On White Privilege, Manifesting and Creating A New Reality

Like so many in our community, I write with a fierce and heavy heart. 

Regarding the events in Charlottesville, I am shocked, outraged, sickened, saddened, overwhelmed, and determined.

Like so many in our community, I feel so very deeply about all of this.   

Never have I been so aware of my white privilege, and my own contribution to the CRAZY situation we find ourselves in today.   

Never have I been so present to the implications of my privilege, my responsibility as global citizen and woman with a platform, and of course the choice as to what to DO about it all. 

As magician, priestess, and teacher of manifesting and Universal Law… I have long considered the tough questions inherent in what I practice and teach. 

Now is the time to speak to these, directly and unequivocally.  

It’s not unfair to say that the study of the Laws, manifesting, creating your reality, etc –  as we know it in America today – is a part of white privilege.   

New Thought rightly comes under fire for not speaking enough to the discrepancy between the teaching that we create our own reality, and, well, the reality.

That in 2017, a large segment of the population lives with discrimination, extreme poverty, diminished choice, deplorable acts of violence, and enslavement.  And that here in America we have white supremacists committing acts of domestic terrorism, and a KKK-endorsed president who has yet to fully acknowledge that fact.

How can a teacher like me SAY so loudly and with such conviction that we create our own reality, that we have power… when so many people are stripped of theirs, daily? 

And really, should we be going for our biggest, boldest Desires when so much of the world is in suffering, when our own country is so divided, when things are so f’in insane? 

These questions, and many more, have long been inherent in this work, well before current events. 

I don’t have all the answers.  I never will. 

But I do think, study and practice this stuff.  Every day.    

It’s my job to put just about every teaching point that comes out of my mouth through the wringer of due diligence.  Over and over again. 

So here is what I know. 

One, the Laws / principles / Truths / facts of how we create our reality, both spiritual and scientific, are what they are.  They be what they be, regardless of race or circumstance.  What differs is the availability to the information, and the awareness.   

In magic, the secrets are hidden in plain sight.  But the reality is that the opportunity to even discover this wisdom is denied to 99.99% of the population, by virtue of their environment and circumstances.   

That being said, denying truth because of circumstances will never change the truth.  Ever.  

Circumstances are never truth.  The Laws are what they are.   

Two, the first Law is that of more life to all, less to none.   

This is the natural state of all things.  It’s also THE standard to hold yourself to as a creator, manifestor, magician.  Developing your creative powers will never deny anyone else theirs when you hold yourself to that standard. 

Three, we ALL have the shadow inside of us.   We are ALL capable of sickening acts.  We all have a dark side.   

White women of privilege, like me, need to own our part in the problem.  And stop with the “othering.”   At the end of the day, we have more similarities than differences.  

There has never been a more important, pivotal time for women to really, truly understand the power we DO have, and how to use it. 

For those of us with privilege (and that includes just about everyone reading this), we have the responsibility to use our power to create more life for all, and less to none.  To honor and integrate our shadow.  To be an example of the vision we hold. 

And we must speak.   

In the face of hate, bigotry, violence and discrimination, our first magical tool is our voice.   All words have power.   You create as you speak. 

So speak up.  Speak out.  BE with the discomfort of difficult conversations.  Keep having them. 

And we must act.  For some of us that means getting out of our entrepreneurial hide-y hole.  To quit using our empathic nature, sensitivity, “high vibes only” or discomfort as a reason to NOT show up. 

Ditch the bullshit and use your tools to manage your energy.  Be willing to be imperfect.  Be willing to get into disagreements.  Be willing to look like a complete idiot.  (You won’t, and there are far worse things.  Hello.) 

I have said this before and I’ll say it again now.    I  stand against hate and acts of violence, period.

I have always welcomed, and will continue to welcome, different beliefs and viewpoints into our space.  (Both of my parents are hardcore conservatives.  I’ve been walking in two worlds for a long, long time.)   

Hate and intolerance is where I draw the line. 

To all the people of color in my community, I see you.  I love you.  I own my role in where we are.   

