How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself Right Before Your Miracle (free training)

When you hold yourself to high standards, it’s crushing not to get what you want.  

You’re disappointed as all get-out.  You feel like a failure. 

You blame yourself because deep down you know you may have had a hand in sabotaging your own success.  Yikes!  

Now… there’s a bit of truth there.  

If you haven’t manifested what you want (YET), there is likely some subconscious programming running the show. And it’s more pervasive than you might think. 

Just yesterday I dove deep on the most common self-sabotage tactics our subconscious dishes out right before calling in something big in a special Facebook Live…and I shared what to do instead.  

If this resonateswatch the replay right here. 

I love this topic because it’s always SUCH an eye opener for our community.   

If you’re anything like the Goddesses in our world, you are ambitious and accomplished and used to kicking butt and taking names. 

You would never consciously set out to block your manifestations in these ways, and yet…  we all do.  It’s part of our human experience. 

In fact, there’s one simple reason you aren’t creating what you want. One reason you unknowingly sabotage that which you Desire most.  

While there’s a part of your brain that’s wired to GO for what you want, there’s another part of your brain that’s wired to STOP you from having it. 

There is a very old part of you that truly believes it’s not safe to have what you Desire. 

Manifesting a lot of money, a loving relationship, or anything you really want isn’t actually going to hurt you.  But there’s a primitive part of our brain that doesn’t know that.  Its job is to protect us for anything it deems “unsafe.” 

What is considered “unsafe” to this part of your brain?  Anything it hasn’t had or experienced before! 

(Wild, right?) 

And since your more evolved and rational brain doesn’t buy into that, and charges ahead… your subconscious will then kick up a zillion very convincing reasons why you can’t have what you want.   

Accept even ONE of these as “true” and you end up energizing what you DON’T want! 

The good news is… you have the power to move through these subconscious shenanigans so you can call in what you truly Desire. I share some of the “how” in my Facebook Live but The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting is the space to get those strategies into your bones. 

In Feminine Magic® we use a process for manifestation that accounts for BOTH halves of the manifesting equation: our Divine nature and our Human nature.   

Because without that – we remain unconscious to what is REALLY going on.  And you can’t change a thing unless you’re aware of it in the first place! 

That’s one thing that makes us different other manifesting programs out there and why our clients create such stellar results.  

We use the spiritual laws and principles, of course, but ALSO use specific techniques to dissolve blocks that our subconscious throws up in the face of change.  

If you’re all visualizing and mantras 24 / 7 but never shine a light on how your beautiful brain operates here on the physical plane… you’re not going to manifest with any level of predictability.  

Manifesting isn’t really meant to be a crap shoot. You were given the power to create anything you Desire.  

So isn’t it time to learn how manifesting truly works…and how to make it work for you consistently?  

If the answer is yes…  

Go here now to claim your space in the Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting

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