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I’m Elizabeth, and I’m here to empower you to create your life, exactly as you wish to live it.

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As an initiated priestess, magician, coach and 7-figure entrepreneur, activating your Creative Power is my passion.  And I’ve dedicated my life to bringing ancient wisdom, Universal Truth and magical practices to you, the modern woman, so you can live like the Goddess you are.

And – oh yeah – and make a lot more money, too.  😉

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  • The Magic Of Letting Go

    The Magic Of Letting Go

    Letting go. Really. Truly. Fully… has been one of the major themes in my life over the past few years.   It was required to make the leap from Goddess Business School to teaching full on Feminine Magic® last year.  It was required to allow ideal relationships and support into my life to help me though this transition.  And was certainly top of […]READ MORE NOW ››
  • 5 Ways To Manifest With The New Moon In Aquarius

    5 Ways To Manifest With The New Moon In Aquarius

    The Aquarius New Moon is a week away and it already feels like her subtle energies are present.    We’re certainly noticing it as our Sister Magicians make themselves cozy over in The Circle.  The whole team and I are constantly celebrating and lovin’ up how powerfully peeps are showing up, claiming who they are, and declaring what […]READ MORE NOW ››
  • Manifest with the Super Blue Moon

    Manifest with the Super Blue Moon

    Winter forest and snow mountains under the light of the full super moon, Caucasus, RussiaWe had a glorious, rare, powerful astrological event this week…  … a Full Super Blood Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo.  (What a mouthful!)  As you might imagine, an astrological event with a name that long doesn’t come along very […]READ MORE NOW ››

Inspiring true stories from women around the world…

“6-Figures within my first 8 months in business!”

Before joining Platinum Program Secrets, I had NO business at all. I just had a message that I wanted to get out but I had NO IDEA how to do it. My gut told me that Elizabeth was the one to help me get it started, and I didn’t want to spend time struggling. I needed the tools to start out at a high level; to get my message out there as quickly and as clearly possible. My intuition was right on. As a result of what I learned, I hit six figures in my first 8 months of business and was able to leave my old job at a university! Bethany Webster  |  Read More ››