I will continue to uncover the places within me that are racist, even when my mind tries to explain it away.  I will do my work to bring my own shadow to light.   I will speak up when it’s uncomfortable.  I will educate my child.  I will put my money where my mouth is. 

And I will keep the conversation going.   Not just on racism, white privilege and the gaps in manifesting teaching as it shows up in the world, but on another, similar issue: how none of us manifests in a vacuum.  On how OUR manifestations and goals affect the people and the planet. 

Dear reader, it is my wish is that YOU do the same.  To that end, I have some resources. 

Here are some of the “must read” articles that have crossed my path in the past few days.  (Thanks to friends Dr. Carla StokesChristina Morassi and my husband Leland Purvis for bringing these to my attention.) 

 If you are white and this resonates, here is an excellent list of actions you can take now, courtesy of my dear friend Joanna Lindenbaum: 

  1.  Donate to organizations that are fighting for racial equality 
  2. Speak to your children about the importance of standing up to bullies of all forms and the importance of doing good with their privilege 
  3. Listen to what people of color have to say. Read what people of color are writing 
  4. Put pressure on your local politicians to stop supporting any kind of racism or white supremacy
  5. Honor your experience if you come from a religion, economic class, sexual orientation or any other background that has been persecuted…but also embrace the fact that you show up white in the world
  6. Do the tough and challenging work of looking at your own racist shadows 
  7. Use your business, healing or coaching practice as a vehicle to help others see their own shadows, to question their own assumptions about privilege and race, to create more open communication and self-knowledge about all of this 

 For those who are committed to teaching the Laws and the art of manifesting, please read these two books, both written by my friend and soul brother on the path, Mitch Horowitz: 

Despite all the emphasis in the entrepreneurial world on using these principles for success, the real history of New Thought is far more rich and complicated.   

The founders of New Thought were committed to social causes and applied the principles to justice and elevating poor and marginalized people.  The business and success focus came later.   

Wallace Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich (the book behind The Secret), was a socialist.  Yes, really.  If you teach this stuff, you need to know the history.   

Finally, as we move forward… please, keep embracing Desire.  Stay on your path.  Go for what you really, truly want. 

Desire is the urge for life, for growth.   It is the soul reaching for full self-expression.  You were born with Desire, and to deny it is as unnatural an act as to deny someone else their right to choose.   

Grow.  Expand.  Say YES.  Become more.  Then use your powers to help others become more, too. 

Long have we dwelled in darkness.  It is time to quit the night and seek the day.  

May we who are called take this opportunity to forge a new path.   

May we use the art of magic and manifesting for this purpose: to create more life for ALL – regardless of race, color, gender or sexual orientation – and less to none.  

All my love, 




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13 thoughts on “On White Privilege, Manifesting and Creating A New Reality

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    You are a beautiful, talented woman with a good heart. As a fellow caucasian and humanitarian I understand the impulse to want to do the right thing and the concept of “White Privilege” seems on its face to be about equality.

    A closer look reveals in actuality that the concept of “White Privilege” preys on the empathetic tendencies of decent people and isolated the victims from those who would be sympathetic.

    Why, for example, should Sally feel guilty because Harriet chose to discriminate against Susan on the basis that they both have long hair? It makes no sense.

    In fact the blame belongs squarely on the perpetrator’s shoulders not the others who share traits in common with the perpetrator! This is the perpetrators’s way of evading responsibility and more importantly further dividing the oppressed from those that are sympathetic to their cause.

    The concept of “White Privilege” allows the oppressors to evade responsibility for their hateful actions and makes good people the enemy leaving the abused isolated and without allies.

    The emphasis should be on the principle being violated not the

    When we focus on the cultural identity of those involved, for example, on race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc., we overlook the basic principle being violated. In this case the principles of humane treatment, fairness, kindness and equality are being sacrificed on the altar of the issue of colour.

    Again, I want to emphasize that I am a great fan of yours! These are complex issues. We learn as we grow as a society and all of these challenges take some sorting out. I know your heart is in the right place! Keep up the good work and thanks for setting such a great example.

