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How To Manifest Your Big Goals In 30 Days Or Less (It’s Today)

Quick heads up…

Today’s the day to join me to get a process AND a plan to use spiritual tools (instead of hustle) to manifest your biggest goals and dreams.

Join me at 10am Pacific today for a brand NEW masterclass…

How To Manifest Your BIG Goals In 30 Days Or Less

Reserve your spot here (no opt-in needed).

You’ll learn some of the reasons why your manifestations aren’t working out, and how to activate your Creative Power to manifest what you want consistently.

I’ll give you the basics of my 30 Day Manifesting Game Plan, which all of our clients use to manifest BIG things in short order (and you can use it too).

And ALSO… I’ll show you how to 2x – 10x your manifesting results, without working harder.  (I rarely talk about this.)

Join me TODAY at 10am PT / 1pm ET so I can show you how to create massive results before the end of the year – or whenever you choose.

Claim your seat now and join us (no opt-in).

Can’t wait!

Love and magic,

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30 Days To Manifest One Of Your BIG Goals (New Masterclass)

It’s time to discover what’s possible when you work with a manifesting process and a plan to call your biggest goals.

I’m peeling back the curtain to share the process I’ve taught to hundreds of women worldwide (and use myself)…

Life changing results like— 6 and 7-figure businesses, soulmates, gorgeous homes by the sea, dream clients, money for trips, investments or to release debt and so much more.

In my brand new masterclass, I’ll be sharing with you how we do it…

How To Manifest Your BIG Goals In 30 Days Or Less

Reserve your spot by clicking here (no opt-in)

Manifesting is non-negotiable if you’re here to live a life of massive success, joy and contribution.

Your power to create is intimately tied to your happiness and satisfaction.  If you struggle to manifest the BIG stuff (you know, as opposed to parking spaces and the occasional “found money” windfall) then you’re probably not living the life
you want.

And… you’re going to be disappointed.

If you want more out of life, knowing how to manifest using spiritual tools (instead of the old-school hustle that’s exhausting you now) is mission-critical.

Now is the time to create the life you Desire, deserve and know you’re meant for and this masterclass is going to teach you a LOT.

You’ll understand why manifesting has felt like a crap shoot so far and how to work with a reliable manifesting process. And I’ll give you the basics of my 30 Day Manifesting Game Plan, that all of our clients use to manifest their goals consistently.

Stay the course and by next month you’ll have made great strides in manifesting your big juicy goal.

This is our secret sauce to manifesting and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Join me LIVE on Tuesday…

How To Manifest Your BIG Goals In 30 Days Or Less

Reserve your spot here (no opt-in)

After you register, mark down the call-in details on your calendar, and I’ll see
you there.

Love and magic,

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P.S. Over the past two weeks, I created FOUR brand new trainings for you, over on the Feminine Magic® Facebook Page.

  • The Secret Reason Why You Don’T Have What You Want… Yet 😉
  • Are You Shrinking Your Goals To Make Others Comfortable?
  • The Secret Sauce To Predictable Manifesting
  • Why You’re Exhausted “Trying” To Manifest

You’ll find them all in the videos section.

Now is the time to get caught up if you missed any.  Just be sure to register for my new masterclass first…

How To Manifest Your BIG Goals In 30 Days Or Less

Reserve your spot by clicking here (no opt-in needed)


How I Manifested That First $20,000

People are always curious to know how I created the life I have today…

A 7-figure business, married to my soul mate, tons of time for my daughter and epic experiences like my recent trip to Egypt (with 13 women of the Feminine Magic® community)…

Just a few short years ago, my life looked much different.

I’d quit my cushy engineering job in New York City to follow my calling, only to crash and burn in a downward spiral of FEAR.

Within months of quitting, I was nearly broke.  We’d burned through our savings and were accumulating tons of debt.

It was a dark night of the soul.

The most frustrating part was that I’d been a student of metaphysics for years.  I spent years immersed in the studies of magic, manifestation, and feminine spirituality.  And here I was in a position where I wouldn’t manifest anything but what I didn’t want!

Then I woke up.

