuff!) 
  • Having money solves a lot of problems that NOT having money creates.  🙂 


Truth is if you’re newer in business, the ONLY thing you actually need to attract client is… *drumroll*… a system to attract and enroll clients that works.  

Nope. No website.  

Everything else can wait! 

I used to share these truths ALL the time when we offered business coaching— these days not so much given our wider audience and mission. 

Still… it hurts my heart big time when someone shows up in our world, ready to manifest a BIG goal in her business, and her list of aligned actions totally misses the mark.  

I get it. 

remember being in that same place of information overload and massive overwhelm trying to figure out all the things I needed to do to get clients.  

The good news is… there is a much simpler way…   

Whether you’re newer in business, or been in business for a while… if you’re ready for an income breakthrough AND you want it to be easy… Get Clients in 30 Days is a solid plan to get you there.  

This training is step-by-step “how” I was able to create consistent, high 5-figure months really quickly (after being stuck for 2 long years) and it’s the system I’ve taught hundreds of women to do the same.  

You’ll have instant access to ALL the content as soon as you sign up which means if you’re ready to welcome in new clients…TODAY— 

Grab your copy of Get Clients in 30 Days at 50% OFF right now. 

*** Use code REMEMBER at checkout to get your savings *** 

The juicy savings ends today at midnight and the training goes back into the vault indefinitely.    


How To Seal The Deal With Your Next Client

Picture this… 

You’re having a conversation with a potential client and HUZZAH—their problem is the perfect match for the transformation you provide.  

You’ve shared how you can help and you can feel them leaning in with interest. 

All  that’s left to do is seal the deal…to ask them if they want to work with you!  

Except— you’re afraid, somehow, you’ll turn them off by appearing all Salesy McSalesperson. You don’t want to push. And truthfully, you’ll do just about anything to avoid hearing a “No.”   

Soooo what do you? 

Let me break down “the how” in 3 parts. 

First thing you need? 

A shift in perception.  

While it might feel like you’re being pushy by asking for the sale. Your thoughts and feelings are not the truth.  

Inviting the RIGHT clients to work could also be perceived as an act of honoring your clients’ Desire to get what they want and offering them the power to change their lives. 

Bet you can guess which lens allows you to receive a “Yes!” more often 😉 

The second thing you need? 

A non-pushy question to boldly ask for the business with grace. 

Here’s my personal favorite:  

“Is this something you’d like to move forward with?” 

I love this question because it’s respectful AND bold—the perfect combination to create a potent sacred space of transformation for clients to step into. 

I still use it to this day in my own enrollment conversations.  

And, finally, the third thing you need? 

An easy-to-follow template that ensures EVERY conversation you have with an ideal client moving forward unfolds as an authentic conversation that leads them to the point of choice to work with you. 

When you learn how to have connecting conversations with clients in a way that serves their highest good, you’ll quickly double (or better!) the number of clients who say YES to you.  

That’s real magic taught in Get Clients in 30 Days— my template for having heartfelt, transformative conversations that gracefully leads potential clients  into working with you.  (50% OFF this weekend – use code “REMEMBER” at checkout) 

The template has all the right questions to ask, in the right order, so you can let go of wondering what to say next. Instead you get to relax and actually CONNECT with the person on the other end of the phone.  

You also get scripts of exactly how to help clients move through common objections, like “I can’t afford it,” “I don’t have time” and “I have to talk to my spouse” in a way that allows your clients to make the right choice for them and feel supported even before  working with you. 

And, of course, you get the step-by-step 30-Day action guide that shows you what to do each day to get ideal clients on the phone with you in the first place.  

Everything you Desire in your business happens really easily when you know how to attract ideal clients into your world and how to help them say “YES” to themselves through working with you. 

If you want a really simple system to start doing that THIS week… 

Click here and enter code REMEMBER at the checkout to grab your copy of Get Clients in 30 Days with exclusive savings. 

The savings disappears tomorrow at midnight.  


If I Had To Do It All Over Again…

Holiday weekends with family always put me back into a memory-filled land of nostalgia… 

Soooo let’s take it back to 2006 for a hot second. 

I had finally made the decision to quit my J-O-B making early 6-figures a year as a systems engineer in New York City’s Silicon Alley.  

It was soooo freeing!  And of course a little stressful, too. 

Immediately my “rational mind” went into overdrive.  

I was trying to figure out all the things that needed to be in place so I could feel like it was safe to take this big leap.

I looked up business licenses, insurance, what to name the business, how to file taxes, how to create a website, how to hire employees (!)… I even remember trying to figure out how my schedule would go, once I had no schedule. 

Guess what I did NOT look into?  

I didn’t do a single bit of research on how to get clients!! 

Not one bit. 

Looking back now, I see that it was my need for control in action.  

I was about to lose the safety of the paycheck, so I was furiously trying to gain some control by “researching” and “studying” all the ducks I thought I needed to have in a row. 

The great irony was that I completely missed the one thing that would have given me some of that security I craved. 

Sooooo if I had the opportunity to do it all again, and to do just ONE thing differently— it would be to learn a solid system to attract and enroll clients, right from jump. 

Skipping that critical step turned out to be one of the most costly mistakes I’ve ever made in my life, both financially and emotionally.   Without a system to get clients, I quickly burned through $30k in savings, and spent close to two years struggling and worrying night and day about money.

Of course that struggle did have an upside.

It’s made me who I am today and inspired allllll the trainings I’ve created to date. 

You’re welcome. 😉 

That said… there’s really no need to hang out in the struggle.  

If you’re at that spot where you know you need to leave your J-O-B… or you’ve recently left your J-O-B and you’re not sure what to do out of ALL the stuff you could be doing… or you’ve started a business and still find it really challenging to bring in clients with ease, there’s just ONE thing you need to focus on mastering: 

A system that works to bring in cash flow.   

When you know HOW to enroll clients and create cash, the rest starts to work itself out. 

Which is why I’m really stoked to pull one of my best-loved business trainings out of the vault and make it available to you at 50% OFF this Memorial Day Weekend— Get Clients in 30 Days – use the code REMEMBER to get your savings! 

I don’t teach on business these days but I couldn’t resist sharing Get Clients in 30 Days with our community, after the Money Manifesting Formula launch.  

That launch let me know – you guys still need reliable, no-bullshizz “how to get clients” information. 

And that’s exactly what Get Clients In 30 Days delivers. 

It teaches the exact physical steps I took to completely turn my situation around and create a brand new experience for myself in my business.  

The 30-Day Action Guide found in Get Clients in 30 Days—coupled with the 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan we use in The School of Manifesting— is what allowed me to go from 2+ years of churning about “how to get clients” to creating consistent $10k and $20k months in really short order.

It’s a perfect complement to so many of our manifesting trainings if you have a business or want to start one… and it works even if you’re not a ninja manifestor (YET).  

Bottom line, If you’re looking to move out of the overwhelm and overthinking that most entrepreneurs face before they know how to create cashflow, this training is a way to clearly understand what to do and when… 

…And this holiday weekend it can be yours a generous 50% OFF! 

Remember, this special offer goes away Monday at midnight.  You can always get it later… but who wants to pay twice as much, right?  

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