    Blessings and light,

    Lee = ) <3

    1. The concept of “white privilege” is merely acknowledging that we have had certain advantages based on the color of our skin. In the scenario you describe, no Sally shouldn’t feel guilty because Harriet chose to discriminate against Susan on the basis that they both had long hair. However, if there were a whole system of oppression of people with long hair discriminating against people with short hair, then it would prevail upon Sally to speak up for Susan and defend against the unfair treatment by Harriet.

    2. i am surprised that a new thought teacher would think that non-white people have been denied access to Spiritual Truth and how to use the spiritual laws and principles to be deliberate creators. For years Oprah Winfrey brought spiritual truth into American households every afternoon !!! I don’t think only white people were watching. Michael Beckwith created the Agape Church in California. It is probably the largest church in the new thought movement with a diverse congregation. Last Video I watched he is non-white. These are just two examples of non-white thought leaders . You have cocreated a platform that allows you to reach many people. Use it for good. Your words are powerful and creative. Namaste.

  2. I never truly followed politics. I know there was always racism. Our presidents have done good, as well as, not so good. Yet, President Obama has stirred the pot. Another words, he has brought up history about slavery and profiling against black people more than anyone!!! That’s when it all truly began. President Trump is not for any type of violence unless its justified for the protection of people.( any race!!) He is not drama! So please. Try to understand WHOM brought this put on people in this country. PEOPLE are blaming people for what went on centuries ago. Like we, the people here now had any bearing on then, personally? That’s the outrage. There is no future when there is such chaos which has manifested through or from our previous leader. Very powerful. So….pls don’t assume or judge this one. He is trying to clean up the mess. I am not t a king sides. Nobody is perfection in t he eyes of anyone. I am showing you how this manifested. May GOD BLESS you or whatever you beliefs are.

    1. Catherine, am curious about your comment that Trump isn’t for violence. Did you notice things he said during the campaign? When he encouraged his listeners to beat someone up in the audience? When he incited his own followers? When he said what he’d like to do to someone who opposed him?

      Trump’s true colors came out on Tuesday in his 20 minute tirade when he didn’t make a distinction between neo-Nazis and white supremacists and those there to protest them. Do you realize that the neo-Nazis who marched with torches last Friday also were chanting “Jews will not replace us!” and “Heil Trump?” For Trump to not distinguish this from those there to protest against them is stunning. To say there were fine people among the neo-Nazis and white supremacists? There is no moral equivalence. Such words have never been uttered by any modern U.S. president. For good reason. Did you notice that those who were happy about his comments on Tuesday were David Duke, neo-Nazis and white supremacists? Does that not concern you?

      Am beginning to believe Trump’s words from 2016 when he said he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and people would still like him.

      1. And please keep up the good thinking. We can’t assume a safe cocoon. Our police have largely ignored the White movement since Duke ran for office in 1989. The first Black mayor died that December, as well, leaving me to wonder if it was murder as my clothes were soaked with urine in the washing machine. About 3 yrs. later, I had moved to an apartment where I used the public washing machines, and a White ex-landlord gave up using Fluff n Wash services. He began doing laundry, and urine appeared in that laundromat, and soon every laundromat in New Orleans. Turned out to have arrived in hotels and thrift shops around the country, as Financial Times complained of the odor in hotels built in the ’80s and before. I saw the effects of that in one New Orleans hotel, as a lady jumped into the pool and came out in shock.

        White pick-up trucks were used to transport snipers throughout the early 90’s. Then the mass shootings began. I got phone calls from people or letters in the cities before the murders, proving pre-meditation, but the police were paid to ignore any reports. They followed me home from a pay phone when a child was kidnapped and I tried to offer information. Turned out it was a fake crime, and the girl was arrested. The police followed me if I wore decolletage when it was fashionable, when I needed a new slip and planned to buy it at work. So, it is unfortunate that a White terrorist put this in my path and cost me money for laundry, loss of education, and outright shooting people when I asked for musical accompanists to advance my career.

        So, I’d love to see the manifestation of their disempowerment. Mr. Duke is not alone in this. I have never met him.