I remembered – hello, I know this stuff.  And I knew it was time to stop messing around and put my knowledge to the test.

So I embarked on my first manifestation experiment.  I set out to create $50,000 in 30 days.

Turns out I didn’t reach that number.  But I did create $20,000 starting from zero. Then 6-figures in 6 months, and then multi 6-figures the year after that.

Since then I’ve used that process to grow our business to 7-figures, release all that credit card debt, release weight, attract a dream circle of friends and colleagues, and a lot more, including mentoring hundreds of women to do the same.

I’m so excited to share the secret behind our life changing results with you in a LIVE online masterclass:

How To Manifest Your BIG Goals In 30 Days Or Less

Reserve your spot here.

You’ll discover how to unlock your power to manifest with 100% certainty,
every time.

You’ll also learn exactly why many approaches to manifestation fall short.

There’s a huge reason that nobody talks about – and no, it’s not just about “masculine vs feminine” or “you’re not taking action”…

… and it’s not because you’re “blocked” either.

If you’re ready to have exactly what you truly Desire, you’ll want to join us.

Reserve your seat here:

See you there!

Love & magic,

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P.S.  One of the biggest challenges I hear about with manifesting is, “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Women tell me that they long for a process that actually works— for their big dreams and their immediate needs.

That’s exactly what you’ll discover in this workshop and why you’ll want to join us.

Reserve your seat here.


Feminine Magic® November New Moon Ritual Is This Wednesday!

Save the date!

Our Feminine Magic® Community New Moon Ritual is happening this week on Wednesday.

Join us November 7th at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.   (time zone converter)
LIVE in the New Moon Manifesting For Miracles & Money Facebook group.

The new moon this month falls in Scorpio, which is all about empathy
and forgiveness.

I invite you to take some time to forgive self and others.

In that process, I also invite you to release any energy, feelings, or any thing that no longer serves you and your highest good.

By doing so, you are then free to manifest your true desires.

As always, if it is in your joy, here are a few things I invite you to have handy for
our ritual…

  • Your intentions for the current cycle and coming cycle
  • Tools for smudging (sage, cedar, palo santo, etc)
  • A brand new candle in a color that is in alignment with either your intention OR the energy of our present cycle
  • A meaningful object (crystal, jewelry, etc) that can hold your intention for the next month
  • A light snack for post-ritual grounding nibbles
  • An oracle deck you love
  • An “anchor piece” – a meaningful object (crystal, jewelry, etc) that can hold your intention for the next month
  • Your magical diary or journal for taking notes

Remember, NONE of these are required— Your presence is enough!

Simply head over to the Feminine Magic® New Moon Manifesting For Money & Miracles Group on Facebook at 10am PT / 1pm ET and join us.

The Hidden Way You Block Your Desires (new LIVE)

Elizabeth Purvis

Have you ever set out to manifest a big dream, goal or Desire…

… and you do All The Manifest-y Things… (being specific, affirmations, visualizing, etc)

… and you do All The Physical Plane Things… (hustle your bum-bum off)

… and you STILL don’t get what you want?

There’s a very real, very HIDDEN reason why.

And it’s something that most manifesting teachers don’t even know about, let alone
talk about.

I used to be in the dark too – even after many, many years (at least a dozen at the time) of training & practice in the art of magic.

Once I figured it out, I was able to transform every one of the “big three” areas of life: money (7-figure biz), relationships (upleveling my marriage, creating amazing family connection) and now health (60 lbs down and counting).

This is so fundamental it’s at the core of ALL of our Feminine Magic® teachings.

Which is why I’ve decided to go LIVE Tuesday (that’s tomorrow) at NOON Pacific Time on the Feminine Magic® Facebook Page to share what it is, and THE first step to getting incredible results from your manifesting NOW.

Ready to finally break through your plateaus and call in exactly what you Desire,
without struggle?

Mark your calendar for TOMORROW at 12pm PT and join me then, on the Feminine Magic® Facebook Page

Can’t wait!

Love & magic,

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PS:  I haven’t gone LIVE to talk manifesting in quite a while – this is going to be fun. xox