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I’m Elizabeth, and I’m here to empower you to create your life, exactly as you wish to live it.

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As an initiated priestess, magician, coach and 7-figure entrepreneur, activating your Creative Power is my passion.  And I’ve dedicated my life to bringing ancient wisdom, Universal Truth and magical practices to you, the modern woman, so you can live like the Goddess you are.

And – oh yeah – and make a lot more money, too.  😉

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  • Got Peeps Who Aren’t Committing With Their Cash? (this could be why)

    Got Peeps Who Aren’t Committing With Their Cash? (this could be why)

    Yesterday I made a post about mistaking excitement for commitment in your potential clients.  As you’ve probably experienced…  “OMG [your program] sounds soooo amazing!” is NOT the same as “Here’s my credit card.”  Getting EXCITED about the possibility of transformation is NOT the same as committing to change.  Until they see that the PAIN of staying where they are is going to be […]READ MORE NOW ››
  • Are You Mistaking EXCITEMENT for Commitment?

    Are You Mistaking EXCITEMENT for Commitment?

    As we head into 2019 – woo hoo! – change is on everyone’s minds.   Fresh starts. “This is the year I’ll… [X].”   Are you EXCITED? I know I am. And your clients are too.   But before you pop the bubbly (and count the cash from all those new ultra-premium clients 😉 )… […]READ MORE NOW ››
  • Waiting On More Clients Before You Invest In Yourself??

    Waiting On More Clients Before You Invest In Yourself??

    There’s no need to rush…  Working together to dial in an “easy YES” offer for your Highest Level Transformation and signing up clients at $5k-$15k++ canalways wait…  Goddess knows peeps have more plates in the air than ever.  When you want those $10k++ clients… and yet you’re waiting for a client payment, or to enroll a new client, just to make SURE you can cover the program […]READ MORE NOW ››

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“6-Figures within my first 8 months in business!”

Before joining Platinum Program Secrets, I had NO business at all. I just had a message that I wanted to get out but I had NO IDEA how to do it. My gut told me that Elizabeth was the one to help me get it started, and I didn’t want to spend time struggling. I needed the tools to start out at a high level; to get my message out there as quickly and as clearly possible. My intuition was right on. As a result of what I learned, I hit six figures in my first 8 months of business and was able to leave my old job at a university! Bethany Webster  |  Read More ››