        And the thousands of other people who have suffered loss, human or laundry, may be offering less energy and cash to build our country’s happiness. We need lots of prayers. And lots of actual police, not paid terrorist assistants.

  3. I believe that a huge part of what we need is for “white” people to speak up and acknowledge our privilege. To acknowledge the fact that we’ll never pulled over for “driving while black,” that we are unlikely to be murdered in an alley over our sexual orientation or gender identity, and that we do in fact benefit from the centuries of racism our nation is founded upon, even if we are not personally bigoted. We have to take our heads out of the sand and confront some uncomfortable truths.

    Thank you for having the courage to stand up and be such a voice.

  4. I’m so glad to see someone talking about the Laws in the context of social inequality. I really appreciate the thought and complexity in this, Elizabeth–and I also draw inspiration from the way it addresses real social issues while always calling us to be our highest selves. Thank you for writing this. Sending love and gratitude…

  5. I think what’s going on is dangerous on both sides – I thought that before Trump posted it and got speared, and I may get speared, too. But truly, the incident is a symptom of a bigger problem, and the danger is the fear and lack of understanding that is present on both sides. There’s lack of love both ways. This has been coming for years – it’s been sneaking into our languaging and words for several decades (if it ever left). That was one of the dangers of the “politically correct” movement – everyone guarding their speech, not saying what they mean and losing the inability to listen and discuss. Someone disagreeing with you became cause for personal attack. (I keep thinking of a women’s rally against Trump where a famous actress angrily walked back and forth across the stage and attacked the color of Trump’s hair – like Cheetoh’s –
    and then proceeded to spew more hate language. I don’t agree with hateful comments about women – and I also don’t understand how more hateful language and a laundry list of how the “other” is wrong is supposed to help.) Labeling people is easy. It’s a coward’s way out. (It’s simply more fear.) For example, I was called a “racist” at one of my first teaching jobs…I’m white and have a southern accent. Obvious conclusion: I must be racist. Why? It was all because I thought that the students should learn English. It got ugly. I thought they should also keep their home language if possible, but that to let them go through 12 years in US schools and graduate being functionally illiterate and unable to compete economically or get a job??? I had a problem with it. To me, what was racist was that the racial mechanism was “baked” into the system to keep this certain group “down”. Other teachers of color agreed with me but didn’t get called a racist. They quietly handled it in their classroom by making sure their students understood why they needed to be fluent in both – and as one Hispanic teacher put it, you need to speak it better than the white kid. Was I a racist because I’m white and I have a Southern accent? The law that demanded equal access to language learning was called a racist law – and who started it?? A group of racially diverse parents who were upset that their children went to school in the US and were illiterate in English. (Not too long ago here, it was illegal to teach a slave to read because when you have language, you have power…and yet, in this society, if you try to push English, you’re called a racist.) I have been watching with interest the escalating racial incidents over the last several years. We as a culture no longer know how to have a conversation or dialogue. I’d be interested in discussion at a broader level – my friends and I discuss amongst ourselves (and it’s a highly multi-cultural crew), but at this point, to be honest, I don’t know what the answer is to get us to a point where people can sit and talk and learn and tolerate. This lack of dialogue is so engrained in our culture and media that it now passes as news and entertainment (see reality tv, most talk shows and the news channels on both sides). Perhaps that’s step one: Stop watching this stuff. I think this goes back to the “how” question I heard you talk about – how is never the question, reach for what you desire. I bet if everyone (on both sides) sat down and thought about what they desire, we’d pretty much write down the same things: peace, food on the table, time with family, opportunity, work we enjoy, ability to pay the bills. So much effort and energy is spent on the how – I’ll teach my children, I’ll do xyz to make the situation better – not saying that these things are bad or not needed. Action is necessary, but I think what’s missing is a vision. “Without a vision, the people perish” – without a unified vision, there is most often divisiveness. It’s about perception. There has to be a different choice in the perception all around. Jesus talked about casting out demons and said if you cast out one and don’t replace it