The Circle Is Forming For Our Journey To Egypt…

Did you hear?  

On Thursday, I made a special announcement. 

This September, I’ll be leading a group of 14 Feminine Magicians on an initiate’s pilgrimage to EGYPT.    

This journey is truly a dream coming true… 

Very early on in my business, the goddess Isis began to come to me, in different ways and forms…. Including dreams. 

I resisted her initial call.  I was too “busy” … being scared.   Wobbly in business, wobbly in my leadership… scared of magic, scared of my power, scared of what others would think.  

Yes, I was scared.  And yet… I was 1000% to transforming myself into who I needed to BE in order to be a 1000% yes to my calling.

So I let myself be scared.  I loved myself through it.   

Because deep down, I knew the truth about what I’m here to do in the world. 

I made a commitment to the path, even though I didn’t know what it looked like – at ALL.  And I had a harsh inner critic that tried to keep me in the old paradigm, every step of the way.

Do you, too, know deep down that there’s something BIG you’re meant to step into? 

No more waiting.  Now is the time.  

Ultimately, that’s what our journey to Egypt is all about. 


This will be an initiate’s journey, as we tour sacred sites to awaken into our deepest calling, and activate our deepest power and latent spiritual gifts.  

We’ll visit some of Her most iconic sites – some with private visits, including… 

The Great Sphinx 

The Egyptian Museum 

The Temple of Isis at Philae  

Kom Ombo 

The Temples at Karnak and Luxor 



We’ll also sail the Nile for five entire days on an intimate, private boat, apart from the bigger cruise ships. (!!)  You’ll experience the water and banks of the Nile as it was and has been, practically unchanged for thousands of years.  

And that’s just SOME of what’s on the agenda during our time together. 

Egypt is one of THE few places on earth where you can return to the womb, permanently RELEASE that which stands between you and your purpose, and remake yourself, exactly as YOU choose to be. 

This is the work of the initiate.  This is really what we’re up to. 

THIS is the opportunity that this journey offers you. 

Do you KNOW that it’s time to permanently release and clear ALL that no longer serves you? 

Are you ready to release all resistance and truly step into your calling? 

One of these spots on this once-in-a-lifetime journey may be meant for you… 

If this is resonating, here’s what to do next… 

Send me a quick message at

Let me know WHY you are called, and request a personal invite. 

The response we received to Thursday’s announcement is kinda blowing me away. 

 We have 14 spots, two have been filled with applications and requests for applications pouring in. 

 Are you intrigued, curious, activated in any way at all by this opportunity? 

 Or maybe, like some of the women who have already responded, you have that KNOWING that a journey like this is your next step… 

Request your invite now (be sure to let me know why you are called). 

These spots will fill quickly.  Now is the time. 

PS: This will be a very intimate group of no more than 14 women, along with me and our very experienced guide.  Our dates are September 22 – October 7, 2018. 











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