with something else, the demons will return and bring ten fold of their friends. It’s kind of like that – I think we had an opportunity with MLK Jr – he created a void, an opening. He even spoke about his vision. Maybe it’s that we reached for the “how” too quickly? Maybe the legislation, while needed, was only a temporary solution. After all, you can’t legislate love. I also think there’s confusion about what “equality” is. Equality is not that everything has to be the same or hold the same opinions or eat the same food – there is absolute beauty in diversity and variation, and equality isn’t a state where everyone agrees with you or thinks like you. (Personally, I can’t imagine a more horrific world. Different is fascinating.) I worked with a gentleman who retired from his corporate job and began to teach. He had a column in the LA paper for the gay community where he received lots of hate and discontent because he didn’t see the need for legalized gay marriage and pushing people to accept it because legal structures were available that allowed couples to have the same financial rights. (I’m not saying I agree with him or not. Honestly, I’m not well-versed enough to comment on it myself.) My point being – why is vitriole necessary? People seem to go straight to name calling and hate language. We don’t have a vision of what equality looks like. It always has an element of either/or, black/white – instead of both/and. We aren’t being taught to converse with each other or discuss. We’re not being taught to think – we aren’t being educated in the truest sense of that word, and we think of ourselves as “separate”, and therefore, everyone else is “other” and may threaten my way of being in the world. In some parts of the world, you don’t have choice. We are blessed in our nation because we DO have choice – and yes, that is limited sometime because of economics, and I believe even more so, now, because our schools are teaching test taking vs educating. Our nation doesn’t promise that the whole world’s going to agree with you or help you – or even that anyone owes you anything, but it does promise opportunity, and perhaps that’s where the education needs to lie: in how to take advantage of all the opportunity, how to use your mind, how to gain skills, how to communicate – and how to listen and have a conversation. Our nation has increasingly become intolerant – not of just race and skin color, but especially of ideas and the “other”. You have to be on the “left” to be open-minded. You’re on the right? Oh, you must be a narrow-minded conservative. Assumptions abound (see lack of thinking skills/languaging). As we rolled up to our last elections, I was still teaching ESL, and one of my students was Greek. His family left Pontos years ago due to the genocide (which most of us in the US have never heard of – I hadn’t)…anyway, he went to visit, and upon his return, he commented on the popularity of Bernie Sanders. He said: I get why he’s popular (free this/that, free education), but I wish people could see my country and stop to think what “free” means. He continued: His ideas are the same ones that led us to where we are in Greece. The students have no idea and don’t understand the process and the numbers. (And upon his return, he made the decision not to go home for college because of the economic situation and violence in Greece.) I find it interesting because people seem to like a candidate (or dislike them) based on skin color, gender, what they’re gonna “get” if that candidate gets into office and how much money the candidate does/doesn’t have. Speaking of money as your site often does, I found it interesting that initially, many people’s reaction to Trump (or problem with him) seemed to be because he was wealthy (and/or because he declared bankruptcy) – “he must’ve stolen that money” or “he must have poor character or be a jerk” because he has money. There was little concept that he could’ve earned it – or that among the wealthy, bankruptcy can be a financial tool. Again, not saying I’m for/against Trump. I believe we’d all be better off if we stopped expecting someone “up there” in the White House or on Capitol Hill to “fix” our problems and stop expecting the answer to be “out there”. The word that comes to mind is “accusers” and that we’ve become a nation of accusers. It’s a constant state of judgement. The word “satan” can be translated as “accuser”. It’s not a state remotely close to beauty or love. I also think that this is what women are especially gifted at (and as I write that, I’m thinking…wow, who is that going to offend) – women can be such amazing bridge builders, collaborators and we create with such grace. (Maybe that’s what bothered me so much about many of the women’s rallies – such a negative version of the masculine.) Maybe instead of looking for blame or even for “what really happened” – or even for “what does this mean”? Maybe we can ask, “what is it that we really desire”? Maybe we can start with, I’m sorry you’re hurting. I’m sorry for the part I’ve played. Please forgive me. Let’s talk, I’m listening.

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